Video: Lumia 920’s OIS Goes Skiing; Impresses Everyone

| January 22, 2013 | 7 Replies

Although I’ve never gone skiing I can only imagine that it’s quite difficult, and probably a lot more difficult when you’re using miniature skis like the “sled dogs” seen above. All that aside the Lumia 920 has no issues keeping everything steady while flying down hill on some slopes in the video down below


Everything about the video is pretty impressive (except maybe the sound recording?); I can only imagine what the Lumia 920 would do if it had proper rich audio recording like the 808.





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  • Bhavanishankar
    • Good one!

      Those sleddogs look might hard to control, especially at that speed. Wouldn’t mind doing that slope with some normal skies though. Looks killer.

  • hulkkii

    ..Now I want to try sled dogs! Would love to skate on snow ;D

  • Brian

    As an expert skier I can tell you that cut down skis like those above are far easier to use than regular skis.

    They are usually recommended to geriatrics who have had hip replacements because they place far less stress on the joints and allow skiers who develop disabilities with age to continue to enjoy their sport.

    • Really? Just like Snowblades are easier to use, but they require skill to control them at speed. I’d take regular skies over snowblades anyday, harder to turn, but way more stable at speed.

      It might happe, but I can’t imagine geriatrics going on snowblades or sleddogs unless they never leave the bunny slope. Other slopes it would be downright dangerous IMHO.

      • exsanguine

        Indeed, all it would take is one bad patch of snow to go cart-wheeling and end up bruised and battered.

        At least with shorty skis you have some forgiveness for crap snow

  • I am the one who recorded all the shots in this video, and I have put out an image (taken with my Lumia 920:) of my left skate, so people see how the skates we used in the video actually look like.

    As you see, the ski is the same size as the boot, and not like the K9’s that are shown in this article. The K9 was a horrible thing to use, the ski was to wide, to wobly (binding not stiff enough), and would be absolutely impossible to use in this video. The F5 we used have a fixed ski, that is screwed to the boot, and actually gives great control for an experienced skier. Rune Ingebrigtsen who is filmed in the shots was Scandinavian slalom champion as a junior (before he hurt his knees), and he also have about 15 years of experience with Sled Dogs. And the shots in this video is actually not very impressive, compared to what we saw him do in the steeper parts of the slope…but I just did not dear to try to film him in those places.

    We plan to redo this next year (we have planned a new trip to Kvitfjell next winter), since the filming was a bit “by accident” this time…I just happened to have my Lumia 920 with me, and had heard a lot about how good the camera was…so I tried to film a bit, and it was a lot better than the recording we have had with “real videocameras” before.