MyNokiaBlog’s Ultimate List of Must Have Apps for Windows Phone.

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So you’ve got yourself a spanking brand new Lumia; but what now? Well after you’ve set up your social networks and hooked up your emails you’re going to want to download some apps and games; so here’s our hand-picked selection of the best of the best (and don’t worry most of them are free!). Of course we highly recommend you download ALL available Nokia apps, since their pretty much all amazing; such as: City Lens, PhotoBeamer, Nokia music, Nokia Maps/Drive, XBrowser, Nokia Pulse Beta, Nokia Reading, Nokia Transit and much more (they can be found in your app store under “Nokia Collection”).

*Note: most of these apps SHOULD work on a WP 7.x device, but unfortunately not all do :/

And here they are (in no particular order)




There are plenty of Twitter clients out there for Windows phone, including the deep twitter integration that comes baked into your new Lumia; but unfortunately the people hub does have its limitations (such as a simple way to send Direct Messages, replying to multiple people, quoted RT’s and a couple other things). Thankfully MeTweets is there to fill in the gap with its easy to use fluid interface, in line photo previews (one of the few twitter clients to provide that) as well as Multiple account support, scheduling tweets and much more.

Honorable mention: Twabbit (unfortunately we’re limiting ourselves to one app per category :/ )

MeTweets costs about a $1; but has been discounted to free before (you can simply redownload by pressing buy again).

Windows Phone 7.x & 8

Store Link:




One of the nifty new features in WP8 is the ability to have your lockscreen/wallpaper changed by apps; giving you the latest weather updates, news or random pictures to keep your phone looking fresh. PhotoStream does just that , allowing you to set your source of lock screen photo as a local alum, Album on Flickr, or my personal favorite random images from 500Px and Flickr. Photostream can be set to change the wallpaper at intervals of 30 Minutes-Daily; or upon demand.

Get PhotoStream for Free over here:

Windows Phone 8 ONLY

Store Link:




Metrogram is a great place filler for Instagram until Facebook decides to bring it to Windows Phone. Metrogram brings you the ability to view, like comment, follow  unfollow and more (everything except upload photos). And is definitely a must have app for Instagram users on Windows Phone.

Get Metrogram for FREE Over here:

Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link;




Simply put baconit is a must have for any Redditor out there, the app combines the beauty of Metro design, with the pure awesomeness that is Reddit; it’s a win win! With quick sharing to all your social networks, email accounts and installed apps  (such as whatsapp, viber, skype etc.) Baconit helps you spread the LoLs.

Get Baconit for FREE over here:

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8:

Store link:


4th & Mayor:

4th & mayor

4th & Mayor is set to satisfy all your geo-location cravings, 4th & Mayor is the only 4-Square client you’ll ever need; bringing a simple design packed full of functionality. (I’ll admit I’m not an avid 4-Square user) but you can practically do anything from this app; from basic check-ins, posting pictures tip, adding friends, nearby deals and specials, viewing previous check ins and a whole lot more.

Get 4th & Mayor for Free Over here:

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8:

Store Link:




Since the launch of Windows Phone Metrotube has been THE greatest Youtube player available, unfortunately due to some changes with Google’s APIs the app has been switching between available/un-Available. but the folks at Lazy Worm Apps have always been on top of it,  fixing the app in a matter of days every-time Google ruins it. So what to expect when downloading this app? Only THE coolest Youtube app ever, one that utilizes the Metro lay-out in every way possible and gives you the best experience (it’s difficult to explain why this app is so awesome, but try it and you’ll see).

Metrotube is Currently priced at $0.99 which is well worth it, get it over here:

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:




Whatsapp needs little or no introduction, it’s the largest cross messaging services that allows you to share text, images, video, voice recordings, locations and more; all for free (for the first year- although my one year subscription from 2008 has yet to expire). The app although somewhat inconsistent in terms of service and up time is the perfect alternative to those who don’t have unlimited texting plans; recently the app was upgraded to a WP8 version to bring all the speed and awesomeness of WP8 to a Lumia near you

Whatsapp is currently FREE on the marketplace (after 1st year $0.99 subscription)

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store link:




There are a lot of Wikipedia apps out there, but this one takes the award for best design, best function and over all coolest app of them all. Simply titled “Wikipedia” the app brings you the whole online dictionary to your phone (mind you it does need an internet connection); but the app itself is smooth, quick and beautiful. You can either search for a specific topic (which is then cached on your phone to avoid additional data charges later), select a random article, or the coolest feature of them all; search for articles related to areas surrounding you (example: imagine you’re standing in a Roman ruins plenty of those in Jordan- Simply fire up the app and read the articles about the places surrounding you!

Pick up Wikipedia for FREE at the Marketplace over here:

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:


The Weather Channel:

The weather channel


There are plenty of Weather apps for Windows Phone, some of them are spectacular; in fact a lot of them are, but there are simply too many to mention. Unfortunately it would take days to cover them all so here’s my personal favorite (mainly because it’s a Nokia exclusive and its free). The app supports just about every city in the world, gives you a detailed forecast and has a beautiful “large” home screen tile to give you the latest updates on the go (Lock screen notifications not currently available; if you want them check out Weather Flow)

The Weather Channel is FREE & Lumia exclusive

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:




Seeing how most of Windows Phone is based on cloud storage on Skydrive this app is pretty much a no-brainer. Skydrive allows you to sync your camera rolls, albums, saved pictures, office documents, notes/(room documents), and almost any other type of file together; giving you a centralized storage in the cloud. Plus now with WP8 you can automatically back-up you contacts and text messages to SkyDrive, making it all that much more important.

SkyDrive is FREE to download from the marketplace

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:




Almost everyone needs a dictionary at some point in their daily routine, unfortunately you don’t always have an active data connection; which is why “Dictionary” is the perfect solution. Dictionary is an offline app that simply does what a dictionary does, with the added benefit that it has a load of medical terms, which are usually hard to come by in normal dictionaries.

Dictionary is FREE on the Marketplace

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:


PDF Reader:

PDF reader

Every now and then you end up needing a PDF reader on your phone; whether it’s to view a document you were just sent, or for some last minute revisions of your materials before the big test. PDF reader (by Microsoft  is a great simple solution that does that with no frills attached. Plus it has the added benefit of mimicking the Windows 8 PDF reader, so that’s always cool.

PDF Reader is FREE

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:


Fantasia Printer:

Fantasia Painter

Fantasia Printer is basically Photoshop light, on the go; the app is plenty capable, giving you the ability to do some random doodles with pretty colors, or some actual work. All on the go on your Lumia device; the app even comes loaded with some tutorials to help guide you through the world of colors. Whether you just want to mess around, or want to try and get some work done Fantasia Painter is your way to go.

Fantasia Painter is Free in the Marketplace

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:


Facebook (Official):


You may have noticed a lack of decent looking Facebook apps int he Windows Phone marketplace, simply put that’s because there is no need for one; the official Facebook app is stellar at what it does. It manages to cram the functionality of the whole desktop site onto your screen, with everything from managing groups, to liking comments and much more (plus you can even pin your inbox to the start screen- making for a separate “Messaging” app).

Facebook is FREE

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:


BBC News:


Of course you’re going to need to get your news on the go, and BB News (Mobile) is one of the best apps to do just that, with a beautiful and easy to navigate interface BBC news brings you your fix of what’s happening from around the world. With voice integration to listen to some news stories read aloud, and much more.

BBC News is FREE

For Windows Phone 8 (WP7 version also available, but some of the features listed above, as well as the link below are for the WP8 version).

Store Link:





Admittedly it’s near impossible to classify a game as “Must have” since everyone has their own taste in games, but here’s a selection of our favorite and most beloved:



Honestly after discovering this on my first Lumia 800, this was the first thing I downloaded on my next 800, my 900 and the my 920 (plus every-time I reset my phone); for me this is THE greatest game in existence. And I can’t be completely crazy since just last week Wordament became the first ever Xbox live title to go to iOS. watch the demo of the game down below, then get swiping on those tiles!

Wordament is FREE to download

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:




Alphajax is one of the many variants of scrabble available for Windows Phone, the thing that sets this one apart is A)- it doesn’t suck (unlike Words with friends which has managed to crash multiple phones) B)- it has Xbox live integration. The rules are the same as your classic scrabble match, but everything is a lot more fun when you’re playing for achievements.

Alphajax is FREE to download

For Windows Phone 7.X & 8

Store Link:





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  • Jens

    PDF by microsoft isn’t available for 7.X

    • arts

      sorely disappointed. The adobe reader is passable, but i hope more alternatives would come along.

  • Simo

    Thanks for the list Ali. The Weather Channel app actually has an almost identical WP8 version to their Lumia only one. I personally prefer AccuWeather, mainly because it has a more complete live tile (current temp, current sky, forecast sky, forecast high, forecast low, and severe weather alert).

  • BJ

    What about TuneIn and AccuWeather instead of Weather Channel?

  • Patata

    “and almost any other type of file together”
    expectations are Music, Videos and of course every filetype that wp doesn’t support 😛

  • lumianer

    Eeeeeeh Fantasia Printer?
    Its called painter;)

  • spacemodel

    Too bad apps like MetroGram, MetroTube and Whatsapp have some sort of trouble whereby they don’t function for 100%.

    Add to it the lack of some important apps (the Google ones, Instagram,
    Flipboard, Spotify etc.) and the lack of the newest games and it’s obvious that Nokia and Microsoft really must step up the pace now cause at this moment the app situation on WP is, to say the least, pretty mediocre.

    • Mark

      On the other hand the other platforms don’t have MS Office, just cut down unreliable imitators, or Nokia Drive where you can download maps for entire countries.

      The app situation does need to get better but this tends to get overlooked.

      • spacemodel

        That’s true, Mark, MS Office is a WP only service although I believe it’s in some sort coming to Android and iOS in the near future.
        And Drive have some big plusses too but overall the app situation on Android and iOS is much, much better and by now I could imagine MS and Nokia would have closen the gap a little but I don’t see much progression.

        • Peter

          What about the Nokia Music collection or City Lens? Have you tried them out?

  • david

    Both MeTweets and Twabbit are not available to my 920. I wonder why, I am in Malaysia…

  • oyster

    Amazing weather HD is by far the greatest weather application available on WP. Ugly icon in the app list though, but wow that interface and live tile.

  • arts

    Another great app for windows phone is six weeks.

    Its an app that helps you reach 100 pushups, or situps, or squats, which adjust to your pace.

    Great for all those new year resolutions! 😛

  • arts

    And for the 9gag lovers, there are plenty of apps available, but the one I love the most is 9gag by Rudy Huyn.


    thanks for the list, have saved the post for when i get my hands on the 920

  • Keith too

    Another must have app for anyone that does online shopping is Package Tracker.

  • jammy

    Hey Ali, nice post for beginners in WP land……. I want to know, is there any good alternative for one note app, with handwriting recognition………..???

    • Sorry, dunno about that one- I find one note pretty useful since I have Windows 8 on my PC; plus it syncs notes from rooms in WP8, so I’m quite happy with it.

      From what I gather there’s an excellent app available for Windows 8 metro/RT called “Note Anytime” but it’s not available for WP8 yet- but since it’s in metro technically it shouldn’t be TOO difficult to transfer it over.

  • Elboo

    You cant search in the Facebook app. mimics the apps on other platforms and is much better than the official Facebook app.

    • arts

      A good alternative is the facebook viewer by Camb0. it just hit version 1.8 and its really good!

    • Actually you can search in the FB app; if you go to “friends” then hit search; there’s an option to swipe to the next pane and search “everybodY’ and not just friends.

  • Manoj

    Alphanumeric Keypad
    Is there any app for Alphanumeric keypad for Lumia phones? I love the keypad of my Nokia N8, would be great if a similar app is available for Lumia phones as well

  • Sanish

    Dear Ali,
    thanks for the wonderful list. I am agnostic towards WP8 /iphone/BB/Android. I currently have a BB bold for my enterprise emails. I aim to use my mobile mainly for the following: email(outlook)>gmail> whatapp> music> google n google maps (i am agnostic to nokia maps too)>viber> games (fruit ninja,angry birds etc. for my son). If this is my basic requirement do you think it makes sense for me to go for a NL920?

    • venkat

      Google services are not so good in WP, don’t worry, Nokia maps smashes google maps, and Bing search is good and exciting. I will say just go for 920. Email client in WP is unbeatable and the best among others. Games are quite few compared to android, but the games mentioned by you is available in the marketplace.

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    Also have another app in the pipeline that will be a blast.!!!

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