Video: Nokia Lumia 510 review by PhoneArena.

| January 21, 2013 | 42 Replies

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Here’s a 10 minute review of the budget friendly Nokia Lumia 510 from phoneArena.

There’s also a written review available at:



They award the 510 6/10.


  • Good picture quality
  • Free voice-guided navigation
  • Well built, pleasant to hold and look at chassis


  • Just 4 GB of storage with no memory card slot

  • Some apps won’t run with 256 MB of RAM

  • Phone’s microphone relays voices a tad distorted



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  • muhs

    wow, I really got confused at first. I thought it was wp7.5
    but then I saw there’s no the black bar on the right of the screen like wp7.5 plus the new office icon so its running wp7.8.
    still its a bit deceiving at first sight!!

  • rustyknight17

    Hmmm , this is the best MS can do at this price point ? I understand sacrifices r required but for my money , the Ashas , ost particularly the 303 and 311 r better values. They`re cheaper , s40 is more efficient and they , the Ashasm , seem to offer better functionality , and u know that`s not good for WP …

    • nn

      Don’t forget about replacement for Meltemi. One of the rumours, embraced by WP fans, was that Meltemi schedule slipped into 2013/Q1 and that that was late.

      So the late part is already there, yet no 4XX Lumia in sight and I wonder how they are going to squeeze WP7 into even lower specs HW than what this phone has.

      • Jiipee

        I wouldnt be too negative about this. How are the specs vs 610 running wp7? 610 is ok and a lot better than the Symbian equivalents. I didnt read the phonearena revoiw. Did they compare it to other devices in same price category?

        Id like to know, how much effort is MS putting in wp7 or is the responsibility mostly on Nokia’s hands? App compatibility can be a real issues. How on earth do they thinkt that devs will maintain the WP7 versions and optimize them to lower specced devices? This is one of the main questions that in my mind would speak for Meltemi. Another one is that Meltemi could have been upgraded to high end later on givin real option to new strategies and lever towards MS. Thousand devs cost no more than gew hundred millions a year and Nokia could always sell the whole operation.

        • dss

          How is the 610 any better than a Nokia 701 ?

          • jiipee

            Its cheaper ie works well in its price category. There is nothing wrong with either.

            • rustyknight17

              Ermm , that`s not what u implied above ..

        • nn

          I was talking about Meltemi, which was supposed to take place below Lumias. So I’m not sure why you bring in 610 and Symbian.

          • jiipee

            That was an answer both to you and rusty.

            I know very well what Meltemi was planned to be. Might know more than you based on my sources ;) Unfortunately I’ve only heard of the device, not what was going on inside organisation.

            Symbian was part of Qt ecosystem and Meltemi would have joined that party. If Nokia hadnt gone WP at all, they would have needed to continue selling Symbian on those price points. Id say it was ok to mention it.

            • nn

              Obviously, Meltemi couldn’t ever fit into the new, WP-only, strategy. That’s why I was very suspicious about Meltemi prospects in Nokia. I would understand if he killed it right away in February, along with N9 and all other non-WP efforts. But he didn’t, which suggests it was intended as temporary solution for some important segment that couldn’t be covered by WP (like Ashas).

              Maybe, after witnessing the crash, he decided to leave that segment unaddressed and just save the money.

              • Jiipee

                That is the only logical non-conspiracy reason ;)

                One of the benefits would have also been a tablet. For us a simple tablet with great browser and some games would be sufficient.

                • nn

                  Yes, logical. And then you have whole lot of illogical reasons. Question is, if given a choice, from what category will Elop choose?

        • rustyknight17

          Jiipee , if u r talking about the 500 , must agree , but the 803, 700 or 701 ? Nope sorry !

          • rustyknight17

            Sorry , 603

        • rustyknight17

          Yes they did compare the 610 to others . Their conclusion was that the 610 was good but that u`d be better served going for the 710 , which is not much more expensive and better specced …

        • rustyknight17

          YUP according to an article I read , Meltemi could have been scaled up to the high end . Also , according to an MNb ( early 2012 , I believe ) Meltemi was only 2 months from market when it was canned , hmmmm …

      • mirko

        I guess you and rustyknight17 are just trolling, aren’t you?

        What more of functionality do the Ashas have compared to the 510/610? They all (308/309/311) have smaller screens with lower resolution, a worse camera (no AF, lower resolution) and no GPS which means that you don’t get turn by turn navigation. Except the support of microSD cards I don’t see any “better functionality”. Also, what’s about the app ecosystem of S40 compared to WP?

        Why should they go even further down with WP than with the 510/610? The 610 is available in Germany for around 140€ while you can get the 311 for slightly below 100€. Where do you see space for a Lumia 4xx?

        • jiipee

          They should be able to replace the touch only Asha’s. A device owner who wants to upgrade from the 100€ Ashas higher, need to switch ecosystem and in that case Androids and others are as valid choises.

          Btw how does eg battery life compare between those?

        • nn

          You know, Germany isn’t the whole world and the problem with Ashas is that they are entirely different platform, with even the UI/UX far closer to Android that to tiles.

          Elop said they got acceptable solution to the low end problem from MS. I’m just asking how the solution is going.

          • mirko

            So, I should check the prices in all markets where the 311 and 610 are available in order to make a point?

            I think the 505/510/610 are pretty good low end smartphones. Before Nokia those devices would not have happened. What else would you compromise on the way to a Lumia 4xx?

            • Viipottaja

              May not be any need to – in a year or two tech will be even cheaper. :)

              • nn

                That’s true, it won’t take long for WP to reach Asha prices and finally kill that OS at Nokia. However, the cheap Androids will become even cheaper and how long will it take before the price difference between cheapest Android and cheapest Lumia will not matter is another story.

                • rustyknight17

                  Must disagree nn . Yes the lower WPs will get cheaper , but so will the Ashas , and the Ashas have important advantages over the low end Lumais as I pointed out below …

            • Viipottaja

              May be no need to – tech will be even cheaper next year. :)

            • nn

              If you need to search the web to realize that what is cheap in Germany isn’t so in other parts of world – then go ahead.

              • mirco

                You don’t get the point at all, do you?
                You seem to know it better, so please tell me where in the world the Asha 311 is so much cheaper than a 610 that it outweights the lower specs of the 311.

                You could also go ahead and tell me what you would like to sacrifice for a Lumia 4xx in terms of hardware? Maybe you could also tell me how cheap yoou want to sell a WP phone?

                • nn

                  Your point is that Lumias are already cheap enough. In reality they are not. Even if we forget that Asha platform is useless for WP, the difference of 50 % and more than $50 may be pocket change for you, but is huge for large majority of Earth population. Even Elop knows it, the WP7.8 efforts are just for that – cover lower segments where Android is roaring freely. The problem is that WP just isn’t good SW and can’t cope with low end HW.

                  • mirco

                    Well, I guess you will complain about anything if it is related to WP or Microsoft, won’t you?

                • rustyknight17

                  i refer u to my post below …

        • rustyknight17

          who speaks of Lumia 4xx?
          Troll ? Me ? I`d say u come considerably closer to that , since u r only presenting one side of the equation , so to speak …
          Sure , the Ashas have smaller screens , lower resolution , , worse camera and no GPS , though they do have cell ID .. These r asll negatives of the Ashas and u make good points !
          However , ranged against these negatives r some powerful advantages that the 510 , or even the 610 , don`t have . First , of course , is the micro SD card support , a powerful advantage at this low end of the market and one that all too many low and mid range phones don`t have !then there`s the considerably faster CPU ( 1 Ghz vs 800 Mhz in the 510 ) which results in virtually no lag , not true for the 510 ! Third , the home screen shows enough info to keep u current at a glance . Fourth , as I remarked above , s40 is much more efficient , it manages to keep everything smooth with only half the RAM of the 510 ! Fifth , the file manager blows WP`s file manager , even PhoneAreana praised it ! Sixth , there`s the pull down menu , giving u ready access to several important functions , in WP , accessing these same functions is a bit harder…
          of course , it`s all in what u need , but if ur going to go for the 510 , u`d be better off spending a bit mmore for the Lumia 710 , which is not much more and is better specced ! cheers !

          • mirco

            >>”who speaks of Lumia 4xx?”
            nn mentioned this and I was responding to both of you.

            You have an interesting point of view… 1GHz vs. 800MHz CPU is an advantage for the Asha and half of the RAM should also be an advantage for the Asha? Give me a break :D

            If you accuse me of being biased then what are you? Your powerful advantages boil down to “I don’t like WP” (except the SD card support which might be a personal advantage). That would be no problem but you are praising your opinion as a fact. I, for example, wouldn’t buy a smartphone without GPS anymore. On the other hand I hardly need SD cards or access to the file system. I also don’t miss a pull-down menu in WP. You miss it, fine for me. The WP home Screen together with the lock screen shows all information I need (what more do you see on the Asha’s home screen?).

            The Asha line-up is nice and I like especially the dual sim devices but I still have to be convinced to accept them as 100% smartphones.

            • rustyknight17

              U need to reread my post mirco
              I have an interesting POV ? Everything I presented as to the advantages of the Asha 303 and 311 is fact . If u don`t believe me , read the reviews of the 303 , 311 and 510 . Check the specs , better yet , look up an article that compares them .
              I don`t know what school u went to but having a faster processor is normally regarded as an advantage , I suspect many people would agree . Or r u seriously going to argue that a slower processor is an advantage for the 510 ?
              My point on the RAM is that s40 is much more efficient than Wp . It says much that the 303 and 311 have virtually no lag whatsoever while the Lumia has significant ( due to the low , for WP , RAM ) lag . It`s not too bad , judging from the reviews I`ve read , but it IS noticeablnly the shortcomingse .
              Yes , u r biased ;u presented the shortcomings of the 2 Ashas while , except for the micro SD card support , ignoring the advantages .
              As to ur 3rd paragraph , the powerful advantages of the 303 and 311 r just that ; the ashas r low end phones , while the 510 is a mid range smartphone ; it should be considerably better yet the Lumia isn`t …
              My dislike of WP is simply that it doesn`t meet my needs . I go for whatever OS and phone can best serve my needs ; if MS and Nokia can improve WP8 to the point that it meets my needs , I`ll go for it . Speaking of which …
              It would seem , from what u said that u have apparently never used Android , and that if u have a smartphone , u don`t use it much . i , on the other hand , am a power user who uses my device to get a lot of stuff done . as I said in the previous post , it`s all in what u need .
              I firmly believe that a home screen should convey enough information at a glance to keep u current . It seems we have , u and i , very different definitions of this term . from what I`ve heard from others and with Android`s and RIM`s popularity it seems that u and others like u , r a minority …
              Getting back to the home screen issue , email is a great example . In WP , u know how many new emails u have but not who they r from or the subject ; u don`t know whether u need to respond immediately or not . To find out in “W`P, u must dive into the tile , which kinda defeats the purpose . In s40 as well as android , Blackberry, Belle and Meego , u have email widgets to tell u these things . If u don`t need this , u r blessed !
              Last , the Ashas r not quite smartphones , but they`re not quite feature phones either , which only adds to the 510`s issues , as it is a smartphone . Just saying …

              • rustyknight17

                Correction , Meego and Blackberry have unified inboxes or Hub ..

  • dss
    • jiipee

      It is difficult to compare on price when one gets cheap loans that they might not repay at all and the other does not.

      • jiipee

        I want to see what Nokia has been able to do under the hood. To make any sense of the MS deal, they should get some competitive edge on costs (components).

        • JGrove303

          Nokia has been given right to add features that don’t exist in competitors devices, such as Dolby headphone and a graphic equalizer and the accessories bit.

          To my knowledge, Nokia is spearheading the 7.8 deal, as Samsung and HtC really couldn’t be bothered, let alone do anything software wise to differentiate.

          That H company is cheap prepaid disposable phone fodder. The kind of garbage you get on net10 or Boost. Granted, there are Nokia’s down there, but they are built far superior.

          • arts

            HTC has beats thou.

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  • rustyknight17

    Yeahhh didn`t think u would mirco lol !