Nokia Russia removes video talking about PureView, Windows Phone and PureView proto

| February 12, 2013 | 6 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 13.08.41It might mean nothing, but usually when Nokia tries to get videos removed, it’s often because there’s some substance to it. That or they want to get rid of it because it’s misleading (but normally they’d ignore that).

This morning we posted about an odd video from Nokia Russia that seemed to speculate what might be coming at MWC.

Our readers noted the video isn’t there anymore.

The video might simply have been talking about last year’s MWC (talking about WP coming, the new 808 PureView with 41MP and PureView protos) or it could be they’re gearing us up to expect a combined WP PureView 41mp MP Nokia EOS :).

What do you reckon?

BTW, Nokia execs have said last year that in spring, there’ll be a Nokia product people will be climbing over each other to get this. The EOS and Catwalk have already been rumoured. So it’s not like it’s out of the blue or anything. Nokia is focusing their resources on areas they can differentiate, one of which is camera. They have said there’s more PureView to come.

Although we saw Lumia PureView in the 920 last September, that was a different breed to the beast in the 808. Whilst PureView V2 is phenomenal in low light, the 808 is no slouch either and destroys all other camera phones in every other department.


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  1. lumia says:

    Release the kraken!!! Gosh!!!

  2. anon2 says:

    “Pureview”is a brand which Nokia wants to protect.

  3. FireDragon says:

    Sound recording and Camera.

  4. dss says:

    phase 1 is better in low light than phase 2.. you just need to bump up the ISO.

  5. correct says:

    Imaging, location, and overall innovation is what Nokia said they’re focusing on in 2013. So that gives us some hints. Expect more imaging excellence, some new location stuff, and unexpected innovations like the super sensitive touch on the 920.

  6. torcida says:

    I’m excited…

    Btw: Even in low-light the 808 is better than the 920 (only plus for the 920 is the OIS, good for handheld night shoots). With the 920 it is not possible to take a Long exposure picture and between the Quality of the picures of the 808 and the 920 are miles – if at day or at night.

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