Nokia DT910 Charging Stand teardown

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Nokia’s DT900 charging plate is probably already know by most of you, the one that isn’t as well known to most (probably because the DT900 comes free with a Lumia 920 purchase) is the DT910, or the charging stand with NFC built into the base. Today we can bring you a few pictures of the insides of the DT910 similar to those we showed you a while ago of the charging plate.

The stand and charger itself

The insides


This is NOT the coil from the stand, it is the one from the plate. Notice how it has 3 coils instead of the one that is inside the stand. If this will affect charging times in any way is unknown at this time, but early reports indicate there should be no noticable difference between the two.

And the insides of the baseplate where the NFC chip should be located somewhere

The stand seems like the practical and more usable choice, although the plate is probably easier to use beyond the confines of your desk or tabletop. Anyone who bought the stand?

Thanks to AIKON for the tip and for a few more pictures check out the sourcelink right here.


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  • nabkawe

    I bought the plate … but sadly if my phone dies every time I try to charge it with it … 65$ down the drain until the update …

    • Heard a few more reports about that, have you reached out to Nokia about it?

    • aboodesta

      Same issue here. Heres hoping Nokia knows about this issue and fixes it in this firmware. Love the charging plate, but can’t deal with phone dying at night and the alarm not going off!

  • twig

    Still waiting for my 920 I ordered almost 6 weeks ago in the first 12 hours of preorder in the u.s.a. They ran an ad for a free charging plate here but you need the code off the phone, which comes with the phone that may never get here. Nokia needs to come out with a statement. I called Nokia support and at least the gal knows the phone is made in China and Nokia is in Finland. I stopped my inquiries after that.

  • Anders81

    I have the JBL and fatboy, still waiting for my night stand… Have to say that I’m really happy with the JBL combined with mix radio! Fatboy is lying on my desk at work and it just works, so when I go home or lunch phone is fully charged.

  • stylinred

    i ordered the stand from amazon, originally preordered the plate from expansys but it was waaay overpriced and amazon has stock on the stand

    should be here in a few days

  • JGrove303

    Being 12v and stretching the length of the phones, I would have suspected a wireless charging car dock by now. Need something powerful, cause 5v 750mA ain’t cutting it to charge while Drive beta is going.

  • Mazze

    I bought the stand. Love it!

    Sadly though, I’m suffering from some proximity sensor issues. My screen turns black the moment I receive a call or I want to make an outgoing call. The phone becomes entirely unresponsive and I’m unable to hang up on the call (which can really eat into my phone bill, if the other person doesn’t hang up either).

    Apparently I’m not the only one with this issue:

    If this is a software issue I really hope for Nokia to fix it ASAP. If it’s a hardware issue I will have to return my phone for a new one, but it could be a design flaw in which case it might happen over and over again.

    Apart from that, I’m really really happy with the 920. There are only 2 issues bothering me: the lack of sharpness in pictures and the lack of well-designed wide-spread apps like Spotify or Whats App.

    • Chris_Skylock

      does the screen protector on the screen? The proximity sensors MUST NOT BE COVERED. I learned that with my Lumia 610 – I removed the protector and it’s working properly. I ordered one specifically for the 610 with a cut around the sensors.

      If there is no protectors, it might be a hardware defect.

      • Mazze

        No, I’m not using any screen protector. Will return the device tomorrow. Hopefully they manage to provide me with a new one b4 X-mas. Pretty annoying though and hopefully not a design flaw that’ll keep on repeating itself over and over again (since quite a few people seem to suffer from this issue).

  • Janne

    In a past thread we discussed accessory availability. The CP-600 leather/silicone cover for 920 has popped on sale this week in Finland, as has yellow, red Monster Purity HDs. Other silicone covers and the smaller JBL PlayUps are still missing in action, but rest of the accessories (incl. this stand) are fairly well available in Helsinki stores. 820 or its accessories are not yet sold at all here.

    I went for the regular plate with Fatboy pillow. The pillow is just so cute and feels safer for the phone somehow. I have three Fatboys: red, yellow and cyan.

  • Janne

    I wonder if the additional induction wiring on the charging plate have to do with making sure it works even if the phone is not exactly in the right place or with multiple different models… or through pillows etc. I guess the stand is the “easier” format for ensuring correct placement.

    • Yes, that was my assumption as well. Probably the reason why the stand won’t charge a phone in landscape mode (watch a video while charging)

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