Microsoft Finally Adding Weibo Support to Chinese Windows Phone Devices

| January 10, 2013 | 9 Replies

One of the obstacles standing in the face of Windows phones’ success in China has been the fact that the social features in the phone are completely redundant/non-existing. One of the coolest things about windows phone is the Me/People hub which has Facebook and twitter packed in with quick access to contact’s profiles and notifications; however since in China both Facebook and Twitter are blocked those features were removed; effectively destroying the social awesomeness of Windows phone.

However it seems that Microsoft are testing support for Sina Weibo (China’s equivalent of Twitter with over 300 Million users) int he people/Me hubs/ eventually you should get the same functionality available for twitter and Facebook  (posting updates, uploading images, linking contacts etc.)


What I find interesting though is the fact that users in China are adopting Windows Phone before these features are even ready; meaning they see something in it other than the social networking (and they’re probably not in it for the apps either). I personally can’t imagine buying a phone that doesn’t have a full baked social integration in it after using the Lumias; but on the other hand I don’t know what other competing platforms are providing in China? Does Apple have Weibo support in iOS 6 rather than FB & twitter?



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  • Richie

    The yellow chinese words in your first photo says ” Weibo is under big pressure, and having maintainence”, in other words, Weibo is down.

    • Alvester

      Well now that pic does make sense 😀

  • JGrove303

    I thought a Weibo was a white animé fanatic that lives everything as Japanese as their tiny perception of the culture allows.

    Awesome they are working on it. That’ll be a big win


    When can we sign up in English?

  • Weirdfisher

    Weibo is under PRC control, you cannot speak against the government or else your posts/account will be deleted

    • DesR85

      It’s a bit extreme to say that it is under PRC control, given that it is owned by a private individual, whom I can’t recall his name. Still have to obey the law, though, so not surprised at that last part as I recall that each post gets screen through before getting approved for posting.

      And I read a recent article about the Chinese authority starting to clamp down on VPN, so that means no Facebook or Twitter access if you happen to go there for a holiday (or if you’re working there). Don’t know how useful that would be after the WP8 Apollo update which includes it when that happens.

  • Kikujiro

    Sina Weibo and Weixin (Wechat) are the most used social apps in China. Especially Weixin which has more functionalities compared to Whatsapp… Still miss this app in my N9…

    • Marc Aurel

      Will have at some point in the future, just like FM radio support will come at some point, making it possible to sell WP8 phones in many countries (i.e. India) where FM radio is an essential feature. MS is getting there, but I still seems like they bought a sports sedan to a Formula 1 race.