Rumor: Additional Update In the Works for First Gen S^3 Devices (Belle Refresh Devices)

| January 6, 2013 | 45 Replies

N8 UpdateHere’s an interesting rumor that’s come up; after all had lost hope of getting any further updates after Belle Refresh a source claims that an additional updates is in the works. The Update which is said to carry version number 111.050.0003 (hint: Belle refresh was 111.040.1511) has no change-log nor any ETA but it certainly is interesting to hear. The source of this rumor “” which apparently was the same person to leak the N8 firmwares earlier said:


“Hello! First of all, Happy New Year everyone!
Successfully survived the last year. Good news on the first day of the year!
There will be a new SW for N8! RM 596_111.050.0003 The version number is not yet final! It is not yet available, there is no changelog. So patience!

Considering that the change isn’t a major jump in the version number, no is it a minute change in the final digits (final digits are usually for small typos, minor bug fixes etc.) then it’s safe to assume that this update might add a couple features or perhaps fix some of the app incompatibilities that have been plaguing some users, but I highly doubt it’s anything ground-breaking; but hell we’ll take whatever we can get 😀

Source thanks for the tip Mahindar



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  • qromodynmc

    well,I still waiting for update after fp2,because we got a lot of problems with fp2. But,I dont know if still nokia care us :/

  • dss

    It relates to point 7 in Steve’s article… I am really surprised that they are still working on Symbian at all

  • AJE

    I received an update for my N8 a couple of days ago that included two weather widgets.

    • I wish I could remove the weather app – it doesn’t half drain my N8’s battery. (I’ve never used it – it just runs for no reason in the background.)

      • AJE

        I am rapidly coming to that conclusion myself. Terrible battery drain!!!

        • Weather widget runs in the background even if you don’t run the widget. The least you can do is to install jBakTaskman and remove Weather from running. It will show you processes currently running on your mobile phone.

  • reptile

    I hope this is just a version of Belle Refresh for the North American variants. If so, it might explain why the US Variants STILL have not received the Belle Refresh update.

    • JGrove303

      North America did get Belle Refresh. Unlocked unbranded NAM version anyway. Hopefully this fixes the texting bug that plagues my dad and stepmothers N8-00s.

      • reptile

        No, they didn’t. I have an unlocked unbranded one. The product code (059C8T6) is still not listed. Plenty of people’s other N8’s here can’t get the update either.

        • JGrove303

          Product code 059D112: N8-00 RM-596 Country Variant North America US Orange_COLOR, both my father’s and mine, got the Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 update update over the air and through Nokia Suite.
          I believe my stepmother’s is also a 059C8T6 Dark Gray Country Variant North America, and she to got the update.

          So, you’re doing something wrong.

          • reptile

            Navifirm doesn’t even show the update for 059C8T6. Check again. Quite a few people in the Nokia forums have complained about it not being available for the US versions. It’s not just me.

            • reptile

              Also, when I contacted Nokia Support recently (in the past week), they told me the same thing — that Nokia Belle (111.30.609) is the latest version for that product code. Are you sure you’re using legally obtained firmware? Did you flash it?

              • reptile

                Thirdly, the product code you list (059D112) isn’t listed in Navifirm as having 111.40.1511. So you can’t legally be running Belle Refresh on it.

                • Ronny

                  What we got (N8 Dark Gray 059C8T6) is 2 or 3 updates for the calendar and music player.

                  • reptile

                    I got that, too. But it’s missing the actual firmware, and I believe the HTML5-supported browser, gallery widget, camera apps, among other things.

                    • Newtype

                      I have the EXACT device as you, and I’ve yet to receive the update as well.

          • MOOking

            dude it’s impossible cause here in canada people that i’ve shown Nokia Belle have never seen it before and they own a symbian phone but with ANNA

          • John

            Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but my 059C8T6 keeps telling me I’ve got the latest version when I try to update — and I have111.030.0609. This happens both with OTA and with USB connected phone / Nokia Suite.

            There’s not much for me to screw up in either of those processes…

        • american nokia user

          I have same product code as you. I am on software version 111.030.0609. No updates.

      • Ignacio

        I haven’t received belle refresh neither. I hate this stupid delay!

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  • All we ask for is the FP2 VKB 😉 A quite minor change in the FEP required… Testing should be easy!

    • Mister Leech

      +1 for fp2 keyboard

  • Hopefully we can download this before navifirm gets blocked off.

  • Carbontubby

    And fix the crazy bugs in Qt 4.8, please!

  • anyone know where I can report bugs in belle?There has been this annoying bug since the release of anna that causes java apps (especially social networking apps like MXIT) to force close repeatedly

  • ndeep4318

    a new keyboard pls pls pls and a usable browser ..

  • pulkit076

    i hope they will give us new kb and new multitasking view this time..

    • Oliver

      Forget it!
      Symbian is out of development. The “magic” update would be a small package of bug-fixings. Nothing more.

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  • Awn ali

    Are there any pictures of the new update??
    And how to live without Symbian!!!
    I hope to continue to support this regime oppressed.

  • yemko

    All I want is fp2 keyboard and usable browser…
    dolby option is also a welcome

  • MOOking

    I wanted a revised UI for most of the interface make it more Uniform like how it is on the 808 after FP2….it might be a lite version of FP2 as well

  • sachin

    what about E7?

  • U.S. Nokia fan

    I think/hope that nokia said what they did to make m$ happy, the 808 can’t be unsupported…go symbian!

  • Sheva 7
  • Ghidrah

    Well good – I thought they paid Accenture to upkeep it till 2016. I do not expect any drastic changes over the year but some updates to keep it fresh & bug free would be nice.

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  • This can be very interesting to most N8 users.

  • Candyman

    I would like to see the camera UI of the 808 on the N8.

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  • gholam

    when we can see this update????


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