Video: Battle of the Snakes (iPhone 5 vs 3310 vs Lumia 920 vs SGS III)

| January 10, 2013 | 14 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 07.19.33Once the most popular and ubiquitous game in the world, Snake still has a place in people’s hearts.

You can see the faux 3210s/3310s on the touch screen devices and of course the genuine 3310.

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  1. Zizou says:

    They’re so cute.. Lol

  2. Saf'Kant says:

    yeah, very cute

  3. Pdexter says:

    xD “like you can see. We don’t have any ads below here*points at 3310*”

  4. Vali Dumitru says:

    It would be nice to have a 3310 launcher on Android :)

  5. Harangue says:

    ‘the snake doesn’t look as nice on the iPhone 5′

    No shit sherlock, you’re comparing Snake 1 and Snake 2. Snake 2 came on the 3310 as a much improved version with ‘killer graphics’ compared to Snake 1 on the 3210. The SGS version is completely wrong, 3310 with Snake 1, that never happened.

    Ah, the good old days. The 3310 was such a killer device back then.

  6. @N9Andy says:

    Typical that the bloody Android version seems to have an advert at the bottom of the screen! URGH!

  7. Vasco says:

    Uhaaaaaaaaa ! Author megalol

  8. erzhik says:

    Oh God..3310. Such an awesome looking phone. Just look at it. Reeks beauty. No sarcasm, this is serious. Maybe I should buy one just for the memories.

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