Nokia Conversations: The Graphene Initiative; Helping With New Lightweight Devices?

| January 28, 2013 | 24 Replies

I’ll be honest I don’t know much about graphene, in fact the first time I heard of it was on this blog last year when people were suggesting what new innovations could come with the N8’s successor, where the word “graphene sensor” was thrown around a lot. Well it seems Nokia have been working with graphene in some research, What’s so special about graphene? Well first of all it’s a material so thin that it’s classified as 2 dimensional (only one atom thick), yet still manages to be immensely powerful

Measuring only one atom thick, graphene is classed as a 2D structure with super-useful properties. While thin, it’s also the strongest material ever tested, having a breaking strength 300 times greater than steel. Oh, and it’s also the lightest and best intrinsic conductor, too.

But instead of me blabbing about it, check out this cool video explaining it:


Hearing all that makes me want a graphene bodied device right now, but I don’t even know if that’s possible? (how expensive is it?); regardless this article reminded me of the rumors of an aluminum bodied lightweight 920 sucessor that might show its face at MWC.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but I don’t see why Nokia Conversations would post about it, unless they were somehow going to use it later?

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  • arts

    Now i really i need to prevent myself from getting the 920. D= awesome shit coming up!

    • DesR85

      I admit that I am tempted to get it also, even though not all colours are available in my hometown yet. I’ll just wait and see what Nokia offers at MWC and the 7.8 update for current WP7 devices before taking the plunge. 😉

      • arts

        me too! i hope MWC has alot on nokia and on microsoft too, a notification hub is the least ms need to implement.

        btw: 31 jan is the date to look out for 😉 7.8 i mean

        • DesR85

          Problem is, will we Malaysians receive it on the exact date or do we have to wait a few more weeks after 31st January? I remember reading somewhere that it is a phased rollout, just like the WP8 Portico update for the international unit.

    • Bloob

      Pretty sure that commercial graphene products are still a few years away… unfortunately.

      • arts

        i is sad =(

  • Peter L

    2009: Nokia joins the Wireless Power Consortium.
    2012: Nokia introduces wireless charging in it’s handsets.

    2012: Nokia joins Graphene Flagship Consortium.
    2015: Nokia introduces [CENSORED] in it’s handsets.

  • It is not so much graphene as a body material that is interesting, it is far more interesting what they can do with it on a transistor (chips) level. Where current materials might be able to go down to 14nm or when pushing it under 10nm, graphene can be used to go even smaller than that without having conductivity errors.

    What does that mean? Smaller chips (both SoC and memory chips) make for lower TDP chips or low power consumption chips in general. With a boatload of chips in current phones, graphene could prove to be the material all high end devices use for their chips.

    Looking around there is maybe an even more interesting application; batteries. Just look on Google (or Bing for the fanatics) and there seems to be a company that has made the first batch of commercial available batteries based on graphene just last year. COnsidering the time frame it would not be impossible for Nokia to employ this tech for the next flagship. A promised 3x better battery life!

  • viktor von d.

    i don’t expect to see this used in a product in the next 3 years

  • jiipee

    They’ve been investing in graphene research for years. Hope to see something happening rather soon.

    Unfortunately Samsung seems to be nr 1 in Graphene research armong corporations.

  • Grendell

    I’m just spitballing but the properties might just be good for a scratchproof coating that also improves reception. This is aside from the other obvious benefits, internally.

  • Nokia has filed a patent application for the sensing of photons utilizing graphene technology.

    but looks like it wont be soon

    • BJ

      I don’t know. If it is that promising, why haven’t camera manufactures caught this yet?

      • Deep Space Bar

        it’s called marketing and suppressed technology

      • KeiZka

        These same camera manufacturers said OIS isn’t doable in the scale it’s done in 920, so..

      • correct

        Because they don’t innovate like Nokia does.

  • Jolla Bee

    Super G looks hot on 2:15 minutes.

  • prashant

    actually long before i saw a concept video from microsoft regarding graphene.

  • Zizou

    They have been working on the graphene thing since 2006 so i think a new device with this thing may hit the market in ’14 fall or in MWC ’15

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  • shihuzaan

    where is the important part. read it on engadget.

  • Yeppppie, and again Nokia is the father of Mobile Patents…give us more, we like reading such things even if we’ll see them after 3-10yrs but we like it… Ayooooooba Nokia ayoba 😉

  • lumia 920

    definitely good phone
    I like very much 920 fan page

  • thanks, nice post.