How To Transfer Your Zune Playlists to Your New WP8 Lumia

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WP8 is great, it fixes a lot of issues that people held against the first line-up of Lumias, mainly the low resolution screens and limited hardware differentiation. Another thing WP8 fixed is that it finally got rid of Zune (Fist pump!), zune was slow, clunky and a RAM eater; now with WP8 you can manage directly by some Drag & Drop usage or through the WP8 connector app for Windows 8. Unfortunately that means that those playlists you spent so much time organizing on Zune aren’t compatible with the Windows 8 Connector app.

Screenshot (40)


The process is actually quite simple (but I had no idea how to do it, which is why I’m hoping this guide might help others out)- anyways your Zune playlists will be saved as a “.ZPL” file so simply search for “zpl” on your PC and open the file location.


After that simply rename the Playlist “Justin_Beiber_Is_My_Life.ZPL” tp  “Justin_Beiber_Is_My_Life.WPL“; once that’s done the playlist will be detectable by Windows Media Player, which can be used to sync this playlist with your Lumia under the Sync tab:

And presto! all done!

* I realize this isn’t an issue for most people, but hopefully it’ll help the few who need it.





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  • Rat Kutti

    didn’t you get anyother name other than Justin? :O

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  • Simon

    How can you describe the removal of a feature as a fix? Just consider for a moment that just because you didn’t used a specific features that other still might like it. How about adding the feature for explorer copy but retain zune? I actually think this is how the iphone actually handles it.

    In my opinion the removal of zune is a huge step back and many others also wish to have the zune experience back. The player on wp and the sync experience have basically lost a lot of features that people found useful. Auto playlists come to mind as well as wireless sync. Not everyone wants to use the cloud.

    The new sync experience is terrible IMO.

  • Myles

    Very nice! However, I just copied the folder and renamed it, then renamed the files inside so I won’t lose the ability to use the playlists in the zune software on my PC, its still a really nice player.

  • Josh Walker

    Thank you!!!!!
    Just got a Lumia 1020. I had some playlists that I was using on my old Lumia 900. I COULD NOT figure out how to get them onto my new phone. This worked. Great job!