Possible Upcoming SW Update to 808 Pureview to Bring 12Mp and 9Mp Pureview Options?

| February 13, 2013 | 43 Replies

Marc over at PureViewclub.com has gotten his hands on some screenshots from an alleged update to the 808 (113.010.1508)- a firmware that was being pushed out for a while then pulled back. One of the users with a custom firmware of the same version sent in the following screenshots, showing the 12 and 9 megapixel options in Creative mode (currently only 2,5 and 8 megapixels).


It’s possible that Nokia are tweaking something in the camera for a future update; or maybe testing something out for the rumored Lumia/Pureview Eos?



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  • qromodynmc

    I hope nokia releases a firmware update for my 603 too. An update that can make my phone brick,so I can buy a new phone.

    • yemko

      LoLzzz, (-_-) why?

    • arg0

      Just flash a 5800 firmware on your 603, so it will brick for sure. πŸ™‚ But wait ’til MWC!

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  • JGrove303

    I say its promised support for the 808 and likely some development honed on the EOS project that they were kind enough to port to the 808.

    Or its a custom mod, much like shooting modes added to the N8-00

  • Well of course modifying the resources for the strings themselves can be easily achieved. What would make much more sense is some images coming from the 808 directly, not shopped lateron, with original metatags and EXIF data!

    Once we get that, I’ll go for a genuine. I don’t think this is anything from Nokia, just a user modification done to a custom firmware.

    Prove me wrong please!


    • Also, I wouldn’t with for a 12MP mode… It would simply ruin the PureView Mode… Supersampling and so on? For 12MP it would mean less oversampling and thus a higher resolution at higher grain πŸ™

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

        Actually I would like to see 16MP mode. In addition to the old modes.

        That would be interesting.

    • Actually I didn’t see the link to the image…


      taken from PureViewClub

      Interesting! I’m eager to see more!

      • NokiFan

        And at 12MP even if it would mean less oversampling, you’ll still get a 12MP superior than that of N8-00, whether in 4:3 or 16:9, due to 3x oversampling super-pixel (12 x 3 = 36), indeed without zoom.

        Can’t wait for Steve’s next N8-00 12MP vs 808PV 12MP head-on @ AAS

  • Ryo2

    You can download my camera mod for all resolution (38,34,12,9,8,6,5,4,3,2 Mpx)and video 1080p,720p,480p (blank),360p here :


    only for hack phone.
    Download and insert (or replace) to C:private-10202be9 – insert here.
    Restart phone.

    Fully working I used about 2 month.


    • Ryo2

      Gordon Ramsay . I trying add 16Mpx mod many times,but never succes. I give up.

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

        Thanks for the answer!

        Actually 12MP seems to be really interesting option. It pretty much solves those issues when there is not enough light for native resolution but it’s not that dark.

        Do you happen to know if the DSP has and frame buffer of it’s own or does it write all the data directly to the system memory? It would be also very interesting to know how the DSP fetches the data from the sensor. What kind of memory the sensor has and how fast it can be fetched.

    • jake2k

      works great.. thanks!
      But my only question is that are you sure its still using the pureview tech to oversample? and not just taking a regular 9mp or 6mp shot now?

      Afterall this is the same mod file that was used on the N8, which did not have pureview tech..


      • Ryo2

        My english is very bad,so I canΒ΄t explanation,but trust me,this is pureview tech,this is no full resolution,so pureview tech working. You can se photo in you PC (1:1 pix) and you will see that details is more impresive than full resolution (38Mpx).
        Of course,pureview 12Mpx is little worse than 8,5 or 3 MPX.The same like 8Mpx is little worse than 5Mpx and 5Mpx is little worse than 3Mpx. I hope you understand :D.

        • jake2k

          yes, i understand.. thank you for sharing again!

  • Tetlee

    Personally I don’t see Nokia releasing any further improvements for the 808, I think the support we’ll see from this point will be bug fixes etc. only.

    Knowing how Elop’s Nokia like to bring all attention to the Lumia range these days, and have never really been interested in pushing the 808, I can’t see them wanting to enhance the 808 and give it more positive press.

    I think this is upcoming Lumia Pureview related, perhaps being tested and trialed on a developer 808.

    • jake2k

      its just a mod, haven’t you read the comments? has nothing to do with official Nokia software releases or the Lumia.. its another hack

  • dss

    You could always shoot at 38Mpix and then downsize to whatever you wish using the Lanczos algoritm:


    to whatever size you want.. its pretty close to what happens in real time with the 808.

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

      I somehow remember that at the time of the release of the 808 it was claimed that combining pixels can’t be done later. The claim was that the DSP got some additional information from the sensor, that was not possible to save even on a RAW format.

      That was probably just the same overhype that was very common when the 808 was released.

      It appears that the 808 can’t really save RAW images so that’s one reason PureView is actually handy. JPG comperession makes it almost impossible to to that in post production if the picture was taken in low light. There is just too much noise for the compression to mess up with.

      • Dave

        Its not that the 808 can’t save RAW images, its that it doesn’t. The DSP will work with the raw data from the sensor and generate the resulting relatively sublime image.

        Taking an already processed 38mp JPG image and slapping it through a resize filter really isn’t anything like the same thing.

        As for the 808 hype, it was justified, the camera really is very good. Anyone saying otherwise needs an eye test.

        • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

          It’s not known if it can save the RAW images. It’s possible that the hardware implementation doesn’t allow it. It’s also possible that the hardware allows RAW images to be saved. Whatever the truth about hardware is, the reality is that it’s not possible to save uncompressed images like it’s in iPhone.

          Taking an JPG image may not be the same thing but if there were RAW data, I’m pretty sure it would be possible to combine those pixels in post production.

          As for the hype, not it was not justified. While it’s great, it just didn’t live up to the hype. It doesn’t make P&S obsolete and it doesn’t definitely compete with DSLR’s except in some very special circumstances.

          As for the eyes test, I had one just yesterday and I had no problems.

          • AreOut

            brain test would suit you better

            • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


              Truth hurts, doesn’t it?


              • RVM

                Hype was not made by Nokia. It was generated by media, after doing some real life comparisions like gsmarena did. So i would say that hype was as big good 808 is. P&Ss are getting obsolete with or without 808. Huge decline in sales prove it.

                • RVM

                  as big as 808 is good*

                • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

                  Hype is rarely generated by the company itself. The hype around iPhone is not really generated by Apple. All that hype about the next Galaxy model is not generated by Samsung. Promoting the phone does not equal overhyping.

                  There just was all that overhype for the 808. It doesn’t matter who made it to happen. There just were overhype.

                  While the P&S are becoming less and less popular, there is no reason whatsoever to believe the 808 obsoleted them. Even the 2012 Lumia sales obsoleted P&S cameras more than 808 did.

              • AreOut

                judging by your posts it really does

                • Gordon Ramsay potkii takaosaa

                  Time for you to make a reality check?


                  • AreOut

                    time for you to visit the doctor

                    • Gordon Ramsay potkii takaosaa

                      Time for you to visit the real world?


                  • AreOut

                    in real world 808 rocks and you will have to troll a lot more to earn money to buy it

                    • Gordon Ramsay potkii takaosaa

                      Unfortunately not in real world sales.


                    • AreOut

                      unfortunately for whom? I’m not Nokia shareholder so I couldn’t care less for the number sold.

                    • Gordon Ramsay potkii takaosaa

                      More unit sales, more support for the device.

                      Apparently you don’t have one because you don’t care about the support.

                      More unit sales gives you more support from third parties.


    • Nrde

      No it’s not. This has been beaten to death already.

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


        I guess you people are insisting it was not while the reality is somewhat different.


  • capitansevilla

    Are you sure this is for the 808?.Maybe it is the rumoured new firmware for the N8, with a new camera interface, and thats why it has 12, 9 and 3 Megapixels…

  • Its an update to downgrade 808’s camera.quality, in order to.make later PureView WP have much better pic. (remember n8?)

    i doubt they will even fix obvious ‘fisheye’ lens problem on 808.

    • arts

      ROFL! yup you are completely right. As pure symbian fans we must only use devices untainted by elop, so GO BACK AND USE N8 PR 1.0. FOR SYMBIAN!

  • thats great news.. πŸ™‚

  • dddj

    sad that the skype for belle has some bugs, please fix it and give us belle fp2 keyboard support

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