Update: Nokia Denies All Android Phone Rumors; Blame Bad Translating

| January 8, 2013 | 95 Replies

NokiaAndroidYesterday we posted about Elop stating “Anything is possible” about a Nokia Android phone, well apparently Gizmodo just really sucks at translating their own stories (I do take some blame for trusting them). WP Central contacted Nokia about the rumor and here is the response as well as the word for word response given by Elop:


 Nokia categorically denies that what Elop said implies anything different from what he has stated over and over for months now.

Do you rule out 100% launching a smartphone based on Android in 2013?

Elop: So, the way I think about it is, in the current war on ecosystems, we are fighting with Windows Phone. That’s what we’re doing. Now, what we’re always doing is asking, how does that evolve? What’s next? What role does HTML5 play? What role does Android or other things play in the future? We’re looking further into the future, but it terms of what we’re bringing to market, and what we’re immediately focused on, we’re focused on Windows Phone.”




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  • zymo

    So this means we are not seeing an Android Nokia in 2013, but 2014? s/

    • xwy-15-j-697

      what company the hell is this elop head of
      – nokia
      – … or micorsoft ecosystem

      whom should he care about nokia or microsoft shareholders

      … is is just a coincident that he is one of the biggest microsoft shareholder ?

    • As the article say that they are focused on windows mobiles, I think it means they are trying to invent something more convenient than Androids. They are just doing their best for the people around the world.

  • Mark

    Well that’ll teach some of our misery brigade not to jump to conclusions. 🙂

    Standard CEO talk I think.

    • everlfr

      you are a jolly good guy. your out-of-your-way concern for the brigade is very touching.

  • dr_zorg

    Translating? 🙂 I thought the guy spoke English?

    • Janne

      Gizmodo translated it from Gizmodo Espanjol, who translated it from English to Spanish.

      No wonder… yet all nicely presented in “quotes”.

      • everlfr

        he was jocking 🙂

        • viipottaja

          Elop is more of an ice hockey guy though…

          • efekt

            LOL! 😀

  • everlfr

    why can’t this fool just say yes or no? how many times should nokia pr issue clarifications for him?

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      he wants Microsoft to know there are other options, just in case Microsoft decides to release their own Surface phone. I think it was an indirect message/warning to Microsoft. So he is not a fool. Far from it, it was a very smart thing he did there

      • nn

        Nokia CEO Elop Says Microsoft Surface Phone Would Stimulate Ecosystem

        Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop says he isn’t worried about Microsoft making its own Windows Phone 8 hardware. In fact, Elop says that Nokia encourages all other companies, including its competitors, to make Windows Phone devices, and that a Microsoft-made WP8 Surface smartphone would be “a stimulant to the ecosystem.”

        Though Microsoft has yet to announce plans to make any phone hardware, there are rumors that Redmond will get into the smartphone hardware market. In an investor call on Thursday, Elop appeared to welcome the potential of a Surface smartphone, which would share a brand name with Microsoft’s Surface tablet. The Nokia CEO made his statement in response to questions about whether a Surface phone would be seen as a competitor.

        “We’re encouraging of HTC and Samsung and Microsoft or whomever to have devices in the market and to be making whatever investments that helps spur the ecosystem on,” Elop responded.

        Elop said earlier this month that he had no indication that Microsoft plans to make its own hardware.

        • twig

          As would a Nokia tablet with different types of covers.

          I’m noticing a lot of people ask me about my phone now compared to the 900s launch. It takes about 15 minutes to go through all the innovation that makes this 920 such a great phone. preview camera, floating lens,etc. I even show they the sports mode for camera.

      • ms.nokia


        • everlfr

          lol.. so even after the correction of translation error, you guys think that elop is not denying android venture?

          • ms.nokia

            He never answers the question with a “no”

            • correct

              That’s just PR talk. He is playing mindgames. No way would Nokia seriously consider Android. I would need to see proof before I believe anything.

          • Viipottaja

            So, when asked about Android, Elop talks about how they are keeping their eyes open on all developments, including Android, but they are committed to WP.

            Seems like a sensible and expected response to me.

  • Peter L

    “Gizmodo just really sucks.”

    Fixed that for you.

  • nn

    Again, if there was mistranslation, then it was done by El País (presumable when translating English interview into Spanish), not by Gizmodo. See the original questions and answers, and even if you don’t know Spanish it’s quite clear what version is closer to it.

    P. ¿Descarta lanzar un móvil Android el año que viene?

    R. En la guerra actual de ecosistemas, luchamos con Windows Phone. Pero siempre pensamos qué viene después, qué papel juega HTML 5, Android… HTML 5 podría hacer que la plataforma, sea Android, Windows Phone u otra, pierda importancia en un futuro, pero todavía es muy pronto. Hoy estamos comprometidos y satisfechos con Microsoft, pero cualquier giro es posible.

    • Janne

      It is possible El País is the translation error origin, of course.

      But English -> Spanish -> English translation route is clearly prone to errors…

      • nn

        As far as I can see the Spanish -> English part is good, the problem would be with English -> Spanish. I don’t see gizmodo fault here, unless it’s widely known that El País way of doing interviews is first talk to the person and then write the whole interview on your own, just loosely touching the same subjects…

        • Janne

          Still, with people reading every word Elop says very closely, underlining the translated nature (instead of a verbatim quote) would be very important – and good manners.

  • victor

    MAN I would love to see a Nokia Android device!

  • mirco

    It would be very stupid of Nokia to release an Android smartphone now or in 2-3 years (at least). Nokia needs to show continuity after changing the strategies so often. If they would release an Android phone the market/customer would read this as a signal that they might not support their WP devices in a close future.

    Some people here are claiming that only a Linux based OS with Qt could save Nokia but how? 99.99% of all customers are not aware of what Linux or Qt is nor should they really care about it. It simply doesn’t matter as long as the OS suits their needs.

    And do you people really believe that an Android phone would sell like a SGS3? Do you believe that a BB10 ore Sailfish phone would sell like that from the start? It takes time… it took time with the iPhone and with Android as well.

    • nokiabankrupt

      just the pureview itself on nokia android can beat sg3

  • Its as simple as that, Elop would never do any Linux stuff at Nokia. Even a child would know that…

    Elop could even go to the extent of firing and killing everything at Nokia for the sake of Windows Phone, he’s doing his job – the job assigned to him by his boss at Microsoft… He’s ready to sell off Nokia to MS for peanuts…

    Its not Rocket Science; simple, plain common sense…

    • stevebarker66

      If Elop was just there to sell Nokia to MS, he’s missed the boat: Nokia’s share price is rising now.

      But as you say, it’s not Rocket Surgery… ;->

      • GordonH

        MS already controls Nokia through 3rd party shareholders. The selling of Nokia is not fully needed. Also notice MS already getting to use all the Nokia patents for peanuts.

        • Viipottaja

          Can you elaborate on that? Which shareholders are those?

          • For example the swipe down to close gesture in MS Windows 8 Metro UI, which is a direct rip off from Nokia’s N9 Meego based OS…

            Remember, Elop said that the elements of Swipe will continue…? He’s basically given everything thats good at Nokia for Peanuts to Microsoft!

            • sorry I am not talking about the shareholder part, my bad!

            • Viipottaja

              I thought that was a rip off from Web OS?

              Which Nokia patent is it, and what does the patent say specifically?


            Of course he can’t elaborate, because he’s TROLLING!

            Most of Nokia shares are still owned by the Finnish. Due to Finnish laws and Nokia shareholder structure Nokia cannot be taken over by rogue shareholders.

            • GordonH

              Then Nokia must be real dump to go the WP root. Logical Nokia is pushing for the success of MS in the mobile space.
              And yes if I had the proof I would have shown it here, but use your brains dude. The Finnish laws have no regulations against investing firms with corporate investments.


                I’m sure some Finnish people can clarify what the laws are.

                • GordonH

                  I know and have had first had experienced with the things I mentioned. Unlike you, quoting stuff to protect Elop and MS.

        • bingo! See @stevebarker66, its not even science, forget surgery…

  • Khalid

    Get over it everyone, Nokia is DEAD.

  • Mark

    Oh well, never mind haters and Android astroturfers, here’s something that will cheer you up… NOT! 🙂


    • Janne

      Expectation of over 11M Windows Phones sold in Q4?


      • Mark

        Oh I doubt it, but if Nokia reverse the decline it’ll be good.

        Plus it’ll make all the usual haters really angry! 🙂

        • everlfr

          if not, it will make you very angry 😉

          • Mark

            Nope. What will be will be.

            No point worrying about it! 🙂

        • Janne

          Mark: It wasn’t a Nokia expectation, though, it was Windows Phone total.

          • Mark

            And it seems that Nokia have 70% of those sales.

            I think 5-6 million myself.

      • correct

        Yes, that makes sense. HTC sales have increased as well.

        So it’s probably going to be at least 7-8M Lumias sold in Q4, with the rest being mostly HTC and a tiny bit of Samsung sales.

  • stylinred

    aw i was actually looking forward to it

  • Ali Abdulla

    meh i blame elope in this one 😛

    gizmodo refused to review the N8 , and called it unworthy etc

    he should have replied in the same manner, when they asked for an interview..

    i know its unprofessional and all, but to seriously not review the N8? thats an insult to nokia, and me, as a customer who bought one..

    • Janne

      Apparenly Gizmodo was quoting a Spanish newspaper…

      • twig

        Lets not forget Gizmodo almost went out of business because its site loaded readers with malware. They told everyone to get over it. Lol.

      • Ali Abdulla

        oh, i was a bit lost, i thought it was the gizmodo spanish site that did the interview… then the English one translated it, etc

  • Alvester
    • twig

      They should open off shore accounts like google and apple.

  • who knows

    The advantage of not having its own ecosystem is that you are easily able to shift to a new (disruptive) platform. This time, if/when it happens, Nokia will be much quicker to adapt and adopt. Leaving companies that are entrenched in their own ecosystem (Apple) left behind (same thing that happened Nokia 2007).

    Lets hope that if Nokia is going for another ecosystem it’s for something completely new and different ecosystem then the ones of today.

    • who knows

      If nothing else to at least put an end to all of this ‘my ecosystem is bigger than your ecosystem’ crap that is plaguing the whole internet. So fed up with all of this.

    • mdev

      Yep, in the same way the advantage of not having money is that you don’t care about inflation 😉 And the advantage of having 80% of the irrelevantly small WP market is that there is no bad press anymore as no one is interested in Nokia products.

      • who knows

        So why are you here if Nokia is irrelevant and not interesting any more? Time to move on with your life maybe?

        Personally I think that Nokia now is more exciting then it has been in a long, long time.

        • correct

          Agreed! Why are you here trolling then meego dev? I assume that’s what your name stands for. You trolls need to move on with your lives, and leave Nokia fans in peace.

          It’s a very sad life being a troll.


          YES! I also think Nokia now is more exciting than they have been for years! Lots of amazing Nokia innovations from the labs are now coming into production, instead of remaining in the labs.

  • mdev

    If Nokia survives long enough to release an Android phone, the first sign will be a press release announcing that the company is parting ways with Elop. Whatever the new strategy, no one will believe he’s capable of executing it. After all, he made such a mess from his own suicidal WP-only nosedive.

    • twig

      Google losing money on every android sold and now being attacked by amazon and Facebook on their advertising income. It may implode.

      • incognito

        I think you’ve mistaken Google for Nokia, Nokia is the one losing money with every Lumia sold. Google is not in Android for the money, but for the mindshare and data mining which is what earns them money through advertisers.

        • correct

          HAHAHAHAHAAH, oh that is funny, HAHAHHAHAHAH.

          Wait, give me a minute, I have something important to say …. BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

          I’m so sick of you cranky trolls. Get this through your head.

          Smartphone division at Nokia is losing money because of the continuing HUGE R&D costs. Also because of restructuring payments.

          In Q3 this year, Nokia on a non-IFRS basis DID have a profit!

          ALL other Nokia divisions are making nice profit.

          Thanks to Lumia devices, ASP for Nokia smartphones has been RISING since Symbian days.

          Overall profits for Nokia will come very soon.

          Yes, Google could very well implode. Facebook is definitely attacking their advertising intake. Since Google illegally flooded the market with Android, karma is now coming for Google. Amazon is attacking Google hard. Amazon is using Android like a prostitute, but with none of the Google services. They ripped that out of Android, stuck their own services layer onto it, and combined it with Nokia maps.

          Apple continues to move further away from Google, which will seriously affect Google’s income from Apple users.

          Why has Google been so crazy with the Youtube limitation and the Google Maps redirect screw up with Windows Phone? Google is lashing out like a bratty little child. Google knows the facts, that they are getting attacked from all sides now, and that Windows Phone is becoming a force in the market.

          Nokia, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon … all of these companies are attacking Google now. Google cannot handle the combined attacks of such powerful companies.

          • correct

            Also don’t forget, Amazon will soon have their own smartphone, running their prostitute version of Android, very likely with Nokia maps just like the Kindle tablets. That will seriously hurt Google, because then Amazon will be in direct competition with Android phones, yet Google will be getting absolutely zero benefits from Android selling phones. The biggest irony would be see Nokia maps on the Amazon phones competing against Androids with Google maps.

            I can’t wait to see that!

          • Ere oli aliarvostettu

            Yes the problem is that Nokia sheep believe that Qt was something better than the competition had to offer.

            Unfortunately even Dalvik can beat Qt what it comes to portability/using same code on different platforms.

            Developers must compile the code if someone makes a new platform and the application is made with Qt. With Dalvik that’s not required. It just works if the new platform had Dalvik VM. So, Dalvik requires just the manufacturer to make the VM to work on a new platform. Qt requires every application to be compiled.

            Nokia was definitely losing with Symbian. ASP was dropping even in Q4 2010, 16% YoY. Nokia was starting to collapse because of Symbian.

            Nokia was almost alone with Symbian.

            • dss

              Nokia controlled the market with Symbian, now with WP the market controls Nokia… Nokia will never reach the same market share which they enjoyed with Symbian if they stick to WP, simply because WP will never be able to do what Symbian did globally.

              They will also probably never reach the same amount of quarterly sales that they enjoyed with Symbian.

              • mirko

                They will never re-gain this market share with whatever OS they choose. Back when Symbian was on top there was no serious competitor out there. Now, there are many and they were better than Symbian for quite some time…

                • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                  Exactly, that was in the past, with much less competition. Trolls will be trolls and they never acknowledge this fact.

                  The best Nokia can hope for in this day and age is 15-20% of the smartphone market, roughly what Apple holds.

                  • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                    Apple’s smartphone revenues surpassed Nokia’s smartphone revenues already in 2009.

                    That was the moment when Nokia really started to collapse. That was the end for them.

                    Fortunately Nokia has some hope. They have Asha phones and WP just may succeed.

                    Asha is nice.

                    • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                      Indeed. Asha phones are doing great, they are seriously competitive at the low end versus Android.

                      Elop made a great move cancelling Meltemi, since it wasn’t ready, and Nokia couldn’t keep waiting for Meltemi. It was taking too much time and money, and the rumors are that Nokia foresaw that Meltemi wouldn’t have enough developer support.

                      Acquiring the Smarterphone people, cancelling Meltemi, and merging the Smarterphone people into the S40 team was a great move by Elop. This way S40 continues to evolve with the brilliant talent and ideas of Smarterphone, and S40 continues to be competitive at the low end.

                      Plus, Meltemi would have occupied the price point of high end Ashas, and where low end Lumias are starting to reach.

                      Between future high end Ashas, and future low end Lumias covering that price segment, Meltemi didn’t make sense given Nokia’s tight resources at the moment.

                    • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                      *Plus, some of the UI concepts of Meego and Meltemi will appear in future S40 Touch devices.


              Yes correct. Although I hate Android, and Dalvik, and all this virtualization BS.

              What these cranky trolls on here don’t seem to respect is that Windows Phone 8 is fully native code. So is iOS as well. And like Nokia’s Symbian and Meego. All native code.

              Android is huge mess because of the virtualization layer, among many other reasons.

  • deny deny deny

  • Just Visiting

    That photo with Android on the Lumia shell – the epitome of an Abomination.

    • correct


  • GordonH

    All symbian devices being pulled from the market by MS orders.
    Nokia will also not be making Android cause MS not giving the orders.
    Even with high WP sales MS will be the gainer not Nokia. So guys it’s no use waiting for Nokia to do anything non-WP.
    Sadly, it is now not about Nokia profits anymore. It’s now about pushing for the future of MS in the mobile space.

    • Ere oli aliarvostettu

      Symbian was not selling because it was a bad product. MS didn’t force Nokia to stop selling Symbian phones.

      The problem is that Symbian was and is unstable and it lags. The UI was not smooth.

      Symbian was also missing applications and Qt was clearly not a good enough solution.

      • dss

        There are two sides to the Symbian story. Nokia enjoyed both their “golden age” and their demise with Symbian because they didn’t take proper care of it… Symbian, by itself, has nothing to do with their lack of competent management.

        • mirko

          And how does your insight help the poor customers who suffered from the S60v5 and early Symbian^3 phones? You simply cannot prove that Symbian could be competitive if the last remaining developer was Nokia (for a very long time) and this developer NEVER managed to deliver…


            He has no insight. He’s got tunnel vision.

            Nokia was DOOMED if they had continued with Symbian. The code base was too much of a mess, too ancient, and it was too difficult to make Symbian stable.

            • GordonH

              you got one vision which clearly only sees MS benefits at end of the tunnel.

        • Ere oli aliarvostettu

          Yes, it’s possible.

          OPK was responsible for making Symbian so bad that it was no longer competitive.

          It was just a matter of time when Symbian was about to collapse. There are lots of people who wouldn’t get 808 or E7 instead of their current Android or iOS phone even if they didn’t have to pay anything for the Symbian phone.

          There are lots of people who wouldn’t use those phone even if Nokia was paying some money for them. When it comes to that, it’s really bad for Nokia.

      • david

        Never ever tried an 808, right?
        Saying “Symbian was not selling” is already a completely broken statement.

        • Ere oli aliarvostettu

          I own an 808.

          May you didn’t know how 808 just isn’t selling?

          It’s a one trick pony.

          Symbian was collapsing after 2009. Nokia lost 25% of market share in smartphones only in six months in 2010.

          Symbian was collapsing already in 2010.

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  • Allawi

    You don’t need android. You just need n9 hacked to it. I wish they fix the calling and camera on it.

  • it’s not about android! he is talking about firefox os.
    firefox os is and totally html5 ui running on a version of linux copoied form android with some minor changes

  • Nokia is playing in hands of Microsoft.

  • zlutor

    Actually he did not say NO… 🙂

    ““Do you rule out 100% launching a smartphone based on Android in 2013?

    Elop: … and what we’re immediately focused on, we’re focused on Windows Phone.””

    He said nothing but they are focusing on WP AT THE MOMENT. Nothing mentioned related to future options…