Firmware Update Available for Nokia 808 PureView

| January 2, 2013 | 131 Replies

WP_000303Apparently there’s a surprise update available for the Nokia 808; rolling it up to version 113.010.1508; this update brings “Improved performance and features”. The update although 420MB in size (that’s through the PC suite; possibly much smaller OTA?) doesn’t seem to bring any major changes, or in fact anything noticeable at all; nonetheless updates are always good, so try your luck and see if you have one.


If you do happen to spot any new features/changes let us know down below.

*I haven’t been able to check if my 808 has the update available seeing how I’m traveling and left it at home :/


Thanks for the tip Mapantz


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  • messy miles

    when it comes to symbian all u writers are busy traveling
    but when its windows flop u can make video’s about it smh

    • Viipottaja


    • Cloud


      • Viipottaja


    • Hosh333

      Don’t forget when it’s time to bash HTC 8X or 8S. Expect a fully written article

      • Viipottaja


    • Are you a F*()(& idiot? I’m TRAVELING! Meaning I’m in a different country than my 808, meaning it’s sorta difficult to get my hands on it right now. But don’t worry I’ll just pop out and buy another one to cover this minor change that no one knows WTF it is… seriously enough with your conspiracy theories.

      Would you like a copy of my passport to prove I left the country?

      • Viipottaja

        lol, a copy of a passport can easily be photoshopped to say anything!


      • shallow ocean shoal

        Ali, now how do we expect you to take pictures of your trip without it?!?!!!

    • OH MY LOL! Too funny! XD

    • MOOking

      EXACTLY microsoft/WP loyalist….it’s not even about Nokia anymore :/ smh

  • Jojordan82

    Nothing for me yet (BENELUX model) but I gues it is really a minor one if you look at the firmware number (1508 instead of 1507)…

    So sad, I thought for a few minutes it could be a major update because of its size! 🙁

    I really Wonder if a FP3 will be released someday?

    • jiipee

      Accenture has already laid of the remaining Symbian devs and others have switched to WP development. Not propable to have any major new releases.

  • dss

    The hump phone was the only Nokia which managed to get some attention on gsmarena in 2012… I wonder why..

    • Pdexter

      Because of the 41MP camera? It broke the usual boundaries of gadget blogs and such.

      If you where implying it had something to do with the OS, no it wasn’t. If Nokia had released WP with 41MP it would have gathered at least as much attention and probably much less of the “nice concept, but not usable” if it had WP.

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        I bet it would have sold more if it had WP.

        • jiipee

          Most probably true. Meego version could have been on par with WP on sales and been ready earlier. Android would probably have sold massive amounts.

          • Spede oli aliarvostettu

            I have to correct one small issue about that.

            808’s camera in Android phone would have sold insanely massive amounts.

            There would have been an amazing amount of camera applications for the 41MP sensor.

            • MOOking

              who is stopping developers from taking advantage of the 808….. there are so many applications that can be made now for symbian more likely for Belle FP2 phones with the 2nd gen hardware

            • Rob

              You might be true, but it’s overly simplistic to keep rolling out the “Nokia should make an Android device” arguement.

              Step back, look at the ecosystems and what Nokia contributes to WP8 (as well as Nokia Maps/Here now being default) and then look at Android which is only as open as Google will let it. Nokia would have been screwed into an Amazon position of forking Android from it’s main flavour to allow Nokia’s prefered apps as defaults.

              It’s a nice idea to tout the success of a Nokia Android handset, but look at the bigger picture and where Nokia is focusing it’s turnaround and you’ll see how clear an option WP7/8 is/was to Android for helping Nokia drive it’s core businesses as well as maintaining meaningful differentiation.

              WP is a longer race to recovery than Android would be (if Android succeeded, rather than Nokia becoming another fish in a huge pond. Size isn’t everything, and Nokia is proving it has what it takes to produce quality over quantity. The turnaround still has a while to go but it’s mainly good indications if you look at the trends rather than focusing on snapshots of the state of WP8 versus the other OSs.

        • swain

          I bet the 920 would have killed S3 and iP5 if released with MeeGo/Android and same hardware…:)

          • Viipottaja

            I would not make that bet, even with Android on it (owith Meego it would have not sold many at this point). 🙂 Anyway, since Nokia is unable to produce them even at the measly WP-demand-volumes, good thing they didn’t. 😛

            • swain

              Yeah…That’s true. How can they produce enough unit when they are too busy in selling offices and closing factories 😛

        • von


    • messy miles

      Because nobody wants WP , It makes me wonder what will these WP apologizers excuse be when Q4 will be out in 2 weeks , and windows flop still won’t sell.
      They can blame Symbian all over again and Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo like they always do .

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        It’s very possible WP will not sell.

        Just like it was possible that Symbian was doomed beyond repair.

        Let’s see if WP8 sells over 5 million units. That would make it an incredible success because Symbian^3 sold 5 million in Q4 2010 and Symbian apologists don’t want to think about market shares.

        Symbian was losing market share in Q4 2010 and that didn’t count.

        So, that would be an incredible success.

        A regular success would be topping WP sales YoY. That is, if we don’t want to think about market shares.

        • Oleg Derevenetz

          It’s WP apologists who don’t want to think about market shares, LOL. 5 million units in 2010 and 5 million units in 2012 are totally different numbers in terms of market shares. What may be considered as a success two years ago, now, in 2012, looks like a total flop.

          • Spede oli aliarvostettu

            So, why was it not a problem when Nokia was losing market share in Q4 2010?

            A shining 5 million in 2010 is just 5 million in 2012 only if you don’t care about market shares at all.

            • Oleg Derevenetz

              As I already said many times, Elop was here to make situation BETTER, not WORSE. If he can’t make situation better (with WP or without it, doesn’t care), it’s time for him to go.

              • Viipottaja

                Of course. You may be familiar with the saying “It gets worse before it gets better!” 😛

                Btw, in _some_ ways one could argue he already has:
                1) mobile phone sales are up
                2) NSN is making a profit after a long while
                3) location services have expanded to W8 and WP8, Yahoo!, Amazon and continue to do fine in cars too
                4) IP is being monetized more aggressively
                5) and finally, EVEN, in smartphones they finally have a device that is in such high demand that they can’t produce enough. 😉 😛

                • Noki

                  yeahhh but the main problem was not those areas right? its was the market share decline, the slow growing unit sales, the low ASP.

                  Sooo after getting worse how did things turned in that area? even worse…

                  No mater what I believe things are coming to a rapid closure.

                  • Viipottaja

                    Whether they were main problem areas or not (and problems they sure were and important to make successful as part of the strategy overhaul), there seems to be improvement in those areas, and I would give some credit where credit is due.

                    “In that area” meaning smartphones? Yep, things got worse and are still pretty bad but seem – to me – now showing signs of turning a bit better.

                    Coming to a closure? I don’t believe so but have been wrong before. 🙂

                    • Noki

                      I believe so, many underground gossip, there are some companies with lots of money asia interested in investing, markets seams to become more stable, Microsoft attention being diverged into its how problems with Windows 8 pessimal acceptance, and market share decline.

                • Giacomo Di Giacomo

                  You are right, they cannot produce enough 808s to meet demand. Many online shops have sold it off.

                • Marc Aurel

                  There were similar problems with the N8 back in Q4 2010, but they weren’t very long lasting. We’ll see how long the supposed shortage of the 920s will last — probably it will subside rapidly after the holiday season, which is what happened with the N8.

            • Oleg Derevenetz

              And yes, 5 million unit sales in 2012 is MUCH WORSE than 5 million unit sales in 2010. It’s obvious.

              • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                And could you explain why 29% of market share was not worse than 34% of market share?

                You may remember that Nokia lost that much market share in Q4 2010?

                • Oleg Derevenetz

                  Nokia lost much, MUCH more market share with Elop as CEO. 5M units is ridiculous amount for 2012. “It gets worse before it gets better”? I’m listening this mantra every quarter since 2011, now for two years already. Mobile phone sales are up? May be, but these mobile phones are nothing more than the same good old S40 with lipstick. Elop did nothing to bring new APIs and SDK to them, so we now have lack of apps on them, that’s why cheap Android devices eventually will eat this sector. “Such high demand” for WP8? Let’s return to this in the end of January, when we’ll have NUMBERS.

                  • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                    Please tell me, what would have stopped the collapse of the market share?

                    Nokia’s market share was collapsing before the strategy change.

                    What would have stopped that collapse if “Elop” never happened?

                    And collapsing it was.

                    • Oleg Derevenetz

                      Personally I think that previous strategy (Meego for flagships & high-end, S^3 for top of low-end, Meltemi instead of S40) with same SDK would have helped. That’s just my opinion, and discussing it now is pointless – there are different pros and contras, so that we can argue endlessly. The fact is that with Elop’s strategy we have two years (and may be even more, let’s see) of continious flops and excuses.

                    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                      MeeGo was hardly a finished product at the time.


                      Meltemi would have been ready only by the end of 2012 so Nokia would have missed the current Asha sales.

                      The point if that if Elop can’t make it, he should be out. However it’s not fair to claim that he caused this.

                      Nokia was already sinking.

                      Even the genius himself, Steve Jobs, would have been unable to stop the decline in short term.

                  • Viipottaja

                    I am sure you realized I was referring to the 920 being sold out all over the place due to insufficient supply. 😀

                    As for the S40s: that may be (although I thought the new version supposedly integrates parts of the N9 UI, for example 😉 😛 ) but at least the sales are up.

                    • Oleg Derevenetz

                      N9 UI isn’t enough to attract developers to S40, developers need convenient SDK and rich APIs. I already discussed this before here – S40 SDK is awful: ancient GUI library, lack of elementary libraries (like regexp library, XML parser library, async IO, and so on), etc, etc, etc. in infinitum.

                    • Viipottaja

                      I know. Hopefully good sales are enough to attract enough developers, and that WP in the meanwhile can reach even lower prices points (barring Nokia starting to use some third OS for its low end, say Sailfish… 😛 ).

                    • Noki

                      yeah S40 is a dead end 🙁

                    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

                      Tell me,

                      If Nokia was replacing S40 with a low end Android, what would happen if they announced it now?

                      Nokia is developing an unannounced Android phone.

                    • Oleg Derevenetz

                      @Spede oli aliarvostettu:

                      “Nokia is developing an unannounced Android phone.”

                      Oh, sure, LOL. Nokia spent a lot of resources for Meego, released a perfect N9, but threw it away. Then Nokia spent a lot of resources for Meltemi, but threw it away as well, and now it uses ancient S40. Now Nokia is developing an Android phone. Guess what happens? What is the source of this nonsense?

                    • shallow ocean shoal

                      Anyone who doesn’t think Nokia doesn’t have a fully functional android device on their workbench, today, is delusional.

  • stylinred

    hopefully it’ll have fixed the problems ive been plagued with recently (to the point i wanted to sell it)

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      It’s really strange if you are having problems with the 808.

      Just a moment ago there was two 808 users telling how they didn’t have any reliability/lock up problems with the 808. I was even told to stop making up unfounded claims about it not being reliable.

      “Dave says:
      January 2, 2013 at 1:12 pm

      I haven’t had the 808 freeze once, or have any reliability problems. So please, stop making up unfounded claims about it not being reliable.”

      “Tetlee says:
      January 2, 2013 at 3:43 pm

      Me neither. My 808 has been rock solid, not a single lock up and I’d go so far as to say it’s been the most reliable phone I’ve owned so far.”

      • swain

        “I haven’t had the 808 freeze once”
        Please stop firing this kind of jokes…lol

        I can’t remember of having a symbian without freezing issue. Even the 808 makes me to remove the back cover and battery once or twice in a week.

        • Spede oli aliarvostettu

          Yes, there is nothing wrong about being a fan.

          However it’s wrong to claim that there are no problems. Even the iPhone has various problems and those are widely reported.

          I’m also one of those who never had Symbian phone without freezing issues. It’s strange how hard core Nokia fans never have those.

          Claiming that there are no freezing issues really hurt Nokia’s reputation.

          • sf

            “Claiming that there are no freezing issues really hurt Nokia’s reputation.”

            So you mean people should say that its freezing even when its not ? 😉

            • Ere oli aliarvostettu

              Yes, people who are not having those issues should not claim that no one has them.

        • Oleg Derevenetz

          BTW, last month I offered Lumia 920 as a birthday gift to one of my friends (I was even forced to take a 500km trip to buy it, because there was no black 920s around at all), and 808 to another, both had Nokia phones before. Guess what? Owner of Lumia 920 complained about random phone lockups and freezes (about 2-3 times in a week) and short battery life, while owner of 808 was fully satisfied by the new phone. Finally, while 808 owner just moved his SIM card from old phone to 808, Lumia owner preferred to buy separate SIM card for 920, and now he use BOTH phones.

          • Tiv

            Thats funny my 920 outlasts my 808 when it comes to battery life and neither locks up or freezes(the 920 is however faster).

        • Muerte

          What? I’ve had 808 since June 2012, and not once have I removed the battery because of some issues. Reboots every now and then, but nothing major. Maybe you have some weird 3rd party apps causing the problems?

          Here’s to hoping, that this update won’t bring any stability / camera quality issues, to lure customers towards WP 😉

          • dss

            The only major bug with the 808 is the HSPA restarts.. other than that its very stable.

            • GeceBekcisi

              It seems 1508 fixes that. I’m still testing my device but I couldn’t force it to freeze under heavy 3.5G traffic with various signal levels.

              • Rob

                really! whoop! about f#%king time! the hspa/3g black screen bug is the only issue I’ve really had. there’s occassional restarts but nothing regular or severe. And for all the Android worshipers out there, I find my Asus Transformer Prime running Jelly Bean and it’s quad-core processor far more flakey and restart-prone than my single core 808 PureView!

        • Shao

          No need for removing the battery – just hold the on/off + lock/unlock about 10 seconds.

          • zymesh

            is this true? never knew you can hard reboot it that way. i thought that was only for n8 since it doesnt have a removable battery.

            • it will turn off the mobile, no need to remove battery..

            • Rob

              yup – true. most (if not all) Nokia phones have a shut down finger salute of some kind…

          • swain

            Will try it next time my phone freezes. Thanks.

        • burningIdea

          Had my 808 for almost 6 months. Never freeze on me yet. Only issue was having a black screen pop out when i turn on the camera, but even that happens only twice. Most probably you got a defective unit.

      • Qromodynmc

        Actually yeah,After fp2 update,My 603 never freezed or crashed 🙂 (yes,603 and 808 not same but mostly similar.)

      • stylinred

        ive had my 808 freeze frequently, requiring a battery removal but not since FP2

        however since FP2 i’ve had the browser crash on me; maps telling me im out of memory when trying to create a route; my camera not loading the user interface or opening the shutter (sporadic); excessive battery drain (sporadic, and yes i know how symbian works)

        It’s very odd though because initially i had no problems, and i hadn’t downloaded anything new in terms of apps since, there was just the updates through nokia… maybe that’s the cause


        I just tried updating my phone and as it began updating my windows 8 had a BSOD and crashed…. wonder if my phones bricked now

        • stylinred

          it shut my phone off as well… i wonder if my phone is why win8 crashed -_-

        • Oleg Derevenetz

          Windows… Windows never changes 😉

          • stylinred

            yep after the first time the USB disconnects when installing the firmware my Win8 gets a BSOD stating a kernel failure twice in a row now

        • stylinred

          okay so i sort of “fixed” my issue i was connected to my usb 3.0 slots and i tried one of my usb 2.0s and i was able to update successfully

    • stylinred

      oh nevermind iirc there was always a .1508 it was for a set of variants

      • stylinred


    • Siebe

      I myself switched over to the 808, coming from an N8. I really love my 808 (and Symbian) but soon after purchase, I got all kinds of problems. Hang ups, reboots, lagging, battery draining. It’s quite dissapointing I must say.

      Then I remembered this article over at the guys of AAS:

      I sent my device back to reseller, referring to this article and I assume they sent it to Nokia Care. Hopefully I will receive the device within a week or so. It’s been underway since 17 december: really feels like last year.

      • Ztuka

        A lot of “red days” during this period since 17th of December….

  • Janne

    Such a nice 808 PureView thread once again killed by the hate squads, serving who knows whatever purpose.

    I will try this update on my 808 right now, if it is indeed available, and report back once installed.

    • Janne

      Apparently Nokia Suite wants to update to 3.6.36 first. Not that I have launched it for a while, this is probably and old Suite update.

      • stylinred

        yeah 3.6.36 has been out awhile

      • Janne

        Checked, 1507 is the latest here still.

        By the way, for those asking Nokia Suite USB3 experiences, I’ve gotten those drivers to crash Windows 8 as well. USB2 works fine though.

        • stylinred

          ah okay i thought perhaps it was just me glad? to know its replicated elsewhere

      • messy miles

        The nerve of you of calling Symbian fans trolls.
        it was you who said Nokia fans should united in 2013 and now we are troll get the f*** outta here with that bullshit Janne

        MODERATED COMMENT: Please keep it PG on here.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Chill homebro. We all like the old-school symbian when isn’t wasn’t chock full of bugs. We also like and respect the immediate future. Both can cohabitate.

        • Janne

          It is true I wished for a united 2013, only to witness this place denegerate into flamefests on the second day of the year. I didn’t start it, definitely didn’t – just look at this thread how many dozens of messages of fighting there is in a Symbian thread about the evils of WP. Seriously, it seems people can’t get over the fight. I’ve mostly moved out from it as you can see.

          I’d gladly see us get along. My contribution to this thread was related to 808 updates, a phone which I own.

  • Tetlee

    No update for me as yet. I’m on 113.010.1506

    Not too concerned either way as I’m happy with my 808 in its current state. The only thing I would like really is the music player back to as it was on Symbian Anna, I preferred it TBH and not keen on the latest version.

    • Janne

      I’m on 1507. Maybe it is a regional thing.

      • swain

        I am also on 1506. No update yet 🙁

  • dss

    Most popular phones on the arena.. again, the only phone representing Nokia is the 808

    • dss

      I assume the 920 would have been there.. but it was a bit too late. The 808 has been on their website since q1

      • dss

        Oh, and there is an asha 🙂

    • Tetlee

      4th place, very respectable indeed when you take into account the lack of mainstream availability and almost zero attempt from Nokia themselves to give it any overall praise(remember how Elop would only really complement the tech and say he was excited more about the possibilities for the future whenever he was complemented on the 808).

      • dss

        The technology in the 808 puts in a place where no other phone can really replace it.. its the most complete convergence device currently on sale.

  • observer

    i think i will pass on this until i find out about the exact changes this has, i don’t seem to have the phone hanging problems that some of you do have, but when updating to FP2 the problems i now have with swype i have just about managed to resolve (with workarounds), and since the WLAN utilities update from betalabs i don’t seem to have wifi problems anymore, i never got the problems when trying to connect to wifi mind, only when using my phone as a hotspot would the connection drop, it hasn’t done so even once since.

    I’ve lost confidence in the updates provided frankly, i’ll stick with what i have, at it seems to at least do what i want right now, even if it involves workarounds i shouldn’t have to do in the first place

  • D Harries

    We love our phones. Keep the updates coming….

    (it’s all in the code!)

  • DanT

    Maybe it’s the video pro editor?

    And those talking about 808 being unstable, get one and check. If some have issues, does not mean everybody have. Did not remove my battery at all, just to place a SIM or card in it. Anyway, IF you have a lock, there’s no need to remove the battery, there is a button combination that restarts it (unlock + shut down for a few seconds). I had just one or two locks in 4 months, yeah, it restarts from time to time (once every two weeks or so), but you can hardly call that unstable. I am quite pleased with my 808, I hope the video pro editor comes soon, maybe with this update? If it had an OIS and a shutter time setting, it would be the perfect camera 🙂 For the perfect phone it needs an OS with more apps, however existing Symbian apps cover 99% of my app needs.

    • D Harries

      You mean….. and I paid £1 to have a restart button app from the Nokia store?

      Why the secret way of restarting?

  • Ztuka

    I just love my 808 and wouldnt change it for any other platform phone the next 36 months, at least the phone does almost every single thing that is important to me.
    The form factor is great. I didnt think that I would cherish the features as much as i now do.
    Looking at my friends pictures from the holidays make me laugh FOR EXAMPLE.

    • dss

      Just wait until you see their videos..

      The 808 is the most complete smartphone currently on sale.

  • BlazinEmperor

    My 701 running Belle Fp2 is very stable, though the former browser v7.4 was faster & much more stable, even Belle Fp1 browser v8.2 was better. The new browser renders pages at a slow rate, but scrolling around becomes smooth only when the page is fully rendered. I think Opera should make a special browser for Belle Fp2 phones, Opera Mobile isn’t utilising the GPU & Enhanced CPU of 700 & 701. Nokia 808 is quite an under-powered device, I’ve played with it & it didn’t feel as zippy as a 701 or 701, I think nokia down-clocked something because of the little battery. But all in all, Belle FP2 is a nice OS, the new keyboard is excellent, music player is great, HD games no longer stutter, and the video player is awesome, I don’t need to bother about converting videos & sorts… Please don’t bad mouth something you’ve never used, my 701 doesn’t lock up, although some buggy Qt apps cause it to freeze for few seconds, but that’s that.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      Look, I’m not badmouthing the 808. I have one and it’s I’m not going to sell it. So, there must be lots of good in that device.

      I just want to be honest about it. It’s not fair to talk some bugs away.

      Every phone and OS has bugs. The problem is that Symbian seems to have too many of those.

  • RVM

    I have 808 and had Lumia 800. My experience is that both Belle FP2 and WP7.5 restart or even crash sometimes (and from i noticed, probably less often than Android phones owned by my colleagues). However Belle FP2 is so much more mature and capable OS than WP7.5, that i had my L800 lying on the shelf for last 2 months, and finally i finally sold it to my friend. I even prefered N8 over L800, while i owned both devices.

    This summer I was hiking and climbing Pyrenees. I hate to carry heavy DSLR, so i used N8 as my GPS tracking device and camera. When i was out of energy on N8, i switched to L800. And i was dissapointed every time. Using WP version of sports-tracker was a pain. Two times I closed app by accident (with back button), once i went out of battery and mobile turned off. Unlike on Symbian it’s not saving your track record in real-time (probably too much of multitasking for WP7.5 lol), so i lost all those track records. Camera on L800 was dissapointment aswell. Especially dynamic range, which was totally wrong, comparing to N8.

    • dss

      Similar story here.. has an 808, gets 900.. feels like a downgrade.. sells it.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Could any one of you dickheads tell me what the actual changelog is? I own one.


  • SitBadDog

    Justfinished downloading. No obvious changes anywhere. Except for that feeling like it’s faster. I can be wrong. Or maybe phones in general really just feel faster after a fresh update. The homescreen feels faster swiping left and right….although the framerate seems to have dropped. Browser version is What was the previous one? No new apps. It really does feels a bit faster. A bit, ok? LOL. Software version date is 10-15-2012. Seems like they had this in testing for some time. That’s all!

    • Noel

      Previous browser version in FP2 was the same. Might be an update for stability of the OS. Though nice to see that nokia us giving up these updates. But on serious note i want to see a well OS integrated skype.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        I just want Swype back…

        • dss

          They are working on it.. there was a post on beta labs by the swype team.

  • No update for me yet……

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  • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

    i dont have update via ovi suite:(((

  • NicKel

    it seems like the new update was pulled, at least for now…

  • jojordan82

    Nothing for me 🙁

    But all I can say is that my 808 sometimes reboots + the well known WiFi disconnection problem.

    Stop saying it is perfect, you may be lucky but personnaly, I’m facing bugs even if I’ve tried reinstalling the firmware.

    • dss

      It reboots because of the HSPA bug .. most likely a hardware issue, Nokia said to take in for service. The Wi-Fi thing (I never had that problem) but it should be fixed in this latest version.

      • jojordan82

        I didn’t know about this hardware issue. Could you tell me more about it or give me a link where NOKIA talks about it? Thanks!

  • Martin

    No update on my danish 808 (RM-807 / 059M960). It’s running 1507 now.
    No update through Software Updates, *#0000# or from Nokia Suite 🙁

    Could really use a reliability update on my 808.
    It’s becoming increasingly unstable: Freeze ups once in a while, where I need to remove battery, Calendar app freeze, text messages not received until phone is rebooted and other issues.

    Funny thing is, I still LOVE this phone!!!! 🙂

    I’m suspecting the instability issue could be app-related.
    Actually, I’m looking at Periodic PhoneLocator as a potential cause. It seems to be the only 3’d party app installed, that is running in the background from system boot.

    • dss

      You need to re-flash the phone.. or at least do a hard reset.

      Just hold down the lock and the power button together for 8 seconds and the phone will turn off completely… no need to pull the battery.

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  • dss
  • sh

    Im having some problems with old and new firmware.
    my 808 sometimes crash and just vibrate and i can’t stop, turn off or anything else. I just need to remove battery and start again
    Does anyone have this problem ??

    • Martin

      I’m experiencing the same issue sometimes. It seems to me, that it happens, when someone call me. It’s just showing the lock screen, and it can’t be unlocked, I can’t reject the call or anything. And if this happens, it will just continue to vibrate.
      Apparently, have I just learned from this forum, we don’t have to remove battery. We can just hold down power key and lock key at the same time for ten seconds.

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