WP8 Update Set To Roll Out to At&t Branded Lumia 920s & 820s Starting Today/Tomorrow

| December 19, 2012 | 10 Replies

ATT email portico

Last week we saw the HTC 8X get the first WP8 update “Portico”; it seems that same update will hit At&t Lumias starting Today (the 19th- possibly still tomorrow somewhere in the states?). This update should call blocking, mass SMS delete, WiFi (always on) & ┬ábluetooth connectivity, unexplained freezes as well possibly the camera fix we heard is coming to the 920. The update should be available OTA (Over The Air) meaning there shouldn’t be a need to connect to your PC to download.


So anyone get it? Any visible improvements?





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  • Sal

    How about the random battery drains? Have Nokia Drive and most other apps and still only getting 6 hours or so on light use. ­čśÉ

    • JGrove303

      Drive is already fixed with an update. Maps is now fix with an update too. Audio update fixed my volume complaint.

      Nokia is repenting for its sins of the past by kicking these updates out at pleasing rates. I am a very happy Lumia 920 owner.

    • Muerte

      Also, please read this:


      Your battery life sounds very weird, the 920’s I’m able to follow, can manage two days with moderate use, easily one day with heavy use.

      • StefanP

        This is an interesting update! The 920 was always praised for its readability outdoors. I found that the display was not well readable in bright sunlight. Only turning off the automatic adjustment and setting the level to “high” revealed the true capabilities. I hope the above update will eliminate this manual step for me when being outside in sunny Thailand.


      How about you have some patience? The 920 is starting to get the OS update now, which brings many fixes including battery, stability, and camera updates.

      Also Nokia since last night has released a gajillion updates to their Lumia apps, many of which improve battery life.

      Have patience, and soon your battery life will improve greatly.

  • rafaelinux

    “…should” ┬┐fix? “… call blocking, mass SMS delete, WiFi “

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  • migo

    Call blocking eh? About **** time.

    Now if Nokia could have some sense and increase the variety of their designs, so they have a phone with a symmetrical screen alignment, there’d be a WP8 device I’d want to buy again (although with my luck, it won’t have AWS support).

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