Lumiappdates: PDF Reader for WP8 updated again? (08/02/2013)

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The PDF reader just got updated again. I’m not sure if this is any different other than the date it was last updated. Perhaps a minor bug fix?

It’s fine for the usual set of PDFs except huge 1000+page 100+mb textbooks. That doesn’t seem to be something a lot of you guys do apparently. I’m redownloading the same book to my 800 as I know I’ve got some textbooks on there which it can open with Adobe reader (though those textbooks are “only” 600 pages).

Update: Nah, 800 wouldn’t download.

Update: PDF Reader WILL open large textbooks on the 920. But it will take 30-60 seconds to do so which is a bit annoying. Being able to jump to a page number works quickly enough though. Due to the 768×1280 screen, it is possible to read the whole textbook without zooming in. And it crashed. :/








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  • arts

    Hi jay, does the pdf reader have any issue with rendering?

    For example in adobe reader, pinch to zoom will result in a blurred image for at least a second before loading completely.

    Does this occur with wp8?

    • Good question. Just tested it. Kinda. It depends on the document but it isn’t always smooth which is a shame. You do get that slightly blurred text (still readable, but then it goes super sharp).

      Actually, looking at the images, as you zoom they do look sharp. They just readust again to be sharper for the next zoom level. Same with the text.

      • arts

        thanks for helping out. How about rendering the whole page? does it do that now?

        In adobe reader, if you zoom in it would load only what you can see, but when you pan AT ALL at no mater what speed, it will still need time to redraw the pages.

        Is this the case with wp8? =)

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