Rumors: Nokia’s Windows RT Tablet to Carry 10.1″, Cellular Connectivity, Removable Kickstand/Keyboard/Backup Battery Coming Soon?

| December 24, 2012 | 67 Replies

Another week, another rumor; this time coming from a source at the verge. According to the latest word of mouth Nokia’s Windows RT tablet will be coming soon (possible MWC release) sporting a 10.1″ screen, HDMI & USB ports, Cellular connectivity (Via AT&t). The interesting part of the rumored tablet is a “book-like cover” that envelopes the tablet acting as a kickstand and a keyboard while packing an external battery to help juice up the tablet on the go. Yes please!


The rumored tablet will supposedly give off 10 hours of usage on a single charge, while supporting quick recharge to boost it to 50% battery in as little time as possible. The part that makes this believable is the claim that the tablet won’t be widely available, but rather as a sort of “testing the waters” device towards Windows 8 RT tablets.

What do you guys think? It certainly sounds reasonable, but I’d hate to see people fall in love with a limited production tablet; that once re-introudced would have become outdated.





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  • I think Nokia should start with 7″ inch screen, because of price and experience.

    • Irishmarius

      i actually like 8 more, and it would fit in with the hole book feel.

    • D Harries

      7 inch is definitely portable, but which version of Windows would go on it? Windows phone, or Windows RT?

  • Rat Kutti

    what’s more interesting is that rumours says that it’d be followed with a Windows 8 device too! And i wonder how the patents will allow similar type of stuffs with Microsoft Surface

  • Tom

    Hmmm it sounds pretty “thick”…

  • tom

    How well the existing Windows RT devices are selling? Should they spend money in it at all, considering their financials?

    • Noki

      “How well the existing Windows RT devices are selling?” easy one, they are not selling at all, windows RT as so far been a disaster.

      • mirco

        How many RT tablets are there yet? The Surface and???

        Android tablets were a disaster for a long long time as well.

      • correct

        Try again troll, hahaha.

        Merry Christmas to all you trolls!

        The Surface has sold well over a million units so far, and if that’s a “disaster” then plenty of Android OEMs would fight each other just to have such “disastrous” tablet sales.

        The only tablets that sell more than the Surface are the iPad, Kindle tablets, and the Nexus tablets.

        The Surface is actually destroying Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs in terms of sales, and most other Android tablets.

        All of that, considering that incredibly the Surface sales were achieved with very limited availability, as only Microsoft stores initially were selling them. Only recently has Surface availability expanded to major retailers.

        • viktor von d.

          i seriously doubt what you are saying. surface couldn’t possibly beat sales of let’s say the galaxy tab from samsung. because they are only availabler online and in microsoft reatail store. and now some other reatail stores, but only in the u.s.

          i don’t expect large sales of win rt devices imo in the immediate future. many oems only focused on full win8,and abandoned work on the rt aftar ms announced the surface.

          anyways no matter how good the hardware and the software is, it will come down to the apps again, just like wp. and that won’t change untill many devices are sold, and that won’t change untill the oems release more tablets…it’s a full circle.
          nokia can release the tablet, and it will surely be aprreciated, but what is the point of a test run, considering the above reasons. it’s like it’s destined to fail.

          a full win8 tablet however, YES PLEASE, TAKE MY MONEY

          • correct

            I seriously doubt you know what you’re talking about.

            I have no time to have silly arguments about this. Surface sales are well over 1 million, this is a FACT.

            Galaxy Tab sales are terrible. Samsung ships a ton of these tablets, but actual *SALES* are quite terrible. Most Galaxy tabs sit unsold in retailers, and their inventory piles up.

            Samsung is the worst when it comes to sales figures. They love to boast about “units shipped”, but they rarely talk about actual *sales to customers*.

            In the big Apple vs Samsung trial from a few months back, it was even revealed as part of evidence that for all of 2011 Samsung had blatantly lied about Galaxy Tab sales, because they were claiming units shipped as actual sales. Real sales to customers were horrible.

            So again, Surface sales came mostly from just Microsoft stores, and that makes Surface sales incredible due to the limited availability.

            • viktor von d.

              yes but not enough to have a great impact. ms is trying to build a ecosystem of apps for rt. they won’t succeed with this kind of numbers

        • tom

          It is a disaster when you consider Microsoft and the hype. For a small OEM, no, it’s great.

  • Abdullah

    Well, I own no tablet or laptops in favour of waiting for Nokia to release one. What I need is a full tablet but if Nokia released an RT tablet I will go with it, and I will find a work around for windows 7 applications.

    • N9

      There is no workaround they are binary incompatible. Arm CPU Vs Intel completely different architectures.

      • Abdullah

        Remote desktop to my quad core machine. I need to add the cost for 4G or WiMax plane then.

  • viipottaja

    Sounds promising, including as I am with AT&T!

    • JGrove303

      Second that! $10 added to shared data plus a contract discount, I’m sure.

  • superchi700

    this will be my first tab.
    Nokia should realize that it’s an OEM.
    It needs to aggressively churn phones and tabs on every OS in the world.
    Nokia welcome to Android! This is the greatest news.

    • correct

      Screw Android, down with the evil Google empire!

      • viktor von d.

        +1000. they really started to act like douchebags in the last year

      • Abdullah

        I started hating google too, google is not the internet. Only a part of it. And with there Trojan horse so called open source android, it’s useless without the applications/games and google owns that.

  • JGrove303

    I would suspect even better build with the new all-in-one S4 Pro/2 GB DDR3/Adreno 320 SoC and 64GB of onboard storage. Maybe 32, but considering the Lumia 920 only comes with 32….

    It’s gonna be cool

  • reedha


    • Noki

      With windows RT ??? really??? if it was with WP it would make some sense but RT is the worse thing Microsoft as ever created.. Juts like windows 8 but without 99% of the apps.

      • Viipottaja

        99%? Where did you find that figure? Also, are most of those 99% what people are looking to use on a primarily media consumption tablet?

      • Viipottaja

        99%? Let’s just assume the number is right. However, are most of those 99% what people are looking to use on a primarily media consumption tablet?

        • N9

          99 Is Nice Estimation, reality is more like 99.99%

      • Zipa

        Hate to say it, but I agree with you. RT was/is most likely destined for the trash pile. No app compatibility with WP or Windows proper and no devices out in the hands of consumers will pretty much ensure that there won’t be much apps available for it.

        Businesses will go for Windows proper and RT doesn’t really offer any incentive for consumers to pick it instead of an iPad.

        Unless MSFT can introduce app compatibility between RT and WP or have some other huge trick up their sleeve, I wouldn’t bet on RT ever becoming popular.

        • Abdullah

          RT is for a tablet, Win pro is for an ultra tablet.
          in RT the tablet is always awake, but with the pro you need to shut it down and pro require A lot of power, means it will not be super mobility.

          • Tom

            “RT is for a tablet, Win pro is for an ultra tablet.”

            Can it be more confusing? That tells why no one knows what RT is.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        You are like a superhero, standing at the ready, day or night, to crap on Windows at any opportunity! How do you even have time to sleep or use the toilet?

        Good job, Superhero Scrooge! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

        • correct

          Peculiar isn’t it? If unemployed, even trolls would need money eventually … unless he is being paid to comment.

        • viktor von d.

          i don’t agree with him on most of the times, but he is kinda right with the rt part. microsft now has 3 operating systems. and even if they share the same kernel it’s still too much.

          they should have stayed with win8 and make wp compatible with tablets. this way they could have had their way with the same ui,same kernel, fundamentals, and benefited for the app ecosystem established by wp.

          i don’t imagine win rt to last long. either they will drop it completely in the next 2 years, or win rt will merge or get absorbed by wp alltogehter

          • correct

            I don’t agree with the rt/8/wp8 split, and I do also believe they will merge these. They all run off the same basic kernel anyways. Plus, the rumour is Windows 9 or “Windows Blue” will merge Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 anyways, and I expect RT will get merged as well.

            I see RT as being a temporary thing Microsoft added to desperately stay in the fight with Android and iOS tablets while they fully optimize the full Windows 8 OS to run efficiently on ARM chips. RT is a very stripped down version of Windows 8 simply coded for ARM.

            Once there is the exact same OS for phone, tablets, and laptops/desktops, than that will be huge for everyone involved including Microsoft and Nokia. It will make things very easy for app developers.

            To me it makes a lot of sense that RT is temporary, the same way that WP7 was “temporary”. It was made in desperation to keep Microsoft in the conversation versus Android and iOS. Windows Phone 8 was always the plan at Microsoft, and WP7 was just a temporary measure, since it took them several years to get the full Windows NT Winmin kernel optimized and efficient to run on ARM chips and on phone hardware.

  • Qromodynmc

    I still think that tablets are unnecessary. “more than phone,less than pc.) but I dont need that middle finger.

    • MOOking

      very much so

    • Abdullah

      I had the same idea, but hey I’m thinking of dropping my books and notes, and use a tablet instead, + if I could connect to my pc remotely then I will be able to enjoy all my movies collection and play games.
      And maybe I will be able to create a safe environment with Linux too.

  • MOOking

    wont be any different….. different look same OS… :/ no personality after the body

  • Stuart

    Many people will buy Windows Tablet thinking it will run their Windows applications they already have and will be disappointed. It would be nice if it had voice connectivity even if it wasn’t Windows 8 Phone so you could use it as such but I don’t see AT&T offering a big subsidy and I don’t see it competing with a Nexus tablet or an iPad. I wish it were Windows 8 Pro instead.

    • Abdullah

      Maybe most people follow the stupid “tech fashion”, but you cannot call them idiots.

  • Rich

    i’ll pass! i already have a favorite pc brand and its not nokia!, anyhow, i won’t buy any w8RT it’s too limited for me! i would buy however, a full W8 tablet with hdmi a la surface pro

  • Grendell

    Tablets at 10″ and 8″ really do sound exciting coming from Nokia. I do hope they still look into a 5″ phablet. I’ll be waiting there with my cash in hand.

  • JGrove303

    People getting this are getting an alternative to an iPad. It has the same deal, aps optimized for tablet over WP8. But it does have it’s advantages over iPad, like file explorer and proper office app.

    its not meant to replace the PC…

    • mirco

      Exactly… if you are happy with your Android tablet or even more with your ipad then Windows RT is fine for you. Complaining that RT isn’t compatible to x86 desktop software is like complaining that you cannot run linux software on android.
      RT runs on ARM CPUs and therefore NO x86 code can be executed. However, the Apps from the Marketplace will run on RT and on 8. That’s basically all you need for a tablet and you will only get more with an x86 tablet which is a real pc. so don’t expect it to run 10h from battery and beeing cheap at the same time.

      • Rim

        I agree with you… Problem is how similar it is with windows 8 just look at even the hardware, this creates expectations on the user.

      • Tom

        That’s all is fine and good. Why call it windows when it does not run windows apps? At least make it clear enough for people to understand the difference and not confuse.

  • zymo

    I stopped reading after Windows RT.

    • MOOking

      i stopped after WINDOWS LOL

    • stylinred

      same lol

  • swain

    “the tablet won’t be widely available, but rather as a sort of “testing the waters” device towards Windows 8 RT tablets.”

    Why the hell they will do so ???

  • stylinred

    already bought the best tablet available atm imo which is the sony duo 11 😀

  • Janne

    I have mixed feelings on this.

    First of all I am delighted to hear, if true, Nokia may be coming out with an innovative package instead of some “me too tablet”. I think what is great about Lumia 920 is the innovative stuff it packs like OIS, wireless charging, super sensitive touch and so on. Whilst some of these have of course been seen in other types of products, it is great to see Nokia bring out a distinctively different smartphone. I think they really need to do this with the tablet as well, shore up that innovation leadership image Lumia 920 is building again for them after the stagnation followed after N95.

    Second, I actually now think it is great Nokia waited the Surface out. Microsoft didn’t make a big splash with their own product, showing a Microsoft branded product is likely not a market killer for other brands even though the Surface is quite innovative in itself. But also because especially if Nokia goes Windows RT (or even if they use Atom and Windows 8) the Windows RT/8 ecosystem will be signficantly more mature a few months from now than it is today. New apps are arriving constantly and the software updates are maturing nicely.

    Third, I am expecting a stunning, colorful Fabula design from Nokia. They must differentiate on design again too from the black/grey slabs of the competition. Create something that goes hand in hand with their latest round of accessories, boosting up image that to be hip and cool you are using yellow Nokia phones, tablets, speakers, headphones, wireless chargers… This is really important for the halo effect as well. Nokia has been re-establishing itself as the new design king since the N9 and its accessories, and has been shoring this up considerably with the WP8 Lumia range of products and accessories. A beautiful tablet would complement this nicely. They mustn’t mess up the design!

    Now, onto the downsides. I agree that Windows RT is a really unproven playing ground. I’d even go as far as saying Windows RT might fail, but Q4 numbers won’t tell us that yet. 😉 I guess if Microsoft can make their Store and Windows 8 apps fly, eventually apps will become more and more processor agnostic on Windows and move more easily between whatever version, but this is still a huge what if. Of course the success of Windows Phone 8 has a role to play too, how will that tangent boost the app ecosystem, will it help bring content to Windows RT as well etc. But even with that, the more closed nature of Windows RT is a minus that is expected to remain… Windows 8 will fare better, but for some reason I have a feeling Nokia might go RT…

    I have briefly used an Asus Windows RT tablet (and do run Windows 8 on my PC) and I actually think Windows RT is great, the “Metro” UI and all the touch gestures, but even the desktop work great. So much fresher and nicer and more versatile than an iPad. But obviously those app limitations are a big thing for it, as is the lack of really great tablets (perhaps outside of Surface). In a world obsessed with apps, apps will certainly make or break Windows RT. But it also needs great hardware to boost adoption and thus app-making, so there certainly is an opportunity for Nokia to spice up this space next year, after the rather lackluster Windows RT Q4/2012 showing. A beautiful Lumia companion product with Nokia innovations and Nokia apps might work.

    Whatever the case may be, I think it is safe to say Surface proved us one thing: Microsoft can’t kill Nokia’s chances just by introducing a competing product of their own. There is room to play. What is more iffy is the whole question of how well will this new Windows 8/Windows Phone 8/Windows RT ecosystem fare. Will it break the iOS and Android strongholds for meaningful share of the mobile/post-PC market?

    • mirco

      I think one has to see Windows RT in a bigger picture. Sure, right now it feels very limited in comparism to Windows 8 for x86. RT is needed to bring Windows to ARM CPUs. Obviously RT is limited for tablets now but if ARM really takes off we will see server and workstations with such CPUs as well and Microsoft doesn’t want to miss this market. Right now, it wouldn’t make sense to have a full Windows 8 on ARM since there is no software and no drivers for 3rd party hardware available for ARM.

      As you said… it will be interesting to watch the new Windows 8 ecosystem evolve (in whatever direction 😉 )

    • viktor von d.

      too many damn os’es. win8/rt/ has os x and ios, android has the same version now for phones and tablet,and they are still struggling to bring tablet only apps. they should have made wp tablet friendly and call it a day. i seriously don’t see win rt making it. 2 years. tops.

      • Rim

        Obviously. touch is to diferent from desktop to be messed like that. Result windows 8 sales very bad. Rt non existent. Perfect storm for Microsoft and they created it.

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  • JGrove303

    Funny how no one bitched about not being able to use OSX applications on the iPads….

    Also, where is that Android for x86? Any body?

    • Tom

      android apps work on both phones and tablets(even if not optimized for larger screen ). Why not WP for tablet? What’s the difference between WP and RT? They both look same and don’t run same app and are different than real windows 8.

      • JGrove303

        Ya, and so do iPhone apps working on iPads. What’s your point? I didn’t comment on whether WP8 apps will work on WindowsRT, I was calling out the discrepancy against WindowsRT not using Windows 8 desktop programs, while iOS can’t use OSX applications. Also, the fact that there isn’t a Delvik Android x86 distribution. So, how can anyone bitch about this? There should be zero expectation for RT, only what it has already shown and perhaps hope that they will lift some of those fake restrictions, such as not being able to use WP8 apps (if it really doesn’t).

        • Tom

          Well, I don’t see the point of RT at all. Either MS should scale WP and use it for tablets or use real windows 8 for tablets. All I am saying is it’s confusing, even for most technical people.

  • Katsper Vertheim

    Nokia has prices of Finnish manufacturing product but sales Chinese goods with American system. And Nokia is unable to provide me services that I can but at a corner near my house/office and even if then will not be able to do this at prices I pay for them now. I have plenty companies promoting Windows tablets and with market prices, even I have original Microsoft tables – seems to me they are creators and well experienced company. Nokia is greenhorn at this market, and greenhorn after massive personnel reduction and with several quality issues (as they say here and there, but those are rumours only). I doubt that my wife will allow me or my daughter to pay 4 or 5 times more for the same staff only because a Chinese factory (hope not involved in children work or slave practices) will put a Nokia logo on a tablet. She will ask why not to take this cheaper from our regular supplier and computer service? Then will cut me of my pocket money and late night game playing. Let’s not say about eventual silent days or bed consequences. OK, I am joking – but what about a person who verify my finances? Will he accept this as a reasonable cost? I doubt.

    I am to admit I like Nokia staff. I spent a lot of money, and always defending my choice: “because this is unique, better, more durable, connecting people and different then others on the market” etc.etc. But this arguments will not work this time, I am afraid. Hence, and seriously asking: will this tablet be inversion with MeeGo or Sailfish Linux? I am not joking, not trolling, and not etc.etc. – that is my serious question. Do you have any knowledge about this? Or will Nokia Care be able to update this tablet to the MeeGo or the Sailfish? Please let me know.

  • guerrahp

    Nokia, again going for the small slice of the pie. Learn from your mistakes already.

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