First WP8 OTA update rolling out. Lumia WP8 owners waiting for v10211

| December 11, 2012 | 75 Replies

WPCental reports that an update to WP8 OTA is appearing live on the HTC WP8 device. This update fixes a bug to allow persistent WLAN connection when display is off as well as “SMS Call Reject, SMS Drafts and SMS Select all have been added to the OS”

Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!

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  1. Toni says:

    Any idea why no updates to Lumia devices as of yet?

  2. sdf says:

    fp2.1 for the belle please

    • Paul Grenfell says:

      Why? Whats it lacking? Mines ok.

      • stylinred says:

        still bugggy

        • shallow ocean shoal says:

          The stop-receiving-text-messages-until-reboot is still horrifying people. It has affected both my 808 and 700. It’s HORRIBLE.

          • Mapantz says:

            I suffered from this badly but in a sightly unusual way.
            I had been using a custom firmware for weeks and i didn’t have any problems with receiving sms’s when quite a few people (on here) were reporting issues on their 808′s. I then saw the sms update in the Nokia suite and updated and that’s exactly when the problems started. I was sending messages to a friend asking if he was coming out for a beer ‘tonight’ and he would reply, but i got nothing until 36 hours later, i rebooted my phone and i was getting bombarded with messages!
            I’ve since changed to another custom firmware and i haven’t installed the sms update this time and all is working perfectly.
            Work that one out! :O

          • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

            I don’t know about that one but my 808 keeps freezing from time to time. This is probably because Symbian is still too buggy.

            There was never any possibilities for Nokia to be competitive with this OS. It’s simply too buggy. The transition to the WP was messed up but giving up on Symbian was one of the best decisions Nokia has made in years. Unfortunately they should have switched OS long time before 2011.

            Back in 2010 or 2009 they had only one viable alternative and that was Android. But no, they were too arrogant at the time. They had to be the one to invent their own solution while they were not capable of doing that. It was the time of the NIH syndrome.

  3. Peter L says:

    I wonder if this is a new way to do updates from Microsoft, instead of doing one big update every 6 months or so, doing several small updates every time something gets done.

    I’m sure there will eventually by an update called Windows Phone 8.5, but if these minor frequent feature patches become a permanent thing, I like it.

    • Janne says:

      First bigger update for WP7 was “NoDo”. It was a little bigger than this (copy-paste was the big feature add) but it was still 7.0. Lumia 800 also received many firmware updates right after launch. I’m not necessarily seeing anything different here, but who knows.

      • jk says:

        By the way, I have never used copy n paste once during 2 year. What an important feature.

        • Peter L says:

          What is not important to you does not mean that it’s automatically not important for everyone else too.

          I don’t get what’s the point of these kind of statements.

          • nabkawe says:

            How did u copy links? Do u have a photographic memory? If so we’re not as blessed as you so stop shooting down a feature introduced

  4. BlazinEmperor says:

    FP2 buggy? I doubt! Unless it’s an 808. I just want the old photo/video editor back on my 701, with ability to take pics with the front cam & maybe a hardware accelerated browser with better plug-ins & rendering engine.

    • shallow ocean shoal says:

      Swype STILL does not work right with FP2. What is taking them so long? They have stated that they are working on fixing it.

  5. Sonny says:

    Of topic but i just saw the review of the asha 306 on gsmarena and all the asha’s has excellent loudspeaker performances! Why cant nokia do this on their lumia’s?

    • kunwar says:

      and asha 311 has an LED notification light in its silver plate between the call end and call pick button and they cant bring it to WP

      • Janne says:

        They could implement a notification light in WP, they have just chosen not to. (Other manufacturers have done this with WP.)

        Lumia 620 also, by early marketing comments, seems to have a loud loudspeaker. I guess this is in line with targeting the youth with both Asha and Lumia 620.

  6. rustyknight17 says:

    Hoo boy , 2 updates within a few weeks of wp8 coming out ? nOT GOOD , i THINK ! That implies that either WP8 has rather a lot of bugs or it was a rush job . either way , not good …

    • KeiZka says:

      Or, on the other hand, they just want to enhance the user experience further by trimming the software here and there, to get it more efficient.

      Half empty vs half full. It’s all about point of view.

      • rustyknight17 says:

        Enhancing is what it`s about either way . The problem here is the timing . I`ve seen similar situations before ( WM 6.5 springs to mind ). Phones usually do not require updates in their first few weeks ! THe 808 is a great example ! If they do require updates in the first few weeks , it`s usually an indication of issues in the OS , serious ones as a rule .. Given that WP is still immature ( it takes 3 years to work enough of the bugs out and enough features in , to make a new OS reliable . ) , and that WP8 IS SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT FROM wp7 , I`d bet there r significant issues ! Cheers!

        • Pökö says:

          Phones usually DO require updates in their first few weeks (specially with new OS) but manufacturers haven’t been too fast to provide these updates.
          What we are now seeing is unbelievable fast response from them (from Nokia, from MS) so I just wonder how some douchebags try to turn this out to be something negative. Shame on you.

          • rustyknight17 says:

            They do ? Guess I`ve been exceedingly lucky then !
            I`ve been dealing with smartphones for 5 years ( HTC Excalibur , Htc Snap , BB Curve 8900 , HTC HD2 , MyTOUch 3 G slide , G2 , N8 , 701 , C6-01 , Lumia 710 ) and the only one of them that required updating in the first few weeks was the HD2 , notorious for it`s issues , which were NS`S fault but that`s Another POst …

        • Muerte says:

          Ever heard of hotfixes? Why wait for a SP-release, if you can do small improvements OTA whenever? I can’t understand your logic, sorry. I’ve never been able to depreciate updates.

          Could you please elaborate on “significant issues”?

          • rustyknight17 says:

            Hotfixes sure , but in the first few weeks after its launch ? That`s not good ! A few months , yeah , that`s understandable , but the issue here is the timing . As I remarked above , if a phone in its first few weeks requires updating , that usually means IME that there r issues with the OS . Not even the N9 had those kinds of problems and it was the first commercial Meego device !
            As for significant issues , I presume u refer to WP8 ?With the caveat that WP is not yet mature , I `ve come across quite a few reports of the super sensitive screen working erratically to say the least , and further , that the hotfix for this has caused quite a few wp8 phones to die ! I`d certainly call that significant ! Also many reports of battery life issues ! Cheers !

        • flava says:

          Release first, and polish it later. It’s more efficient to let your customers participate in bug reports. That’s what Google been doing since forever in case you didn’t notice.

          Anyway early hotfix is always a good thing, ever play PC game? Good devs always release hotfix(s) in first few weeks/months to iron out the bug, glitch, or whatever you call it, to improve and polish the game even for little.

          Looks like many big players disagree with your logic :)

  7. JGrove303 says:

    I would appreciate the breathing light from my N8-00 to be implemented on the Lumias as LED notification.

    • Harangue says:

      I´d seriously love that, just have the home button light up or flicker when there is a message or whatever. But I don´t think the buttons can light up individually.

  8. Charles says:

    Wallpaper and notification centre is all I ask

  9. Sonny says:

    can anyone confirm how the audio quality of the 920 through headphones compare against the n8? I’m kinda second guessing now that gsmarena said that its average?

    Does anyone know if Nokia will release a new lumia next year at CES or MWC?

  10. Antero says:

    Us Nokia users are used to waiting. The update will probably be available soon. Soon meaning Q2 / Q3 2013 (my guess).

    • flava says:

      LOL looks like you’re still living in the past at symbian era. :))

      • Antero says:

        I was being sarcastic. Hopefully this update will find its way to L920 soon (soon meaning within Q4 2012 ;)

        Btw: my last Symbian device was E61i.

        • rustyknight17 says:

          Hmm , so u wouldn`t know about S3 Anna , or Belle devices . I`ll remember that for possible future reference lol !
          What do u use now , if I may ask ?

  11. MOOking says:

    all i saw was a wall of annoying stuff…and colour….next OS please

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