News Roundup: Google Says no WP Apps, Dell Quits Smartphones, Smasung ATVI S Goes on Sale & More…

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Occasionally we need to take a break from Nokia dedicated news and take a look at what else is happening in the mobile world; after all ignoring the competition is partially what got Nokia in the hole it’s been in for the past few years. So hears a mini-roundup of related news to both Nokia and the WP ecosystem.

Google says no to Windows Phone. Google who have always personally made their own apps for other OSes (including revamping their Gmail app for iOS just last week), have announced that they don’t plan on making ANY apps for Windows Phone in the foreseeable future, claiming:

”no plans to build out Windows apps” and that the company  is “very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8.

This is coming from the same people who had dedicated apps for everything from Gmail to Google reader on S60 and S^3, so it’s quite possible that boycotting Windows Phone is a way to eliminate a threat before it get’s out of control? personally I don’t use any Google apps in the first place (Skydrive for storage since it syncs to my Windows 8 PC automatically, Default Mail for Gmail – It does all I could possibly ask for while looking awesome, Metrotube for YouTube and most importantly Office, which kicks Google Doc’s @$$). However there are many people too deep into Google Drive, Docs and Gtalk to climb out of the Google ecosystem unscathed; so even though this is a blow for WP I doubt it’s going to make a difference, seeing how these apps have never been available to WP in the first place.

More on Google here:

Dell Drops out of the Smartphone Race. Dell was one of the first adopters to Windows Phone, releasing the ill fated Dell Venu Pro- which FYI is the only QWERTY WP out there (Which admittedly looks pretty awesome); however they never bothered releasing any new devices in the past year or so. In a statement yesterday Dell said that they are leaving the Smartphone industry (Android and Windows Phone both) and seeking greener pastures else-where (specifically the Windows Tablet market).

. “It needs a lot of investments to really be successful” according to Clarke. And why is Dell leaving Android? “It’s a content play with Android. Amazon is selling books and Google is making it up with search. So far we couldn’t find a way to build a business on Android,”

Completely forgetting that Windows Phone existed Dell cited their reason as being “unable to build a business” where it’s forced to compete against Amazon and Google. Of course this doesn’t really have a major effect on Nokia’s Marketshare of Windows Phone seeing how Dell’s share of the pie is almost non-existent (I can’t even find a number anywhere). But on the other hand it does cut down the numbers of serious players in the WP race to Nokia and HTC (as well as Huawei who are supposedly planning something big for Windows Phone).

Read more on Dell here:


Samsung ATIV S Finally Goes on Sale. I know we thought Nokia had dropped the ball on it’s WP8 availability, by announcing them so late into Q4 with an even later release date; however Samsung have been even worse off. Announcing their WP8 flagship the ATIV S almost two weeks before Nokia and only just making them available earlier this week, and that’s only in Canada! At first it looked as if Samsung was going to be a real competitor to Nokia in the WP8 arena, but it seems that they really don’t care; which is in all honesty.. good.

The price of the ATVI S is another win for Nokia and the 920 as it’s being priced at $600-$650 off contract (Vs. $450 for the 920) and $30-$100 on contract (Vs. $.01-$50 for the 920). If all goes well Samsung might attract some attention to the WP8 platform, but those purchases might end up translating into Lumias rather than ATVI.

Read more here:

HTC Drops Plans for a WP Phablet. There have been rumors going around that HTC had a Phablet device/5″ and above in store for WP8, something that would make the 8X a midrange device in their lineup. However today (right after we heard that the Lumia 820 prototype was the huge juggernaut alpha) Bloomberg reported that HTC has scrapped those plans:

the company is scaling back its efforts because the device would have a lower resolution than competing models (since WP8 doesn’t support 1080p screen yet)

So maybe it’s not too late for Nokia to release a WP phablet, just as long as they find a viable use of the extra real estate, other than larger tiles.

Read More here:

BB10 Gets January Unveiling Date, No Whatsapp Support Though. The race for the 3rd major ecosystem has been pitted out between BBOS and WP for a while now, with most predictions claiming that WP will clinch #3 by the end of 2012 (provided the world doesn’t end next week). However RIM’s new OS BB10 is set to be unveiled at the start of 2013, so only time will tell what they have in stock; and how much of they threat they’ll post to WP’s already tiny market share. But in a blow against BB10 Whatsapp have gone on record stating that they do not plan on making an app for BB10, but then again that’s what they said about Meego; and look what happened (hint: Wazapp).

More here:



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  • efekt

    Google are really shooting at their own legs here with this attitude of “I’m not playing with WP”.
    If (and its not so far-fetched) WP would become a major player in the mobile market (fingers crossed!) – Google would find itself losing users to MS’s services which had a big base of users due to their tight integration with the OS…
    Well, I know I wouldn’t mind Google taking a jab in their ribs due to this arrogant behavior 😀

    • MOOking

      it’s call competition….make your own crap microsoft since they like to assimilate

    • rwtertwret

      Don’t worry about Google. Android has 75% market share and Windows Phone has 3%.

      • DiggyDollarz


  • Don Draper

    “However there are many people too deep into Google Drive, Docs and Gtalk to climb out of the Google ecosystem unscathed; so even though this is a blow for WP I doubt it’s going to make a difference, seeing how these apps have never been available to WP in the first place.”

    Have you ever considered this is one of the main reasons why WP has never really taken off?

    I think you seriously underestimate how many people use these Google services, and how fanatical they are about them. When it comes to Gmail, Google Maps and other Google services, I would define “many” as the masses of smartphone users out there. And not having dedicated Windows Phone apps for these services is just about the most damaging thing I can think of when it comes to Windows Phone.

    Let’s say you are right and for arguments sake the average user can get over the lack of dedicated Google apps. That user is still screwed and here’s why. Google recently announced they’re yanking active exchange syncing service for WP. Since WP has no support for CalDAV or CardDav, this means no syncing of calendar items or contacts between Google & Windows Phone devices. How many millions of potential smartphone users do you think use Google for contact management or calendars?

    Make no bones about it, this is a complete disaster for the WP platform. Miscrosoft needs to come up with workarounds and fast, WP’s life depends on it.

    • Peter L


      There’s absolutely no need to try adapt Google services, Windows and Windows Phone has great services of their own such as Outlook and Skydrive.

      Why try to desperatly access services made by the competitor when there’s perfectly working native alternatives?

      • Don Draper

        Because most of the user base is already using Google services, they do not want to switch their lives over to Outlook and Skydrive. It’s a hassle, and people are lazy. And you’ll win over a lot more customers by catering to what they want, instead of trying to change what they want. It’s Business 101, not rubbish.

        Also in terms of functionality, the Microsoft offerings are inferior. I’ve personally tried to migrate. The calendar is clunky and doesn’t play well with older browsers. Skydrive isn’t compatible with Mac OSX Snow Leopard. Online contact management in Outlook doesn’t even support user-defined photos yet. Are you kidding me? Google’s had this functionality for years. I’d love to get away from Google. But the sad truth is the Microsoft “perfectly working native alternative” is anything but. Believe me, I wish that weren’t the case.

        • Oleg Derevenetz

          You are overestimate laziness of people. Once I heard that Google drops ActiveSync support on all accounts except paid Google Apps accounts:

          I momentarily moved my addressbook and calendar to Why? That’s because I never want to become a hostage of any single company/vendor. ActiveSync is a de-facto standard, it supported by literally ANY smartphone – Symbian supports it, Meego supports it, iOS support it, WP supports it, Blackberry supports it (ActiveSync is de-facto corporative standard), and even Android supports it. Why I should be limited to Google’s own CalDAV/CardDAV rubbish that is not supported by any other OS then Android (and Google even have no plans to implement it for other OSes except may be iOS – via their own ugly looking rubbish software)? Bye-bye Google.

          • Don Draper

            CalDAV and CardDAV was not invented by Google. It’s an open standard developed by the IETF. In addition to sticking it to Microsoft, I suspect the other reason for not supporting ActiveSync is because each time a new Gmail user signs up for it Google has to pay Microsoft a licensing fee. CalDAV and CardDAV, being open stardards, assess no such fees and are thus more attractive to service providers.

            I’m no expert here but do try to keep informed. Someone please let me know if any of the above info is inaccurate.

            • Oleg Derevenetz

              Yes, they are IETF and not Google native, but they are almost not supported natively by other devices except Android (well, to be accurate, I know for sure that N9 supports CalDAV, but not CardDAV). But I doesn’t care. There are lots of useless “open” IETF standards. All that interests me is my own freedom. When my contacts and calendar are on Google servers, I am limited. When my data is on Microsoft servers, I’m not limited. Strange thing, isn’t it?

              • Don Draper

                To each his own. By that same logic I could make the argument that my data on Microsoft servers is limited because MS does not support contact photos that are user-defined. Is that not a limitation that I did not have to suffer through with Google?

                This stuff is in the eye of the beholder. All I’m saying is you can cater to the masses or you can cater to a niche crowd. And if you choose the latter, be prepared to stay stuck at 3% market share.

                • Mark

                  Don, I agree with you 100% and all your comments in this thread. This is like a death knull for WP in terms of being a player in the larger market. Google is too entrenched in peoples lives to get the majority to see otherwise.

                  I hope MS does something about this soon…

            • StefanP

              Exactly! Cheers to Google for using open standards! And because they are open, there should be soon 3rd party apps for WP to do the job.

              • StefanP

                …if MS would provide APIs on WP to their contacts / calender app.
                But maybe even an alternative calender with something called a “week view” would do WP good.

                • Don Draper

                  Microsoft’s poor calendar is a particular sticking point with me. Last time I checked there is still no easy way to sync it with iCal. So why in the world would a Mac computer user use a Windows Phone/ calendar?

                  I just don’t see how Microsoft is incentivizing anyone to do anything that grows their platform. If you’ve got a Windows laptop and WP8 and Surface tablet, I guess you’ll be ok. But honestly, who has that setup? Most people I come across (aside from Apple nuts) have a mix of Android/Windows/Apple devices.

        • Oleg Derevenetz

          BTW, here is another functionality that MS Exchange/ActiveSync have for years – sync of calendar’s tasks. I use tasks on daily basis, but Google still isn’t able to sync them to their own calendar via ActiveSync. They even haven’t this functionality in calendar itself – only some kind of blotch in GMail. And this lasts for YEARS. WTF??? One more reason to move to

          • Don Draper

            Finally, a MS advantage! Yes, the lack of task syncing in Google calendar has always bothered me too. You bring up a fair point here.

            • Oleg Derevenetz

              Well, I should note as well that ActiveSync itself is a LOT more than combination of IMAP (BTW, as I know, Google doesn’t use standard IMAP4, they use IMAP4 with their own extensions instead of IMAP IDLE command to implement push behaviour), CalDAV and CardDAV used by Google, and is more convenient for corporative tasks. Then, Google still have no corporative on-site solutions like MS Exchange or Sharepoint, so all vendors will be forced to support ActiveSync in their devices for a long time.

              • Tom

                Google does support activesync for paid accounts. Corporate accounts are paid, and are supported. Consumer market does not know/care about exchange. They care about Gmail or Yahoo mail or whatever. No exchange there to keep you locked.

      • Jiipee

        Because a lot of people are already using them? As Ive mentioned below, a lot of the solutions are not important for a smartphone.

        There are a lot of SME’s using mainly google services. If they get some more juice out of GDocs and have them better available offline, a lot of users will be dropping the use of MS solutions. Luckily for MS, Google is learning their tactics and start bullying. They pisses a lot of devs by introducing ridiculous pricing on Google apps, and later making.

        As a sidenote: Im quite disappointed that Nokia dropped their support for Calligra suite. It had a lot of potential.

        • Tom

          Google apps/docs is a billion dollar business now. It’s free for users and cheap for small business(and 5 million of them are using). Big business will use office for years to come, I see small business going the way of Google unless they need excel for accounting. All university use Google apps/docs. Where do you think future users will go ?

  • Jiipee

    In general both Office and Google docs are useless for a smartphone. For a phablet perhaps. Our small company uses Google services heavily and I know there are a lot of others as well. Still, we hardly use anything else on our phones than use Gmail and contacts sync. The latter sucks with Wp7, dont know about 8.

    • Don Draper

      Yup. And unless you’re using iOS or Android, as of January 31, 2013 you can say goodbye to the contacts sync you love so much.

      • jiipee

        That was news to me. After brief browsing it seems to be that Google apps for business users will still have that option.

        Ill see what Jolla will support.

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  • nn

    This is coming from the same people who had dedicated apps for everything from Gmail to Google reader on S60 and S^3, so it’s quite possible that boycotting Windows Phone is a way to eliminate a threat before it get’s out of control?

    Or maybe could it be that Symbian had (and still has) a little bit bigger installed size than WP? Well, scratch that, that’s obviously totally impossible.

    • Ekeluo

      Thank you for saying this. Children of nowadays have no respect at all!

    • Keith too

      Google also said no Windows 8 apps and it of course it growing in ussage by leaps and bounds. Google is obviously worried but their pushing against Windows 8 and Windows Phone is going to be as sucessful as Microsoft’s pushing against alternative browsers.

      • Keith too

        Ignore, I replied to the wrong message.

    • karam

      +1, Ali seems in a distortion field of his own

  • Gäst

    I read that if WP takes of for real and gets a big user base then google will make apps for it.
    But until then they won’t bother since WP is to insignificant.

    • BellGo


    • Keith too

      Google also said no Windows 8 apps and it of course is growing in ussage by leaps and bounds. Google is obviously worried but their pushing against Windows 8 and Windows Phone is going to be as sucessful as Microsoft’s pushing against alternative browsers.

    • Tom

      That’s exactly what they said. When there are users, they will make the apps.

  • Heikki Niininen

    Hmmm, perhaps Ali should read the article again and correct the grammar and typos. There seems to be mistakes here and there, beginning from the title.

  • Gojira

    Sad to hear about Dell as I really liked the way the Venue/Pro looked good. Much like mp3 players Dell has a habit of dipping their toes in a market & then pulling out instead of improving.

  • pathetic

    hey weirdos phone fans watch bb10 , I think blackberry will return to the game , have seen their new system ? is amazing that it is a great innovation , not what you see in WP8 , third place will be blackberry. this move by google tells us that Windows Phone has not sold well , Google is doing the right thing ,

    • efekt

      LOL pathetic troll is pathetic 😀

  • Dr.Smart

    Not good news for WP8. I will give it 2 years before MS abandons the effort.

  • shallow ocean shoal
  • MOOking

    i love how you guys all turn face as soon as Nokia is forced to use WP…you guys all follow like herd of sheep…and now it’s the ohhh google’s services suck cause we use microsoft now or ohhh HTCrap….COME ON there google has WAY BETTER AND MORE ESTABLISHED services then Microsoft and HTC make the same damn phone as Nokia SAME OS so saying that HTC sucks compared to NOKia…is just like saying your cousin sucks and you don’t like him….SAME FAMILY NOW different pile

    get use to being the same boys….cause it looks childish as you guys argue about the same crap with a different case XD

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Google “way more established” than Microsoft? What planet do you hail from?

      There are some eerie similarities between Google today and Microsoft 1997.

      • MOOking

        get over yourself csuse it’s the truth and there is 100% proof

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Hey wait a minute…I know you! The broken sentences…the bad spelling…makes no sense…

      Do you smoke a lot of drugs??

      • Keith too

        I hardly think just smoking a lot of drugs could be all that is wrong with him. Aside from the immaturity of being 13 years old I fear there are some pretty nasty influences in his life.

        • MOOking

          what you are writting is immature…thinking a someone over the internet is 13 since they ‘don’t spell correctly’ grow up..bro am i talking about how you talk or about how the phones impact people’s ego…cause it’s sure effecting you pretty badly

    • Mark

      No… actually apart from search, mail and maps Google’s services do suck. Mail will still work so not a problem for me.

      Sorry to rain on your hate parade.

    • Bharat Justa

      Google sucks!

      First, they deleted my Adsense account without any proof that I was misusing it.
      Then they send me free AdWords coupons to my house every month. I deleted my address but they still do this shit!
      They completely destroyed blogger. The old interface was simple and light. I used to blog with my phone. But now I can’t do that.
      Google docs. web app. used to work on my Symbian S60v5 phone… But doesn’t work on my Lumia 800. That means they are intentionally blocking out Windows Phone(IE9 mobile is a lot better than s60v5 browser)

      And everytime an android phone comes in my hands it lags and freezes. It can’t handle multitasking properly. Even my 5233 was able to run more than 16 apps. at a time.(excluding Opera Mobile, it was too heavy)

      • MOOking

        symbian and Maemo5 can run 30 + apps what’s your point :/

  • arts

    Silly google. If they made a maps app for wp, nokia’s advantage in location services in windows phone would be greately dimished



  • shyne

    Its not a surprise that samsung not caring about WP8 because they are going to unveil Tizen on MWC 2013 at Barcelona …!
    They releasing WP8 to reduce MS patent fee for android !

  • migo

    For the record, there are two other QWERTY WPs, the LG Quantum and the HTC 7 Pro. They’re both landscape QWERTY though. The Dell Venue Pro is the only portrait QWERTY. It’s a very good phone (once they got the initial memory card problem solved), and it’s one of the best keyboards I’ve used.

  • migo

    No Google apps will be a serious problem for Windows Phone. Particularly the lack of Google Maps. The 3rd party programs that pull on Google Maps APIs just don’t work very well. Bing Maps on Windows Phone is inexplicably crippled, and Nokia Maps lacks some of the routing features Google Maps now has.

    Depending on where you live, and how you get around, that could be a serious deal killer.

    I’m not sure how things will go with Google Drive support or GMail, but if people get hooked on Google Now it’ll be even harder to switch out.

    Ideally, it’ll force MS to smarten up, but they were already behind to start, and that didn’t get them to do things right the first time around.

  • acura

    Too bad, I always liked the way that the Venue looked.