Joe Belfiore says he’s got to know the competition (uses mac and iPad too)

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For some, you can be a fan and even employee of a company and still use products made by the competition (either by choice or for their learning). For others, it’s unacceptable.

Yesterday there was some uproar regarding Joe Belfiore’s tweet from an Android phone. He has said in the past that he uses devices from the competition (as should everyone) to know what they’re up against and what they need to improve. Nokians are known for this too.

Joe responded saying:

Since u asked.. ive been carrying a GS3 for about a month. Got to know the competition. I have a Mac & ipad too.I think u WANT me using em!


There definitely is a lot to learn from the competition. It’s sometimes difficult to see different avenues when you’re engrossed in a one direction path. Even if Joe and other MS people are trying other platforms, can they really appreciate what it is that makes the others stand out? What things they could bring to the Windows side? Hopefully they don’t simply look at other products with the conclusion that their implementation and way to go about things is better (though it is nice to occasionally say “yes, we’ve done this right and it’s so much better than how they do it”)

What is it that the bloggers are loving? What is it that the consumers are really appreciating? Am I using our own products enough in real life situations to see where it falls short? Am I critical enough of my own products to push the platform forward? Where is the next step for our platform to leap frog the others? What are we missing in our platform that the others have as standard which is loved by techies and the general consumers? HOW and WHEN can we adopt these into our platform? WHAT is our next big thing that will make others want to copy us? WHAT can we do to be the best at this game?

These (and many more) are questions I hope MS and Nokia peeps ask themselves daily, when using either Nokia/Windows products or that of the competition.



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  • SmoledMan

    You’d never see the iPhone VP be caught dead using the competition.

    • viktor von d.

      of course not. it would be like seeing the pope celebrating ramadan. religion is sacred, you can’t just use android,wp and blackberry when you belong to the cult of jobs

      • AliQudsi

        Hahahha I liked the pope analogy.

        you get one month of mynokiablog gold.

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

        You should read that book about Steve Jobs.

        There is a chapter were the board members at Apple were using popular phones not manufactured by Apple.

        And then they decided to create the iPhone.

    • guerrahp

      Agree. This is the reason why WP developments is lagging. Pick up a Windows Phone sometimes Belfiore and use it. Don’t just talk about. Use it!

    • Pdexter

      Sounds like Nokia of 2000-2007…

    • Bob

      I guarantee the iPhone VP is using competing products – how else do they lift each others ideas? (e.g. iPhone notification centre is ripped from Android).

      This is normal in all industries.

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

        Yes it is.

        It’s stupid not to use good ideas even if someone else invented them.

        One reason Nokia failed was just this. They had the NIH syndrome.


        • Marc Aurel

          Well, no, as usual. Nokia was usually fast to copy trends they thought were relevant, for example the camera phone which was invented by Japanese carriers and portrait Qwerty from BB (and others).

          Even the first Nokia touchscreen phone (the 5800 XM) came out relatively quickly after the iPhone; in fact it preceded the first practically usable Android phones by several months. They did not copy the iPhone user interface, but they would have needed MORE time to do that instead of just making a quick and dirty conversion of S60v3.2 UI for touch interaction. So in practice they were in a way too fast with the S50v5.

  • incognito

    Why hasn’t he learned anything from the competition then?

    /runs away

    • GordonH

      Why hasn’t he used sailfish then?

      /runs away too

    • bwisita

      He is trying to get accustomed to the platform he will migrate to

      • bwisita

        Whoops. I forgot to run away. Tadah.

  • Android Paid Poster

    Joe is a mug (clueless)!

    Why didn’t Joe add a notification center if he has been using the S3? Android and iPhone has it…

    • cyan

      they already said they run out of time to implement notification center remember they shifted to a new system and new kernel

    • cyan

      and it has to be different from android notification center so google won’t be able to sue them

  • Zhi

    I don’t get how can people use so many devices, wouldn’t their text messages be all over the place? I know things like calendar and emails can be synced, but I’ll find it a hassle to keep moving the sim card…

    • Toomas

      My phone company offers an option of having two SIMs showing the same originating number to the recipient and letting the user pick which phone the calls get routed to at any given moment. I believe similar arrangements, possibly with larger number of devices, are available to corporate customers.

    • DesR85

      I really doubt they shift SIM cards in between phones. More like each phone have a SIM card in it (depending on which plan they sign up to). Ever come across people sporting more than one phone. Sometimes two or more.

      Not sure what the exact reasons are but one scenario is that one phone is on an internet-only plan and the second one for regular calls and smses, or the individual is a social butterfly or a very busy person, etc…

  • aleci15

    Joebelfiore: Bec. WP sucks so bad. These are hard times and I need a job to pay the bills. XD

    Its like a Rubber shoe product engineer wearing sneakers so he knows the competition @_@

  • Bloob

    Joe got tired of resizing tiles? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • anon2

    Umm.. the CEO of Google used to carry around a Blackberry. I bet even now he doesn’t use an android for email

  • Ali Abdulla

    sometimes i feel its the other way around, “I think u WANT me using em!” , maybe if u used Wp8 more, you would be more aware of them problems ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Frankie


  • Bassman

    Great to see this being blown out of proportion… I think I’d be more worried if he didn’t use the competitors products and was being siloed into one particular OS.

    I don’t quite understand the view of some of the rabid fanboys who are seem to think he should be hung, drawn and quartered for using Android or iOS etc.

    • Frankie

      I don’t mind a proper QA or Testing team playing around with the competition, I am all for that, but…
      there is a huge difference on doing that and posting/twetting from a competitors device to talk nice about a newly launched phone (in this case the Lumia 620).

      This is just bad PR and a fail in my opinion.

      So you clearly don’t really understand the problem or why we are ranting.

      • Pathetic

        finally someone with brains. totally agree with you, stop being as*sholes and open your eyes or at least start thinking please. So many stupid comments I see here seems that a chimpanzee was writing the comments

  • Grendell

    Use an 808 and an N9. For a month. Then lets talk WP. 808 camera, Symbian hardware functionality, N9 multitasking and Notification Centere..and a good buttonless swipe interface.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      What do you want to talk about?

      All 3 have their pros and cons. For example, after having used the 808 for quite a while (and still do so), I have been pleasantly surprised by the camera functionality and ease of use in wp 7.8. There are some obvious things to me where I think people are missing the joke.

      • Grendell

        Just weary of having to glimpse Nokia’s talent in snippets when I know they can quite easily put things together and astonish their fans. It’s like a sick striptease that just won’t end.

        • shallow ocean shoal

          I’m not sure how “easy” it is. They have spent billions and billions on R&D. Also, talent is not unique to them.

          • GordonH

            Management talent is very hard to find inside Nokia.

            • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

              There is always Marko Ahtisaari.

              He is very respected in Finland. Finnish press has been crediting him as “the Steve Jobs of Nokia”.

              Marko Ahtisaari is said to be a design genius and also a talented manager. Some time ago Nokia paid 15 million just to get him working for the company.

              I guess even you just love Marko Ahtisaari.


    • rustyknight17

      Exactly ! Nokia and MS need to get it together QUICKLY and get WP up to Symbian / Meego functionality level , their rivaks r not goig ti wait ‘ indeed BB10 is already ahead !

  • sina88

    Joe would better start to use a Windows Phone so that he finally realizes what is wrong with that OS! I wouldn’t need a month to realize how much better Android is. WP doesn’t need a lot to be a good OS, but Microsoft should finally start working on it. Metro is a nice looking alternative, but that user interface isn’t thought through well and lacks a bit everywhere. It’s been 1.5years and WP hasn’t even catch up with MeeGo Harmattan, a left alone, unsupported software!

    Microsoft, are you sleeping? Get rid of your Apple and Android devices and start working on Windows Phone! Furthermore you probably shouldn’t take iOS or Android as a reference if you want to be different, better and having a modern UI….idiots.

    • cyan

      he is using windows phone already
      check his twitter account

      • cyan

        again his S3 for testing

        • guerrahp

          He is still an idiot.

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  • swain

    cheers guys…
    Joe has started using Android and iOS/mac prodicts. There is a positive aspect for Nokia actually.
    Since now he will be able to identify the flaws and lackness of much more inferior WP8, we can expect a better, more usable and feature rich WP9. Just a hope.

    • swain