Nokia “EOS” With 808’s Camera Sensor and Aluminum Body; Windows Phone’s “First Real Pureview” + Windows RT Tablet

| January 23, 2013 | 45 Replies

Sources at the Verge are reporting that the Aluminum bodied Nokia we previously heard about, which was called “Catwalk” is actually codenamed “EOS”. The EOS wil pack a sensor “Similar in size” to the 808 Pureview ( 1/1.2″) according to the rumors the EOS will be built with aluminum and have “Square edges”.


The rumor also brings up the usual tablet rumors; which last we heard would have a folding cover/keyboard/battery pack.

*Side note: EOS is Canons line of High end cameras; perhaps a partnership? (not likely but that’s what the name made me think)




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  • Werner Ruotsalainen

    Wowz!!! Great news!! Hope it’ll have as efficient an OIS as that of the 920 while retaining the image quality of the 808.

  • rstyle

    im ready for the next big thing!!

    something to rival GS4 and Optimus G pro..ok lets put 5S on the list.

  • dealing with dumb facks is fun.

    This cant be right? Windows phone can’t support the sensor on the 808. We would only see the true pureview in windows phone 9. Like in 2019 or something.

    /s. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha.

    • dealing with dumb facks is fun.

      People to call out: DSS, AREOUT.

      Why did you lie about this? Does this prove both of you are pathetic liars?

      • Kumara

        You are obviusly idiot (idiotisem is the worst level of retardness by the way). Why are you here? You are not even making fun from Nokia fans, but from your self, because your comment does not corespond to the article. Did you even read the word RUMORES? Ali didn’t say what will be or what won’t.

        PS: if you think it can’t handle, then justify your sentence with proof.

        • Pasanen oli hieno mies

          Do you see the irony in your post?

          People were claiming that WP can’t handle PureView Pro. That claim was based on rumors.

          Now you are complaining about someone commenting about opposite rumor.

          • Kumara

            That clam was based on Nokia’s info, that they coudln’t produce Pureview 1 at the time being.
            And I’m not complaining about wether it could or not support but his attitude to this blog and teir posters ( from users post: “Why did you lie about this? Does this prove both of you are pathetic liars?”) and his trolling.

            • mirco

              No, that claim was never based on Nokia’s info. Indeed, if those people have listened to Nokia they would know that PureView#1 is not depending on the OS. Those particular persons were spreading rumors and twisting the facts in order to “prove” that WP couldn’t support PureView#1 at all.



                These guys aren’t just pathetic liars, they are TROLLS flat out. They likely are big Symbian believers, because Nokia dropped Symbian, it seems these guys are now TROLLING hard on Nokia blogs and forums against WP.

                There is NO limitation on WP8 core to support the Pureview sensor. The WP8 kernel has NO limitation on multiple or custom chips either. The HTC 8X uses a custom add-on sound chip for example. Nokia can easily use the custom Toshiba DSP chip from the 808 on the WP8; all they have to do is properly code for it. They have full access to WP8 code, so yes I believe it is coming.

                The Verge, as much as I hate those anti-Nokia goons, are usually reliable when posting rumors. So if The Verge posted a rumor, especially more than once, then it’s likely to be true.

            • DEV55

              Stop overreacting man! Its ugly to see you do this!

    • CyberAngel

      Snapdragon ARM_CPU can support only 20 Mpix,
      but you could still use the pixel-pinned images of 8M/5M/3M
      with that 38M CMOS image+CPU combo

  • Raven

    This is bad news then, I mean it is great for camera lovers, but all i wanted was ONE thin high end phone from Nokia JUST ONE!:( I knew it was too good to be true

    • Janne

      There is still the rumoured 920 successor with a slim aluminium body. Might be for some specific operator, though, of course. If Nokia actually brings six models (doubtful) to MWC, even if less, I’m sure there is room for more sizes than just the PureView monster…

      • Raven

        Ah Nice then 😛

      • migo

        One can hope, but I’ve also been hoping for a symmetrical WP8 Lumia and Nokia has been disappointing me with every new model released. It wouldn’t be much of a shock for them to do the same with thin phones.

  • zymo

    Sources at the Verge are reporting that the Aluminum bodied Nokia we previously heard about, which was called “Catwalk” is actually codenamed “EOS”

    If I’m not mistaken then Catwalk and EOS are two different devices. Catwalk is the successor to the L920, which will have an aluminium body, like “EOS” does which is the WP successor to the 808.

    Nevertheless great news if true.

    • Janne

      Sounds plausible. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce two high-end models, perhaps a slimmer 922 without OIS and then a PureView monster box?

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  • Ritesh

    I heard there will be no bulge and the screen’s lesser than 5 inches..
    cost is too high..might be around 50k INR.. take with a pinch of salt though

  • Paul Grenfell

    Would nice if true, but how looooooooongg do we wait?

  • Grendell

    At this point I’d be happy with at least the N8’s daylight performance and the Lumia 920’s night time and video stabilization capabilities in a slimmer package. But if they can pull this one off….


    yes please, i want one.

  • Ady

    Now I’m feeling kind of sad for getting the 920. I really want to have a 41mp Nokia phone with OIS and the night shooting.

    • civichief

      Are you serious?
      This is just a rumour and you can be sure, that this EOS won’t be available until X-Mas 2013.

      You can expect a new line of mobile phone models from any manufacturer once a year.

      • Peter L

        Any device announced at MWC will absolutely be available sometime in the spring.

        • CyberAngel

          I have some stock
          The Verge spread rumors
          If EOS is *NOT* announced at MWC
          I’m going to sue them for this

          I think the Verge is pushing people NOT TO BUY the new Lumia 920!
          They do it in purpose to harm Nokia stock owners
          That is going to cost BILLIONS to the Verge
          GOOD BYE VERGE – FOREVER !!!

  • Vineet

    Couple of nitpicks

    1) The Verge indicates the Catwalk (Aluminium 920) and EOS are different devices.

    2) The EOS is not the official name, it was probably chosen as the internal codename because they want it to be as good as Canon’s high end cams.

    3) Windows RT tablet. DOA :\

  • wes?

    Let it have a Xenon and I’m sold…

  • hahahi20

    Eos has nothing to do with Canon, it’s probably just the name of the godess of dawn in the greek mythology

  • Andrew_b

    What Nokia really need is for some of these rumours to start crossing over in to non-nokia blogs, tech and mainstream news sites to build interest in what Nokia are/might be doing in the near future. All these wild guessing rumours are pre-marketing gold, growing general public awareness and excitement, increasing demand.

  • Miikka
  • stylinred

    or by EOS they’re saying this cameraphones going to rival or best one of them

  • peter miller

    want that with min. 4.3″ screen and, with FM TRANSMITTER……… best without wp 8crap , but we cannot prevent that i guess :@:@;(;(;(;(

    • JGrove303

      FM Transmitter was cool, but get with the times, bro. Bluetooth works better, further and with much better audio quality now, especially in Nokia’s hands. Using a Play 360 or PlayUp kicks using an old boom box square in the balls.

      I am a N8-00 user and Lumia 920 user. Bluetooth range on both is superior to the FM Transmitter by a long shot

      • peter miller

        but neverthelss , i got old car without bluetooth and with unswitchable double din implemented radio …….
        maybe if ill get a new car in maybe , 10 years or so , ill switch over to bluetooth guys, i am a poor man ….

        • Zymesh

          get a new Car Radio with Aux. I bought one for my old 2005 car.

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