Bluetooth Share and Camera Extras Now Available for WP 7.8

| February 8, 2013 | 13 Replies

Although the WP 7.8 has started rolling-out a while back; some people were having trouble getting the “bluetooth share” feature to work; or even finding it in the marketplace.

Well Nokia have just announced that it’s up and running; announcing it on their website, with QR codes to download them from the marketplace.

Bluetooth Share:

Camera Extras:

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  1. Eri says:

    When i try to download the bluetooth share app it says it’s not available for my device (lumia900). Is it region-dependent? This is so annoying!

  2. hemedans says:

    for me i download it yesterday and try to send files it works.

    Am from tanzania-africa

  3. Viipottaja says:

    Excellent! Now just update the gallery to have multi-select (I know, less likely) and WP7.8 would be almost as good as WP8. :)

  4. Rafael Lima says:

    Says is not available for my region or my operator, idk why I bought my Lumia 800 in a Nokia Store unlocked.

  5. as says:

    Still Bluetooth Share does not work, what should I do??? :/

  6. shabarish ail (@s_ail) says:

    camera extras for wp 7.8 still doesnt have lenses , or smart shoot ( that enables us to remove unwanted objects) , even cinemagraph is yet to come… y oh y the delay ???

  7. mel says:

    I still can’t get bluetooth share either. I finally got the ringtone maker though works well. I really miss the ability to bluetooth stuff, i never quite understood why they omitted it from the wp7 in the first place

  8. Juvet says:

    hey guys i need help. i just updated my wp to 7.8 version 7.10.88862.144
    i have win 7 for computer os. i have tried to download the bluetooth share app but its not working. i have downloaded it manually at last but can install it to the phone. on the marketplace, the app doesnt have the usual “install” tap as other apps. what do i do to get this app? internet connection is dam slow in my country so i need this to atleast install large file manually downloaded, that is if its possible.

    i have tried uploading to skydrive to download into the phone using the skydrive phone app but its worst cause the download fails saying “file isnt compatible though its a .XAP file. i really need help

    Also how do i get the multiple select tap for the pictures?

    i could be reached via

  9. Ataulhaq says:

    I have nokia lumia 900 windows 7.8 I live in Afghanistan I cannot install Bluetooth share file in my phone it says “this app is not available for this phone” is this app available in Afghanistan,

    Thanks for your help in advance

  10. Ataulhaq says:

    is this app available in Afghanistan ?

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