BGR: Windows Phone already threatening iPhone in Southern Europe

| December 22, 2012 | 57 Replies

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 07.29.27BGR reports on KantarWorldPanel’s findings and concludes that Windows Phone is gaining traction in Southern Europe. As Nokia is finding it nigh on impossible to meet the demand for the 920, bringing down prices of the previous generation handsets has at least been able to attract a lot of first time buyers or those looking for budget friendly smartphones.

Windows already threatening iPhone in Southern Europe


In Italy, WP marketshare has shot up to 11.8% in November, prior to availability of the 920, narrowing iOS’s lead as it slips down to 20.6%.

Whilst it’s great that there is some positive sign at the expense of iOS is a small number of regions, we’ve also got to worry about the looming reach of Droid everywhere (which has gotten so big now that big G can give the middle finger to Windows so that by January, GMAIL stops working on them.) BGR says the low end version is what’s driving Droid sales (And preventing the potential growth of iOS in places like Southern Europe, Latin America and parts of Asia)

In Spain, BGR says WP ‘vaulted’ from 0.4% to 3%, iOS ‘faded’ to 4.4%. Not massive but progress nonetheless.

We noted before whilst looking at Statcounter’s data that Android was low and flat line for a while before taking off. We’re hoping somewhat the same for Windows Phone but it will be a lot harder given the competition is much stronger (they only had to deal with Symbian, something both iOS and Android made look rather outdated).

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 07.43.42

Speaking of Statcounter, it shows WP making small but steady progress in UK too. I’m seeing quite a lot more 800/610/710 in the hands of the public thanks to Nokia’s Christmas promotions. Android continues to grow in Britain, whilst iOS maintains the top spot. WP’s growth is at the expense of BlackBerry. BB10’s delay may have allowed for breather or two but may pose quite some danger for Lumia as the UK is very BB friendly (well, the physical keyboarded version anyway).


Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 07.48.23

In the US, nothing much going on. iPhone is as popular as ever. But S40 is catching on (note S40 was only separately counted since April).

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 07.53.42

In Frane, iOS declines in favour of Android, though iOS is still number 1.  WP slowly growing in France.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 07.54.29

Note that whilst KantarWorldPanel says Italy’s marketshare is 11.8% (WP), it only translates around 4.7% in Statcounter, as of course, statcounter is measured against ALL devices in use (to extrapolate web usage and thus phone OS) and not sales.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 07.56.51

Since May, Android has overtaken iOS in Germany and has maintained a good lead. WP is a very distant third.

Finland continues to Love Lumia. Now if only we can see this in the future in more regions.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 08.03.48

Cheers Matthijs for the tip!


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  • It is great that Nokia is agaiting success with the Windows OS.
    This can bë seen with rise of share price to $4.00
    This makes for 113% growth from June 2012
    Personally I have faith that Nokia will reach great hieghts once agai

    • Sam

      It will fall flat once the sales report for this quarter will be revealed.

      • Mark

        That rather depends on what the sales figures actually are, doesn’t it, Sam?

      • Zipa

        The sales for this quarter are by large irrelevant (when it comes to stock price), the interesting part is in the outlook for Q1.

    • Keith too

      It almost feels like Nokia is on the verge of beautiful run. But they have some kinks to iron out first in manufacturing and carrier relationships and most importantly to get over that asinine belief that exclusivity helps–I’m pretty sure HTC is selling more Windows Phones in North America than Nokia because they have them on almost all the carriers.

      Damn I started to write a positive message then half way through I remembered the exclusivity!

  • KT

    Its good but still not great. Gmail will be major setback for windows phone and it will certainly lure many customer toward android.

    • migo

      Outlook is quite nice though, which could lure users away from Android.

      • dss is very nice.. and skydrive is a great cloud service, the integration with Windows is wonderful. Also their new web based office apps are very nice as well.. especially one note.

    • viipottaja

      Gmail proper (I.e. The actual email part of it), afaik, will still work just fine.

      • Mark

        Indeed, I was initially concerned but as Gmail is the only service I use it’s no biggie. I have Office and Sky Drive for docs (plus Box and a load of others) and Nokia Drive for mapping.

  • I couldn’t even read the article considering how the idiot author didn’t know the difference between Windows and Windows phone.

    • migo

      Remember when it was Windows Phone Series 7? I think that confusion can be blamed squarely on Microsoft. When people hear Windows Phone, they’re actually hearing Windows phone. And ‘Windows Phone phones’ sounds really awkward in English.

      • Still someone who works at BGR should be able to differentiate, then again this is the same idiot author who posted that Nokia can only make 600K Lumias TOTAL, rather than one factory.

        • migo

          He probably can, and doesn’t care to bother. We all know what he’s talking about (as opposed to when people confused Windows Mobile + Windows Phone share with just Windows Phone share), and MS needs to get a handle on their branding.

  • massy

    But they cant advertise propyl

  • viktor von d.

    windows phone will never gain marketshare without more oems. there are something like 30 oems making android phones from low end to high end covering all the price points. how many suport wp? so it doesn’t really matter for me how big wp marketshare is.
    what is important for me is that nokia reaches the high sales of the old days and gain at least the 3rd spot in smartphone shipments as close to samsung as possible

    • yourmama

      I just can’t see how anyone could match Nokia. Sounds fanboyish maybe but personally I feel a bit sorry for HTC and anyone else venturing into WP8. It’ll be like Symbian all over again, Nokia will just dominate every other oem’s out there. I might be wrong, but I’m willing to bet I’m not. What Nokia has to offer is just too good and I just can’t see anyone else matching them.

      • arts

        ah? i disagree. The 8x is beautiful. It might not be as feature packed, but the design is stunning. And well, the front facing camera and the beats audio is pretty good too. HTC sure can bring stuff to the table.

        • yourmama

          Agreed. But can they sell it? Given the choice, most people would still probably choose Nokia. HTC can’t even make it with Android. Things like camera, maps, nokia drive, nokia music, would seal it for most people I think.

          • migo

            It seals it for you because that was what convinced you not to jump ship from Nokia in the first place. For people who switched to the iPhone years back, or are coming from dumbphones, the expectations will be different.

            • yourmama

              True, guess I never thought of that. Anyway I’m not a fan of windows phone. Using symbian and android now 🙂

              • Gunnar

                I agree with yourmama, if i was buying WP8, it would be Nokia all the way. I use symbian and Android.
                No way do i buy HTC or Samsung.
                but i really don’t care for WP OS, but love the Lumia 920, wish i could buy it with Android or Meego.

    • arts

      I would rather see nokia have high margins than high sales.

      The high sales during symbian s60^5 were mostly due to the low end devices, and erm the margins suffered.

      • migo

        Nokia’s business model was never about high margins, it was about supply chain efficiency to get prices down. The Nokia 1100 was their core business, the N-series was a hobby.

        Where Nokia will do really well this gen is with the 620. They’re able to do what Amazon and Google did, and still turn a small profit, instead of using the razorblade model.

    • mirco

      While I don’t share your conlusion I do share your concerns. This is exactly the reason why Elop wants other WP OEMs to succeed as well. As long as Nokia builds better smartphones it can welcome any other company to the competition. I hope that Samsung will build more than one ATIV and that HTC has the breath to establish a line of WP8 devices. It was indeed one of the major problems with Symbian. Back in those days when Sony and Samsung where still producing Symbian phones Nokia was too strong and left no space for others. If they would have worked together the Symbian ecosystem might have survived.
      At least now, Nokia cannot control WP like it controlled Symbian.

  • Spede oli aliarvostettu

    This is very simple actually.

    Apple invented the modern smartphone. Microsoft made a copy of it and changed the UI so it doesn’t look like a copy.

    Nokia was iPhone envy for years before the WP was introduced. Nokia desperately wanted to make high margin phones. Now it seems that they try to do that with the WP.

    The Windows Phone may not be that great but many people seem to like it.

    In a way everyone wins.

    Consumers get to buy Windows Phones and they have the freedom of choice. Nokia gets to sell high margin products people may actually like to use.

    The Meego Believers can keep their faith because they didn’t have to see Meego fail. They can even have some religious leaders like Tomi Ahonen.

    • Noki

      “The Meego Believers” get to see WP fail, after Billions spent in advertising all you get is what? 2-3% of world market share? maybe you will be able to bypass symbian now after 2 years from its killing… WERE IS THE third ecosystem with 22% market share they promised???

      You say “but many people seem to like it” if only those “many people” would buy it???

      • Mark

        Does a little success make you cry, Noki? 🙂


        All I hear from you in your posts is “whhaaa whaaa whaaa, whine whine whine”

        • Spede oli aliarvostettu

          That’s what you get when a corporation you are in love with, starts to fall apart. Whining.

          Steve Jobs pretty much invented the modern smartphone and corporations like Nokia were in trouble. While Samsung praised the ideas Steve Jobs made popular, Nokia was one of those who didn’t understand how important the iPhone really was.

          Let’s hope Nokia will succeed with the Windows Phone. Many people seem to like it and that’s good.

          • torpedu

            please don’t assign things they done to people that didn’t do jack… He repackaged a smartphone and reinvented the way is presented to public.

            • Spede oli aliarvostettu

              Apple introduced the modern smartphone. Everything was changed.

              Real artist ship and Steve Jobs shipped.


            That’s also what you get when people become cynical, sarcastic, depressed individuals, or …. bought and paid for trolls.

            The people whining here will always whine; no matter how good Nokia and WP get, they will continue to whine because their “precious” Meego and Symbian, both full of tons of flaws, have been abandoned by Nokia.

            Nokia’s best chance at success remains WP, because of the software expertise, finances, and power that Microsoft brings to the table.

            Nokia was too weak financially to risk their survival on a Meego strategy.

  • anon2

    android has already peaked. I wouldn’t worry about google domination to much Jay

    • migo

      Hardly. It’s just getting started. Smartphones are saturated and it’ll be hard for Android to further grow its marketshare there, but tablets it’s only going to go up.

  • Don Draper

    Just a clarification. Gmail itself will work just fine. What won’t work after Jan 31 are Google contacts and calendar syncing with new WP devices.

    Here’s to hoping Microsoft is working on implementing carddav and caldav into WP so we can have our contacts and calendars sync working again 🙂

    • dss

      Hmm… well Microsoft should just make their Chrome browser work only 50% on Windows machines… google will come out crying..

      • migo

        They can’t do that, anti-trust suits.

        Google’s starting to draw that attention as well, so in a few years they might be hit with it too. Unfortunately that’s enough to relegate WP to being a small player for a lot longer, if Gmail ends up being a deciding factor.

        • arts

          I fund it funny that me get a whole lot of shit for anti competitive stuff, while google conveniently dont update or make apps for Symbian and WP is overlooked.

          • migo

            It is, but not quite as clear cut. When MS had the anti-trust suits, they were practically the only PC OS provider. There really was no other choice.

            In the case of Google, anyone with a browser can visit a different search engine, so the lock-in argument is a bit harder to make.

  • dss

    I would say Microsoft is safe with WP .. most people like the platform.. they’ve never had that kind for reception on any of their software products before.

    • migo

      Excel, Windows 95… for that matter, Office 2007 (as much as there were some vocal complaints about it, most people actually preferred the ribbon).

      • dss

        Yes, but if there was customer satisfaction, it was never as apparent as it is with WP now.

        The only people who might not like it are people who like a bit more freedom.. side loading of apps, proper mass storage, and more customization in the UI itself.

        Generally if you are coming from iOS, you would love WP.. its just a better version of iOS in terms of UX, and if they can get the stability and power management down, it will be much better overall.

        If you are coming from Symbian/Android (and you actually like them) it feels limiting..

        We will see what Nokia can bring to the table.. they are yet to produce a device which packs all their available technologies.

        • migo

          Yes it was, you’re just forgetting it because it was a long time ago, and information wasn’t as widespread. Even Office 2007’s ribbon came at a time before social media was really widespread. This is the first time it’s possible to get this clear of a sense of customer satisfaction.

        • WP is really unlike MS, it is something that goes beyond sheer unlimited use cases and is more built with the idea of ease-of-use before ultimate possibilities.

          The ease of use is great, there are just some great omissions right now that MS needs to adress ASAP, and I don’t mean apps. It basically comes down to 2 things I keep hearing; separate volume control (still boggles my mind why it isn’t there) and some sort of way to see past notifications.

          For me personally there is one more, quick access to BT/WiFi control etc. An easy to toggle on off. As it is now it just sucks and doesn’t fit the whole WP mantra.

          • Hypnopottamus

            I’ll add 1 more to your list: an actual usable calendar month view!

            As far as wifi/bt control, have you tried “connectivity shortcuts”? I know it sucks that this requires an app, but it works VERY well and is easy to use. Best of all, IT’S FREE!

            • Yeah, I’m using one of those shortcut apps. Works like a charm, but I want these kind of things native and preferably accesable from everywhere in the OS.

              Ow, forgot about the calendar. How that failed to get updated is beyond me. Where is my week view?

              • migo

                The list keeps going though. Where’s the call blocker? Why can’t I access settings by swiping down from the top?


          I like Symbian from a feature and concept standpoint, I just hate the practical implementation and ancient and messy code base of it. I also happen to really like WP8; they improved on most of the major flaws of WP7.

          All that’s left are a few minor issues that, some of which Harangue mentioned, which will get fixed soon enough.

  • twig

    Just was at ATT in the U.S. and was shocked that they have a big Windows 8 section of the 920,820,HTC models and Windows 8 tablets that are available at ATT. There was a Bluetooth keyboard for Windows 8 tablets and smartphones made by Microsoft, with cover, and I bought that for the 920 and Surface. Hope Nokia tablet comes this spring and I’ll give the Surface to a college student in need. The Bluetooth keyboard works nice as I’m using it now.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      Yes. People are underestimating Windows Phone.

    • dss

      Stop by Verizon.. its even better.

  • Katiunaki

    Threatening? ehh? Just look at their incomes, before or after taxation. And then compare the figures with adequate Nokia/Lumia data. To me seems threats are but in different location unfortunately… Just reality bites, that is all.

  • D_G

    i personally think nokia will struggle when the new BB10 is released.not saying BB10 will dominate the market but both will chip at each other.
    many of the nokians who fell in love with the N9 may see the BB10 as a viable alternative.
    each platform has its strengths and weaknesses and the BB10 will offer things similar to N9 but will lack major apps i think.

    • Zamkintry

      Good point but better replacement will be Jolla’s smartphone, more: Sailfish OS allow to run not only Android but N9’s MeeGo’s soft, so they can take their soft to the new Jolla.

  • rustyknight17

    I`m glad WP8 is doing well at the moment at least for now , if only for Nokia`s sake …
    As I`ve been saying all along , I don`t see WP as more than moderately successful at best , unless MS radically changes . And the loweer end WP phones don`t impress me all that much .
    I suspect at least some of the reason WP is do9ing so well , apart from WP8 being better than WP7 , is the holiday season , it`s new and the lack of credible challengers . Android is seriously fragmented and there aren`t that many good ones ( SGS III , Xperia S & T , DROID RAZR series ) . IPhone 5 has slipped . Need I say more ?
    Of course , the real test for WP8 will be next year . Good as they r , the 920, 820 , 620 , et al r just a holding action , Nokia must do better , e.g. the 10 series Lumias , b ut thus far , not much said about them . And don`t forget RIM`1S BB10 and Jolla Mobile`s Sailfish , both r reputedly awesome and proably will be successful ! Cheers !

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