Nokia Lumia 620 officially announced, Nokia’s most affordable WP8 Smartphone

| December 5, 2012 | 220 Replies

Quick heads up as I’m on limited time and bandwidth. The Nokia Lumia 620 is officially announced, Nokia’s third and most affordable WP8 Smartphone. Priced at a surprisingly low $248 and expected to be launched in Q1 2013; no word on carrier support though.

Nokia Lumia 620

  • Networks: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100
    GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • Display: 3.8” TFT WVGA 800×480, ClearBlack
  • Memory: 512MB RAM (8GB internal memory, Micro SD support up to 64GB)
  • Camera: 5Mpix autofocus, LED flash; Video capture: HD 720p@30fps; VGA front camera
  • Size & weight: 115.4 x 61.1 x 11.02 mm; 127g (including battery)
  • Connectivity: NFC, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS/A-GPS, Glonass, micro-USB, 3.5mm audio connector (AHJ + WP Controls)
  • Processor: 1 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon (TM) S4Battery Talk time: (GSM/WCDMA) Up to 14.6 h/ up to 9.9 h; Standby time: Up to 330 h

Cheers meh for the tip!


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  1. Banderpop says:

    I like it. Cute design, and in line with the size of the N9/Lumia 800. Might get it as an entry point to Windows Phone, since I don’t have wide pockets, razor sharp near-sighted vision and super-long thumbs.

    Camera is a bit weak, but my 808 will remain as my primary phone anyway, until something can match it in all areas

  2. Tej Praker says:

    on a side note, dear jay montano, who the **** do you think gives a sh** about where you are, how much connectivity you have, what hurry you’re in and what you do at uni? who does? why do you start many posts with sh** like this:
    Quick heads up as I’m on limited time and bandwidth

    i have an exam, i have to hurry, i have no time, etc etc… who do you think cares?
    or wait, you want to transition this into your personal blog?

    • Noki says:

      what his your problem??? were do this guys come from?

    • viktor von d. says:

      this is his personal blog dumbass

    • Goc says:

      It is his personal blog in which he happens to post about Nokia and related topics. Leave if you don’t like this.

    • Keith too says:

      I bet you have some serios self-worth issues. Why you try therapy instead lashing against others.

    • Ujwal Soni says:

      He is apologising for not giving a detailed post like he usually does, because he just wants to get the news to us.

      We visit this blog because it’s a one-to-one from a Nokia fan to other Nokia fans. It’s personal, casual, and just the way we like it.

      Pls go troll elsewhere

    • Bharat Justa says:

      who dafuq are u to comment sh** on Jay’s personal blog -_- ????

    • says:

      @tej peaker
      if u don’t like this blog then go to the many other blogs that have been corrupted/influenced/owned by big media corporations,
      this blog keeps it real, real people manage this blog as a hobby, not some huge faceless media zombies only doing it for money,

  3. Nisse says:

    Tej begging for it. Bend over and take the spanking, zapzapzap

  4. New says:

    This looks better than Nokia Lumia 820. I think this & Nokia Lumia 920 are the type of phones that can help Nokia get back the smartphone shares.

  5. migo says:

    It’s definitely what Nokia needs, a WP8 that comes in cheaper than the Nexus 4 and is still good quality. Moreso than the lower specs the big drawback of the 610 compared to the 710 is the screen, so I’m happy to see the 620 has a CBD.

    I think at this point I can give up hoping that Nokia will come to their senses and release at least a couple models with a properly aligned screen for both landscape and portrait use. BlackBerry it is.

  6. hytheam says:

    amazing design but little thick maybe but it is rlly cool nice work nokia

  7. Bharat Justa says:

    This is my next Nokia!

  8. Grendell says:

    Was leaning strongly towards getting the 920 but this might just take money from me instead. At $249 it could very well be the value leader in the lumia lineup. By bringing Skype, smooth ui and great connectivity to the mobile massess at a very attractive price point, this could convince more people to actually switch to wp8 than the 920.

  9. yohan says:

    one more device ,many devices but none truly finished….unless the n97 builder has changed!! none is selling well…

    maybe the lumia920 should be at the price of the 620:bet they would not be selling at loss and would sell numerous 920….

    bring to france n9 or n950 and we talk nokia again.didn’t understand why they won’t sell us the n9?if its aftersale support ,its not supported even where they distributed it!why not give us that choice even if they would sell few of them?

    • migo says:

      I agree it’s a peculiar decision. They could have continued selling the N9 for a few years, if demand remains organically, just produce another run. On the other hand, if there’s a bunch of stock that takes a while to sell out and they need to shift production to different hardware, it would make sense to stop. They didn’t seem to even bother seeing if that would happen.

  10. Kyle says:

    “Perhaps 8 or 9 million this quarter”

  11. mahesh says:

    can u tell me….
    Does it spport hindi font.?
    Can v download vedio in background?
    Still need Zune software to connect wid pc or laptop?
    Can v share vedio via bluetooth?
    Can v get apps as on Android…and also free?
    Can phone able to detect things as vedio, pic and mp3 of memory card?
    Would it suitable for 2G Network?

    I think window phone is just business phone for security. But it can be common user phone for student….

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