WP 7.8 leaks on Navifirm for Lumia 800 and Lumia 510 + features incl.

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Overnight, WP 7.8 ( popped up on Navifirm, being available for the Lumia 800 (RM-801) and Lumia 510 (RM-889).

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 11.25.23 AM Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 11.24.31 AM


Me being me, and recently undergoing a flash of my Nokia Lumia 820, decided to take the plunge and flash my Lumia 800, even though I have a RM-819 variant, which has been gathering dust this past week. Here is what I have seen included:

  • Resizable Live tiles
  • Bluetooth Share
  • New Store Icon
  • Ringtone Maker, App Highlights, Contact Transfer etc.
  • Lock screen wallpaper option for Bing
  • More Accent colours
  • 24 Lockscreen Backgrounds (doesn’t appear in the gallery)
  • Animations are a little tweaked
  • Nokia Tune Remix ringtone :P
  • Xbox and Office icons
  • New boot screen
  • You can select Google as search engine in IE

Other than what I highlighted above, nothing else has really stood out as new. Have you flashed your device and noticed anything I haven’t? Let me know in the comments section below.


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