Opinion: Why Nokia Should NOT Release a Tablet….Yet.

| February 4, 2013 | 87 Replies

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a Nokia tablet coming soon; with most mouths pointing to this month at MWC. Without beating around the bush, I DON’T think Nokia should release a tablet just yet. Not that I wouldn’t absolutely love one (heck I’m dying for one!) but looking at it from a marketshare/profit point of view I can’t see it being much of a hit.

Here’s a quick list of Pros that I’d see regarding a Nokia tablet being released within the next month/Quarter (regardless of OS):


  • It’ll probably have a killer design
  • You can mooch off the marketing that’s already going around for Lumias/WP (assuming it’s a Windows tablet) seeing how it would be the “perfect match”
  • You beat the market, before you lose even more potential customers to other tablets (the longer you wait, the harder it is to infiltrate)
  • It’ll probably have some awesome innovative feature that no other tablets have; decent camera, super sensitive screen, Wireless charging (minus the touchpad), cover that doubles as an extra battery
  • “ecosystem”
  • Give us fans something to drool about

Theoretically let’s assume that Nokia are going to release a Windows RT tablet (I’ll get to some other tablet option in a second), what cons would that have?

Windows RT really sucks right now, it doesn’t have a fan-base; and even Microsoft who have what is possibly one of the coolest tablets in the world are having difficulty selling it (reports are less than a Million Surface RT tablets sold). Let’s not forget that Windows RT is REALLY clunky right now, although I haven’t used a RT tab to be honest, most reviews and personal experiences say that’s nowhere near as smooth as an iPad; with loads of lag even its core feature, Office.

You also have the issue that Windows RT is really missing the “novelty feature” that a lot of users purchase tablets for, sure some people actually buy them for work/school and would love the full-blown office experience on it; but most adopters are people looking to entertain themselves with Angry Birds, arcade games; or casual couch browsing; something that iPads live for.

And finally what I consider the biggest obstacle in the success of Windows RT is the fact that cheap priced, lightweight notebooks already exist, why would I pay for a dumbed down version of my laptop; that offers me nothing more? I’d rather pick up an iPad or an Android tab that would “diversify” my entertainment and use options.

Assuming that they actually have a Windows Pro for us (which gives you the same exact laptop/PC experience on your tablet and has a desktop (runs non metro apps):

I would have no qualms with a Windows Pro from terms of an OS; sure it would still be aimed at people who are a bit more on the “actual working and not just messing around” side; since business make good money too. But the fact is people aren’t too keen on Windows 8 right now (although I really love it, it has some nifty features; and would be great on a touch screen). It too misses on the novelty fun features of what a tablet should have (think: use on toilet).

Plus let’s not forget the high high prices of Windows 8 Pro tablets if I’m reading this properly then a single license with office costs up to $139); besides the more expensive hardware and processors needed. Meaning a proper tablet could you run up to the price of some ultrabooks, which have all the portability and power; plus a real keyboard- making Windows 8 Pro tablets a bit of a bust at the time for a company that plans on having a MEANINGFUL presence in the tablet world.

I wasn’t planning on adding this third option; but seeing Jay’s earlier post about the possibility of an Android tablet I though I’d add it anyways- For the sake of argument assume that they give us an Android tablet:

An Android tablet would probably be the most successful option at the time (in terms of a stand alone tablet; and not the whole “ecosystem” debate), seeing how the latest tablets have gotten rid of most Android lag features; and can even support multiple users now. Also Android tablets have finally started to break away at the iPad’s previous dominance in the tablet field. As of Q4 2012 iPads only held 43% of the tablet world, compared to 51% the previous year (and something near 80% two years before).

The only major obstacle I can find in terms of an Android tablet would be the fact that Nokia have ZERO experience in the Android world, they don’t have an engineering team, or Android exclusive apps (which have given them a huge edge in the WP world); and worst of all they’d succumb to Google’s rein after blatantly turning them down so many times (and dissing Android at every turn). Plus Samsung has the Android tablet world under its arm; and doesn’t seem to plan on letting go anytime soon, plus let’s not forget they’d end up competing against the Nexus 7 which miraculously doesn’t suck while being priced at a dirt cheap $199; or the Kindle Fire’s which are fan favorites for people looking to get a good deal.

All in all no matter how I cut it I can’t find a real angle for Nokia to push with tablets, and I know things won’t get any better by waiting around; but at the risk of losing the forward momentum they’ve finally started to pick up? I’d say it’s not worth it. Perhaps the best solution is to wait it out a bit and let Windows RT mature, rather than being the first (or second) to take the plunge (in a big way- not the half-assed techniques Samsung carries out with Windows products); maybe they should pull an HTC and wait for someone else to build up the market before striking?

But then again these are just the ramblings of a Nokia fan who knows very little about how the world actually runs.


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  1. anon says:

    “Windows RT really sucks right now” Really? I haven’t used an RT device myself either, but there are also a number of favorable reviews about it (well, Surface RT to be specific). Other than app loading, the system performs pretty snappily overall. Saying “nowhere near as smooth as an iPad; with loads of lag” is probably nowhere near the truth. There seems to be a problem with Office using quite a bit of CPU though, but again, “loads of lag” is likely exaggerating. They might have patched it since then though, like they did with RT in general.

    “most adopters are people looking to entertain themselves with Angry Birds, arcade games; or casual couch browsing; something that iPads live for.” — There are a bunch of casual games on the Windows Store (including everyone’s favorite Angry Birds!) although I agree, it’s not going to catch up with the App Store any time soon. Web browsing is certainly on par with, and possibly better than the iPad.

  2. Yrtsi says:

    You are right and wrong :)

    If Nokia’s tablet key selling point is RT, then it is better to forget the tablet-business.

    But, as Elop has repeatedly said, Nokia will announce a tablet that really has something different compared to existing tablet-market. Then it makes sense to announce Nokia Tablet.

    Then it is a totally different question if and what Nokia has invented. If anything.

    I would love to have a Nokia Tablet that converts to laptop while I am at office and again it converts to ultra portable tablet when I am on the move. Excel, power point and word would be the major reasons to buy it.
    Boring? Yes. But I would buy it!

  3. D Harries says:

    Taking a long term view. Mobile phones do more and more. Computer sales are down. Laptop sales are going down. The consumer is downsizing to hand held devices. Linux competes with Windows, not on the desktop PC, but from the smaller size up mobile phone and tablet. This is where we are right now. If Nokia make phones, then they are giving away the computer market to other manufacturers.

    A tablet does not have to have the best camera. It is a good screen and a usable device that can become a computer, starting with a 7 inch screen (or 5 inch, or 6 inch)

    Market differentiation. Sculpted glass. Dual sided with E ink display

    • Mahoney says:

      offtop: Linux is competes in PC and supercomputing also. However as it is free software there is a often mistake when one try to compare sold windows to Linuxes which are downloaded freely and hence not registered in the same way. Question is how to use trends, owned experiences and customers enthusiasm, not how to act against them IMHO.

  4. nokiaman says:

    I totally understand why Nokia have gone with Microsoft . It’s all about the Ecosystem and the 1 advantage Microsoft have over ios and android is that now its all linked in with your normal pc, tablet, wp8, is that no matter what manufacture it offers almost same experience,hell I am typing this on my xbox360 browser with 920 as smart glass

  5. JudasI says:

    I’d love for Nokia to release a tablet, or even two, 7″ and ~10″ ( there *are* use cases for both ), but I’m wondering if they are holding back for the Blue update, which is supposed to add more resolutions and scaling down to 7″.

    The lag that some have encountered was mostly patched out ( I have a Surface ), but some of it is down to the use of Tegra 3. The Snapdragon RT devices have been shown to be much more fluid.

  6. Jesse says:

    Hmm, I think Nokia should release a tablet but not just one but 2, one for RT and one for W8 Pro.
    Now hold your horses about the price of a W8 pro, the main target for the pro is not reqular consumers but rather business consumers. It could be a huge victory for Nokia and Microsoft if they could get businesses exited about W8 and it would most likely boost theyr WP8 device sales as well.

    The RT would be targeted to consumers like you and me, and given Nokias reputation with WP8 I really think they could attract a lot of people and give Windows RT the push that the OS needs to succeed. What Microsoft and Nokia needs to do (if Nokia releases an RT tab to begin with…) is get the marketing straight. I mean, I see Windows 8 adverts everywhere but the adverts are not saying anything, the message is showing the tiles but why not tell what the tiles actually do?

    Failure adverts like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlX7vdYgF04 and many others are not serving any real purpose they only hurt the ecosystem.

    Take a look at simple working advert that serves a real purpose by informing the customers about its abillities: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rvyp4KzShA

  7. Mahoney says:

    Nokia ought to reconsider use MeeGo or better Sailfish in future tablet, as: (1) there is more and more enthusiasts of this solution; (2) this is matured solution already; (3) Nokia has got experiences in this; (4) there is huge demand on the market; (5) last but not least: I and some other single and small but paying customers ask for this. (6) I have windows tablet from Microsoft like Surface, and I have plenty, plenty of Android tablets from many others – hence I don’t need neither windows nor android tablet from Nokia IMHO, as this gives me no added value. The Nokia logo is not enough.

  8. Keith too says:

    Judging by the launch of the Surface Pro in North America. Yes Nokia get a Pro tablet out as soon as possible. Make it as sexy as the Surface but with better components.

  9. na-pe says:

    “Let’s not forget that Windows RT is REALLY clunky right now, although I haven’t used a RT tab to be honest…”
    and that shows! What I been using RT tabled… I cannot complain. It delivers pretty much like expected. Only actual con with RT is it’s “enterprise sideloading product key” cost as keys seems to be sold at packs of 100 ($3,000 per 100).

  10. Selwyn says:

    I don’t think Nokia’s tablet will be a success,looking at what apple and samsung are doing now regarding their phones and tablets.Nokia will into a slump again if they release a tab now

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