Accessory Review: “The Bobine” Flexible USB Charger/Tripod (Coolest Charger EVER)

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Sure the latest rage in the smartphone world is wireless charging, but what about those of us without the Qi awesomeness, or maybe we don’t have a wireless charger…. yet. Well fear not, for I present to you what is possibly the coolest way to charge your phone without ditching the wires…The Bobine! The bobine does the impossible and combines a USB charger cable with a tripod, making what is certainly the most “interesting looking” charger I’ve ever seen.


The Bobine charger is a 60 cm/24 in. long Full USB to Micro-USB cable made of some flexible coiled material which allows it to hold practically any shape you give it, which is what allows the Bobine to double out as a tripod. You can (with some manipulation) get the 808 to balance properly and start recording, however the above average weight of the 808 makes it a bit difficult; and it seems almost impossible to use on the 920.


The Bobine can be used in both portrait and landscape mode, giving you ease of use, personally I find this great for anyone with a Symbian device or an N9 since it goes great with the always on sleeping screen, allowing you to charge it up while keeping practically everything visible at all times.



The trick to getting a properly propped tripod or just a desk stand is to make the loop in contact with the surface as large and flat as possible (and almost parallel to the phone)… it’s physics I guess.DSC01428

It would seem as if the Bobine would work best on phones with the Mirco-USb charger port on the bottom (and surprisingly the 920 is the only one of my phones with it there), but it does seem to work pretty well on the N9 and the 900; and while it does work on the 808 the increased weight might cause it to tip over or simply fall off with time.


In all honesty getting the perfect balance of the phone while connecting it to a wall charger is tricky, made even more difficult by the placement of the USB port on the top of most recent Nokia phones, but once you find the sweet spot (you’ll get the hang of it with time) it’s definitely worth it.


You can order the Bobine from Photojojo, one of the coolest camera oriented mobile accessories stores online, unfortunately most of their stuff is iPhone related, but there are some pretty cool universal accessories over there (plus this pretty cute camera charm , I definitely need to get myself one of those!)

The Bobine costs $30 on photojojo; but think of it as a tripod, plus a kickass charger 😀

Bobine Link:



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  • arts

    Nice accessory but wont it damage your port in the long run? =x

    • aw6789

      Exactly my sentiment, for phones hanging off the port (top port), or even those with a side port. Port fix isn’t easy either…

    • v.s.i

      Of course it will, since the port is not designed to hold a phone on its own but merely to fasten a connector. Well, the phone repairing business was not exactly thriving anyway…

  • stylinred

    that is cool

  • It’s a cool thing, but also a very efficient way to destroy your port and/or internal connection.

  • The Game

    HS is so cool, but is a shame that this charger never land in LATAM

  • I am damn sure it will damage the port, so better try for portable normal USB chargers.

  • Ha! Amazing! Deffo gonna get one for my N9 🙂

    • 🙂 There you spotted it Andy! #N9 with this cool accessory will be awesome! 😛

  • JGrove303

    At only 2 foot long, I’d have to get a USB extension cable to make this work as a desk stand. Is it coated with vinyl? Does the microUSB connector fit as tightly al a Nokia cable?

  • dss

    Using two of the heaviest phones to test it… well done.

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  • Hey Ali, how does this fit into the charging port of the N9 with the special protective flap that the N9 (and Lumia 800) has? It looks as if you’ve removed the flap in order for the microUSB plug to fit in, with its huge black plastic outer plug, or am I missing something from your photo? Cheers mate, Andy 🙂

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  • Shaun

    This has to be the daftest idea ever. You WILL break your micro USB connector as it’s not structural. It’ll either break off from the traces on the board or the central pins will snap.

    Nokia will not repair physical damage under warranty or even outside warranty. They wouldn’t repair the USB socket on my Lumia 800 and I had to get it repaired by a third party repairer.