Rumours: MWC 2013 to see 41MP Nokia Lumia 920/9XX? No tablet? 6 new Lumias

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UPDATE: TheVerge confirms that there is a Nokia Lumia EOS that has a similar sensor to the Nokia 808 PureView. Nokia EOS will be the higher range of Lumia, built in aluminium. The edges will be square. AT&T will have the handset later this year. Tablet due 2013, presented Q1, contrary to source below.


As MWC looms, expectations of Nokia’s new products begin to bubble into rumours.

Here’s three of the rumours, from someone supposedly reliable called “Flavio”.

  1. No Nokia tablet yet.
  2. 6 new Nokia Lumias
  3. A Nokia Lumia 920 with 41MP camera.

This could be a load of hot air but nothing completely left field (Not as much as hearing rumours about a 41MP camera in a PHONE over a year ago anyway :p). At the Nokia 808 PureView launch, we heard that if Nokia waited to put PureView pro in Lumia, they’d be delayed a year. Well, one year on, it’s quite right for users to expect the 41MP PureView (along with mahoosive sensor) to appear in a Lumia.

We already some some supposed leaked images (quite weird ones at that).

BTW, when was the new Windows Phone logo announced? I looked back at sources and it said August 2012. But this picture was available in April? (Unless they just assumed it would be identical to W8 logo).




To have a hump or not have a hump? If the rest of the phone is slim enough, and the camera blows away the competition like the 808, then for some people who want the best of the best in imaging (like 808 users) can handle that bit of extra bulge. It might not be for the peeps who want anorexic phones, but hopefully Nokia will have another product to cater for their slim needs.



Cheers  Il Principo for the tip!

Lumia with 808 like camera? Possibly OIS too? Or is that too much 😀

As per TheVerge comment

Also imagine if EOS line of Lumia meant Canon partnership to use Canon lenses 😀 😀 (On the step to replacing the DSLR)


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  • Ronny

    But according to the verge the Nokia tablet will be presented in Q1-2013 sooooo… MWC?

  • Pawlee

    I was saving for a new laptop… if a pureview 1 lumia is announced then I’m saving for that!!!

  • pao13

    ooooohhhhh………..this is my wish….in the fisrt picture the hump….it isnt irksome!!!actually is a pretty mock-up….the annoying thing will be,if the phone is going to be totally bulky,but in a specific point….i suppose that,it wouldnt repell anyone!!!!!I LOVE NOKIAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • v.s.i

    C’mon Nokia guys!! 🙂 Spam-flood the market like you used to in the good old days! time to take over Samsung as the number one again 😀

    Imagination aside, maybe 6 new phones is a bit high considering worldwide availability is still spotty, but they could as well be local variations like the 505. Looking forward to February, MWC, new Nokias and no more exams for the next 4 months!! 🙂

  • fff

    again, nokia have pureview to show! Wp8 ,9,10… Is nothing new

  • fff

    your rival firefox os phones are annouced

  • dealing with dumb facks is fun.

    This cant be right? Windows phone can’t support the sensor on the 808. We would only see the true pureview in windows phone 9. Like in 2019 or something.

    /s. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha.

    • dealing with dumb facks is fun.

      People to call out: DSS, AREOUT.

      Why did you lie about this? Does this prove both of you are pathetic liars?

      • AreOut

        I guess you already possess an example? You can mount 41 MP on Nokia 3310, how it will work is another story…

        btw where the hell you get inspiration for these multiword nicknames, you have thousands of them..

    • Luisito

      According to what I know it couldn’t, but for that are the engineers, to find solutions… myself have thinking on some ideas of how to make the whole idea of the 808 on windows phone… But until see the thing…

      • mirco

        And what was it that prevented PureView#1 @ WP according to your knowledge?

        • Luisito

          The way it work to do the oversampling, it need not only a badass crunching number DSP, but a high bandwith to operate into a comfor zone (ms or even less)… Qualcomm chips can be one of the badass around the globe, but has its limits, and the adreno 320 gpu can’t get up to the task… but there might be some workaround to make it work, just thinking…

          The main problem I see over the whole WP thing is that it only support one Chipset, MS must add support to make it work with others like Tegras & STE ones

          • Luisito

            Of course that’s what I know, just reading some info here and there…

            • Noki

              One possible solution would be to incorporate a dedicated IPU for that, and send to the OS the final results…
              Never saw the big question with making purview work with WP.

              • jiipee

                One reason why Nokia didnt get it on earlier was that they knew WP7 was going to be obsolete and not worth the effort.

                This is something Ive been expecting for Spring since the Nokia dev relations director said in an interview that next Spring (2013) there will be amazing stuff coming out from Nokia.

                I would be positively suprised, if they can get it out a lot before Summer. WP8 was clearly a bit late and Microsofts reference platforms naturally do not contain chips that 808 has. If they dont have support for alternative socs yet, the imaging chip cannot be priority.

              • Luisito

                I was thinking o some idea that look like your possible solution, some post down… The mian problem is that Nokia will need to do this kind of skunwork because it isn’t into the priority list of MS, Nokia on this wagon is in and for what MS command, I think that more wise would be having another platform (own or external) more flexible, but of course, the first is basically imposible now that all Nokia SW teams has been basically dismantles & the second is to be seen, because there is belief that into the Agreement MS pays Nokia US$ 250 MM per quarter more for not use Android than using WP

                • jiipee

                  What do you mean by ” there is belief that into the Agreement MS pays Nokia US$ 250 MM per quarter more for not use Android than using WP”

                  Additional to the current 250 or the current one?

                  I dont think that there is anything on Android on the contract. Nokia still pays the 250 back each quarter as licences. And they have organizationally locked in so tight that it would take another year to start supporting Android.

                  The other stuff you mentioned, I agree on. Interesting to see what is coming out.

                • mirko

                  Why is everybody thinking that Microsoft needs to do anything to support PureView (or any other additional hardware). Nokia just needs to write a driver and that’s it.

                  Do you think that DOS needed to be changed when the CD-Drive or the Soundcard was invented? Did Microsoft change Windows when the first 3D accelerators came to the market? Was there a need to change the kernel when the first physics accelerators appeared? Did you know that Windows runs on many high-end oscilloscopes? Obviously LeCroy didn’t need to ask Microsoft to change the OS for them… Or do you think they changed the Symbian kernel to accommondate PureView?

                  The only obstacle might be if Micrsoft restricts some way of access to the hardware but I guess that nobody here has any knowledge about this.

          • Prashant

            Snapdragon 800 with Adreno 330 supports up to 55 megapixels

    • Pasanen oli hieno mies

      I have read lots of misinformation about PureView.

      At one point people were even claiming that pixel binning can’t be done in software, not at all. People were also claiming that Symbian was the only OS capable of handling PureView.

      People were claiming it makes P&S cameras obsolete. Not happening. It was said that it can compete against a DSLR. Yes, if you barely use your DSLR, that can happen.

      808 was extremely hyped product and while it’s a great device, it was extremely overhyped.

      One of the strangest claims wast that you won’t never again miss a moment with a 808. In reality you will miss moments if you don’t have lots of time to fiddle with the settings/taking the picture because it’s not very comfortable to use.

      But, I have an 808 and it’s nice device. Not living to the hype but nice.

      • RVM

        Well, the difference in picture quality between regular phones and 808 was more than enough to justify such hype.

        What actually was really overhyped was WP8. It barely catch up to Symbian, which basicly isn’t seriously developed since 22 feb 2011. So far, Lumias are like Lamborghini (Nokia HW) with Trabant engine (WP). Terrible battery performance, limited connectivity and customisability, no real multitasking, poor camera UI, flawed ergonomics.

        • Pasanen oli hieno mies

          That so called “real multitasking” seems to be crap on mobile phones. It’s a flaw if the user has to think about multitasking.

          • jiipee

            Agree, and it was/is a big flaw in WP7. What Ive understood, WP8 seems to be able to support all of my use cases: Cycling with both Sportstracker with USB heart rate monitor, Maps app and music player on and answering a call while continuing to drive.

            • Pasanen oli hieno mies

              Yes, WP8 seems to support the iPhone style of multitasking while WP7, for some reason failed on that.

              On the other hand both WP8 and iOS are based on some pretty nice cores and WP7 was not. So, it makes some sense.

              I’ve seen an incredible amount of problems resulted by unlimited multitasking. That’s not something most of people want to risk at this time.

      • Pawlee

        Camera phones in general are making point and shoots obsolete, the 808 showed that you don’t have to sacrifice quality in doing so.

        For capturing the moment I find that 9/10 automatic captures it quickly and efficiently.

        As with ANY photography the shots that really shine are the ones where time and skill is applied, but that can be said for any camera.

        If given the right platform (ie one that’s being supported) Pureview phase 1 definitely has the quality to really shine.

      • MF

        Really strange hearing this from another fellow 808 owner. I’m not sure what planet you live on, but on planet earth the word hype is generally associated with Apple products.

        For one, I don’t think Nokia has done enough marketing on it. So who does the hyping, if not Nokia? It must be DPReview and a few other reviewers who gave glowing reviews of the 808. Or it must be the MWC best device award. These reviewers should learn from certain organizations (e.g. cnet) that nothing good must be said about Nokia products otherwise you are overhyping it. Or worse, blaspheming your Apple/Android gods.

        Honestly, I don’t think you are appreciating the 808 very much. Might I suggest that you sell it to someone who does, since the device is in scarce supply nowadays. Use the proceeds to partially fund an underhyped iPhone 5, Galaxy S, or even Galaxy Camera.

        Talking about hype. The Galaxy Camera was launched with the boast that its camera can not be surpassed by any smartphone. And then you have Zach Honig saying that “you could tape a Galaxy S III to the back of a point-and-shoot and still end up with a thinner profile”. Gotta give it to the Samsung hype machine.

        • Pasanen oli hieno mies

          People saying that products made by Apple have rarely really used those. I don’t know how hard it is, but some people still seem to be looking just at specs. It’s not about the specs. if you look at the specs of the 808 it may seem to be a perfect device but it’s not. Lots of great features but also lots of flaws.

          Yes, Nokia as apparently ended the production of the 808 or they have making less units. You can still buy one of those. Retailers have plenty of 808 phones and they are actually selling those with reduced prices. Because the 808 is not selling too well. I’m not going to sell my 808. While it’s not a perfect device and it has flaws, I have lots of use for it. I bought it for a reason and that reason was not the hype.

          If I have very little time and I need to take a quick shot, I’ll use the iPhone just because it’s too easy to miss the moment with the 808. Why? More fiddling with the settings, not competitive focusing and getting the camera ready to take the picture takes more time. That’s how it is in practice. You can’t read that from the specs.

          • MF

            By specs, I assume you’re talking about the 41mp? I have carefully read the white paper released by Nokia about the significance of the 41mp, so I know it means I can do lossless zooming, and I know it can take better pictures with less noise. I have read various websites comparing the 808 versus micro four-thirds and DSLR, and the conclusion was that in bright conditions the resolving power of the 808’s lens are comparable to a DSLR.

            I know what all those “specs” mean. And one of the “specs” is the shot-to-shot speed, and I know the 808 is not great there.

            I don’t know who hyped you into buying the 808, but perhaps you didn’t really understand what those specs mean. And a careful reading of the different review websites would have given you a clear picture the true strengths of this camera.

            • Pasanen oli hieno mies

              I didn’t buy it because of the hype. I pretty much knew what I was buying. There was some flaws not mentioned in the specs, but then again, that’s what you get when you buy something from Nokia. They don’t have that great quality. That’s why those flaws – like dropping frames in certain situations – didn’t surprise me.

              It works well with good light. You may get good pictures with less light but it becomes harder. Lots of time to find the correct setting while even the exposure control is missing. If you like to shoot only with auto, well, I guess it’s not that big problem. But then again you are missing the point of a DSLR.

              The 808 sure is a nice device if you have all the time in the world. If not, then it’s not so great. Rapid shooting is just one missing feature, but it’s not the whole story.

              Most people using the 808 think they have all the time in the world when they shoot pictures and the moment will not pass while they try to figure out the correct settings. Especially if there is not so much light.

              I have carefully read the specs and actually used the device. Apparently most people have only read the specs or they have all the time in the world.


              • MF

                It is NOT a DSLR. And I don’t think anybody here is claiming that it will replace your DSLR. However, it is true that if you left your DSLR at home, the 808 makes a pretty decent replacement. For that convenience and peace of mind, you just have to pay a small price of not having those awesome manual controls on a DSLR. Actually I have no problem changing the setting on my 808. Perhaps you are not so familiar with the controls which means you will take longer to change the setting.

                • Pasanen oli hieno mies

                  Almost anything can be a decent replacement for a DSLR if you don’t define what is decent. I have been taking great pictures with my 808 and iPhone 4S but I wouldn’t call them as replacements for a DSLR.

                  I am familiar with the controls, but the iPhone is just so much faster to use what it comes to taking some quick shots. There is difference but it’s not always that big on good light, but when dark, the difference is bigger.

                  • MF

                    My other camera is the Sony NEX, which I used to bring out with me all the time. After having the 808, I find myself leaving the NEX at home most of the time, because I am confident that the 808 can handle most situations well enough. I couldn’t say the same about my previous phone which was the N8. The image quality of the 808 is really that good as advertised. It only makes sense since the sensor size is 5x larger than that of the iPhone. And the high iso images have been shown to be clearly better. This together with the lossless zoom is the reason why the 808 is far better than the iPhone. Now, did Nokia ever advertised that the 808 is the best camera for high speed or spontaneous shots? No. The htc onex does advertise on being good at fast shots. Just like the Nikon 1 system versus the NEX. The NEX has far bigger sensor but the Nikon 1 has quick focus.

    • Herman

      Of course it can. The QUALCOMM can handle 20Mp. But if you do oversampling in a custom chip and then transfer the oversampled image of max. 20 Mp to the QUALCOMM chip and voila problem solved. The mistake most make is that you must handle 41Mp but the power of the Nokia PureView is that it can do oversampling what means take 4 pixels and make of that one superpixel. The result is not an 41Mp picture but just a 8, 13 or something like that picture that can be handled perfectly by the Qualcomm chip.

      • dss

        The 808 can produce full resolution images as well.. its up to the user to decide if they want distilled, or raw jpeg ..

  • wpcyan

    this going to be epic year for nokia im glad i’ve waited
    and i hope its true

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  • alsocan

    Similar size but not similar technology…and certainly not similar resolution. They will probably call it pure view 3 aka big sensor, another workaround around windows phone limitations just like pure view 2 is (windows phone does not support our software innovations so we are forced to innovate on hardware).

    This phone may actually end up having better picture quality than 808 because at same sensor size, lower resolution is better. But of course you lose zooming capability and ability to shoot at very high resolution.

    • mirco

      What are those limitations you are talking about? Name and show me sources, please.

    • Pdexter

      The new Qualcomm SoC released in Q2 support up to 50MP.

      That has been the limiatation, the SoC. It will not be there with the new SoCs anymore.

      • Janne

        It is possible Nokia uses a new SoC. However, on the 808 the chips couldn’t handle 41 MPix either, so they added an extra chip just for that. No reason why they couldn’t do that with WP either given similar engineering time, I’m plenty sure Nokia’s got all the requisite wiggle room for camera drivers etc. That said, if a SoC capable of handling that directly is near in the pipeline, maybe they are targeting that instead of going the custom route.

      • alsocan

        Indeed, the new Snapdragons will sport “Dual Image Signal Processors (ISPs) up to 55MP – with support for up to four cameras and allows for 3D captures, photo merging into a master 55MPixel image, separate autofocus and captures, 1080p30 video captures.”

        Remains to be seen when/if Microsoft will certify WP on this new hardware.

      • dss

        The 808 has a SoC as well.. and that one works, so no limitation there.

    • Janne

      alsocan: What on Earth are you talking about?

      The OSI on Lumia 920 most definitely is not just a hardware feature, but requires software too. Interestingly, PureView on 808 required a separate piece of hardware to accomplish, not just software… So, all these things revolve around both software and hardware.

      There was never any reason why Windows Phone couldn’t do 41 MPix like 808 does, other than time. 808 PureView was already in the works for Symbian, doing that software work for Windows Phone will be finished later because, well, it was started later.

      This is just a myth. Nokia never agreed in their comments that it couldn’t be done, none of the Nokia’s public camera guys so much respected by people here agreed with that either. Reasonable expectation is, in my view, WP can absolutely handle this as Symbian can too, given similar engineering time.

      • Luisito

        No on Nokia neither agree or disagree… One hint that what’s to come (or being more precise is a thing to especulate about)… recently here there was a post about a guy of the Nokia Imaging Team (I don’t remenber if the guy is the new Boss), talking about that there is more thing that mega-pixels so if you ask there is a new pureview implemetation but not with a 41 Mpx sensor.

        If you ask me there were limitations on Windows Phone to do 41 Mpx ala 808, the main reason the SoC, but HTC have showed that the limits could be broken (remeber the 16 Mpx can when the limit was 12 on WP7.X)

        About the Tablet I think its safe for Nokia to stay away of that market, they’re still strugglin on Smartphones, to add something new to care about…

        Feb is nearly around the corner so everybody will see what they have to show. One thing about the second image in this post, I hope that if such device exist, it doesn’t look like the one in that picture, because is UGLY AS HELL

        • mirco

          “If you ask me there were limitations on Windows Phone to do 41 Mpx ala 808, the main reason the SoC”

          And the SoC of the 808 can handle the resolution? Please think before you spread something like this.

          The PureView of the 808 depends on a seperate DSP and this can be implemented into any OS.

          • Luisito

            The 808 and most symbian are particular in one way… the 808 is build like a traditional PC, separate CPU, GPU (If present) and chipset… and that was or is the main point about the lack of support for a 41 PV Pro on Windows Phone, the device is build around a fully integrated chipset that has a CPU, GPU, RAM and Radios on one chip, and adding a custom DSP to mix wouldn’t be easy, you have to share the data lanes to the SoC with others things instead of havin a lonely data lane for the DPS, and others things thtat come to my mind…

            THAT’S MY POINT… as I say to you earlier there must be some workaround to make it work (like converting the camera module into their own Microcontroller, doing the hard work by itself and then sending the data to be finally processed by the GPU) MWC is coming and we’all WP haters (me and others) and Lovers (you and others) will se the real deal..

            • mirko

              Ok, it might be your point. Would you mind if you share your information which/how many data lanes are available on the 808’s SoC in comparison to the one of the 920 (for example)?

              It is easy to convince me, seriously. You just need to bring some facts and I will revise everything I claimed.

      • alsocan

        The OSI is clearly a separate component with its own chip disconnected from WP. As Nokia mentions, “the position of the lens assembly is monitored in real time”. It seems easier for Nokia to build a seperate logic than building real time capabilities in WP.

        I am sure Nokia and Microsoft have the capability and talent to eventually make WP handle 41MP and more. One problem is the roadmap: Microsoft has already too many gaps to fill before considering investing in supporting cutting-edge specs for one OEM. With Symbian, Nokia had complete control over the roadmap and design choices of their platform. As you said, the ARM11 of the 808 can’t handle 41MP, but Symbian gave Nokia the flexibility to use a DSP powerful enough for the job. Now with Windows Phone and Microsoft’s tight platform rules, they are left to waiting that the certified SOCs become available with powerful enough DSPs – which is exactly the time when all other manufacturers will be able to replicate the Pureview capabilities.

        The second problem is that here we are one year later after Pureview and our best hope is that Nokia may merely reproduce their capabilities from one year ago. Had they stayed with Symbian we could have reasonably expected they would exceed those capabilities. Microsoft is playing catchup to other OSes, Nokia is playing catchup to itself … was moving to WP really worth it?

        • mirco

          Could you please explain why Pureview on the 808 would need a real time OS?

          Could you also explain why Nokia would not be able to write a driver for a DSP? Do you really think Microsoft writes all the drivers for WP?

          • xxx

            You can write a driver for hardware, which is supported by the system.

            • mirko

              As I said somewhere above… Was there a need to change DOS when the CD or sound card was invented (…there are many examples like that)?
              You have a strange opinion of what an OS does and whats not.

        • Pasanen oli hieno mies

          So, the 41MP is a a kludge on Symbian? Is that the reason why zooming in and scrolling the image lags so much?

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  • incognito

    No tablet? If that means no Windows RT tablet then Nokia at least has some sane people left in it… I still fear they’ll go through with it to further deplete what little they have left based on that interview where it, at least appeared, Marko Ahtisaari is working (that would be the first :D) or rather spending (that would be more plausible) one third of his time on Nokia tablet.

    • Samppa

      Why not if they’re all made of bending materials. There should be one for each price category.

      • Samppa

        Oops. This^ was a reply for the posts below. Somehow this Android device made it too hard to do the things right..

    • Noki

      ++1 Windows RT must be one of the dumbest thing Microsoft ever did. creating in fact a 3th OS that looks like regular windows but its not… Dumb…

      • Janne

        The more I look at Windows RT, the more it feels like Microsoft’s hedge bet on ARM than a really viable product at this time. The fact that they even called it RT, instead of Windows 8 something. I’m guessing the real action for this Windows generation, tablets included, will be on Windows 8. Who knows about Windows 9?

        Nokia, though – while I’d love for them to produce a Windows 8 tablet – will, if they will do anything, go Windows RT. That is my guess.

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  • Viipottaja

    Highly unlikely they would announce 6 Lumias at one event.

    Btw, I had pointed out the WP8 homekey in that render months ago. 🙂 Alas, from the rumors its sounds we won’t see this crazy ass unique design. 🙁

    • Pawlee

      Shame it looks like a funky way of making (what looks like) the same sorta size as the 808 into a more pleasing shape. Also, I like the inclusion of the Xenon flash in that design!!!

      Fingers crossed that anything that uses Pureview phase 1 has the right flash to back it up too!!!

      Hell, fingers crossed that Xenon is used again in a Nokia phone, fullstop!

    • Pekka

      Yeah, no way 6 Lumias. However, 6 phones sounds more likely.

      • Bloob

        They might not announce all 6 Lumias yet, but there could still be 6 Lumias during H1.

        • Janne

          Yeah, especially if there are carrier variants again. After all, H2/2012 saw announcements of Lumia 505, 510, 620, 810, 820, 822 and 920. That’s seven models. Eight if you count 920T.

          • Marc Aurel

            It seems to me that there is room for two new models: the PW Phase 1 camera phone and something smack in the middle, probably called 720. There were rumors of an even cheaper WP7 phone than the 510/505, but I don’t see how they could pull that one off. The 510 is already extremely compromised design with its non-expandable 4 GB of internal memory. Using a smaller screen would perhaps bring down the price somewhat, but not enough for it to make much sense.

    • Noki

      +1 6 is way to much + nokia does not have all that much price range uncovered in the wp8 word. there is space for an extra cheep one… somthing like the L920 but different camera phone and maybe a tablet…but i dont see space for more than that, Nokia is already well covered with a very complete and new Lumia range, new devices would just cripple current Lumia sales.

      (me a tablet is a dumb idea IMO)

    • jiipee

      Agree. Id expect the low end models to be announced before or right after.

  • von

    EOS = End Of Symbian? HAHAHA

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  • JGrove303

    WondowsRT supports Tegra chipsets. And the Tegra 4 was just announced. Surely it’s 72 GPU cores would be enough to handle the 41MPx sensor and very quickly. And surely, being based on the same kernel, support for Tegra 4 may be implemented into WP.

    If it does require a separate DSP that should.not be an issue. If HTC can add an amplifier, Nokia can add a DSP.

    This new flagship camera phone is gonna have to have expandable memory though. I want those massive images in raw.

  • rudy

    Why always At&t, can’t tmobil get any love?

  • dss

    I would be very surprised if they managed to make the phase 1 system work on WP the same way it works on Symbian so soon.. They’ve had almost 6-7 months to figure it out, but still.. My prediction was late 2013-early ’14.

    They must have figured out a way to run that DSP in combination with the SoC, and also a full re-write of the WP camera app. Or.. there is a single SoC out there that we don’t know about, which can run the system without any help.. that would be the easiest way to implement it.

    • dss

      Also, I will be very interested to see what they’ve done with the xenon flash, which requires a mechanical shooter..

    • mirko

      Can you verify that the SoCs which are useable for WP8 don’t have any lanes for auxialiary hardware? If not, then your statement is irrelevant.

  • stylinred

    Only if its better than the 808 pureview would i consider and it must also have as many manual settings options or more than the 808

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  • Flavio

    @Jay: I never wrote about 6 new Lumias, that has been misunderstood by someone in translating from Italian. It’s 6 Lumias for the first half of 2013, 4 that we know already (510, 620, 820, 920) and 2 new ones.

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