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I wasn’t sure whether this was just a concept or real until the blurb video claims that everything here works as advertised.

In this video you’ll see a Nokia Lumia 920 connected up to a home and controlling things like TV/lights/fans. Some things would obviously easier to switch on yourself, such as the hairdryer (though it could help in people with arthritis perhaps or other related disabilities), but then there are times when you’re just like “TV, turn on” haha. I know since getting Xbox with Kinect, I’ve really enjoyed the voice commands that reduce controller input.

What’s interesting is that the voice command instructions aren’t simply “turn on/off” the fan, but “I’m hot”.

Looking at nuuneoi‘s other videos, you’ll see he’s quite familiar with Nokia, having worked on Symbian phones like N8 and MeeGo-Harmattan (Maemo) phones like N9 and N950. It’s great to see him continue and work on WP8.


When technology meets imagination. Lumia 920 has been transformed to Voice-Command Home Electronic Appliances Controller via Bluetooth and NFC. This video demonstration show you how this project work. Please note that every single part of this video are not just the concept but it works for real. Check my previous videos about “NeuRoom” if you don’t believe it =)

Integrated/more indepth voice commands for WP8. MS demoed it in the developer preview. Where the heck is it?

by nuuneoi


Cheers Dan for the tip!


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  • Eric

    I like it, but… What’s the reason Nokia makes so many concept movies of cool stuff, many of which can be really disruptive, if only they actually released them?

    I have to admit they put a lot of cool things in the 920 (screen, wireless charging, ois, nfc) and that’s probably why so many people want one.

    But they think up so many cool things. Get them in the market already?

  • StefanP

    Actually I don’t think that the Lumia has much to do with this “magic”. It’s merely forwarding the voice commands (probably not even recognizing them) to the home automation system.

  • nuuneoi

    Thanks for the article. Actually I am the one behind a photo sharing application MOLOME . I developed this HomePair project to show the showcase on how Windows Phone 8 API could be applied to do things =)

    And yes this project works for real not just a concept with the Bluetooth home appliance controller I made myself (Check for my NeuRoom project in youtube to see how it works)

    Thanks again for the article. New cool thing will be kept making. ^ ^

    • Eric

      Nice! In that case, you should consider my Nokia complaint as a big compliment to you. 🙂

    • Mazze

      Cool. Any chance to get rid of that constant “How can I help you” though? Apart from that, awesome video!

    • Wow, MOLOME?! No way, that app/service is amazing and has a huge following particularly in the Nokia scene.

      Thanks for your work with Nokia :).

  • hytheam

    omg that is amazing

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  • martin

    Nice! now, where do i get a 920 for a decent price? -uk, contract due to run out in 10 days 😉