Mugen Power to make battery extension for Nokia Lumia 920

| January 22, 2013 | 17 Replies

hli_pv808xlFor some people, thickness and weight is of no concern. All they’re after is as much battery power as they can get. For years, Mugen Power has catered to this audience across several brands including Nokia (one of the latest, the 808 no?)


Today, we hear that Mugen Power is making a battery extender for the Nokia Lumia 920. This slips on as a cover which can charge your phone. This cover will sport a removable battery.

There’s no mention of capacity yet. Price is said to be about 100USD.


Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!


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  • Aleksi

    Just recently ordered an extended battery (1500mAh) for my Lumia 710 from Mugen. It doesn’t last even as long as my standard Nokia battery (1300mAh).

    • JGrove303

      I’m assuming Mugen does not precondition their batteries as Nokia does.

      I’ll be super impressed if the 920 battery extender charges through Qi and has Qi charging as well. Bullocks to it if it doesn’t

  • Tetlee

    I’m surprised they’ve bothered with this product for the 808 which in my opinion has an absolutely brilliant battery as is. If I was really needing to make a particularly heavy day of use from my 808 and needed to guarantee the battery would see me though, I’d just buy a spare to keep in my pocket.

    I typically get 3 days out of a single charge with moderate use, incredible really compared to pretty much everything else out there.


    • Weirdfisher

      How do you define moderate?

  • Tetlee

    Photobucket direct image links don’t seem to work here so…

    That’s with whatsapp constantly in the background, a nice big Sleeping Screen image in constant use, heavy use of SMS and Whatsapp, calls, photography, FM Transmitter/ music player, plus web browsing. Symbian is just so well optimized.

    • Pasanen oli hieno mies

      Whatsapp constantly in the background?

      What? How ancient is that?

      You have to have Whatsapp running in order to receive messages?

      With iOS you don’t have to have it running. It can be running but there is no need for that. You still receive the messages even if Whatsapp is not running.

      That’s how optimized iOS is.

      • Quantom

        There’s an application to hide processes from running, making it equal, at least appearance-wise, to iOS as you put. In my view, having things work while running in the background doesn’t exactly qualify as “optimisation”. Compare this to a windows PC which has loads of background services running, hogging up memory, starting up quietly on boot. Is that considered optimisation? To me, having control over what runs in the background and starts at boot IS optimisation. And this can be done without much difficulty on a Symbian device.

        At least Symbian allows you more control over the applications. It also gives you true multi-tasking – I’ve heard that iOS doesn’t really support such a form of multi-tasking throughout the OS, so actually if it showed Whatsapp like Symbian did as a separate running app, it might not even be receiving updates!

        Now iOS might in fact be the more complex OS over Symbian. Yes it handles everything more smoothly and cleanly. It looks optimised from that point of view. However, it does seem that it concedes quite a bit of user control, even over the most basic of tasks.

        It might be argued that iOS is designed so that it gives you control over only that which is important, and not too much so as to overwhelm the user. Optimised, in other words. Far from overwhelming though, I think the OS gives so little control that it underwhelms a user like me.

        • Pasanen oli hieno mies

          You can hide it in Symbian, but it’s still running there.

          Whatsapp is not running in the background in iOS, but it can still receive the messages. That’s the difference. In Symbian you have to have it running. In iOS, it’s not running. Not hided, not frozen. That’s the difference between a modern solution and Symbian.

          You can enable full desktop style multitasking in iOS if you want to, but that’s not the point. The point is that the app can be closed even if the device shows the user that the app has received a message.

          All this can be done without any additional work on iOS. That’s a huge improvement over the traditional model used by Symbian. No need to use memory for the app while Symbian application needs to use memory if it wants to function on the background.

          • Dr.Smart

            You obviously have no grasp of what you are talking about!
            The less you pretend to know anything about the OS innards, the better off you are!

            • Pasanen oli hieno mies

              You really had some solid arguments on that message. No wait! You had absolutely no arguments.

              You were just cranky because I was talking about how inefficient Whatsapp is on Symbian. It has to be running all the time! That’s ancient.

              Maybe you should learn how a modern OS works and talk more only after that?


            • Noki

              ignore this troll he changes his name every other week he is a dishonest liar, and seams he has some sort of love afair with Tomi and Symbian..

              • Pasanen oli hieno mies

                Anyone knowing the proper language can see how the nick is not really that different.

                I see. You are upset because you failed to prove N9 sold 1,75 million in the Q4 2011. There were lots of messages about that but in the end you failed to show the proof. That must be it.

                Yes, calling names really proves your facts better compared to using some proper arguments. Just like now. Nothing about the subject.

                Now what is the problem with you people? Getting mad and not able to discuss about Nokia and the products Nokia is manufacturing.

                Please grow up.

                • madusha

                  BTW, Whatsapp on Belle can receive messages when fully closed too. Works on my N8 right now.

                  • Pasanen oli hieno mies

                    It seems that you have mistaken.

                    That would be nice but unfortunately that’s not really the case. Here is quote from concerning Belle.

                    “In short, you cannot disconnect or turn off WhatsApp at this time.”

                    So, you can’t fully close it. With iPhone this is possible and it continues to receive messages while closed on iOS.


                  • NND

                    Got a data log screenshot ?

  • migo

    The 808 is a case where the extended battery and overall thickness improves the phone.

    If on the 920 it adds thickness to the top (unfortunately, it’ll probably just add more to the bottom), it could do the same.

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