Dear Microsoft: Get off your lazy arse and get Instagram on WP (MS, do developers hate you?) #Rant

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What am I looking at above? It’s a concept Instagram for WP8. What am I looking at below? It’s Instagram. On BB10. And apparently, it’s NOT an Android emulation. It’s rumoured to be native. If that’s the case then there’s some tables flipping this Sunday :p.  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

No, we aren’t the only ones beginning to fume at Microsoft, the king of “developers, developers, developers” yet no one shows their baby any love.

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What’s it got to do with Microsoft? Why blame them and not the app developer? I don’t understand writing apps at all, so forgive me if I’m taking things for granted. Is there difficulty in writing the app or do developers just hate/have-no-hope for the platform? We see folks like the TVCatchup team test a beta and in a few days have it in store…whilst (yes a more complex perhaps) BBC iPlayer doesn’t even have any mention of future existence on WP.


Nokia’s doing a great job pulling in apps for Lumia exclusives  attracting developers to WP? What’s Microsoft doing apart from thumbs, eating donuts and making sure features are MISSING in WP8? Why does Viber have no voice counterpart? Why haven’t we got Spotify on WP8 (it’s on WP7) and Why the damn heck do we still not have Instagram?

The latter is not so much because I would like to share Sepia Cats with you. It’s because Instagram is an important social platform for others. It’s not like Instagram won’t work in Metro. Look at the DeviantArt pic at the top. What with the new owners being Facebook and Microsoft’s own connections to Facebook, you’d think we’d see a WP8 app a lot sooner. But no. They could surprise us at MWC but I HIGHLY DOUBT IT. This is Microsoft. We’re most likely going to see yet another demo of how you can resize your tile.

Microsoft – do you even care about WP8 anymore? What are you doing? Get off your lazy arse and do some work. NOW.

I’m not even talking about the things that need improving in WP8. What was posted by Ali yesterday is only really touching the surface and as much as I’d love to rip MS/WP team a new one, I’ve got coursework to write up.

I love my Nokia Lumia 920 and I enjoy using WP8. I’d find it very easy to recommend to others (unless of course, they’re an instagram user…:p) It’s just as the competition gets tougher, you have to do something to stay ahead of the game or at the very least, keep up. Nokia does what it can on the hardware side, and even tries to bring things in software. But the one who has to do most of the software stuff, is YOU Microsoft. I know I can’t see what it is you’re doing right now, but I know I’ve seen what it is you’ve done in the past two years. Do you think that’s a significant amount? Is that progress and time scale justified?

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the work of the Windows Phone team, it’s just that you are clearly too slow to do ANYTHING at the rate required today.

Perhaps as well as Intel, YOU, Microsoft, can also hire out some Windows Phone engineers to work on your platform and to work with other developers to make apps work for YOUR platform to attract more consumers and thus more developers?

(PS, If you just want filters, there are many apps on WP. I recommend Lomogram. Or get a lump of grease and put it on the camera lens. Does the same thing. I don’t think folks would care about having a specific Instagram app, but just one where they can use Instagam services. Like the various twitter and facebook apps).

Rant closed. Work time.



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  • carsten

    microsoft go to work Now…
    Nokia can’t do all the work.
    but love my NL920 and how easy daily use is…

  • Deep Space Bar

    AND THIS IS WHY YOU USE YOU OWN DAMN OS SO SHIT LIKE THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN -____- pathetic microsoft and Nokia now….look at all the crap nokia HAS to wait for just cause microsoft doesn’t have their own shit together

    • Just Visiting

      Lol! You so crazy…Symbian didn’t have any mainstream apps when I purchased my N8…basic mainstream apps like Evernote, IMdB, Kindle, Amazon, eBay….

      Symbian would have NEVER gotten Instagram even if Symbian hadn’t been EOL’d.

  • arts

    What kind of question is that? Of course developers hate Microsoft.

    For example, when Nokia decided to make windows phone devices, the developers decided to HATE both Nokia and ANYBODY that gives the strategy a chance. (remember the WP paid poster crap we have to live with?)

    and now, when they have their blackberry to support now, they STILL come back here to continously antagonize and attack ANYBODY that support Nokia on its quest.

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

      Developers hated Nokia before Nokia ended Symbian.


      • Janne

        Safe to say, I have more mainstream apps on my Lumia than I ever did in my Symbian touch devices.

        • poiman

          True! There are a lot more good apps on WPStore than on Nokia Store for Symbian.

        • Just Visiting


        • jiipee

          True, also on my N9 has probably lot more mainstream apps/services that Symbian or Windows Mobile had. Cannot remember how it was with WP 7.0.

          • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

            Yes. Like Skype without all the features the other platforms have?

            Windows Mobile was pretty much dead years ago so it’s not something to compare with.

  • larryg968

    It interesting to notice all the complaints about WP8 certainly.

    People r now saying the OS isnt adequate. There r missing features. The apps aren’t coming, lol

    I guess the tone is now negative. I tink this is quite telling for Nokia.

    And now BB10 got instagram so quickly, haha.

    If BB10 outsells WP8. Then we now for a fact WP8 was horrible decision because a smaller company with no ecosystem converted users.

    And BB10 isn’t perfect but it def seems like a huge step up for BB users. Lets see if BB can migrate their users. 🙂

    • arts

      Oh it is quite telling. It shows people love to make snap judgements and leave it at that.

    • Bloob

      BB still has like 80 million active users, so selling WP would not be all that surprising. And yeah, WP8 is a disappointment in many ways.

    • correct

      No, BB10 did not “get Instagram so quickly”. Instagram is still not available for BB10, and there is no timeframe when it will be available.

      There are strong rumours that WP will get Instagram soon as well.

  • Peter L

    First, that thing is not available to the devices yet, so it could still be in the development… just like the WP8 Instagram is. Blackberry has probably just realized from WP8 commentary that it should be made available ASAP.

    Second, you can’t rip MS about Spotify, Jay.

    WP7 Spotify was made with C++ instead of Silverlight for which MS actually gave a special permission for Spotify to do. So they actively helped the development of that app. But because of the legacy break, Spotify must be made again from the scratch since only Silverlight apps are supported in both WP7 and WP8.

    That’s why Spotify is to blame why we still don’t have a working Spotify app for WP8. Late access to the SDK is not to blame either since Spotify didn’t request early access SDK (which they would have been granted to get).

    • Jiipee

      Isnt C++ supported on WP8? Ive understood that it finally is.

      If MS approved the development of Spotify in a non WP8 compatible language, they should have secured WP8 version the same day. That is not really an acceptable excuse.

      How hard can it be to make a list of 200 most important apps, that are not games and make sure that they are available. Just take the money eg from the NY concerts, thr impact in monetary terms will definitely be higher. Especiallybsince WP7 did not really sell at all in US.

      Even N9 has instagram app – although with some limitations. It tells that, if there is will, developing one woukd not take much.

      Come on Nokia & MS. Get your act together – where is the new higher clockspeed?

      • Bloob

        Just because C++ is available for WP8 does not mean the APIs to access the hw are anywhere near similar. Of course, I know nothing of how the Spotify app is made so I have no clue what is the issue, or if there is any issue at all.

        • Mazze

          In .NET everything is converted into the runtime environment so it doesn’t really matter which coding language you use. Not having Spotify available is the biggest downer for me too as Xbox music can only be understood as a ridiculous joke with not even being able to songs to an existing playlist not to mention all the other basic stuff. At the moment I’m using deezer but it comes nowhere close to Spotify except for the same lack of commitment to windows phone 8 (no dedicated app available and the WP 7 comes with plenty of bugs and lack of features). Due to the severe lack of app support I’m seriously contemplating selling my Lumia 920 and getting the new Sony xperia z instead. It’s just ridiculous to still take with me my old Symbian phone just because Spotify actually works on Symbian.

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

        Last time I checked there was no Instagram application for 808.

        Apparently Qt is not a magical tool for making N9 applications available for Symbian.

        • jiipee

          If you’d like to have it on Symbian, have you asked the TMO dev to port it. If you have, why did he say he will not do it? According to his blog, he is porting it to BB10 atm. Why did he prioritize it? There has to be some logic to it? Does it mean that there are synergies within Qt environments, what is your always unbiased and non-religious opinion?


          • Peter L

            There is also quite nice incentives to the developers if not as nice for Blackberry.

            They have offered $10k min for application developers. As a developer, once you hit $1000 in sales you get $10k in payments instantly, and then pay that $10k down with sales revenue. This is how they reached that 70k so fast (+Android ports).

          • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

            I don’t need it for Symbian. I just checked the availability back in the days.

            There should be synergies with developing Qt based applications for different platforms. That’s the point of the Qt. So, what are you trying to say?

            What I’m saying is that for some reason that develop once, deploy anywhere ideology is not working for getting that application for Symbian while Symbian can run Qt applications.

    • There is no need anymore for a unified WP7 and WP8 app, thus the Silverlight argument is no longer valid. Dev’s can now submit 2 app version under the same ID and still have it show up as one app. Only the WP7 versions gets served to users when their device ID is WP7.x and the same goes for WP8.

      Spotify are either dragging their feet or they are creating an entirely new version that works better/performs better or whatever. Spotify doesn’t need to make one app to rule both WP7 and 8, they just need to create a WP8 version. That is where the problem might lie, WP7’s native version might not play nice with WP8’s native access.

  • Oslik

    Exactly, my words. WP’s just full of unfulfilled promises…

  • Janne

    And some say MNB are uncritical MS worshippers nowadays? I beg to differ. Keep the constructive criticism coming, guys! 🙂

    • Exactly, there are tons of good things to say about WP yet there are also tons of things that can be critized, rightfully. Although Instagram isn’t one for me, I have several others that I’m still baffled about. One very very simple one is separated volume controls. WHY. IS. IT. SO. HARD. MICROSOFT.

      • DesR85

        “One very very simple one is separated volume controls. WHY. IS. IT. SO. HARD. MICROSOFT.”

        I agree. I mean if Microsoft can create two separate volume controls for calls and the entire device, why can’t they create a third one for Music + Videos app?

        In addition, I also wonder why Microsoft cannot add a Silent profile into the volume control tab aside from Vibrate and Vibrate + Ringer.

        They’re not huge deal breakers for me, but I would really like the latter to be implemented in a future update eventually.

        • I’ve got a boatload more things I’d like to see changed and they aren’t more option things. Most things I miss are to make it easier to use the phone, one is the lack of quick control over WiFi/BT on/off settings. Both are often used and often need to be switched off to prolong battery life.

          It is atrocious that I need to rely on 3rd party developers for that functionality. These are things that fit very well with the whole glance and go mantra that WP emits.

  • navdeeprahul

    ha ha ha go grease

  • JGsmartypants

    Could not agree more. Nokia tries so much harder than MSFT. if only Nokia could apply that effort to its own system

    • arts

      You mean like…. Calling all innovators?

    • It seemed we were in an even worse position for Nokia’s own platforms. Nokia didn’t have an excuse that theirs wasn’t the biggest platform. At the time, I remember all the articles from developers saying they knew Symbian was the biggest, but they did not want to work on it. Qt was supposedly going to solve that but didn’t seem to evolve quickly enough for the market.

      • Probably since all Symbian devices were so underpowered that it was impossible to make a decent app that runs well. Except now with WP it’s the exact opposite, powerful slick devices that no-ones taking advantage of!

        • Janne

          Developing for Symbian is also quite tedious and even Qt wasn’t that tidy on Symbian, although better than native of course.

          • jiipee

            When talking about Symbian under WP8 app topic, the main question is, where Symbian’s Qt would have been end 2012 without strategy change.

            • Janne

              Of course, although I doubt that situation would be pretty either…

              But I was merely commenting on why Symbian had so few mainstream apps, why developers avoided it.

              • Noki

                I can say from actually coding for the bb10 platform that Qt situation there is also a bit messy mixing cascades/qml/qt (meego made way more sense to code in, native wise and documentation was way way better) but still they are getting tons of native apps…

                • jiipee

                  Not a dev myself, but heard from a friend that Blackberry mixed some extra to QML so that its not as straightforward to port.

                  All in all, Id claim that Nokia would have easily had 100k apps for Qt by mid 2012 had they pursued that path. When did RIM announce that BB10 will be heavily based on Qt? That day would have ensured that Qt is the third ecosystem.

                  • jiipee

                    Correction, ofcourse not solely Qt, but OpenGl, crappy RSS apps etc

                  • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

                    100 000 Qt applications would have been too few.

                    However it’s very hard to believe they would have succeeded even with that amount of applications.

                    If someone in 2011 wanted to make an app or application, it must be coded for iOS, Android and Qt.

                  • noki

                    Its cascades that is like their version of QML very similar to QML2.0+meego components

        • Jiipee

          Agree. Already the scarce memory was an issue. Id like to hear, if anyone had experiences on apps on 700/701. Good insight could come from the TMO dev, who made Soundwave for N9. He’s porting it to Symbian as well.

  • Thank you so much Jay for re-highlighting this problem. It was way back in March 2012 that I wrote an article about Instagram for Windows Phone. You can read my original article here.
    To think that nearly a year later we are still in the same position.

  • spacemodel

    The whole app situation on WP is pretty terrible.
    Some big players (Instagram, Flipboard, Spotity, native Google apps etc.) are missing but when you look at the local apps in different countries the situation is even more worse; apps by local networks, local stores or local programmes are missing and these kind of apps are very popular.
    And it’s better not to talk to much about games, the availability is far below zero.
    Temple Run 2, for example, is just out and the amount of downloads on iOS and Android is enormous, the game is almost a must have.
    On WP?
    Nothing, not even the first edition and this is just one example in an ocean of missing games.

    We can all dismiss the importance of apps but in real mobile life they are a key factor, without a decent app store you have no chance to have any impact at all.

  • Frankie

    I really understand this rant, I share the same thoughts. Sometimes I even feel that Nokia is doing more to the cause (pushing the platform further) even more than Microsoft itself.

    Is this a case where Microsoft doesn’t believe in their own product?

    • JGsmartypants

      Nokia should really start making Android devices. Even tier 2 companies can outsell mighty Nokia and its albatross WP phones.

      • jiipee


        That would be a good second leg to stabilize the business. Let’s see the results until end April. If WP8 does not show results, something is probably going to happen.

        • Janne

          I have been long of the opinion that when Nokia stablizes and if Lumia stays just on a mediocre level, bringing in a third phone line (I dubbed it Venla last year just to illustrate the idea) next to Lumia and Asha would be an idea to consider. Android? Sailfish? Ubuntu?

          Of course if WP beats my meager expectations this won’t be necessary, but if it remains just mediocre, adding more products to widen the appeal would seem realistic and useful.

          • Noki

            Honestly I thinks it a bit to late now, they fired every one that had skills in the OS sector, Think it will be long turn around for Nokia to rebuild itself after all of this, and I hope they manage to survive and do a come back… (granted they get rid of the Microsoft pledge that destroyed nokia for the last 2 years)

            • Janne

              I don’t see why it would be too late if Nokia as a company gets to a stable position and only expanding for growth. They would have plenty of time to add to their portfolio in such a situation. And if the new OS comes from a third party – as would be the case with Android, Sailfish and Ubuntu – they could get the initial products out quite rapidly.

              • nn

                If Nokia could somehow stabilize, which they can’t and won’t, but if they would, then, leaving aside other question like the legality of such move vis a vis the deal with MS, they, speaking purely theoretically, could add another OS. However, this is only theory, because Elop and BOD really believe in all these war of ecosystem and Windows-uber-alles nonsenses. The last thing they would do is introduce another OS and another ecosystem, it would defeat the purpose of all this bleeding.

                On the other hand with the current situation, moving to new OS and starting essentially from scratch would take at minimum one year. Year during which they will completely disappear from smartphone sales. This is impossible to do.

                And remember, this is how Elop wanted it, it’s the famous no-plan-B strategy.

                • Janne

                  I agree that singular focus was chosen by Elop and Nokia’s BOD. Singular focus is not inherently a bad thing. Apple is well known for having singular focus and has accomplished a lot with it. On the other hand, it is no guaranteed recipe for success.

                  As for “plan B”, I believe Risto Siilasmaa is no liar and he said in an interview during summer that they do have a contigency plan should Lumia fail. Adding a new smartphone product line could be one way.

                  Oh, as for stablizing, Nokia will stablize now. They are doing mediocrely OK. I don’t doubt that. I know you disagree.

                  • nn

                    I see a little difference between focusing on own core solution and replacing own core solutions solely with outsourced thing. Besides, it seems Apple is no longer doing so great, so I’m not sure it’s the best example.

                    What Siilasmaa actually said on the question of plan B was something along the lines that there are other units at Nokia, effectively implying that if WP fails the smartphone unit indeed fails too, but Nokia is more than smartphones so the company wouldn’t disappear (which, btw, I think isn’t true either).

                    • jiipee

                      Siilasmaa in no way hinted that there would be other OS options for smartphones, but said that a plan B exists.

                      What comes to jumping onto an alternative and/or complementing OS ship. Firefox could be an alternative, but it seems to be targeted to low end. Janne: this is one more dimension to the discussion on the fate of Symbian/Meego support eg on Nokia Pulse. If they maintained the apps on either of the platforms using Qt, it could be easier to jump to another platform, when you have some of your own apps ready. Remember, Ubuntu uses Qt. HTML(5) is so darn slow and still does not address all platform independence questions.

                    • Janne

                      I never said Siilasmaa talked other mobile operating systems, don’t be silly. Of course he didn’t. It was just my thinking what Nokia could do.

                      But he did *specifically* say they have a contigency plan should Lumia fail to catch on. It wasn’t the usual Elop quote about other units and whatnot, he did simply say they have a contigency plan for what they do if Lumia fails. This was this past summer in Finnish TV.

                    • Janne

                      jiipee: I’m not sure how maintaining some Qt beta code would help Nokia for the jumpstart that is another OS. People are making quite specific conclusions from that one Nokia Beta Labs end-result. I’m not sure those are valid. It might, of course. On the other hand it might not and in the end be wasted effort, should the new OS be something unexpected. Really hard to say from the outside about such small details.

                      Broadly speaking, maintaining a “hobby” MeeGo product-line along Lumia might have been one way to maintain an active plan B. I was never opposed to that, in fact had I been Nokia’s CEO I might have done that – let a small renegade team keep on doing one high-end MeeGo (or better yet, Maemo) device a year for the Linux market. Replace MeeGo with WP in the high-end focus, but relegate MeeGo to hobbyist skunkworks status for a niche…

                      But then, if the time for plan B came and plan B required something completely different than that MeeGo hobby, it wouldn’t help anyway. So for me maintaining a MeeGo hobby line would have been more about good PR and good contact with the Linux community.

                    • nn


                      Except as everyone understands the term, plan B is about keep making smartphones, just use another OS. I hope that when Siilasmaa announces the great plan B is to kill whole smartphone unit, he will be wearing his trollface mask.

                      But whatever, even if there is plan to continue with another OS, it’s still a bit mystery how they could pull it off after Lumia fiasco.

                      Perhaps we should again leave the wise men alone, because they know what they are doing?

                • j

                  plan b is sailfish an jolla, i’m quite sure.

                  • jiipee

                    I highly doubt it. If that was the case, Nokia would keep some of the Qt resources in-house and maintain their Qt based apps so that the could join Sailfish faster. Jolla is too low on resources to be the plan B.

                    • noki

                      yeap, from what I know all developers that nokia had in any area the would maybe given her an second chance have been laid off, Qt division as been tossed away. the only things that remain is the html5 people in SF. and tons of new WP dropouts from Microsoft.
                      Nokia would practically start againg from scratch to get back into the game, And I’m pretty sure no developer (good) will want to return there, its not like they had a hard time finding new jobs in much better environments. Its not hard to find this things out just go into linkedIn and see were everybody is. Hint not Nokia.

            • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

              Where did you hear that from?

              Nokia has still many talented people who used to work on the old platforms but work now on WP. They are hardly unskilled after working some time with WP.

              Microsoft may not have given Nokia back the days of the glory but it was a better choice compared to the horrors of Symbian.


    • Janne

      Good one, Ali!

  • nn

    I don’t know why is anybody surprised. RIM understands where the industry is heading and they did their homework. MS is living in the ’90s, still thinking they will extend their monopoly into mobiles and lock down people into their incompatible, proprietary interfaces. And Elop with his Nokia-can’t-do-anything theory only put Nokia under the power of this bureaucratic Goliath that lives in the past.

    And there was rejoicing when WP store, after huge long pain, reached 100,000 apps with big congratulations how nicely the ecosystem strategy works…

    • Janne

      You have a point about non-Microsoft APIs having become a de facto standard in the mobile world. This, of course, is a minus for WP. Although to take it to your level of criticism we must assume Microsoft’s W8 strategy will fail – because if it doesn’t, the significance of Microsoft’s own APIs will rise for mobile as well, so things can still balance out. But, of course, if W8 fails then the minus gets bigger.

      Your last comment lambasting WP’s app ecosystem efforts is just plain misguided, though. Overall I’d say Microsoft and Nokia have succeeded fairly well in increasing both app count and quality. BB10 got its numbers through Android emulation and apparently the quality suffers as a result.

      • nn

        Yes, they are upping the app count by supporting as much open APIs and libraries as possible, including the ability to run Android apps. And so what? RIM understand they can’t enforce binary/API lockins, and that in fact they don’t need them. It’s only MS who is clinging to the dream of running the same monopoly on mobiles as they have on PCs.

        The irony is Nokia doesn’t own the ecosystem and will benefit nothing from this madness. When WP finally disappears they will only end up with pile of mediocre Nokia-selection apps, which won’t run anywhere and will need rewriting from scratch.

        • jiipee


          If WP does not finally lift off, the results will be devastating. Let’s hope for the best for Nokia’s sake.

          • Janne

            You think nn is really hoping that? 😉

            • nn

              I’m just following Elop’s motto: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

            • jiipee

              No Im not. The +1 was for ” It’s only MS who is clinging to the dream of running the same monopoly on mobiles as they have on PCs.”

              • noki

                +1 to that as well….

        • Janne

          So much to disagree with and so little interest in writing it. 🙂 We don’t disagree on all, but when our view where WP/W8 is heading are so far apart there is very little hope of us seeing eye to eye on most things – as they are based so much on where we think things will end up.

          Let’s agree to disagree. We have done this many times and our views are known and not budging.

        • Noki

          +++++++1 they don’t force feed anything to developers they prefer to work with them, and help them in any way they can. its not the open platform I loved in meego but the atmosphere is nice and positive.

          • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

            Open is overrated.


    • Noki

      Your first paragraph is “spot on”, congrats.

      Microsoft is still living in its monopolistic vision that people will do what ever they do because they have 2..

      Newsflash! Microsoft you are becoming irrelevant and you need to adapt yourself to a brave new world.

  • Android Paid Poster

    Solution: Switch to Android

  • *****

    Its a hipster app, and as we all know, however hipsters hate Microsoft

  • thedead1440

    Ali & Jay,

    Symbian devs had issues due to the myriad of devices meaning something would work well on one device while having issues on another. It was a pain maintaining them.

    Qt has been quietly successful considering the circumstances Nokia threw it under and the mess that was Nokia’s management. Just take this point around 2 years ago the famous games of the time were Angry Birds and Doodle Jump which were famous due to iOS and Symbian had them too quite rapidly. In fact, Angry Birds has been on N900 since a long time; I can’t find definite proof but it may have launched on the N900 before iOS (please don’t quote Wikipedia).

    Harmattan has had Qt support and the openness has allowed many devs to develop apps for a “dead” platform. Now consider the barriers to entry. To develop you need to have Qt/QML knowledge and you pay Nokia 1euro for access to list your apps on Nokia Store.

    Compare this to WP which is quite restrictive in its developmental languages. Furthermore, you pay $99/year to get access to WP Marketplace and a developer account. The developer account will allow you to sideload 10apps on your device using their .xap.

    If you are a developer who has maybe 5apps it means effectively 2 versions of each app of yours are the maximum you can sideload. To sideload anymore you need to remove the older .xaps and then add new ones. This is an unnecessary restriction that irritates many developers mainly because when you develop you tend to test on-device, if you have it, a number of times to fine-tune it etc.

    See this nice matrix prepared by Thomas Perl on development platforms:

    You can see WP seeking to emulate iOS in terms of restrictions but in a worst manner hence developers are simply not interested especially when you charge $99/year for a platform which has pathetic revenue from Marketplace. You can’t charge a developer the same as iOS and have a fraction of its market share; it simply doesn’t make sense!

    As for Instagram, at Crackberry, Kevin has been promising its coming and has laid challenges on it coming to BB10 whereas for WP8 all there is to the story are rumours etc. The question on BB10 is how soon will it be launched while on WP8 its “Can we have it already?”

    It just shows how compared to a new platform WP fails in comparison. Developers are the backbone of an “ecosystem” and the matter of fact is WP is not attracting enough quality developers to the platform due to M$’s own restrictions.

    Just a reminder on WP8 launch M$ were saying about top 46 apps being fulfilled in Marketplace but we saw how last week BB blew them away by saying we are not targeting top 50 apps but over a 1000 popular apps. Before someone says well BB10 is Qt too remember its a closed platform too meaning a number of apps from Harmattan just can’t work on BB10 due to the restrictions so considering that BB10 have done a much much better job then the “3rd ecosystem” backed by M$ and Nokia.

    The issue now is what next? M$ have a bottomless pit of money to throw after problems and they can take a few hits and restart, re-orientate their strategy etc but for Nokia this is proving to be its worst nightmare.

  • Shayesta Miah

    I use to be a long time nokia fan, not anymore since about 2 years ago. Wp is a failure. Nokia fans still brag about how good lumias are but look at it, it dont even have many famous apps/games found in android/google. Developers dont hate the platform, they just dont think investing in the platform with no potential. Look at Google on the decisions they took.

    The price of lumia devices suck, you can get a powerful mid range or high range android device cheaper than lumias!

    When it comes to entertainment and music quality it fails. Lumia devices are mostly business oriented devices.

    Now I can guarantee or bet anyone here the upcoming blackberry platform is going to be huge success and have more apps/games than wp. Also the stupid decision to ditch meego will haunt nokia as bb10 uses some ui aspects of meego but tweaked even further!

    All I can say to nokia/wp fans, get off the sinking cruise ship or sink with it!

    • Bloob

      Lumias are competetive pricewise.

      • Shayesta Miah

        Not really. All Lumia’s are overpriced and no way near competitive regarding android devices. You can get better spec android devices far cheaper than Lumias. Lumias just suck! Yet all these fanatics and people that rant about certain stuff should not even bother. Before they even purchased WP device they knew it had many apps/games missing.

        I will only come back to Nokia if they get Android OS and are priced well with other android devices.

  • eli

    they are waiting for World Mobile congress to launch these big missing. In addition they will likely announce an update to WP8 that includes notifications.

    • eli

      they are waiting for World Mobile congress to launch these big missing apps****.

  • drg

    Funny how I thought all was good in WP8-Ville till I read this. Jay, your right. And it got me thinking. Where is ole Joe Belfiore these days? The WP team seems awfully quiet these days. Hopefully they come out firing at mobile congress in a couple weeks hey.

  • Joker

    insta what? who the hell is that? I use smartphone for ages, never used it and never have desire to know about it. I just don’t care.

    • Weirdfisher

      In April 2012 Instagram had 30million activated accounts

      Instagram don’t give a sht about losing a user just like you

  • I really made a,big mistake by switching from my dual booted n9 to the Lumia 920

    • Noki

      sorry to hear that :(, on the bright side the l920 is way nicer hardware…and does a a few things better than the n9 did 🙁 (huge n9 fan here)

  • migo

    Microsoft provides good tools for devs, but it seems their support stops there. A lot of devs have some pretty miserable experiences getting certified for Xbox, which probably has them thinking twice about Windows Phone.

    What MS really needs to do is a two-pronged approach. They can keep whatever controls they think are necessary for the app store (hell, even step it up and clean the crap out), but they should support side loading without any extra work, so devs who want to make software for WP but don’t want to go through certification hassles can do it.

    It would be a start. Unfortunately, MS acts like they’re Apple, when they’re not even in 3rd place (I don’t think it’s much of a question that they’ll lose that to BB).

    • Noki

      Microsoft lives in distopic parallel reality were they can do no wrong. (think nokia of a few years ago but with a huge money stockpile to make then comfortable an not pressure them much).
      Plus Microsoft never became what they are for being the best software, they usually positioned themselves at the right place at the right time with the right amount of money, to steer things in their way and maintain their monopoly.

    • Bloob

      Actually the documentation for these tools isn’t all that good, and it’s scattered here and there, which lessens the value of the tools themselves.

  • mdev

    I’m developer and I’m yet to consider WP even though I have apps on Symbian, iOS, Nokia N9 (one device ecosystem 😉 and even BB10. Why? Let me see…

    1. I can use my C++ code on all platforms (yes, even on iOS the most non-UI code works without any changes on C++). For WP I need C# (yes, I know they support C++ in WP8, but it’s still second class citizen). So I need to rewrite my code and test it again just for one (small) platform?

    2. My OpenGL ES code works everywhere with almost no changes. On WP I have to rewrite everything.

    3. Various non-critical but still unpleasant things.

    3.1. Charging 100 USD per year for dev account. Yes, Apple does that but they have like 30 times the market share. All other comparative platforms have free dev accounts. 100 USD are nothing but it’s just insulting to charge me for something that all other with similar dismal market share provide for free.

    3.2. WTF, Microsft – I need to upgrade to Windows 8 to run the WP8 SDK??? Yes, I purchased Mac Mini to develop for iOS but hey, as I said, they have like 30 times the market share.

    These things won’t matter if they have comparable market share to Apple but they have no chance to get there with their current policy.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Noki

      Just for enlightenment of the people here share how many ways you can code, and what platforms bb10 supports for developers, and how much it charges to developers for submitting apps to the store…

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


        How big is the installed base of BB10 devices?


        • noki

          The sad part is that the installed base of BB10 devices is far closer to WP8 installed base than wp8 is to say BB7 or BB6 or symbian or bada! or s40, its that pathetic. ZERO is not so bad compared to WP8 or WP7.

          BB10 just needs to sell 1 million this quarter to do as good as wp7 did with Nokia.

          • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

            So, the current installed base of WP8 devices is bigger than the installed base of BB10 phones.


  • Allan Costta

    #WPNeedInstagramForLift go to trends.