Lumia 920 Exclusivity on Everything Everywhere Ending Soon, Set To Join Vodaphone Ranks

| December 19, 2012 | 15 Replies

DSC00956Earlier today Vodaphone UK posted a blogpost officially announcing that the Lumia 920 will be coming to them starting next year, and that they have begun stocking the 920. The Lumia 920 upon launch was tied to EE (everything everywhere- which from what I gather has no coverage anywhere); but it would seem that exclusivity deal will end with the year’s ending. Meaning the rest of the players get a jab at this Lumia goodness:


Already confirmed as heading to Vodafone in the new year are the Nokia Lumia 820, the HTC 8X and HTC 8S. They’re a stunning set of Windows Phone 8 handsets, but one more can’t hurt, can it? With that in mind, we’re donning the party hats early in light of the news that we’ll also be stocking the Nokia Lumia 920.

Introducing the Lumia 920

Being able to stock the Nokia Lumia 920 is a real boon. It sits right at the top of Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 family with a stunning 4.5-inch ClearBlack display, an 8-Megapixel PureView camera that’ll take some of the best shots you’ve ever seen, and wireless charging built in.

In my opinion this is how exclusivity deals should be everywhere, give one carrier the chance to sell the device as an exclusive for a limited period; then once they’ve capitalized on a device’s initial launch they can begin selling on other carriers to maximize sales.




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  • Shoulda been on Vodafone first. EE/Orange/T-mobile did nothing with their exclusivity. The phone is hidden away in their stores. Also after moving from T-mobile internet to orange, I’ve come to the conclusion that they both suck. 4G EE? Try Any G first.

    • nn

      EE/Orange/T-mobile did nothing with their exclusivity. The phone is hidden away in their stores.

      Interesting. That would mean the talk about how the exclusivity will bring special care from carriers, who are fighting among themselves over who will have Lumias, was indeed BS. Instead Elop has probably hard time to get any traction with carriers (the b-word comes to mind), exclusivity in exchange for being listed in the shop is the best he could get.

      • Peter L

        So, one _possible_ instance of exclusivity not working means that:

        1) not a single one of those deals work

        2) Elop is a liar

        I love the way your mind works.

        • nn

          1) AFAIK there aren’t many carriers having 920, at least such was the state of things last month. So one, and one of the most important, _possibly_ stonewalling Nokia to such degree is notable. Also I remember people here bashing that Canada operator, so it seems EE isn’t the only one. But feel free to educate me how this exclusivity thing is going through the world.

          2) Elop is too smart to make outright lies.


        Wrong troll. EE did nothing with their exclusivity, that’s why it’s ending early.

        I hope Nokia punishes these carriers who got exclusivity but aren’t doing much with it. In comparison AT&T has done a lot with their exclusivity.

  • Peter L

    I would not be surprised if the exclusivity contract was terminated due to EE not holding their end of the deal.

    I’ve heard nothing good from Lumia 920 marketing by EE.


      That seems to be the case. Nokia seems to be punishing EE and taking away their exclusivity early, and rightly so. EE didn’t deserve the exclusivity.

  • Mark

    I’ve seen quite a few promotional posters from EE although the phone has been pushed back behind the iPhone and SGSIII in store.

    Two reasons for this:

    1) It’s not selling there.
    2) EE blow chunks. Avoid.

    Interestingly, Phones4U are still promoting it.

    Nokia should have gone with Vodafone to start with. Still, at least they’ll get it in Q1… after Xmas. D’oh!

  • MOOking

    so lying to add more hype to a boring OS for nice hardware

  • Janne

    Nokia is selling all 920s as it is, so exclusive deals early in the game seem harmless enough. They don’t have enough components anyway. If the deals were constraining sales then they’d be bad indeed. That said, I hate exclusivity and am glad to see it go everywhere anywhere. Also, if EE wasn’t holding up their end of the deal, good riddance…

  • kan

    The only reason they picked EE must have been they were offering something the other networks were not. Perhaps minimum orders, extra promotion.

    In reality I have seen none of this extra whatever it is they were offering. The upside is the exclusivity was short lived the downside is they wasted the christmas shopping period once again.

    Going forward I hope they have less models and concentrate on the ones they have rather than going back to the old Nokia of 5 models all slightly different and all offering things you would like but no single phone combines them all.

    • Bassman

      Presumably Nokia went with EE because they are the only 4g carrier at present and that’s one of the selling points?

      Having been in an EE store I was surprised that the 920 wad pretty much hidden at the back of the store and that there were only dummy units to look at. I was speaking to one of the sales team who tried to sell me one of the HTCrap knock offs (looked very tacky in comparison). He was saying that hardly any one was interested in the HTCrap model and that everyone had gone straight for the 920, but that I should give the HTCrap a go as they were ‘basically the same phone’, I couldn’t help but smile…

      I got to play with an 820 in an O2 store which impressed me, it was very smooth and the phone felt great to handle. I didn’t have any issue with the resolution and thought the screen looked great. The other carrier stores, on the whole, seem to promote the Lumia range more effectively.

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    This is good news for Verizon in the US. Vodafone owns Verizon, which means that since Vodafone is getting the 920, then Verizon will soon be getting a variation of the 920 due to AT&T’s exclusivity.

    • Dave

      Vodafone own 45% of Verizon; they’re likely the largest individual shareholder. They aren’t allowed to own more than that.