Nokia’s Stephen Elop and Jolla’s Marc Dillon, MWC Keynote Speakers

| January 25, 2013 | 93 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 00.14.52It’s less than a month to go before folks fly out to Barcelona ready for MWC 2013. Notable keynote speakers of course includes Stephen Elop for Nokia, but another (ex)Nokia person, Marc Dillon who is now CEO of MeeGo based Jolla Mobile.


If you’re not sure what Marc looks like or sounds like, here he is talking about Sailfish.

Cheers Jiipee for the tip!


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  • sh

    hope a meego sailfish device with good specs and design too

  • Doug

    Marc Dillon > Stephen Elop

    • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

      so we can expect jolla phone announment then?

      • shallow ocean shoal

        What announcement do you want? They announced that they’re making a busted old phone for China that will play Android. What else do you want?

        • rustyknight17

          Busted ? Not from what I`ve seen ! How exactly ?

          • shallow ocean shoal

            It’s just a midrange, not premium

    • Keith too

      He could be but he is a long way from proving it yet.

    • joyride

      my morning bowel movement > Steven Elop

      • shallow ocean shoal

        You sir are a gentleman, and a scholar

      • made my day!

  • Doug

    Nokia CEO closes the door on a potential Android smartphone

    • twig

      Android yes, but a sailfish runs Androids apps correct? Lets see, Elop, Marc together?


        i hope so, a nokia device running sailfish would hurt android.

      • GordonH

        Nothing to see here. Ms and Elop will not allow Linux to survive in Nokia.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          I’m sure MS is super scared about Linux.

          Separate topic: where have you been the last 10 years?

          • mariusmssj

            Well obviously MS is scared of linux as 90% of all smartphones now are running linux kernels

            • Pasanen oli hieno mies

              I guess you don’t count Symbian as a smartphone OS because 90% of all smartphones is not the same as 90% of smartphones currently shipping.


              • Janne

                He isn’t counting iPhone either, apparently, because it sure as heck isn’t running Linux kernel.

                • Jim Gordon

                  iOS is based on Unix from which Linux kernel comes, so iPhone can be counted as member or rather a relative of Linux family. They could be treated as very similar. Of course Apple will not like it, but I see it this way.

                  • Noki

                    Yeah its the BSD Kernel.(its not Linux but most people would not tell the difference). Or what ever version of it they currently use… Apple is not the best open source citizen.

                  • Pasanen oli hieno mies

                    It’s not Linux.

                    Similarity does not make it one.

                    Someone could think that even Windows is same as Linux or Symbian but that doesn’t make then the same.

                    • correct

                      Hahahahaha … iOS is NOT Linux. Yes iOS is UNIX-based, and Linux is based off of UNIX, but look at the KEY WORD here … they’re BASED off it, that means they still differ and vary in a number of ways.

                      Also Android is an abomination, and I have to say, screw Linus Torvalds for agreeing to merge Android kernel and code with Linux. Android is a freak mutant version of Linux with its virtualization layer and bytecode, it is not real Linux, and Torvalds is supporting this abomination. Google must be paying a lot of money to Torvalds for this.

                    • Reply to “correct” (there was no reply button on his comment)

                      Linus Torvalds does not own the Linux kernel. He (among some others) “only” develop it. The Linux kerner is under the GPL licens. So Google can do whatever they want with it as long as they provide the source code for every modified version they distribute.

          • Noki

            In the last 10 years Microsoft lost the dominance in the e flowing markets. Server, (they are now a relative small player), embedded (they were for some time king), guess what kernel took their place??? Linux..

            The Linux kernel is #1 in the following areas… Server…Super-computing…Render-Farms….Mobile smartphone…embedded…and a few others… tablet it will soon be #1 as well.

            Microsoft is currently milking its desktop office cash cow for how long will that be sustainable?

            I remember wen people used to laugh about the Linux kernel… but as they say “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

            • Janne

              Linux is formidable no doubt. As a Finn I’m proud of what Linus and then the whole open source community (and businesses around it) achieved. Personally I don’t recall that many people laughing at Linux, ever. Linux on desktop, maybe, but in reality that still is a pipedream. On servers I’m pretty sure most saw its potential very, very early on.

              You know, the world isn’t actually Microsoft vs. Linux anymore. The evils and the polarities of the world have shifted A LOT. It is so 1990s to be paranoid about and hate on Microsoft. It was warranted at one point, but at some point after the .NET revolution Microsoft changed. It is no longer the evil empire, nor is the world unable to fit multiple operating systems now.

              Both Microsoft and Linux will continue to co-exist, as will several other options as well.

              • Jiipee

                One additional thing Im disappointed with Nokia’s lack of vision. They had the money and the opportunity and again some half hearted support to MSOffice alternatives. I think they gave some support to Calligra suite. With someone having understanding on software market could have gathered group of companies to fund office competitors. That would have weakened MS, when Nokia was still afraid of MS dominance and turned down WM.

              • Noki

                O Janne… believe me, they laugh about it. I was there 🙂 and I’m talking about entire Microsoft sales departments. the Server side wars were very “interesting”…of course that was from a small deployment contender more than 12 years ago so not the full view of thing’s.

                Any way Microsoft is still as bit of evil as it was, its still bribing governments and ISO committees, its stilll looking into everything you put into skydrive, still manipulating the OEMS, Still using cover companies to do their dirty works etc etc etc… what do you think they still have the same sleazeball used car sales man as boss..

                And im not paranoid about Microsoft there are just as bad as many other companies out there some of them using linux…

                • Sefriol

                  Tbh, I’m more afraid of Google than MS. Android should go to hell and be replaced with Ubuntu or something else.
                  Android is just a linux illusion.

              • correct

                Linus Torvalds is a TRAITOR for allowing Android to merge with the Linux main code path. All Finns should treat him as a traitor, after all the good work he did for Linux, he threw it out the window by allowing the merger with this evil Google abomination.

                • Linus is not in control of it. See my post above.

              • j

                well after ferburary 2011 microsoft is evil again.

                nokia from no 1 smartphone maker to no 10 in two years, that ist what ex microsoftie elop did to nokia.

            • v.s.i

              Microsoft has just posted some very good quarterly results. Besides, I’ll just name other cash cows: Office and XBox 360. The latter’s successor being unveiled this year.

              And also, who wins? I think it’s the consumer who wins because of the alternatives. What can MS win apart from money? And how do the Linux developers benefit from its running on supercomputers, servers or Android, since it’s GPL’ed and thus free?

              And about those comments that Elop doesn’t want Linux to survive instead Nokia. That’s a CEO decision, deal with it. It’s not his fault that he got hired instead of OPK, who incidentally also didn’t want Maemo to thrive instead of Symbian. Personally, I think Nokia would still enjoy a 70% smartphone share if someone started developing 2005’s Maemo 2.2 into a 2007 iPhone competitor, and I’d have loved it.

              • Janne

                Personally, I think Nokia would still enjoy a 70% smartphone share if someone started developing 2005′s Maemo 2.2 into a 2007 iPhone competitor, and I’d have loved it.


                • rustyknight17


                  • Jerome Horno

                    I agree with this. Successes of MeeGo and Sailfish proves that would be real success.

              • Noki

                “And how do the Linux developers benefit from its running on supercomputers, servers or Android, since it’s GPL’ed and thus free?”

                Your question is a bit confusing, but as far as i can understand your talking about moneytization of OSS right?

                developers makes money because people pay them, like nokia paid linux developers, or android does, or any one that wants to use the free stuff and package it for consumer usage, be it a weather research department that needs Huber supercomputing… A device manufacturer that needs to sell a router…they all needs developers to use the free stuff and apply it to their needs.

                If you are looking for specific companies that make this work look into RED HAT market cap 10.52 B.

              • Bloob

                It would also be nice if people understood that there is a lot more to an OS than the kernel. Android and the multitude of GNU/Linux out there don’t have much in common.

                • Trexus

                  Most people know that, even the most non clued-up folk usually have a basic understanding of that.

            • Pasanen oli hieno mies

              I’m not here to win this conversation, but this sounds really familiar.

              First you ignored me.

              Then you are laughing at me.

              Are you going to fight me?


              • Noki

                OOO I will revert again to the first step, Ignore you, dough I do laugh at you most of the times, you are funny

            • Keith too

              As usual from you that is utter BS. First if you would read the results of this quarter you would know that Windows made more money for them than Office. Also, Windows Server still dominates the overall server market in units and even more so by revenue. It gets 50% of the global server revenue and that is growing.


              Linux does dominate the free server OS category lol.

              • Noki

                Yes Microsoft charges more surprise. surprise.

                • Keith too

                  Yes web servers is one segment of the server market but I talking about the overall server market to counter your point that MS is only making money off Office where. In the overall server market, Windows Server totally dominates and is widening its lead and just had another big quarter.

                  Linux is a great OS for a web server and it is the best choice if all you want is a non .NET web server and you have the expertise to maintain it.

                  • Noki

                    so it was not BS? but lets go on and explore other server markets, mail servers? maybe skype servers? heheheh
                    but yeah Microsoft should be number one in the Microsoft exclusive technology area, at lest most of them :)…
                    I bet they own almost 100% of the Microsoft SQL Server market.

                    • Keith too

                      Technically what you said wasn’t BS but what you implied was.

                      By far the biggest marker for servers is Enterprise servers and that is where almost all the money and R&D is. Web servers are just hand-me-downs Enterprise servers.

                      I don’t what you mean by your SQL statment. Do you think MS SQL server is the only SQL server out there? Becuase Orcacle,IBM and MySQL would have something to say about that. Server and Tools generated almost 20 billion revenue for MS last year so it appears there are people wanting them.

                    • Noki

                      “I don’t what you mean by your SQL” You did my point pretty well thank you 🙂

                      Orcacle,IBM seam like pretty big large corporations to me what is the OS they mostly use on their servers again?

                      agin i did not implied that micosoft is not making money in those areas. They do as does Oracle, IBM, HP, REDHAT the thins is that they have to split the market across many contenders as you you pointed out yourself… The original argument was “I’m sure MS is super scared about Linux.” and I think this tread as fluently proved they are and they should be. RIGHT?

                      Can we agree on that at least?

                      That Linux indeed poses problems to Microsoft in several segments, and that in several segments it as been eroding what used to be Microsoft monopolies?

                      Also I think its fairly obvious that in the past 10 years that threat as increased exponentially.

                      This is the sort of mentality that got Nokia into trouble in the first place ignoring problems and competition and thinking profits would be there for ever.

                    • Keith too


                      Yes Oracle and IBM are big players but MS Server and Tools division
                      generated almost 20 billion in revenue last year so they can obviously compete. I pointed they dominate the overall server market you made the bizzarre reply that they should dominate the MS SQL Server market. Also a good chunk of MS Server OS revenue comes from IBM.

                      As I said, MS server market is growing. I think they are far more relieved than worred about Linux. It got nowhere in the desktop market and it didn’t make much inroads into the enterprise sever market either as many thought it would. MS is not worried about the non .NET web server market–it knows it cannot compete there and likewise for supercomputers.

                    • Noki

                      @Keith too soo its all fine Microsoft should not be concerned at all?

                      If we could only remember of similar story…..
                      I know its name its started with an “s” and rimed with “indian”… hummm…

                      In a way you present the single biggest problem of this deal Microsoft surfers from exactly the same types of problems Nokia did.

                      (#note I do know Microsoft internally takes Linux very very seriously, so they are not as bad as Nokia was wen Nokia was presented with a similar problem) But the ms fan base is as well as Nokia was a bit clueless and believes they can do no wrong.)

                    • Keith too


                      I’m talking about the server market not mobile where of course Android is a big problem and well beyond the threat stage.

                      Put it this way, I’m sure MS wishes Linux wasn’t around but also I know it is not viewed as nearly the threat that it was 10 years ago in both the server and desktop markets. MS has far bigger competitive threasts than Linux. Linux already dominates the server segments that it can. Its 1% percent of desktops is actujally falling.

                    • Noki

                      @Keith too I believe that soon the desktop market itself will start to shrink
                      Specially on the home use area, people will have no need for 3 computers at house one will do fine. Since the trend is to have more and more specific devices for specific tasks… This is IMO the single biggest threat to Microsoft. Specially as OEM’s now seam to want to break away from the Microsoft lock down and be masters of their own destiny.

                      I believe that this trend will eventually pose a threat to Microsoft enterprise market. This is My opinion, and I believe Microsoft is scared 2 only reason for the pathetic metro thing and worse windows RT confusion…

                      The thing is 10 years ago, Alot of silly people thought Microsoft was going to die simple because there was Linux. But on the others end there was no product or corporations to back it up with real products back then.

                      Today Microsoft surfers real competition on all fronts from corporations using Linux to produce truly competitive products, and this is something to be concerned about IMO.

                      On the specifics of the server market Microsoft is currently sharing the cake with a lot of players, and some parts of that cake have become commodities that stooped making sense to Microsoft, in the future, other parts might 2 and the cake becomes smaller and smaller, we don’t know? But the simple fact that the market changes and linux gains more and more share as it commoditises new segments should pose a concern to Microsoft…

                  • Noki

                    BTW I made no point about,”that MS is only making money off Office”
                    What I said is that Microsoft is milking the desktop/office area, I made no comments about not having other profitable areas.

                  • Dave

                    Actually I would argue Linux sucks complete balls as a server, there is no proper distribution (Debian=openssl fiasco, ancient packages, and so on), no proper filesystem, etc.

                    Freebsd with ZFS and jails for servers if you’re putting your own time and money on the line. Stable and reliable. Not changing every freaking startup script and configuration file and BS every other week.

              • Noki

                in face of my link were was the BS???? Maybe Microsoft should follow symbians lead and give up on the server market since it as been declining for so loong…

          • GordonH

            I have no idea whatever your connection to my comment. Now back to my point

            “Nothing to see here. Ms and Elop will not allow Linux to survive in Nokia.”

            I will be very glad to be proven wrong.

            • GordonH

              My comment is meant for the MS fanboys.

            • Janne

              Only if you believe in conspiracies and Trojan horses. I don’t.

              I don’t think Linux efforts were nixed at Nokia because of Microsoft pressure or Elop’s sinister motives. Former couldn’t (and can’t) do it and I don’t think latter had such motives either. Nokia chose what they felt was their best path forward, not because it was an anti-Linux path.

              Your mileage of course varies. A reasonable observer can’t rule out anything of course, but in reality can’t be certain either. But the fact is, Elop alone inside Nokia could not have turned the whole board and the management team behind the current direction just like that.

              Nokia directors had their reasons and I sincerely doubt they were anti-Linux reasons, any more than OPK was anti-Linux just because he mistreated Maemo and MeeGo so badly inside Nokia. He just did what he thought was best for Nokia, no matter how ill-advised that seemed to others.

              • Noki

                As you know I also don’t like to dable into that are becouse it poses much worse questions about what is really going on at Nokia. And my tinfoil hat is very ugly and all.
                So I judge things for what they provenly are. aka ELOP is incompetent…

                Having said that and strapping the proverbial hat is fairly obvius that the board pick this path even before Elop came. Elop was the executioner.
                Some say that this decision was forced into nokia by the American funds,, that wanted nokia strong in the US and wanted it to move it to the US.. a deal was cut that maintained Nokia in Finland, but approved the WP strategy, what is also said, and can be verified, is that those funds had a far greeter interest in Microsoft (much more money there) than the interest they had in nokia… and this may lead into other conclusions…

                With all of that said its just speculation and we don’t know, so I revert to basics… AKA ELOP is an incompetent that transformed 30% market share into 3% and still drooping..

                • Pasanen oli hieno mies

                  You are talking about market share? You know, Nokia was losing market share in 2010. Symbian was collapsing long before Elop.

                  It was not Elop who started the collapse.


                  Symbian was collapsing long before this.

                  MeeGo? No, it was not a real replacement. Nokia was selling low end Symbian phones. It was not not possible to replace those with high end phones.

                  They were selling only very few high end phones.

                  Symbian was already collapsing because it was not competitive.


                  • Noki

                    Yes lets talk market share… you know another one losing market share on all fronts? Microsoft! maybe they should just give up since according to you you cant turn any sinking ship. because market share is the only metric…
                    Sure Microsoft is till a huge money making machine, but since market share is the only thing that should be taken into account they they should just implode themselves…

                    • Pasanen oli hieno mies

                      Best metric for comparing companies is market share. Actually we should look at share of the revenues, but I guess we have to use just unit sales.

                      Unit sales are not that important because of the ASP.

                      The best tool for measuring, not relative, performance is profits with revenues.

                      I guess you don’t know why we should compare companies?

                    • Noki

                      WOW its amazing the stuff you say heheheh, OMG is its just to have the last word ? because hehehhe most of the time you just simply make no sense.

                      Care to get back to my original statement that in face of the market share erosion Microsoft surfers in some markets maybe it should give up on them? Even if they are profitable?

                    • Pasanen oli hieno mies

                      I see.

                      You are bitter.


                    • Sammy

                      You like forming weird/rhetorical Qns.


              • rustyknight17

                Yes but what they felt was their best way forward was based upon a decidedly skewed assessment of the situation in which outside consulting firms played a significant role .
                in an MNB article by Michael faro -TUsino , Meego , at the time of it`s cancellation , had 5 successor phones ready for late 2011 , and early 2012 release , so Elop wasn`t telling the entire truth . He was determined to push WP and he correctly perceived Symbian , and Meego as dangerous rivals , hence the infamous memo and the rumours of the same . No conspriacy here , just a CEO doing what he thought best , inept as it was . U don`t bet the entire farm on an unproven OS , nor do u kill the moneymakers , yet Elop and the board did exactly that …

              • rustyknight17

                Oh and Elop also believes firmly that all successful trends originate from North america . WP does , Symbian, Meego ,and Meltemi didn`t, and now they r cancelled . Coincidence ? I think not !

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  • twig

    So what will be the items that we will be climbing on each others shoulders to buy? What are the Zune like devices? What are these tablet covers? What’s the relationship between Nokia and Jolla.

    I seldom use tiles to open apps anymore, I use speech. Its fun to say “open music” and it says back “which one, music and videos or Nokia music”..freaks people out.

  • shallow ocean shoal
  • shallow ocean shoal

    You know if you guys were real nerds, you would be more excited about Juniper and Nielson, who have already delivered physical products, vs. Jolla:

    a) Juniper put TCP/IP onto hardware. Innovation. Before Cisco. High speeds. You’re welcome.

    b) Nielson has to put up with stupid retards like Jesse Jackson who claim they are racist because they say which tv channels get more advertising dollars through MATH and STATISTICS. And Al Sharpton and co get mad because they don’t like the facts and truth. You’re welcome.

  • Mendax

    Don’t f*** this up, Nok.

    I’ll take Elop over Harlow as keynote speaker any day…

  • Janne

    I am still waiting for my opportunity to buy the Jolla phone. 🙂

    Products, people. Products.

    • Pasanen oli hieno mies

      Jolla is promiseware.

      I guess they really learned from Nokia. Announcing the OS long time before actually shipping it is something fresh and new after Nokia was announcing products long before shipping them.

      Wait? They are actually making the same mistake Nokia was doing.


      • Janne

        Personally, I wouldn’t be that hard on Jolla. They are a start-up. I do agree they are vaporware of course and goodwill they have received is based on perception and fame (and ironically past Nokia performance), not on actual products they as Jolla have shipped. That said, I freely give them a pass on this. Being a mobile phone start-up is hard and things will take time. I wish Jolla well. I wonder how they’ll respond to the Ubuntu threat, though. It must be draining mindshare.

        Anyway, my point about “Products, people.” was merely a wish to get back to discussing actual mobile products, as opposed to mobile CEOs. I think the focus here has been far too much on the latter and far too little on the former. Just my opinion.

      • Jiipee

        We’ll see. At least they have balls to try.

        You can go and ask anyone knowledgeable on designing and manufacturing your own mobile handset in about a year after setting up a business with 50 people. If they can start shipping a decent device by Summer, that is magic.

        • Pasanen oli hieno mies


          That would be magic. Unfortunately it’s hard to believe in magic and that’s why I don’t take too seriously all those claims about shipping a product before summer. Or by summer.

          It’s nice to see someone trying but it’s also incredible to see how people are living the hype and considering Jolla as a true savior for Nokia if Nokia decided to buy Jolla.

          • Jiipee

            You are making your own generalizations as always. There are people, who think that Jolla could be Nokia’s savior, also people who would not even want that to happen and a lot of people in between.

            If Chinese startups can create cool Androids with own skin, why couldnt a Finnish startup do the same. I believe that Jolla’s success would benefit Nokia: the subcontractor and whole cluster would stay stronger in Finland, there would be tiny what-if left towards MS that Nokia would have alternative routes to implement swift change, Digia would benefit etc.

            That would also be excellent example to the whole Finnish mindset that entrepreneurship is a valid option, not only big corporations rule.

            • Janne

              That would also be excellent example to the whole Finnish mindset that entrepreneurship is a valid option, not only big corporations rule.

              Bingo. There is reason number one why I support Jolla’s efforts.

              BTW, I support Nokia’s efforts for similar reasons (patriotic) but Jolla and Rovio and companies like that are special in a different kind of way.

            • Pasanen oli hieno mies

              I said people, not all the people.

              That’s the difference.

              Some Chinese company can make some nice Android products, but I think Jolla is not trying to create another Android phone. While they may end up with a souped up Android because of the Dalvik compatibility, they are not supposed to focus on Android.

              I still think people are considering Jolla as a savior. The next incarnation of the holy MeeGo/Maemo/whaterver.

              I guess it’s nice to have some faith?

              • Jiipee

                I would need some help from a native English speaker on the uae of people vs some people.

                I probably wasnt clear what I was saying, or? No, they are not creating another Android. If you read carefully, I was using Chinese manufacturers as a prozy for being able to create competitive hw packages and UIs. Mer is there, a lot of the middleware is there. They probably need to work on hw adaptation with some Linux side help. hence Jolla does not need to recreate everything from scratch aa Nokia always wanted to do, when there were open source alternatives.

                The biggest difference to Nokia is that they have a clear goal at Jolla.

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  • Grendell

    Probably nothing to get our hopes up about but a nokia 920 form factor phone running harmattan on top of sailfish, with mapping, nokia suite of apps and a good camera that could also play nice with android apps would be something to really get excited about! Fingers crossed!

    • Jiipee

      I doubt they are ready to pay Nokia to license for mapping data. Google or open street map are more probable alternatives. I guess the quality of the latter is poor and does not support turn-by-turn.

      Camera is probably typical Android level.

      • nn

        Wouldn’t it be the other way around, i.e. Nokia paying to Sailfish or at least giving the maps for free?

        With their market position in maps and the fact they need real users with real-time positioning data to feed their DB, I don’t think Nokia has the bargaining power here. For example Google is paying Mozilla for being the default search engine in Firefox, so is really Mozilla paying Nokia for maps in FirefoxOS, especially if they probably could get Google Maps for free?

  • Shaun

    Surely they’ve got to show some hardware of their own at MWC rather than using N950s.

    They’ve yet to show all the UI – eg. how notifications work or what happens when you’ve more than 9 apps multitasking and also the inbuilt apps like Mail, browser and mapping.

    But, it’s a keynote speech so I suspect there may not be the time to go into details and full product demos.

    • Jiipee

      Im really amazed that they got Marc to give prsentation in the event. It cant be that anyone willing to pay will get an opportunity. From a different angle: there’s got to be something that Jolla themselves feel interesting, if they are ready to pay for the keynote.

  • I predict that Marc Dillon’s speech will be a hundred times more interesting than Stephen Elop’s inevitable scripted boardroom blether we’ve come to see every time he gets up and opens his mouth. OPK may have made mistakes, but when he spoke, you felt like he was talking to *you*, the customer, the user, the fanboy. When Elop speaks it’s like he’s doing his best Conservative MP impersonation, being really careful with what he says, and it comes across as disconnected and aloof. But Marc Dillon certainly seems to be more grounded and perhaps ‘one of us’ so I’m sure it will be an interesting one. Dillon=exciting, new fresh ideas, Elop=come on, you know what he’s going to say, he says it all the time! Zzzzzzz 😉

  • Jim Gordon

    Whatever to say seems those 2 have something to say and they want do something important for them and in interaction with customers. I think this is one of megatrends, and it is quite difficult to fight against megatrends. Well, once Apple has abandoned www-like technology in pre-internet era – well good for us, worse for Aplle. I don’t want even to think how internet would be today if they would patented it…! Nokia has abandoned Linux – well good for us because of Jolla, but worse for Nokia? Time and figures will tell.

  • James


  • MOOking

    I have so much faith in these guy that they will fix Europe since nokia is dead and the americans and holding it hostage

    • Sammy

      Faith is not a good thing to have in this instance, the odds are hugely against them, nevertheless I really do hope they’re a massive success.
      I don’t care about the silly regional/tribalistic things that some people bang on about (i.e. EU Vs NA), their success is a good thing for “numerous” non-political reasons.

  • donc

    plz make sure skype is fully functional (video calls works on 3g)

    • James

      Errr what…