Google promoting Nokia Maps for WP as it blocks access to on Windows Phone

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Whilst the tables are turning in Google’s power, they seem to be doing their best in dishing out some hard cold revenge on Microsoft. First gmail, then youtube, now access is blocked for Windows Phone.  If I go on it, I just get redirected to a google search.

To be fair, I have no reasons to use google maps for navigation on my Lumia. Perhaps, for certain POI searches which Nokia Maps doesn’t have (but that can be found in search).

Having said that, YouTube still plays fine in both browser and app (it’s just YouTube access supposedly isn’t as great as it could be, though folks who have madd work arounds have created something very great to use in apps like MetroTube).

“Do no evil” is a phrase that keeps popping up in Reddit comments. Appear to do no evil at least, when you’re the underdog. When you’re at the top, dish it all out. Who’s gonna stop you, eh? 🙂 Is this restriction an actual evil though? Or is there more that MS could be doing?


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There’s already a pretty good discussion on this over at:

Quite clever of Google. WP is no where near a threat, or competition to Android yet, but make sure you do all you can to fizzle it out so it never becomes one.

Is a wrong a wrong, or is MS getting their just desserts? How soon before the world we live in just becomes Google Earth?


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  • migo

    Hopefully this kicks MS’ ass in gear and they put transit directions in Bing Maps for Windows Phone.

    On the one hand, it’s evil for Google to be doing this. On the other hand, it would be a non-issue if Microsoft weren’t inexplicably crippling their own products.

    If Bing Maps had transit directions, I wouldn’t even want to go to Google Maps on my phone. (Nokia Maps at least has directions, but no bus schedules and routing for Vancouver).

  • Suggestion..

    Microsoft and Nokia should be smart and just benefit from it. They could make the browser detect the re-direct and provide a message to the user: “Google has blocked your access to google maps. Would you like to try a better navigation experience instead?”

    The users would be “saved” by Nokias maps, and google would be put in bad light for what they did (and deserve). Double win in branding&marketing

  • wpcyan

    who need google maps when you have Nokia maps

    • Madratz

      I needed Google Maps on my G.Note 2 when I was in Tokyo last couple of weeks.. And its really good, intuitive and was a great help to get me on the very complicated Japanese Metro to go somewhere. In an instance, after subscribing to data on the second day of my visit, I became like a native of Tokyo; hopping from one train to another to get to where we planned to go. In comparison, the first day was walking everywhere we wanted to go and limited to places within walking distances.. think we walked over 20km total on the first day.Although Nokia Maps on the 8|0|8 is pretty useless the camera solely used for taking pics and videos of the trip is of course priceless.

      • torcida

        Japan is a weak Point of Nokia maps, but otherwise there are just amazing!! I love it!!

        • Madratz

          I always use Nokia Maps on driving trips to Malaysia, Thailand and Australia because of the convenience of being able to download the whole maps data beforehand and use it without the need to subscribe to foreign data plan of those trips. Notice I mentioned driving. But the Google Maps app. on Android definitely trumps Nokia Maps for comprehensively supporting public transport and better POIs.. By the the way I am from Singapore.

        • migo

          Canada is also a weak point.

          • dss

            google maps has better indexing in the US as well.. but I think soon they will be on par.. or at least close. Very often when I am looking for something I have to fire up gmaps to find it.. and then maybe punch in the address into nokia drive..

      • anon2

        and you just couldn’t resist picking the one country where nokia maps are terrible, Japan.

        Try traveling around the whole of Europe without a data connection on your galaxy note before referring to something as “pretty useless”.

        P.S The last time I tried to use google maps to get walking directions, it couldn’t find a restaurant/bar that I was literally standing 100 meters away from

        • Madratz

          Mind you. I didn’t simply pick Japan. I experienced it first hand and how Google Maps came in to the rescue. Nokia Maps is good enough but it’s not as polished. And this from a Nokia Evangelist!

          • Banderpop

            I’m planning to go there in a few months and am sad that Nokia Maps doesn’t cover Japan. But I can’t rely on that changing any time soon. It took ages for Nokia’s Symbian to support the display of Japanese text without hacking the fonts. In fact it surprised me that they eventually bothered, but then there was a huge topic on Nokia Discussions requesting it.

            Is it easy to get a data plan there suitable for a short trip?

            • Madratz

              After Googling n personally asking in the shops for a data Sim card, it came to nothing.. The best I read on Google was someone suggested leasing a portable mifi device but that was not an option for me. So I went back to my local telco (Singtel) and goodness grief they do offer a daily unlimited dataplan for SG$12 per day.. What a relief!! Grabbed it straight away.

              Was told by a mobile shop personnel that u need to stay in the country for at least 6mths before u’d be able to register for a sim card. I even asked if they do sell data sim card for tourist but he couldn’t seem to grasp the idea for such sims..

              • DesR85

                “Was told by a mobile shop personnel that u need to stay in the country for at least 6mths before u’d be able to register for a sim card. I even asked if they do sell data sim card for tourist but he couldn’t seem to grasp the idea for such sims..”

                Come to think of it, I was in that exact same situation when I was on vacation in China. We tried getting a local prepaid SIM card once but was told that we have to pay a hefty sum and require identification like a passport.

                Luckily on my last trip to Chengdu, we have a relative working there who have a spare prepaid SIM card or two for us to use.

              • Banderpop

                Seems like my best bet is to ask a friend to get a sim for me, since I don’t think my provider offers a similar service. Although it could also be an excuse to check out the Fujitsu LOOX F-07C.

    • petejoff

      satellite images, POI’s and public transports on nokia maps are crap in switzerland, unfortunately. no idea how it is in other places.

  • Zipa

    Google is shit, I’ve been saying it for ages. A company that makes its money by selling *me* and my personal data can go f themselves right away.

  • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

    microsoft is shit

    • Bassman

      Wow, it must have taken you a long time to think of that one. Thanks for sharing….

  • Gunnar

    Microsoft is getting what they deserve, they have been the bully for a long time and a nasty one.
    too bad Nokia is caught in the crossfire.
    A lot of people use Google services so this will hurt WP8 bigtime, no ways around it.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      You are missing the point.

      This is saying, “we are the holier than thou company that makes information universally accessible” GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY to make information EXPLICITLY NOT accessible.

      • dss

        Google is a pretty nasty corp. actually.. but what can you expect from a marketing company ? They are pretty much evil. Too bad they bought android to use as they advertising platform.. before that happened I actually liked the project.. even tho that silly java VM was still there

    • pathetic

      Yeeees, microsoft has deserved it , they killed meego , they sabotaged nokia , they deserve the same , f*** microsoft especially Elop

      MODERATED COMMENT: Please keep your language PG. This is a family friendly blog. Thank you.

      • Ere oli aliarvostettu

        In reality Nokia killed MeeGo back in 2010 when they started to work together with Intel. That was the moment everything was lost and the Linux OS development was too late for Nokia.

        Now, was it really Microsoft making Nokia to kill Maemo? I don’t think so.

        Are you blaming Elop for killing Maemo?

        • I see what you did there. Shifty inconsistent argument. Starting with MeeGo ending up with Maemo.

          • Ere oli aliarvostettu

            Do you think killing Maemo and starting to work with Intel was a smart move?

            They should have released that iPhone killer in early 2010. It was already too late in 2011. It was just too late for Nokia at that time.


            In reality they should have released an iPhone killer in 2006.

            Apple invented the modern smartphone in 2007 and that started the collapse of Nokia.

      • dss

        They didn’t sabotage Nokia.. Nokia messed up, and MS took advantage of the situation in a very elegant way.

        • pathetic

          nokia messed up? nokia was better before microsost came with his crppy OS. still believe in fairy tales? tales that Nokia was worse than today? hopefully nokia leave windows phone soon, or die together I dont care is the best for being a whore and sold the patents of the n9 to jolla another fairy tale , right? maybe you like it

          • When the Windows Phone OEMs see Nokia die in all of this Microsoft Lumiacy, they will rethink their strategy.

            Sadly Nokia has to die first before the Microsoft Lumiacy is proven fatal to other OEMs, just as fatal to Acer, Samsung, HTC, HP, Compaq, O2, etc.,

            Windows Phone Platform the poisoned apple from the poisoned tree.

          • Ere oli aliarvostettu

            Nokia already had a crappy OS. Symbian.

            If you call WP crappy, then it’s apparent that Symbian is crappy. They are different.

            Nokia had low ASP before the strategy change and it was dropping even at Q4 2010. The drop of the ASP stopped after the strategy change.

            Without that, Nokia would now have extremely low ASP. Now they have only a low ASP.

            • That crappy Symbian outsold and still outsells Lumia. Try again.

              • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                And those both sell in low quantities.

                Just lovely.

                At leas Nokia doesn’t have to play all that money to develop Symbian.

            • tom

              The ASP for lumia is $9 more than symbian, it’s pretty much same.

              • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                Yes. Elop managed to stop the collapse of the ASP.

                You should thank him for that.

      • Personally I think your wrong but that’s just my opinions and you are entitled to your own.

        Anyway, this will hurt Nokia as much as MS now (maybe not the maps, but more the youtube blocking, etc), so how can you say that? Nokia can’t change OS again, it would cause more pain then anything else, and personally I think WP8 is a good OS, I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’s a lot better then some of the alternatives, symbian included, and I have a Nokia 808, and been a long time symbian fan, but after using WP8, it’s just nowhere near it in ease of use.

        We are also seeing features which are on symbian migrate over to the Lumia range so this can only be good news on that front.

        well that’s me two cents anyway!

        • pathetic

          change the OS is the better thing that nokia can do, in the begining of this change nokia had it the benefit of doubt, but, after two years was proved that windows phone wasn’t the way, meego and android was, now is to late and nokia has to make front to his stupid desicions and die

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  • mohamed
  • shallow ocean shoal

    Why the fck can’t I rename my favorites in HERE maps through my browser? F’cking stupid. Is Nokia serious about this?

    I can rename on the phone, and then sync up. Insane.

    • pathetic

      Yes, Nokia is stupid , has just realize of that?

      • Peter

        I can haz coco-nut?

        • shallow ocean shoal

          I am seriously having an out of body experience, recalling how bad Ovi Services was. Thank god they shut those down. HERE feels like Ovi Services 2.0. Lord help us all.

          • anon2

            That’s because most of the work was carried out by Finnish developers

  • cache

    Well, MS just need to implement different UA for google services.. 🙂

  • anon2

    “HERE” Maps Jay 😉

  • Damen

    Google has given an official explanation for the redirect:

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