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I’ve just realized that today marks exactly one month with my Lumia 920, happy anniversary.  With the time I’ve spent with my 920 I completely love it, the design is beautiful (as always), the minor build quality issues that were present in previous version have been rethought (specifically the metal plating around the camera on the back of the phone). But on a software side WP8 is a mixed bag, although it brings some great new (much needed) features, it does that on the cost of stability and performance that made me fall in love with WP7, so here’s a quick list of flaws I think need refining or fixing in WP8/Lumia 920 on the software side.

*Note not all of these are real issues; but this is what bugs ME in Windows Phone 8 (some of it might seem like nitpicking but then I guess I’m a nitpicker)

  • Major stability fixes needed this goes without saying, as awesome as the 920 and 820 are they seem to be plagued with random reboots, crashes, and  other issues that just ruin the experience, so without going into too much detail; fix it Microsoft, that’s what Nokia chose you for!
  • Camera Fix- yes I know it’s coming in the Next update (Portico) but I want it NOW
  • Computer drivers fix, sure WP8 supports drag and drop and all that cool stuff; but the new software used with WP8 instead of zune is a complete joke. For example you can’t even create playlists from it, nor can you use your old Zune playlists; plus the phone needs to be connected to use it to play any media; did I mention you can’t subscribe to podcasts either? Oh plus for some reason it decides to completely tank and die (even the official windows Phone support couldn’t fix this for me)-
  • Deeper Twitter integration, sure Windows Phone is super social, but some parts need to get their act together, for example if someone replies to my tweet how difficult is it to show me what tweet he’s replying to? Why should I have to power up a 3rd party twitter app just to figure that out? And it can’t be too difficult to reply to multiple people in a single tweet!
  • Proper Apps; last year I made the excuse that WP7 was still new to the party and the apps will come, well that excuse is no longer valid; and although most of the popular apps are there on Windows Phone it’s time to get some of the less popular but yet just as awesome apps there..oh and Instagram.
  • More options to pay in the marketplace (in all regions), although I honestly never bought an app when I was using Symbian (I think the statute of limitations has passed on that) but now that I actually want to purchase some apps on Windows Phone I can’t, and that sucks (read more about it HERE). At the very least carrier billing is a MUST.
  • Option to set Live Tile Refresh intervals (I know most tiles have their own option; but it would be nice to be able to set everything at once)- or temporarily turn off tiles notifications while staying online.
  • Do Not Disturb Feature in rooms, rooms is a great feature it’s pretty fun to use (the MyNokiablog staff uses it to stay in the loop while planing some posts); but even though you can set your status to “invisible” busy” or “away” that won’t stop your phone from ringing every-time someone sends a new message to the room; and being a room with about 15 people across the globe means getting notifications at ungodly hours.
  • Improved podcast support, did you know that you can’t subscribe to podcasts on WP8 from your phone unless you’re in the United States, otherwise you have to actually use iTunes to subscribe to podcasts on your PC then sync them over using the desktop companion app (and that doesn’t even work properly).
  • Customized “alert tones” for different notifications, it’s ridiculous that I can’t set a different tone for Whatsapp or Push notifications other than my default message tone; meaning every tone that my phone makes can be anything from an SMS to a mention on twitter. In general Windows phone needs better profile management, how ridiculous is it that the same volume that controls my music controls the ringer???
    Edit: to clarify WP8 has custom ringtones, and there’s a specific app from Nokia that helps you trim your favorite tune and set it as the ringtone; what I meant was that the Alert tone set for SMS notifications will be used for all other 3rd party notifications such as Whatsapp, FB, Twitter, Rooms, IM, Pulse, Xbox Live etc. And it’s not possible to set a different “alert tone” for each app.
  • The Bing search button is practically useless, we get it Microsoft you’re trying to make “Bing it” a thing (and it’s not happening); but if you insist on hard wiring Bing search into the phone at the very least make it a universal search feature. Example when I search “Jay” on the phone I don’t want to see a Bing search of him; I’d much rather it show me the contact info, any text messages containing the name “Jay” and possibly even a quick dial option- jeez it’s not that hard (don’t get me wrong the Bing search for music, and media and especially the QR scanner are super useful, but it doesn’t deserve a capacitive key on its own if it doesn’t even search the phone).
    Since I’m feeling particularly nasty towards this subject here’s a ridiculous video of Microsoft trying to make “Bing it” happen with product placement, if anyone told me to “Bing it” I would just gape at them with an open mouth
  • Show the battery percentage in the actual battery icon, it can’t be that difficult! (especially with the HD screens in the new WP8 devices)
  • Better Data management, a constant issue with all the Lumias I’ve used is that the phone gets hot very quickly while using data through an app (for example baconit) along with a huge drop in battery life, I don’t know the reason but something isn’t being very conservative when data is involved.

After re-reading this it would seem that I completely hate WP8; but I don’t I’m just very critical of the phones I use (see you can be critical of something you love, and not every criticism means you hate something), but I honestly love the 920 it just needs some *tweaking*.


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  1. Viipottaja says:

    Another WP8 loving stupid useless post from you Ali! ;) :P [for those wondering what I am on about again - some MNB readers seem to think Ali only posts random WP8 praising "useless" posts]

    ps. regarding crashes mine never did even before Portico (yep, got it in the US – na na na boo boo! :D )… wonder if it really varies so much by e.g. country or due to what apps you happen to have etc?

    • Aliqudsi says:

      What can i say, Lord Ballmer pays me per word :P
      A majority of mine were caused by the skype Preview (that I talked about here: )

      After hard resetting and changing the live account I don’t get any crashes; but the time/date has changed mysteriously to Sept. 1st a couple times..

      • arts says:

        I still wont forgive you for not running out and buying a new nokia 808 when there was a new update. Using “Vacation” as an excuse is so pahetic. This show your true colours as a paid poster. ;)

      • Bob says:

        You make a sweeping statement and assume all crashes are Microsoft/WP OS based. Are HTC and Samsung having the same issues? Is the 820 even having these issues?

        Many of the problems are 920 specific (Nokia firmware/implementation). This has been common for Nokia on first release hardware for many years (Symbian, Meego etc.), even when handed a stable OS.

        p.s. my 920 has been ROCK solid. Not one single issue in 1 month (no reboots etc.). Absolutely love it. Disappointing you had a few issues.

        • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

          There is one possibility.

          Maybe 90% of hardware manufactured by Nokia really is defective? That would explain all those problems with Symbian phones.

          • rustyknight17 says:

            In that case , 90 % of all mobile devices would be defective ! All OS es have issues . Maybe I was singularly fortunate , but I didn`t experience those problems regularly and when I did , it was normally a bad app causing the issues ,,,

            • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

              Not that kind of issues those Symbian phones have.

              • rustyknight17 says:

                What issues r u referring to ? Ere was referring to defective hardware . And as for OS issues , as I said , I only experienced those occasionally and I use my N8 and C6-01 very heavily !

    • Janne says:

      I had one or two crashes in November, then steady as a rock. I don’t have Portico of course. I do acknowledge crashes do seem to be somewhat more common for people than with WP7 though, perhaps native code is one thing and thus problematic apps?

      • Harangue says:

        Haven’t had any in the 10 days I have it now. Only some weird stuff when I had to a factory reset but I might have caused that myself. Other than that only some apps froze on me, but that can hardly be accounted to the OS. After all, an app crash put me back nicely on the homescreen.

        I’m more irked by some small flaws in the HW than the software. SW can be fixed, the HW I have in my pocket and paid top dollar for can’t.

    • Mark says:

      My 820′s been fine. I agree with a lot of your other points though, particularly the ‘replacement’ for Zune which is, frankly awful.

    • swain says:

      Hey Viipottaja,
      They launched 920/820 here yesterday. But I have one doubt before placing an order.
      Can you please confirm if 920 supports xVid/DivX/mkv files. I store and watch lot of videos. Please confirm ASAP. Thanks.

  2. Jens says:

    Was interested when a saw the tweet of this article and now I can say:
    I agree with every thing you mention. (The worst thing: the search key WAS able to search for a person when in the people hub, but they disabled that pretty fast)

    • Chris W says:

      Another excellent feature which Windows Phone has disabled is the ability to subscribe to podcasts on the phone.
      It was honestly the best podcasting solution I had ever used. Yeah, you had to first sync the podcast on to your phone, but once on there it could subscribe.
      Why take out features which are so good?

      BTW universal search could be something to do with Apple owning patents, or something? Didn’t they sue Sammy for having a universal search on their phones?

  3. Edgar Mkrtchyan says:

    I agree with this, WP8 needs some major updating, more radical than the Portico

  4. Sonny says:

    After this I guess im waiting for bb10, sailfish or the time when microsoft updates this.

    I actually convinced a couple friend and relatives to go for the 920 rather than a note2 or s3, but now that im seeing you talk about all these reboots and freezes im starting too feel like a fool I mean I tought WP was tne most fluid and stable OS. But I guess thats actually IOS.

    No custom ringtones? Really!

  5. Janne says:

    How dare you insult our beloved Elop’s personal creation! Shame on you, Ali!

    • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

      He is allowed to do that because Lord Ballmer is his master!

      We, who are commanded by Lord Elop, can not do such thing!

  6. rustyknight17 says:

    In all fairness to WP , it`s still immature .. tomi may be wrong somewhat but as usual , he has a point !
    BTST ( By The Same Token ) , it seems I`m correct , WP8 is significantly different from WP7 .It also seems MS is going backwards on this , WP7 was significantly more stable and fluid !Even S3 , if memory serves , didn`t have quite this level of issues!
    MS and Nokia r going to have to get their act together and FAST ! They`ve caught a break so far but not for much longer ! RIM is introducing BB10 and Jolla Mobile Sailfish later and both , from what i`ve seen r nothing short of awesome ! And let`s not forget that Apple and Google might just manange something impressive too !

  7. dss says:

    wp8 is 1.0 .. Wp7 is.. 7.0 .. Big difference.

    Stability issues are within the expected levels.. Pretty high, but I am still impressed what ms did.. It could have been much worse.

    There are way too many issues at the moment… On top of the lack of functionality. Even simple things like the calendar are not up to par.

    I will stay with Symbian for as long as I can, and maybe by then they will be able to fix it up, or maybe there will be something else out there.

  8. rustyknight17 says:

    Ermmm , expected levels for an IMMATURE oS ? Sure , but like u later observed , there r way too many issues !
    my point is that MS and Nokia r way behind the curve in a volatile and highly competitive market . they`ve been catching a break lately due to a lack nof credible challengers but that won`t continue for much longer . Indeed , there will be something else in a few weeks and if the CES show is any indication , more dangerous rivals r on the way …

    • dss says:

      To port Windows NT to cell phones is a huge deal … if someone told me that would be the case 2-3 years ago I would have laughed at their face. So.. Microsoft is really trying here, NT is all they have.. (well besides Azure/cloud OS, which is brilliant) so they had to rely on it for the mobile phone industry.. I am not sure why, but apparently Windows CE wasn’t sufficient enough.

      I think Microsoft is betting on the fact that NT can be further optimized, and at the same time the hardware is getting stronger and stronger to where it can run fine… batteries are also getting bigger..

      So.. I see WP 8 as Mobile NT 1.0 .. lots of issues, lots of stuff missing.. perfectly normal for a brand new OS.

      • rustyknight17 says:

        U r correct but as I said above the mobile market is volatile and highly competitive , Nokia and MS simply do not have the luxury of gradual fixes !

  9. ma_t14 says:

    “Computer drivers fix, sure WP8 supports drag and drop and all that cool stuff; but the new software used with WP8 instead of zune is a complete joke. For example you can’t even create playlists from it, nor can you use your old Zune playlists; plus the phone needs to be connected to use it to play any media; did I mention you can’t subscribe to podcasts either? Oh plus for some reason it decides to completely tank and die (even the official windows Phone support couldn’t fix this for me)”

    Why even use that?? Since WP8 supports MTP you may use any music application you want (the bundled one being the worst :D ).

    Try MusicBee, it is arguably the best freeware music organizer currently.

  10. keist says:

    The world will be a better place if all people will use an iPhone.

    • nusantara82 says:

      Naah~~~apple can’t make our world any better, not with their half cooked maps.

    • JGrove303 says:

      Right. And we could have another Holocaust, all be blonde and worship a dark underlord.

      GTFO NAZI!!!

      • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

        Some people are claiming that Nokia was trying to make the world a better place.

        In my opinion they were trying to make money by claiming that. At least Steve Jobs was honest even when he was distorting the reality.

        That last sentence may be hard to understand for some people believing how Good and Honest Nokia has been before Elop.


        • Janne says:

          Not really. Steve Jobs is a bad example because many feel he used his reality distortion abilities to claim benign reasons (like better user experience) for non-benign things (like control or e-book pricing cartels).

          At least Nokia was always honest about: “doing good business, while doing good”. That was their creed and I think for mobile phones (the lower segment) still is in many ways.

          • swain says:

            Steve Jobs has transformed this smartphone industry from an fat-heavyweights(nokia dominated) to slim-sleek-lightweight. He has done a commendable job and iPhone was revolutionary when launched. So, please stop making such comments on him. He has done enough for this industry.

          • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

            Many people feel that way because he was able to make Apple big. Back in the old days not too many people hated him because Apple was not taking down the big companies and hurting the feeling of the fans.

            At least there were some reasonable logic for his actions. That’s more honesty most of the corporate managers ever see. Yes, logic is the key to respect.


            What was honest about Nokia doing that kind of business? All they ever cared for was money. Not that good products, not that great opportunities for people making the living in mobile industry. Nokia has been one of those companies making the world less green by manufacturing products designed to be obsolete as soon as possible.

            Yes, if you consider just focusing on the extreme low end honest and good for people, then I can understand that view while I don’t agree with it.

            I don’t consider greed and making low quality products a virtue.

  11. Carbontubby says:

    I was enthusiastic about WP7 and WP8 earlier, tried a Lumia 900 for a bit and was ready to fork out for either an 820 or 920, but I changed my mind when the Surface RT came out.

    Microsoft wants to create another locked-down Apple ecosystem where you can share anything between your phone, tablet and desktop, as long as it runs Microsoft software. I appreciate convenience but not at the expense of the ability to do whatever I want with the hardware I’ve bought. That means no more walled gardens for me on any computing platform – smartphones and tablets are general purpose computers after all, it’s just that most manufacturers lock them down to disposable appliances. If there’s missing functionality, I want to be able to add it myself and not have to wait for the blessings of the manufacturer.

    Ubuntu Mobile, Firefox OS, Jolla Sailfish, and to a lesser extent BB10, there’s still hope for more open mobile computing.

    • dss says:

      All of these have no chance without corporate/carrier support … The software cartel (google/apple/Microsoft) will not allow Ubuntu Mobile, or any other clean/open Linux distro to run things…that is why Harmattan was so swiftly killed.. Tizen’s only chance is Samsung.. very skeptical on that one.

      iOS, android, and Windows Phone are advertising platforms.. there is a lot of money to be made. Ubuntu phone does nothing (or very little) for those big 3 corps. Maybe if google lets Ubuntu use their locations services they will get some clicks from that, but no where near what they get from their own android based ad machines, for which everyone is going crazy about these days..

      So.. unfortunately this is it.

      • rustyknight17 says:

        i thought Harmatten was killed to eliminate competition for WP …

      • rustyknight17 says:

        In that case RIM has no problems , enterprise and carriers seem quite enthusiastic about BB10 ..

        • Jiipee says:

          After checking info on BB10, it sounds to me that RIM will survive. They’ve chosen their target segment wisely, where there is very little competition. WP could be there, but it’s not so well thought over from business user point of view.

  12. pathetic says:

    hmm seems like windows phone is a street dog

  13. arts says:

    I would love to get m parents both lumia 620s (so cheap, its he same price as my nokia 5320XM when i bought it) , but my testing of the lumia 920 was not as smooth as my lumia 800. Ill wait and see what the updates bring.

    • DesR85 says:

      When I was in KL at one Nokia Store, the promoter did point out that the yellow 920 demo unit is buggy. Luckily the red one is working fine. Other Nokia stores I went to also have the same problem with the yellow one.

      I certainly hope this does not happen with the retail version of the yellow one.

      • Janne says:

        What bugs?

        My Finnish Lumia 920 is yellow. No problems beyond two IE crashes in November.

        • DesR85 says:

          It’s touch sensitivity is overly sensitive until even the lightest touch will open the app even when you try to swipe left and right. Even scrolling up and down isn’t smooth either.

          • twig says:

            Update on that already in the U.S. Update fixes most things expect the video still does this auto focus a little to noticeable.

            • DesR85 says:

              I’ll take note of that, but I doubt they’ll update them given that they’re demo units. The funny thing is that only the yellow demo units are affected by it. The other colours (red, black and white), are not affected by it, based on my experience in another Nokia Store, and are not updated with that fix.

          • arts says:

            Hahawe might have been testing the same device then. Similar problems and also, using the camera had some issues.

            • DesR85 says:

              I suspect a defective yellow demo unit batch (also the same experience with the camera, btw). I suggest trying the other coloured 920 demo units. They don’t suffer the over-sensitive bug and are more stable, including the camera.

              In my hometown, I managed to spot one Nokia agent store selling the 920 but only in black and white. Others only have the 820, including the former (and also in black and white).

          • Janne says:

            I’ve never had any such issues with my yellow Lumia 920. And yes, super-sensitive touch is turned on.

            • DesR85 says:

              Then I assume a buggy OS that was flashed unto these yellow variants. Hopefully this bug won’t afflict the retail versions (they’re made in Korea on my side, if I recall).

  14. StefanP says:

    After about 3 weeks using the 920, my observations are:
    The phone works stable and smooth, no hanging, restarts or other major problems.
    The camera is very good, both for video and still images (flashed the Portico update, because its already on the servers, but not yet released for my region).
    Anyway, there are many things I don’t like:
    - The camera has a delay (to focus) which makes it difficult to take quick snapshots. (N9 is much faster)
    - It is not possible to see the date/time nor the file name of photos in the gallery (camera roll)
    - No data volume counters
    - Switching between apps is slow (you see “…resuming”)
    - Navigation with the “back” button is not consistent. Sometimes apps are exited, sometimes you go one step back within the app.
    - Closing running apps is difficult. You might need to press “back” many times…
    - Browsing with tabs inconvenient: Often I want to follow multiple links on one page and return to the source page.
    Closing a followed page and returning to the source page is one swipe on the N9, while it’s 4 taps on the 920. Also to let a page load in the background and continue on your original page is just one side swipe on the N9, while its 3 taps on the 920.
    - The status bar hiding is annoying. I want to have a constant view on my phone’s connectivity. Also a tap on this should lead to the corresponding settings, e.g. WiFi network selection. Many apps are also not compatible with the down swipe to make the status bar visible.
    - SMS delivery notifications: If enabled, they arrive like normal SMs and are collected in a separate thread. On N9 this info will be silently integrated into the status of the sent SM (“delivered”).
    - Music: starting the music app, I’d like to land directly in my collection (N9) and not need to go there with two additional steps (920). Furthermore, if the music app is closed while music is playing I have no control over what is playing, can not stop it. Need to lock and unlock again!
    - Energy efficiency: The 920 heats up quite easily for easy tasks which leave the N9 lukewarm or cool. E.g. browsing.
    - Calender: No week view, which is the most important view for me. My reference (N9) fails here as well.
    - No notification page. Promised, but who knows when we will get this.
    - No status information without pressing a button. At least AMOLED models should be able to display a permanent status. LCD models should support a status LED. Very well solved on the N9, I can also see if it’s charging.
    - The “search” button is useless and positioned badly. If hold in the right hand, using the thumb to reach over the display, it often makes “bing”. :(
    - Volume settings: Nokia used to have profiles. Of course this is also gone with WP. No way to switch to silent in one step, have different volumes for incoming calls, system sounds and media.
    - Mail sync schedules: Excellent solution on the N9! My work mailbox will only be synced Mo-Fr 7-20, my private email all day 7-20. Saves energy, no incoming mail alert in the middle of the night. WP? Nothing even close to this. So I have to turn the volume down in the evening, but might miss an important call than.

    Overall, on OS side and ease of use, it is a big step back compared to Harmattan. I recently saw I video about Ubuntu phone. It looks really great and they make good use of swipe gestures, have everything easily available, there are similarities to MeeGo, much much better than WP! Sailfish looks superior as well.
    WP8 has still a lot of limitations and missing features. The big colorful tiles look attractive, but I see only a limited benefit in having those “live tiles”. A central notification screen does the task of updating the user much better.
    I recommended the 820 to my mother, because I think basic operation is easy. For the more advanced and demanding user, WP8 is more disappointing. This can not be compensated by Nokia’s great contribution in the form of HW and some apps. I am looking forward what Jolla will present and watch careful what’s happening on the Ubuntu front.

    • Janne says:

      I have no issues with your list, there are certainly genuine missing feature there. It is a good list. I disagree with Bing button being useless though, its QR scanner is hugely useful and easy to get to thanks to that button. Counters Nokia has for WP7, so I expect those for WP8 soonish too.

      As for the conclusion that WP8 isn’t for the advanced, demanding user I would only agree to say it is not for an open/Linux type of user. Obviously. For rest, personal mileage will vary. Many advanced and demanding users find stuff in WP8 that isn’t elsewhere (when they look at it from what new is there as opposed what old is not).

      I for one would never want to go back now. Microsoft really nailed the user-experience in many ways and there is a lot of unique stuff in it.

      • everlfr says:

        like what? (tiles and hubs apart)

      • StefanP says:

        I don’t see A LOT of unique stuff coming from WP8. What you mentioned further down, e.g. wireless charging, is partly not a WP thing. Kids corner is a great idea, Ubuntu will have this as well. Not sure about lenses, is this a WP thing or Nokia addition?
        But probably you are right, the widely positive responses from all sides proofs that it can’t be as bad as I perceive it. Most of us here on the blog like Nokia products and hope that this company is doing well, this includes me. To summarize, I like most of the stuff Nokia contributed to the Lumias. But there is simply not enough Nokia inside, WP spoils the experience too much for me. Lets see if they can close the gap of missing good old Nokia features fast enough. And lets hope the Lumia success is not just a short hype. Its easy to reach 1%-2% market share with the marketing power of Nokia and MS. From there on it will become tough. Ashas are great, my kids got 311s and I like them. This shows what Nokia can do if they have full control.

        • Jiipee says:

          I heard that MS rejected ready and tested Nokia features to WP8 during Summer probably due to time limitations. The can be plenty of good stuff coming later on.

          • StefanP says:

            Hopefully. But this shows how to give away the control over the OS slows down innovation.

            • Janne says:

              Maybe, but that is not the only conclusion. If you can’t manage your own OS efforts, the result can be even worse… He many OS delays Nokia’s internal efforts had…

              • nn says:

                If you can’t manage things, you are dead and nothing can save you. Especially not giving away your core business to other companies, which themselves have big managerial problems.

                But I guess the idea of contracting out everything to someone else and reducing your company to one P.O. box for receiving the nine figure checks of pure profits, is really tempting.

              • Jiipee says:

                Some of those features were already finished for Meego, but were killed ;)

                Cant comment, if Nokia was able to manage their own OS dev or not. Id like to first interview mr Green, who came outside and could have been less biased.

                S40 seems to do well ;)

          • Viipottaja says:

            Any details on what kind of things?

        • Janne says:

          Obviously you have grown so accustomed to certain old Nokia features that your expectations are not matched by WP8, I get that. It is understandable. Nokia seems to be adding that kind of stuff every day though (like Network+ today) so I’m guessing some of those things will still improve.

          My mileage varies. I quickly re-arranged my thought process to the WP way and found I liked it. This by the way happened with WP 7.0 on an LG on WP7 launch in 2010! (Yes, I’m a bit of a gadget junkie…) Now that was limited, but already showed huge potential in my view.

          • rustyknight17 says:

            i get ur point Janne . I know it`s terribly stubborn and old fashioned of me , but I don`t consider it unreasonable to expect my mobile device to serve my needs . If Nokia ( and WP ) can`t do it , I`ll go elsewhere and I strongly suspect many Symbian users will do like wise . In fact , it seems many have , to Android . Once u get used to the power and adaptability of Symbian , it`s hard to downgrade …
            While for now WP is a downgrade from Belle , I`m keeping an eye on the 920`s successor but also on Sailfish and BB10 . Sadly , for nokia , I suspect my main device will be RIM`s X 10 , but the BU device may be an ASHa , now there`s irony lol !

      • Sonny says:

        Looks like you were nailed pretty hard by someone at microsoft ya

        • Janne says:

          Oh I know, one can not possibly genuinely like “Metro”! ;) But I do. Best thing since Maemo 5, for me personally. I hated Windows Mobile.

          • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:


            I know how it is. People are saying that you can’t really like WP unless you are an idiot.

            Just like people are saying that you can’t dislike N9′s swipe UI unless you are an idiot.

            I don’t really like either of those but I bet I could live with them for the rest of the decade if I had to.

    • yoyo says:

      Hi Stefan,

      That is quite an clear list of disadvantages when you put the N9 head to head with the 920. Can you produce an similar with advantages of the 920 compared to the N9.

      I am personally clinging on to my white N9 like there is no tomorrow. But I am thinking of changing in the next year. But the N9 has to many unique aspects which I cannot live without. Even Sailfish misses some of these aspects(sleeping screen for example).

      I was thinking of going all-in the Windows eco-system (Lenovo Helix, Nokia WP8 second gen), but the list that you and Ali have put together is quite big and many of them have fundamental issues in them.

      • StefanP says:

        Right. As it looks now, the 920 is just a transitional phone for me. I was attracted by the design, the camera, and actually I like tiles as well. But the intuitive UI and ease of use as well as the openness of the N9 is unbeatable. Taking my N9, I feel at home immediately and can do things faster. Lets see if it remains like this after a couple of more month with the 920 as main phone.
        But the N9 was only perfect after PR1.3, so lets wait how the Lumias will look like after next two major updates. By this time the 920 has to measure itself against the Jolla phone and then I will know what to do.

        • Peter L says:

          N9 perfect after PR1.3? You must be joking.

          Stock Twitter is unusable (not responding-bug), slow maps, several different feed displaying related bugs, etc.

          Swipe UI is magnificent, but MeeGo-Harmattan is not.

          • richard says:

            But still the time that has been gone might make Harmattan more stable now..

          • Jeff says:

            Er, little hard NOT be in that state when the team started shrinking long before the device was out, & then shrunk RAPIDLY when it 1st started arriving in numbers, to the pt that they were all gone 9mth later!

            • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

              And without shutting down the MeeGo project they would have been delayed even more with the N9. They just didn’t have the talent to manage that huge SW projects.

              Good coders are just a part of the equation.

              • Jeff says:

                Rubbish, they hadn’t even started srsly ramping-up resources up towards meego-proper before it was wound down instead by the strategy change.
                By far the lions share of resources was still going towards finishing-off harmattan, it was delayed thanks to project management errors within that project, + thanks to the whole qt retooling efforts.
                Meego proper had a comparatively minuscule impact, it being the single-biggest factor is often grossly overstated; plus they simply started the whole thing a bit too late.

                • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                  Yes, bad management and no focus. Good coder but not that many good project managers.

                  The game was lost when they didn’t release a phone with Linux core back in 2010. After that it didn’t matter what they were going to do with Qt as a migration path. Symbian sales were just collapsing too fast and the old applications were not compatible.

                  The biggest problem of selling WP or MeeGo phone in 2011 is that the product is not iOS or Android. Before 2011 it could have been different if the product was really good.

                  • Jeff says:

                    Well, unlike you I won’t pretend to KNOW what could/would have happened, I’m not as arrogant & self-deluded, little more boring in that respect I guess…
                    I just state disparate facts, I’ve zero interest in weaving supposed “factual narratives” that are impossible to know, & are merely constructs of ones imagination.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Nice to know how you think anything can succeed and anything can be picked as the future platform. Really nice strategy.

                      However it’s not that nice to see how you have double standards. I’ve not seen you telling that to people claiming how WP is not going to succeed.

                      Maybe that makes you even more arrogant in your books?

                    • Jeff says:

                      “Nice to know how you think anything can succeed and anything can be picked as the future platform. Really nice strategy.”

                      Nope, that’s you projecting what I’m saying, never said anything of the sort.

                      “I’ve not seen you telling that to people claiming how WP is not going to succeed.”

                      If they chose to weigh-in to my thread I’d gladly do so.

                      “Maybe that makes you even more arrogant in your books?”

                      Nah, that’s just all you, through & through.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Yes, I knew you are a hypocrite.

                    • Jeff says:

                      That’s good Lord_US, I defy you to find one post of mine (like ever) saying with 100% conviction, that WP’s a complete failure & never will be a success.
                      Nah I never say anything of the sort, I have on occasion criticised it, sure, but nothing of the magnitude of your bias against anything non-WP.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Yes. While hypocrite, you are not too interesting person.

                    • Jeff says:

                      Nah, you just don’t understand the concept, I’d much rather be uninteresting than; arrogant/self-deluded, & a total dick.

                      You done yet Lord_US, I am…

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      So, you rant while presenting your guess as a fact.

                      “hadn’t even started srsly ramping-up”

                    • Jeff says:

                      It’s absolutely not a guess, it’s very well known, had you been following the progress closely at the time (but you never would have) you’d know this to be true too.
                      And no I’m not going to try to dig it all up, pop into mail-list archives & other community resources from the time…
                      The transition plans were well-known & publicly communicated to the wider maemo/meego/qt community, AIR it was even broadcast in the mainstream media at the time.
                      It’s not some new, unique, factoid, harmattan was always meant to be a bridge towards meego proper, at some point others started recasting it as some entirely new tack, that is true in a way, but only in that it’s UX was partly re-done.
                      But it’s not true that meego-proper had any significant impact on Harmattan’s delivery, as meego was not even the main focus yet, it was very close to becoming the main focus, but then we had the memo.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Just keep telling us that you have seen the indisputable truth and everyone else saying anything else is wrong.

                    • Jeff says:

                      What are you talking about moron….
                      I’m not the one claiming x platform will been a failure/success without Qn, even in the face of countless unknown/known variables, I’m not making any ‘absolute claims’.
                      Nice effort there trying to equate a s SINGLE FACTOID with the same shit you pull though… touche`.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Indeed, you think you have the correct information so everyone questioning it just can’t know anything.

                    • Jeff says:

                      Freaking hilarious way to ‘supposedly’ win an argument, adios dickhead.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Just make a list of those correct answers you have so the rest of us can learn from your wisdom.

                    • Jeff says:

                      People learn sweet f*** all from the s*** you post*, they have to suffer through weird little overarching narratives you want to paint as; “the whole truth & nothing but the truth”, as though we live in some kind of Orwellian world.
                      It’s far more interesting to read posts that offer-up real understanding of the subject matter at hand, & don’t seek to tie everything into one giant overarching narrative every step of the way.

                      *anything that’s an accurate factoid or interesting thought is usually rehashed from elsewhere, not from your brain.

                      MODERATED COMMENT: Please keep it PG so your comment doesn’t get blocked.

                    • Jeff says:

                      People learn almost zilch from the shit you post*, they have to suffer through weird little overarching narratives you want to paint as; “the whole truth & nothing but the truth”, as though we live in some kind of Orwellian world.
                      It’s far more interesting to read posts that offer-up real understanding of the subject matter at hand, & don’t seek to tie everything into one giant overarching narrative every step of the way.

                      *anything that’s an accurate factoid or interesting thought is usually rehashed from elsewhere, not from your brain.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Just enlighten us with your infinite wisdom and we learn if we are worthy.

                    • Jeff says:

                      Why do you keep saying “us”, most folks who argue along similar lines as you know that you’re clueless, you’re not one of the clued-up users here buddy, far from it.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      We learn so much from you!

                    • Jeff says:

                      When did I offer to give all the answers to everything?
                      As explained countless times (sadly it’ not sinking in), unlike you I don’t know it all.
                      I don’t claim to know that WP WILL fail or be a success, nor do I claim to know the same for harmattan/meego.
                      You’re the only one who think he has a monopoly on answers to the unknown.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Link doesn’t work. Maybe I should ask you for advice?

                      Since you have the truth about MeeGo, you could help the guys from Muropaketti with the story about it.

                    • Jeff says:

                      I didn’t offer the entire truth dick-head, I simply corrected one point that is patently wrong, even their interpretation is just that, it is impossible to get a 100% accurate account of it all, that’s the whole you don’t comprehend, there’s is the closest yet, but it’s still far from a documentary acct, too any restriction still in-place, & many unknowns that will forever remain.
                      If I cbf’d, later I’ll spend some time finding the proof you need that harmattan was to transition to meego, then you better STFU.

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      We are truly lucky to have you here since you do have the definite truth about Nokia raping up MeeGo.

                      “hadn’t even started srsly ramping-up”

                    • Jeff says:

                      Yep that was my point, repeating for any special reason…
                      If my mem served me correctly ramp-up hadn’t started yet, or if it had, it hadn’t reached anywhere near it’s peak & had been going for only about 4mth. Heavy focus was still very much on harmattan, & the delays were happening there, & with the entire Qt retooling efforts ofc.
                      Lets see…….

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      You obviously have the best information because you say so.


                  • rustyknight17 says:

                    ermmm , apparently ,many consumers disagreed with u , as the N9 has apparently sold quite well and everyone i know who has one is quite satisfied with it . DFitto for the Belle phones , including the 808 . They`ve sold quite well , especially considering that Belle and Meego were DOA by Elop . Not bad for dead OSes !

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      N9 unit sales were never published so it’s not possible to be sure that it was selling that well.

                      Same goes for 808. We don’t know the unit sales.

                    • rustyknight17 says:

                      As to the N9 , yes it is . I refer u to the Dominies Communicate article on the N9 outselling the Lumias in Q4 2011 . Though Nokia didn`t publish figures , we can make educated guesses based on available information , if u r willing to look it up !
                      As for the 808 , again , no official figures but I can confirm that Amazon USA and Ebay have trouble keeping it in stock . Moreover , an Amazon CSR confirmed it …

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Dominies? No, not likely. Here is a link to that site. There are lots of correction to false claims made by Tomi Ahonen.


                      It’s very educative to read that site. That site reveals an enormous amount of lies Tomi Ahonen likes to use as facts.

                      There are no facts about N9 outselling Lumia in Q4 2011. Unfortunately those numbers Tomi Ahonen is using as facts, are fabricated. He likes to make up stories.

                      In Finland, where Nokia and Symbian are probably more popular compared to the rest of the world, 808 can be bought at any time. Resellers have it on stock but unfortunately they can’t sell it because people are not buying Nokia 808 phones.

                      One of the biggest retailers tells us how the sales of 808 phones almost stopped after the summer. They had 808 phones in stock all the time and ordered only small amounts of them.

                      Here you have some statistics.

                      Currently in stock 3 Nokia 808 PureView phones.

                      Batches arrived.

                      27.11.2012 18:16 – 6 phones
                      30.10.2012 07:42 – 1 phone
                      11.10.2012 13:53 – 1 phone
                      1.10.2012 07:17 – 8 phones
                      16.9.2012 13:30 – 10 phones

                      Real success?

                      They have even slashed prices and can’t sell all those phones.

                    • RIM says:

                      @rusty do not feed the trool. Specialy That one

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu says:

                      Too much facts for you?


      • StefanP says:

        Oh yes, what is better on the 920? Well, camera of course (besides the trigger delay), screen size and quality.
        App support is much better and this might be one of the main reasons to give up the N9. That’s about it from my perspective.
        Besides the big customizable tiles, the OS does not have to offer anything superior to an N9 owner. Maybe someone else can jump in, but I don’t see anything else.

        • Janne says:

          Xbox Live, Hubs concept (and some hub integrations N9 doesn’t have), Lenses (including Smart Shoot and Cinemagraph), Office integration, Wallet (granted, not much use yet just a mention), Kids Corner, Rooms (this and many other People Hub things are actually really, really great stuff), new Nokia stuff such as PhotoBeamer, Nokia TV etc.

          • Jiipee says:

            Fluidity, email client and group chat ate the biggest misses in N9 for me.

            People hub is good idea, implementation could be better. I dont know what I would use Xbox live for eventhouhh I have xbox ;) proper office with editing possibility would be necessary on tablet and on a smartphone that can be docked to keyboard & screen would be great. On a smartphone viewing capability is enough. Rooms: is it necessary that all participants have WP/Windows in use? Im using with my co-partners Google hangouts a lot, I gueds its similar? For the Nokia stuff we will never know, if they were already worked on for Meego. Some stuff Ive heard being canceled right aftee strategy change.

    • invertol says:

      - Calender: No week view, which is the most important view for me. My reference (N9) fails here as well.”

      Just flip your N9 to portrait.

      • StefanP says:

        Oh yes, there really is a week view on the N9. Now I remember. I just did not use it often, although I like to have a complete week overview. The reason I did not use it often is you have to scroll, not possible to see it all in one view.
        I had an excellent week view on my Palms with the Pimlico Datebook app. They really used every pixel on the small display. One of the best calendars for handheld devices / PDAs.
        The Palm time was the time I was expecting Nokia to release a touch screen device. I was so sure that this MUST happen. But it didn’t. We all know the rest of the story.

  15. Paul Grenfell says:

    Tweaking? Seems like every SW released by Nokia needs constant work , not just tweaking. Like you say, some things are common sense and should not be that difficult. Even so, they never seem to get on top of it. Even my 808 belle is nice and the new features are welcomed, but why ditch common useful features that we loved in Anna?
    Oh yes, we will bring some of those back with next update, update, update..ah forget it..

  16. swain says:

    “although it brings some great new (much needed) features, it does that on the cost of stability and performance that made me fall in love with WP7″
    Is it true ???
    I wonder if WP becomes Symbian(performance wise) or Android(H/W requirement) when all the features are added… :P

    Can anybody confirm if WP8 supports xVid/DivX/mkv files.

    • Janne says:

      No, it isn’t true and I’d say is grossly overplayed in this thread. The new kernel obviously brought in more native code apps and new native code apps plus more background tasks, which means more opportunity for bugs to crash something (compared to e.g. the .NET sandboxing on WP7). However, the OS itself is not unstable as people seem to make it sound. I agree there have been more crashing reports than WP7, mostly due to buggy apps (Nokia Drive+ is still beta for example).

      IE10 crashed twice in November, since then I have not had a single crash with WP8. Out of the ten or so people I know personally with WP8 Lumias, I think one or two has had one or two crashes during the past two months

      That lists of features people miss are mostly legitimate (except when they are not), but the problem with those is they point out only downsides when there is a huge amount of upsides as well. WP8 has a lot of stuff other operating systems don’t have, lenses, kids corner, UX innovations like hubs, or don’t widely have like xbox live, wireless charging support etc.

      • Oldboy says:

        Yes it is unstable. My 920 has 4-5 random restarts a day and God knows how many more I don’t notice because I turned SIM security off, so it probably just restarts in my pocket with me none the wiser.
        And no, I haven’t installed many apps at all. I think I have around 15.
        My old N9 had its shortcomings, hardware and software wise, but Meego seems like an incredibly complete and stable OS compared to WP8. I can only imagine how fast Meego would be if it were running on this hardware.

        • Janne says:

          If you have 4-5 random restarts every day, it is quite likely there is one culprit on your phone doing that. It doesn’t take more than that one app or one setting and that happens. If I were you I’d check all the background tasks and installed apps that have forced background tasks and see if disabling/removing some of them helps. (It is also possible your phone is broken, but I wouldn’t bet on that.)

          That definitely does NOT happen on my Lumia 920 or the ones I know of in my immediate circle of life. The people I know and myself have had like 0-2 crashes during the life of the device.

          • Janne says:

            It doesn’t take more than that one app or one setting and that happens.

            By this I mean one bug in an app or the like. They shouldn’t be able to crash the phone of course, but the experiences I’ve read have usually been tracked down to some app. Nokia Drive+ Beta was an usual culprit at least at one version.

      • swain says:

        My 808 crashes/freezes once or twice in a week. But few people say that they have not experienced that much crashes.
        It doesn’t matter once in a day or once in a week, the fact is that it crashes hence unstable and unreliable.

        Now let’s consider the list of innovative features of WP8:
        lenses: other platforms have similar or better apps
        kids corner: turn off data, put phone in offline mode :P
        UX innovations like hubs: others too have SNS integration and other similar/better applications
        xbox live: yeah…something unique from MS.
        wireless charging support: others have it long before 920 came into picture

        Honestly I don’t see WP giving any advantage to otherwise superb hardware and design of Nokia phones.

        Now can you please confirm if Lumia 920 supports xVid/DivX/mkv/flv files. I need to place an order after getting some confirmation.

        • DesR85 says:

          “Now can you please confirm if Lumia 920 supports xVid/DivX/mkv/flv files. I need to place an order after getting some confirmation.”

          I know this question isn’t directed at me, but I did a search and found a useful article from WP Central (Link:

          Not bad that it’ll help you to convert incompatible formats automatically when prompted. I still remember the time I have to manually convert a lot of video files into .3gp format for my little brother’s Motorola smartphone a couple of years ago.

          • swain says:

            Converting a big video file is a real pain. Sometimes it take hours. So it was never a good solution in comparison to out-of-the-box support.
            The link is good and informative.
            Thanks a lot.

            • DesR85 says:

              Too true. I found it a real hassle just to convert from one video format to another, especially in the case of my brother’s phone. Copying that particular video to a CD/DVD is a pain that I still remember even till this day. Thank goodness those days are gone as I just rely on my 1TB hard disk to store any recorded videos nowadays.

              I’d much prefer modifying mp3 files as ringtones for my Lumia 800 than go through the ordeal of video conversion again.

        • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

          My 808 crashes sometimes. Lately not that often but then I have not used it too much. Actually today was the first day when I was using the 808 for a long time. I was shooting some deer running on ice.

          Lenses, kid’s corner and all that are really nice. That’s evolution and something people can really use. Well, I’m probably not one of them.

          • AreOut says:

            “I was shooting some deer running on ice.” pics or it didn’t happen

            • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

              I guess you have been asking about pictures from everyone.

              While the pictures are quite nice, the lack of optical zoom hurts the quality. Maybe 808 is not making regular cameras obsolete after all.

              Wait! it’s definitely not making them obsolete.

              808 is a great device because the world is not only h/Q as we say here.

  17. sks says:

    Looks like another wait for a year for things to settle down, my old nokia 700 is here to stay:-(. I saw both 820/920 yesterday, was tempted to buy, good that i held back, not worth for the high price in India.
    What’s with Elop’s “working closely with microsoft” when they cannot influence the fixes for the very basic user experience issues?

  18. Sheva1326 says:


  19. Bob says:

    Not one single issue on my 920 having had for a month.

    IS actually probably the most stable phone I have owned on par with iOS (previous iPhone, Symbian, Android owner).

    Strange others are having some issues. Unlucky?

    • Janne says:

      More so, I think my Lumia 920 is the most advanced phone I could get at this time. It wasn’t that clear cut with the first Lumia generation, but now it is. No way would I go back to some old, stale icon tapping OS.

      • dss says:

        I think you meant to say most advanced UX, not phone in general.. there several phones out there that are just as “advanced” as the 920 overall.. even more so in certain tasks.

        • Janne says:

          I meant overall most advanced. Sure there are products that have certain better specs (808 certainly springs to mind!) but overall I seriously can’t think of a more advanced phone on the market right now. iPhone 5? No way. SGS III? Please.

          • everlfr says:

            galaxy note 1 and 2. lg optimus g. sony xperia z (soon), even lenovo k900. not to mention the asus transformer padfones.

          • everlfr says:

            os wise.. siri and google now are real ai stuff. wp8 doesnt have the kind of advanced context-aware QA centric intelligent agent stuff. it only has tiles. i do believe however ms research might have something up on its sleeve. juat that wp8 is backward if you consider the state of the art ai stuff.

            • Janne says:

              I have to respectfully disagree with the current relevance of these.

              • everlfr says:

                why? i think the future of mobile computing lies not on the skin but how intelligent the phone becomes.

                • Janne says:

                  I don’t doubt that. As someone who has invested heavily in the Apple-sphere over the years (coming from the Mac side) and is still semi-active there, I just don’t think Siri and the like are yet anything beyond gimmicks. And are left as such by majority of users. That is my experience from that community,

                  They may grow to be more, I grant you that, but not yet.

                  • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

                    Well. It depends.

                    I can already use iPhone to recognize some Finnish. It works pretty well. Real world usage? Not that much really. I have been using it few times for sending some short messages.

                    The same software is available for Android.

            • StefanP says:

              I see people playing with this stuff. Just recently my colleague proudly demonstrated how he can converse with his Galaxy. “what is the meaning of life?”, what is the tallest building in this town?”. Only that he often had to speak twice before it was understood and that the response takes quite a while. Dictating text is always good for a laugh, looking at the result.
              Very useful. ;)

      • Jiipee says:

        Its a thin line between icon tapping and live tiles. Wp does mix those bettee than ios. I didnt use Lumia that long that I would have started to customize the tiles view. If I look at the picture on this blog post, most of the tiles there are basically icons which on taps to get to music player for instance.

        Eventhough I find the Jolla approac somewhat limited based on the first glance, they bring a lot of added functionality to the multitasking cards. I had wished an evolution of Swipe UIs event view, which could have moved closer to Modern’s tile view (customization).

        • Janne says:

          Tiles is a very small part of why I like the “Metro” approach. Granted, it is so easy to customize and make look good that I’ve done home screen tweaking far more than with most phones I have had, but overall it is just a small part. People talk too much of that in my view, simply because it is the thing they see in promo pics or first when picking up the phone.

          Hubs, those are a much bigger part. And the idea that it is not just app starting but an integrated experience.

          • everlfr says:

            you can do hubs with android as well with all the customizable widgets and shortcuts with folders

            • Janne says:

              Sure, you can do many things on Android. The thing with WP though is those things are inherent to the UX and many apps. The philosophy if the OS is very uniquely and well thought out. In my books it immediately makes anything else currently on the market look old fashioned.

              Maybe the 2013 wave of OS innovation will challenge WP UX finally (Ubuntu, Sailfish, BB10?). We’ll see.

      • StefanP says:

        I agree that those tiles look better than icons, initially I was against tiles. It’s good to be able to customize the size and display some information on them. But then, its only done half way. One of the important apps for me is the Battery Status app. For a strange reason MS is not able or willing to integrate this vital function into its OS and a third party app is needed. But this app can update the info on the tile only every 30 mins! So what do I do to get an up-to-date battery info? I open the app! This “live tile” is half dead! On the other hand other MS own tiles are playfully animated. Obviously MS has a bunch of private APIs not open to third parties.
        I know, I know, this will all be better soon. But we need it today and there are just too many restrictions imposed by MS. The open source community can only laugh.

        • Janne says:

          I agree on the restrictions and the fact that if you want open, WP is definitely not for you. I would like WP to be more open, of course. That said, I personally haven’t run into any limitations that would be showstoppers for me. Live tiles work great in my use, they bring glanceability very well. Every OS is a compromise, the point is to find the best compromise for ones personal needs.

      • Bloob says:

        You should propably emphasize that it is your opinion, some people here are not aware that ‘I think’ refers to personal experience.

  20. Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

    Hey Ali, there is a great official app in the store that allows users to suggest features/changes. It is moderated by Microsoft and the suggestions are ALL taken seriously into account. Every user has 10 votes. Give it a try, I know I do

  21. Kaka1982 says:

    Nokia’s Q4 performance exceeds expectations :

    Discussing cameras and the future of Windows Phone with Nokia’s Juha Alakarhu :

    Nokia exclusives: Picnic Wars now available, Spy Mouse debuts on Windows Phone 8 :

    Hello Friends gets bumped to version 3.0, adds Windows Phone 7.5 support :

    MODERATED COMMENT: Links to ad sites will get blocked, so don’t do it, I have put direct links to the posts instead of your ads this time, but in future it will just get marked as SPAM. LLAADD.

  22. Chetan says:

    I agree…WP8 is new and likable but the issues outlined are significant. These issues are linked to making OS practical and if MS neglects these, WP marketshare will take serious beating.
    Currently the market response is linked to the Nokia hardware more than the the OS itself..and MS + Nokia have to really work hard to satisfy the existing customer base by solving these issues ASAP..they are the one who will promote these phones more than any glamorous add
    I really feel the failure of these phones is going to be an MS doing, if at all it occurs
    MS promised apps and more and we see none so far and OS is still immature…coming months should clear the picture..Nokia has played its part by providing one of the best hardware for MS to play with if MS cannot take advantage of this it would be disaster for them.

    BTW have used Lumia 800 and have currently upgraded to Lumia 920..

  23. Why? says:

    I put to you a challenge , use a n9 and compare the use and ease with the mediocre WP8 or 7 . well as features , usability , etc and put their thoughts .
    in my opinion the n9 wins and
    a wide margin.
    WP8 i thought it would be better but no, it’s just hardware.
    sorry for nokia , but , in truth , NOKIA what is what you thought , discarding MeeGo ?
    you are idiots

  24. EmmanuelM says:

    Absolutly not a WP or Elop fan… But hey guys don’t forget we are talking about a new device with a brand new OS… It is expected that you some bugs…

    I remember my N73 when I got it soon after the release it was rebooting frequently (may be once per day or every two days)after a few updates it became extremely stable…

  25. manubharath says:

    Thanks for this post Ali.. I was planning to switch to 920 from my N8 but this suggests that WP8 is not ready yet for me or for some one to switch from Android or iOS.
    No mkv..? WTF? My 2+ year old N8 can play it.. Most irking points in the list are not having separate control for music volume and ringer volume + search button don’t search phone content but only shows bing results? Are you kidding MS? remember it’s a phone first.. Please fix them soon Nokia and MS.. I love Nokia and pls don’t make me buy an ANDROID..!!

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