Indian Variant of Lumia 920 Supports 9 LTE Frequencies, More than All Other Variants & iPhones

| December 26, 2012 | 28 Replies

With the launch of the Lumia 920 in India drawing inevitably near, some more info has appeared about the 920. Mainly that it supports 9 different LTE frequencies, 4 more than Apple’s CDMA iPhone and 6 & 4 more than the US and UK version respectively. It’s pretty interesting to see minor differences between the multiple variants, but keep in mind that lack of LTE compatibility in China cost Apple big time as they lost China Unicom since they didn’t match their frequencies.




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  • shallow ocean shoal

    Get into my belly!

  • Abdullah

    One extra reason to make us like Nokia more.

  • Viper

    India is a key market for Nokia . The reason to launch the 920 late is seen clearly… Nokia loves India

    • nabkawe

      Yes , India will get Lumia920 and Lumia 620 at the same time both with Portico on board … They’ll get two NICEEE devices without bugs.

    • rishabh

      What love . none of those 9 bands work in india . I don’t understand why they put all bands.. They should just give Indian users 2300mhz band lte lumia 920. These 9 bands means nothing to us.

      • jessy

        Govt has changed the ruling in the spectrum recently.
        Everyone can implement any technology they wish in the given spectrum after migrating their license to unified license.
        Recently auctioned 2g spectrum is given as unified license.
        Existing spectrum holders can migrate their license to unified license after sometime , i donno when.

        It makes sense nokia is coming up with support for all the potential freqencies.

        • dr. J

          And the Indians love to travel FAR AND WIDE so when in usa a local Sim would be able to give the desired results,
          These frequencies don’t mean any thing to Indians in India i agree but they turn useful when traveling

  • stylinred

    wow so everyone really should have waited to grab an indian L920

    • I’m betting all Lumia 920’s support all bands but it is just the software that isn’t activated for those bands. Flash a US 920 with an Indian FW and it will most likely also support all the bands.

      HW wise all Lumia 920’s are equal apart from the 920T for China due to the CDMA bands they use there. But otherwise the Qualcomm SoC supports all bands AFAIK.

      • stylinred

        that would be interesting to test out wonder if my dad will let me guinea pig his phone 😉

        • Irishmarius

          🙂 seriously nokia phones are just too much fun to play and tinker with , its like getting lego for xmas.

      • Chiron

        Has the Indian firmware released yet? I am willing to try it if it is.

  • Dave²

    Hopefully this means unlocked Lumia 920s coming soon. I can’t find one any where.

  • rudy

    Why couldn’t nokia just release the indian 920 on every provider?

    I have to wait to buy an unlocked At&T version for it to work on t-mobile’s future lte network.

    • rudy

      it’s even pentaband, it doesn’t make sense that nokia won’t just make the indian lumia 920 the default model they sell worldwide.

  • Juan dela cruz

    Same here in the Philippines if you will check the local page of Nokia

  • KT

    in india 4g market is very narrow. It contains hardly 0.5% of all subscriber base. India is still dominated by 2G and 3G hardly grabs 10%. So nine different Lte band is pretty useless

  • Vignesh

    Still no 2300. It’s the only band acctive yi India. Used by Airtel.

  • Nokia Philippines

    +1 the Lumia 920 here in the philippines also supports 9 LTE frequencies, Lumia 920 and 820 will be launch next year.

  • Nokia Philippines

    I also checked the local product page of Lumia 920 in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, and Philippines it also supports 9 LTE Frequencies..

  • Pentaband WCDMA is attractive

  • Anju

    In UNITED ARAB EMIRATES BOTH THE OPERATORS CLAIM TO HAVE 4G LTE. Nokia Lumia 920 is coming LTE disabled here. They are not providing details regarding LTE. Etisalat has LTE enabled S3 available in store.
    Why Nokia is not able to provide LTE enabled handset in UAE.

    • Vineet

      It will be fixed in a future update. They said the operators were not quite ready yet. Do not bother with Nokia Care. This info is from Care Head of Lower Gulf himself.

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  • Rat Kutti

    9 frequencies yeah okay… Hey wait what.. 9 in LTE Holy Samsung! OMG! Nokia rocks, but unfortunately Indian network providers are not upto the mark with 3G itself! my phone will be in 2G for a moment and the next moment it is 3G and this loop goes on, first they should see to that their 3G coverage is above 3/6 bars everywhere except undergrounds and stuffs, cause that’s understandable though.

  • I’m pretty doubtful it supports all those frequencies. Probably a copy/paste error.

  • Ritesh

    @Jay,Lumia 920 wont work here as it doesnt support LTE 2100 which is a norm in india and china

    • Ritesh

      @ali rather.. i dint check who posted this 😛