WP 7.8 leaks on Navifirm for Lumia 800 and Lumia 510 + features incl.

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Overnight, WP 7.8 ( popped up on Navifirm, being available for the Lumia 800 (RM-801) and Lumia 510 (RM-889).

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 11.25.23 AM Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 11.24.31 AM


Me being me, and recently undergoing a flash of my Nokia Lumia 820, decided to take the plunge and flash my Lumia 800, even though I have a RM-819 variant, which has been gathering dust this past week. Here is what I have seen included:

  • Resizable Live tiles
  • Bluetooth Share
  • New Store Icon
  • Ringtone Maker, App Highlights, Contact Transfer etc.
  • Lock screen wallpaper option for Bing
  • More Accent colours
  • 24 Lockscreen Backgrounds (doesn’t appear in the gallery)
  • Animations are a little tweaked
  • Nokia Tune Remix ringtone :P
  • Xbox and Office icons
  • New boot screen
  • You can select Google as search engine in IE

Other than what I highlighted above, nothing else has really stood out as new. Have you flashed your device and noticed anything I haven’t? Let me know in the comments section below.


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  • rudy

    Looks nice, wonder when it’ll come he lumia 710 my dad has. I’m gonna set up the bing lockscreen for him.

  • Fifas

    Bluetooth Share
    Ringtone Maker

    I don’t have this. 🙁

    Other new things?
    24 Lockscreen Backgrounds (doesn’t appear in the gallery)
    animations are a little tweaked
    Nokia Tune Remix ringtone 😛
    Xbox and Office icons
    New boot screen
    You can select Google as search engine in IE

    • dexter

      For the wallpapers you have to goto settings>lock+wallpaper, den click on change picture, der will be a “wallpapers” tile, go into that.

      • Fifas

        I was saying that I just don’t have the Bluetooth and Ringtone things :P…

  • hutch

    hi, do you have any tutorial on how to flash lumia 800 rm 801/ dload version? thanks

  • MOOking


  • Lumia800

    Hi, Yesterday when i saw this on wmpoweruser site I flashed my Lumia immediately. I’m from India and I flashed my Indian version. I played with it for hours and found only the features you listed above, nothing new here. Hoped for more. But, the Office Icon changed, Start Screen animation has changed little. I noticed something else too. In 7.5, when I tap music or pictures tile it plays the animation loads and simultaneously, but here it’s loading and opening, so its taking a bit time to open. But this version is good. Because in 7.5 when I opened pictures and music hub, sometimes for 1 or 2 seconds the screen goes blank and plays the animation.

    • Amrut Mhatre

      dude,do you have any problem in connecting to the zune ?
      some people suggesting that they are not able to sync to zune, phone is not recognized it seems.
      will appreciate if you tell the pros and cons after updating thru flashing….

      • Lumia800

        No! I have no problem and I synced all my files as usual! 🙂

      • Lumia800

        Zune detects my Lumia 800 without a problem! I used Nokia Care suite 5.0 and recovered it with 7.8 firmware. The Phone is really fine and works just the way it should. I synced all my music and videos to Lumia, worked Great! 🙂

        • uday gupta

          HI Lumia800:

          My lumia 800 is not detected by Nokia Care Suite. How does yours get detected? I did everything as specified with the dialog box to connect but nothing happened. Instead it says Unknown product

      • Ronit

        The drivers installed by Nokia Care Suite do mess up the drivers used by Zune. I generally create a restore point before installing Care Suite and after I am done, go back to the restore point I created.

    • Viipottaja

      So no picture multi-select in the Photos hub? That is disappointing. Oh well, I have the glorious 920 anyway so not personally a big deal anymore. 🙂

      • Roy

        So why bother posting then?

        • Viipottaja

          General interest in how WP is developing. And I still have the 900 too, possibly being used by another family member soon.

        • Lumia800


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  • Well, i flashed my Lumia 900 and couldn’t find anything other than what is written above.

    The new Start screen and the Live wallpapers are the only OS level features. Everything else is just apps.

    Also, no sign of Nokia camera lenses.

    I am quite disappointed, especially if this is the last updated (to add features) to the 7.x line.

    I really hoped for Native Screenshot ability, I don’t think it would have been that hard to implement.

    • Adrian

      Native screenshotting was part of the developer version.. So the features are there. Just hidden or disabled.

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  • Matt

    Wifi to stay connected under lock screen.

    Separate volume controls for ringer and music.

    Clock display when locked for amoled screens (ha!)

    Screen capture.

    Improved camera.

    Improved battery life.


    Dark background for email.

    Dark background for x-box screens.

    blah blah blah

    Looks like my Lulu (Lumia 800) will be staying in the drawer 🙁

    Purdy (808) lives to fight another day 🙂

    • lacy

      Instal croatian ROM dont have ringtone maker no separat vulume controls!?
      Have any rom for L800 with this?
      Matt what version yuo install?

  • dexter

    How can you confirm BT file transfer and ringtone maker?
    its not even there…i want a screenshot if so!

    • dexter

      tell me which variant you flashed!

    • I have the Singapore Black model and I flashed using the India black firmware in recovery mode.

      I would love to send a screenshot, but that is something not available on this OS

  • patata

    So not even the promised rooms feature? They did not promise much at all, and don’t even keep the few promises made? That’s disappointing 🙁
    On the other hand… What to expect for a legacy OS that is meant for budget phones?

    • Just Visiting

      I don’t recall that Rooms was promised for WP7.8. Do you have the link to the promise, Patata?

  • Ridho

    How the about screen capture feature ?

    • Ronit


  • Frankie

    Mine doesnt have the ringtone maker app. I was using the EE – Black – UK/GB variant.

    Will try installing another one.

  • CodeGEN

    Guys what about languages , is the turkish language been added. ?

    • Not in the Indian variant I loaded

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  • Looking forward to trying this out but not sure whether to wait till the official release. Has any had their phone bricked doing this?

    • I used recovery mode and it died the first time around the halfway mark. I just switched off the phone, connected it again and started the process. This time it went directly into recovery mode and completed without issues.

  • pezman726

    Does it have the “Kid’s Corner” on it?

    • Ronit


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  • Ibrahim

    flashed with the 059N7K7 variant, and I can confirm that there are neither BT sharing nor ringtone maker in this release.

    • Just Visiting

      Most likely, they will come in the form of an app in the Nokia Collection.

    • andrej

      hi ive got the same lumia in uk (Product Code 059N7K7) nokia lumia 800 white GB (UK) downloaded firmware using navifirm, and trying to upload it to my phone using nokia care suite, but the cube in nokia care suite doesnt come green (even when i changed file location manualy) so i cant update my lumia to wp 7.8 🙁 could some one help me???

  • Ruben

    no usb mass storage yet?

    • Patata

      Of course not. There won’t be such deep changes for wp7.x anymore 😉

      • Even for Windows Phone 8, mass storage accesses the memory card, which Windows Phone 7.x don’t support.

    • That won’t happen, not primarily due to HW constraints but more to do with the way such an upgrade would happen. If USB mass storage where to be added there would need to be some changes made to the entire file system.

      If they were to update that via a FW update there is a chance of lost files or even bricking an entire phone. Same kind of risk you run with flashing your device. Most of us here would probably happily take the risk and even if it goes wrong wouldn’t mind. The average consumer on the other hand would. His/her device that cost a pretty penny became useless, that is the scenario MS (and Nokia perhaps) are trying to avoid with a lot of the limited new features coming.

  • They didn’t make a single change to IE9, except adding Google as a search provider. The HTML5 score is still pathetic. We didn;t want IE10, but a good update to the existing browser would have been helpful.

    Now my friends laugh at me that my phone cannot do screenshots, whereas even an iPhone can. Too bad wpchevron is no longer in service 🙁

    • CoTeCiO

      Root your phone, stop crying.

  • Patata

    Just wonder if there will be a way to get bt sharing, ringtone maker etc via marketplace, cause since it is possible to uninstall those extras their should be a way to reinstall them without reflashing.
    Not only that there is no lenses feature, Nokia did not even include camera extras into the update nor updated that app. So there are no camera changes at all.

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