Official: Nokia Lumia 505; 8MP Camera, WP 7.8, 3.7″ Screen

| December 15, 2012 | 48 Replies

Fresh off the leaks, the Lumia  505 WP 7.8 device has just been made official by Nokia. The Lumia 505 comes rocking WP7.8, a 3.7″ screen (Wvga- WP 7.x Standard), an 8 MP camera and a 1300Ma battery. The 505 will be available in 3 colors: Magenta, Black and Red. Memory wise the 505 packs 256MB internal memory (like the 610?) and 4 GB of mass memory.


Specs aside (although the 8Mp should be interesting) the design is once again stellar; it seems to mimic the 820’s design which is said to be an improvement of the “fabula” design, so at least we’re seeing some new designs without losing the beauty that originated in the N9.

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  • Janne

    510 is also available in red, black white. This one in two tones of red and black.

    Nokia is using red a lot now.

    My understanding of the “Fabula design language” is that it is not merely the pillow-shapey N9 thing. I believe it to be a larger, more overarching design refresh at Nokia that incorporated the use of simpler shapes, lot of colorful high-quality, simply shaped plastics and less metallic/metallic-like detailing (Nokia used to use metallic-looking frames and such detailing a lot). So, a purer, more fresher, brighter form, that’s my understanding of Fabula. N9 and the whole WP8 Lumia range is Fabula, where as phones like the Lumia 610, 710 or things like E6/E7 or probably most current Asha models are not (yet).

    • Janne

      This 505 definitely has the simplicity, colorfulness and gentle, pure curviness I associate with Fabula. Compare it with Nokia models of yesteryear that had much more superfluous detailing.

      Fabula seems to strive for absolute simplicity of form (while beautiful) and the return of really bold use of color at Nokia after a few more muted years.

      • Janne

        Taking to myself, but I see the Fabula design language extending to Nokia accessories more and more as well. Think of the evolution from Play 360 to PlayUp for example, you are seeing less a metallic look and more prominent use of colorful plastics. Think Nokia Luna handsfree or even the Nokia wireless chargers and I think this simplicity of colorful, plastic form is evident.

        • incognito

          Speaking of accessories, IMO Play 360 looks tons better than PlayUp. Then again, it was focused on the blend of the ‘squircle’ rich UI and Fabula HW design, extending what you see on the screen to the hardware, and since the first one is abandoned with the switch to WP (still lingering in the Asha line, but those speakers cost more than most Ashas so…) I guess they are slowly removing the first component from the HW design language.

          It’s not only about accessories, if you look at the latest Lumias you’ll see much sharper lines than before, which go hand-in-hand with the sharp tiles of the WP. I guess that’s the direction the ‘Fabula’ design will evolve in until they milk it out completely.

          I still prefer the ‘original’ design, looks more ‘natural’ to me and I’d still go berserk, speaking from design perspective, for a N9-like device with no buttons or seams whatsoever.

          • Janne

            Good points, partially. Although I’m not sure Fabula is really going for straighter lines as such, or was it always a part – even the N9 had two straight edges.

            As for Play 360, squircles aside, it was materially a follow-up to the pre-Fabula N8/E7-era. It never looked quite home with the N9.

            I love the new simpler design direction at Nokia (including the simpler, purer marketing look). More Scandinavian. It really is great and Elop played a key part elevating design to the executive team. They are now really giving Apple and Ive a run for their money in design.

  • lumianer

    Will sell like ice tea. Very impressive!

    • zymo

      I really doubt that, considering running on WP7.8 and only having 4GB of internal storage (maybe 3GB available for user).

      • DesR85

        Depends on the price. If it is pried below the 510, I’m sure it’ll sell a lot in the feature phone market. Besides, people in that category are those who use their phones for simple tasks like calling and sms, not using apps, playing games, listening to lots of music and watching videos.

        • Viipottaja

          +1. Even I have hardly anything saved on my 920 yet – of course gradually I will have more and more pics, videos from the camera, probably will add some more music etc. but there TONS AND TONS of users out there for whom amount of memory is unlikely to ever become a constraint.

          • DesR85

            Same. After filling up my 800 with music and pictures, I still have 7.8GB left. Haven’t put in a single video yet in case I need to record some videos on the phone.

  • swain

    Beautiful design, Attractive colors, high-end like camera but why the hell WP7.8(which ensures no card slot), 256MB RAM and 4 GB of mass memory(hardly 2 GB available to user). What a waste of resources…!!! Nokia never learned anything from failure of Symbian devices. They failed due to pathetic specs and now these junks(505,510,610) will fail for same reason.

    • Janne

      Actually, the sole saving grace of Symbian was that its cheap low-end sold well. I am always surprised how well Nokia 500 sold, when we thought taking 3D GPU away was madness.

      Nokia’s Symbian’s specs (and its ability to use/support high-end specs) sucked in high-end where specs matter. In the lower end price matters, especially if you can still deliver a fluid experience which WP7.x can and Symbian (not even Android) really couldn’t.

      I’d say Lumia 505/510 have a fair chance at selling surprisingly well if they continue pushing the price even lower in the coming months. Upside also that existing WP 7.x Lumias will continue to enjoy better support longer thanks to these devices.

      • swain

        I understand you point. But didn’t we think that 1.4 GHz snapdragon and 512 MB RAM is standard for WP7.5 when 800/710 was released. But now they are able to make with far lower specs. Can’t they just make it with WP8.
        Low end users doesn’t even need 4 GB of inbuilt storage as long as they can buy a 16/32 GB card for very negligible price.
        So save the money and put little more RAM, WP8 and a card slot.
        If WP7.x has limitations then let it go. No need to stick with that half-baked OS and destroy your business. Support should be there but due to fragmentation there will be different versions of software for different devices so it’s not absolutely necessary to release new devices to continue support for old ones.

        • Viipottaja

          Well, I honestly don’t think Nokia is not smart enough to make that calculation – so I also honestly don’t think that equation works. I.e. WP8 simply cannot be put into this price point quite yet – mid next year perhaps?

          Part of it is, afaik, that there is a requirement that all WP phones, 7.8 or 8, have to have at least 4GB internal.

          • swain

            I just got from GSMArena that 505 has a 3.7″ AMOLED display. Yes it’s AMOLED. 🙂

            • aleci

              With only 56k colors. O_O

              • swain

                Yeah…that’s in con side but hey AMOLED itself is too much for a budget device.
                A 3.7″ WVGA AMOLED is really awesome for such a device..

                • migo

                  plain Amoled rather than super amoled plus is bad for windows phone. the pentile subpixel arrangement is terrible with solid colours.

                  • swain

                    how come you know it’s pentile ???
                    Any source please..!!!
                    Nokia’s AMOLED is equally impressive as super amoled units. And we can’t expect everything in a budget phone…right ???

                    This phone will have an impact on market if priced under $150. Which is very much logical considering the Androids at same range have pathetic display units.

                  • Alejandro Nova

                    N8 is plain AMOLED with no Pentile. AFAIK there are no Pentile Nokia pones.

  • VIC

    Nokia’s been too dumb for a long time now. Still making WP7 craps when there’s WP8 already. To add insult, the 620 has 5mp cam and this one has 8mp. Go home, Nokia. Punch-drunk company.

    • BJ

      Yeah, I doubt the returns will be that great – they have too many models and this one is running outdated OS. That is really bad because in the end customer will feel burned by Nokia (such as when newer apps will refuse to install and such). I’d rather they put all their efforts into 920 by promoting it rather than stretching resources thin.

      • Janne

        The only way to fight Android marketshare is to win the low-end. For WP that means WP 7.x, just like for Android it often means older OS generations.

        Sure it is not optimal to maintain WP 7.x and WP 8.x product lines, but not all that difficult either. There is plenty of positive overlap and synergy. And a fragmentation of two OS and two spec-level versions each is not a lot, not compared to Android or Symbian.

        If Nokia keeps WP 7.x support evolving and good it will keep users happy for the duration and win them to whatever Lumia comes to their price range in the future.

        I have already seen many WP 7.x users reacting positively to the continued support from Nokia. That wins loyalty.

        • swain

          It’s very unfair to compare WP7.x with ICS or JB4.1.
          WP7.x is an incomplete, incompetent OS which doesn’t even have all the Symbian functionality. On the other hand WP8 is upto some extent ready to face the iOS or Android challenges.
          So don’t you think an army of WP8 can fight better than WP7.x ?
          Devices like Lumia 620 can win it for Nokia. So they must try to release that kind of devices on cheap instead of wasting their resources on 505/510/610.

          • Bloob

            I am amazed how stupid people can be here. Sorry Jay for being rude on your blog, but honestly, don’t people think Nokia would make a lower end WP8 phone if they could. Even then, they’d be able to make an even lower end device with WP7.

            WP8 is optimized for S4 SoCs, it takes something like 2.7GB storage and over 200MB of RAM. It propaably will go lower at some point in time just like WP7 did, but I am sure MS is looking to flesh out the OS with features first.

            Also pretty sure the licence for WP7 is cheaper than WP8.

            • swain

              Your points are very much optimistic and valid if Nokia is a market leader and in a very relaxed position. This is not the case here.
              Unless you was hiding in a cave of Himalaya since few years, you must know that they have already made enough stupid mistakes. Mistakes that nobody can even think about. So it’s not completely impossible for them to make such a mistake.

              I don’t understand how people accept everything even though it’s clearly not so right.

              • Bloob

                I don’t see how the realm of what’s currently possible or not relates to market position.

        • aleci

          But Android’s low end isn’t this “LOW” HAHAHA! Not to mention people can get old Android models with better specs for a cheaper price compared to this phone.

      • Muerte

        I’m always very confused, when I read such ignorant comments. Nevertheless, I’m glad that your kind of people are not running Nokia, as you clearly have not the faintiest idea how the mobile business runs globally.

        • twig

          Or any business. Having a low priced line to run along side your high priced line is exactly what their beloved Android and IOS is doing. So cheap Androids not able to upgrade are now all junk? O.K., I’ve always agreed cheap Androids are junk but now Swain agrees too. At least with the much more intelligent Nokia, they are improving specs on their low end at the same time, unlike Android. The 7.5 does everything I need from a phone and does it better than Android or Apple. Android apps designers like 7.5 so much they started to COPY it until Google said to stop. Now both Androids and Apple are trying to copy Nokia Mix Radio. Shall we talk about Apples Nokia Maps wannabe? Sounds like ever Asha smartphones are starting to crush malware infected Androids. Not only does Google listen to your calls but the phones are designed to listen to others around you according to u.s. tech websites…..yikes.

          • tom

            The market likes to disagree with you, completely. Android market share is 70+ percent now and outside US and couple of developed countries, 90%. In other words, Android is solving the problem people had and they are buying it.

            • Janne

              Yes, and Android is doing it just fine even though the cheaper products are not often upgradeable etc…

  • Ujwal Soni

    Our beloved N9 seems to have spun off a whole revolution in design.

  • errr pssst hey just so you guys know..there are actually people out there who want a lumia but cant afford a flagship phone and then there are the average users who just want to make calls and send messages and do a lil social networking.Nokia is covering all price ranges

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  • Janne

    Interesting. It also seems to be the first Windows Phone with an EDoF camera. So much for the allegation that Microsoft didn’t allow Nokia doing it… WP 7.8 must add support for it. This allows Nokia to push to cheaper, smaller devices with still respectable megapixels… It is becoming clearer what Nokia meant in June by finding new ways to push WP lower. 4 GB storage is another such thing probably.

    Not that I’m a fan of EDoF, but it has a point for certain product groups.

    • Viipottaja

      Interesting indeed! A lot of users, in particular in these price points, will like the simplicity and steady, reasonably good and occasionally great results from an EDoF camera.

      • twig

        Maybe pick one up on Spring Break?

    • aleci

      OMG that freaking edof camera that has fixed focus??? O_O

  • KT

    Only negative side is that it has only 4 gb memory and almost 20% of it not available for use.

  • hellohelloigor

    it will sell like hotcakes.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      True, this will probably sell very well.

      For most users it’s just what Symbian used to be (in 2010) in the low end but with a smooth UI. That’s for users who don’t want the “flexibility” of Symbian but they want a low end device they use for basic smartphone tasks.

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  • aleci

    First thing that came into my mind… XPERIA ACRO S. :p

  • nabkawe

    It really looks like an N9 that is jailed with a beautiful mate …

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