Video: BB10’s BBHub Vs. WP8’s Me Hub Comparison

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As I mentioned a couple days ago, I’ve gotten my hands on the new Blackberry Z10; and I’m taking it out for a spin (feel free to check out my unboxing and inital thoughts over here); anyways I must say some parts of BB10 are very impressive. The BBHub in particular which blends in your general notifications alongside your email accounts, BBM and social networks. I think I covered the differences between the Windows Phone Me hub and the BBHub pretty well in the video down below (if I dare say so myself):


As a Windows Phone fan it is kind of painful to see BBHub beating WP8 in almost every aspect of social integration in the hub (besides the Email; but that’s not integrated in WP hub anyways). Especially since for me (and as far as I gather many other WP users out there) that was one of the greatest “features” in the phone; hell it’s what the smoked by Windows Phone campaign was all about. Instead Microsoft took a step back and removed the “favorite sharing network” in WP8, meaning every-time you want to share something you have to scroll through the whole lost of apps/options, rather than having your preferred network/option as default (any one know why they did that? My best guess would be a patent infringement).




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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.
  • gini

    i think this has more value news than all those windowsphone stuff

  • pratheep

    ;earn to handle the phone first.. then you can compare that

  • v.s.i

    However, overall BB feels like a ‘me too’ device whereas the 920 is genuinely awesome! 😀 (in the sense that it doesn’t wow you by anything)

    • correct

      Yes exactly. I’ve played around with the Z10, and it is completely a me-too device. From it’s very VERY plain iPhone imitation exterior, to it’s generic camera, generic build quality, generic specs and generic UI. Well everything basically is generic. The UI is fast, but it really isn’t that innovative.

      Also the BB hub, when you actually try and manage all of those notifications, it becomes a real hassle. Trying to multi-select notifications for multiple deletion takes several steps and is a real hassle. Multiple notification deletion is much easier on WP for example. Just one of the little things wrong with BB10.

      • nn

        You know, this evolutionary approach – take inspiration and proven things from others, add your own changes and tweaks – is how it’s normally done. It’s how everyone else who is successful does it.

        One of the big problems with WP is that it’s mee-too-not OS. The theory is it’s because MS has every damn rectangle and sharp edge patented and they hope they will extend their PC monopoly basically to all computer tech and then milk out every last cent from anyone wanting to create SW in the Metro style. Because the other option is that they believe own PR that being different for the sake of difference is the holy grail of consumer products even if nobody wants something different and is quite happy with existing UI/UX paradigms.

        • noki

          ++++++++1 “they hope they will extend their PC monopoly basically to all computer tech and then milk out every last cent from anyone wanting to create SW in the Metro style”

        • correct

          Haha, some more laughs from you.

          Really, that’s how it’s done? History CLEARLY says otherwise. Yes most companies exist and make money making small changes, although some go bankrupt with such a strategy. However to be a PIONEER, and INNOVATOR, and a LEADER, a company HAS to make big shifts.

          Was the iPod an “evolutionary” approach? Was the iPhone an “evolutionary” approach? Was the N95 or N8 an evolutionary approach? How about the N9 which you Meego devs love so SO much? Are you going to try and argue that was an “evolutionary” approach?

          I have no time to argue with you Microsoft haters. I will simply let the facts speak for themselves. Customer satisfaction surveys all over the world show that Windows Phone has higher customer satisfaction than iOS, Android, or Blackberry.

          So maybe it is you haters who should stop hating just for the sake of hating, or being “different” just for the sake of being “different”.

          • jiipee

            Could you share the sources for the satisfaction studies?

            There was some news of a study, where Android beat Ios ,which I have hard time to believe, but I cannot recall, if WP was mentioned. Traditionally iOS has been nr1.

          • nn

            Yes, all these devices borrowed already existing things and ideas and build upon them. Especially Apple is known for perfecting things others did before.

            Leaving aside what is your definition of “big shift”, to be successful leader and innovator you certainly don’t need to make revolution after revolution.

            • correct

              Try again. The iPod was a paradigm shift is usability and UI for music players.

              The iPhone was a massive paradigm shift as well in usability and UI for phones.

              Nokia was not the first in the world with wireless charging on the 920, but that doesn’t make it any less unique.

              Always with the extremes. Revolution after revolution is not needed no. Having revolutionary product once in a while however is needed to be a leader. Some companies never have revolutionary products.

              • nn

                At first I thought you are one of these who think Apple invented mp3 players or touch screens and UI. Then I read what you wrote about Lumias and wireless charging, and it’s clear your are just drinking the PR kool-aid too much – every wireless charging is paradigm shift, every swappable back case disruption.

                Especially funny is that you explicitly admit 920 isn’t first phone with wireless charging, that they are just evolving what others did not only with other consumer tech, but even with smartphones. Another thing is that this incarnation was rejected by people (granted, you can blame it on the unusable OS) and is evolutionary dead end. We have to wait for someone who will bring better overall package.

                • correct

                  It’s clear this discussion is a lost cause with you.

        • MOOking

          i’m glad some people here see through the shit drapes LOL like i do

    • naz

      you are just saying that because you own one i tried the 920 but i gotta say since i have the bb the 920 is way behing my friend

  • noki

    The Z10 as some real advantages over the WP, it is in fact a very me-too phone but WP is in many ways a me-wish one soo…
    The me-too makes it alot more easy to be come interesting to the larger ecosystem of app manufacturers as it not much of a work to port an app to it, in theory even if you want to make it native in the platform you dont need to do a major rethought over the app unlike in Wp were the interface paradigms are completely different.

    The bb strengths are in some specific areas that bb users expect, so what they did with the bb10 and Z10 is IMO a spectacular example of pragmatism.

    • v.s.i

      Oh, so that’s why all the reviewers were so satisfied with the app quality in BB World… because there were loads specifically designed for BB 10, and very few ports of existing Android ones which didn’t take major work to adapt (because why gain $10K with a bit of an effort when you can do it with no effort at all??) 😀

      Jokes aside, I can see more advantages in a Lumia 920 or even 620 than in a Z10, certainly more than BB10 has over WP8.

      • noki

        Do what the Author here as done, aka he got to actually knew the Z10 instead of you that just read some random review on ipaydGadget.

        • v.s.i

          I can’t, it won’t be available in my country in a long time and I have neither the money nor the interest to import one. Of course, for some the Z10 will work better than for others, but, as stated in my comment, it is merely a personal opinion. To be more clear, why would I want an imperfect Harmattan clone when I have an authentic Harmattan phone?:D

          P.S. Not only iPayedGadget, but also The Verge and Plus, the iPayedGadget reviewer has been using one for 7 days now and he still hasn’t changed his opinion.

        • correct

          I’ve used the Z10 *in real life*, and I agree with him. Most apps on BB10 app store are poorly done Android apps. Stop pretending otherwise.

        • Well honestly the Android ports really suck. Half of them crash for no reason; and they use Android 2.1’s vomit inducing UI… That’s what happens when they offer them money to port the app within 24 hrs; but BB deserves it since they were trying to boost numbers rather than quality.

          • nn

            Well, everyone is trying to boost that number, including Nokia and MS and it’s not like every one app in windows store is piece of art. Often app that crashes every two hours and has horrible UI is better than no app at all. One would think MS knows that.

            • Gordon Ramsay potkii takaosaa

              That’s the reason that almost killed Nokia. Quantity over quality.

              You want to see BB killed?


          • correct

            Yes indeed.

    • correct

      Funny, thanks for the laugh.

      Except, developers are either too lazy, or don’t have enough time to do proper ports for BB10. Most ports are, and WILL CONTINUE to be bad Android ports.

      Microsoft today publicly mentioned they are fusing the APIs of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in the future. That is what I call a real advantage. BB10 will continue to struggle. In due time we will see this.

      • noki

        Sure we will, because desktop app developers are the type of developers you really want to get into mobile touch driven development.
        You sure don’t want the developers currently making the most popular apps for iOS and android…..what we need is 1:1 ports of winzip….

        • v.s.i

          If we had at least a subset of the x86 Windows programs running on WP8 (like the N9 has with ARM Debian repos enabled in sources.list), it would indeed make for very functional future Lumias. 😉 Sideloading would be a problem, though.

        • correct

          Right, because the most experienced developers in the world are mobile developers right? These days everyone and their dog claims to be a “mobile developer”.

          Sad to say, but the fact is there are a lot of TERRIBLE and shitty apps made by mobile developers.

          The most experienced developers remain on desktop. So YES, I definitely want to see a lot of desktop developers begin to develop for Windows Phone, which is what Microsoft is working towards. It will open up a huge opportunity for all kinds of apps, apps that Android and iOS users will be dreaming of.

          I’d much rather see desktop developers get into mobile, as I’m tired of seeing all these fart apps or “apps” that are nothing but HTML pages.

          Imagine amazing apps like Irfanview on Windows Phone, or some advanced image editors, or advanced audio editors, or … the possibilities become endless. The only limitation at that point becomes developer motivation and hardware power. The developer motivation will definitely be there, and hardware power will continue to evolve.

          Intel is currently hiring a Windows Phone engineer, which means we will soon see Intel hardware inside Windows Phones. What Intel also brings and has is incredible compilers and compiler tools for example as well. They can adapt these compilers and compiler tools for Windows Phone easily.

          • v.s.i

            Let’s hope Intel gets it right at least this time if that’s what they’re up to. Last time they got in bed with Nokia… and they aren’t doing terribly well on the Android side of things either. 🙂

            • correct

              Yes indeed. This time though, it’s a 3-way partnership with Intel, Microsoft, and Nokia. Intel has always had good ties with Microsoft.

          • noki

            You guys should stop imagining what the real developers are and start developing yourself.
            I been working in the area for over 10 years and have worked in the widest range of platforms you can think of (from fridges to hubersupercomputers)… And guess what???? crappy developers you find them all over, kick ass ones as well, In fact I usually get to know kick ass best of bread developers doing the worse applications you can imagine, because, there is a little bit more to it than having the best coding skills in the planet…..

            • correct

              So more developers are better than less developers, yes?

              • correct

                Oh, and I used to do some developing myself back in the day. Plus I know and have met many developers for desktop and mobile. From my experience, a large amount of mobile developers are lazy and arrogant. I’m sure some may disagree.

                • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

                  Most developers are arrogant.

  • AN9r

    BB is good in GUI, but battery backup stinks, i would rather have a thicker for good battery…thin heroism…!

    • noki

      the L920 is little bit more thicker than 1mm more than the Z10, and the battery on the L920 is all but great as well.

      • dss

        Windows NT Mobile needs at least a 3000 mAh battery for comfortable one day use… its just the way it is. I don’t know what they need to unlock the multitasking… maybe even bigger battery and a bit more RAM.

        There is a lot of potential, we just have to wait for the hardware to catch up.

  • Hypnopottamus

    Let’s face it. BB has always lead the pack (Android, iOS, Symbian, and now WP) when it comes to messaging and emailing. This type of integration is pretty slick. It is better than WP. Hopefully WP can bring in some of the features that you’ve talked about in the video Ali. I would very much like that also.

    With that being said, I want to put things in perspective. Yes, WP is has fallen behind BB in social integration. But the People (and Me) Hubs are still far ahead of Android or iOS. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how MS improves their Hubs (hopefully during MWC). The Hub’s potential has always been huge (and until now a little ahead of the curve), but now that BB has taken the social integration to another level, WP can’t afford to play second fiddle to something they did first!

    Great post by the way! It’s nice to see honest criticism where it’s deserved.

    • Edwin

      Agree with you… BlackBerry (RIM) has always stressed out in messaging department which is their strong point. But, I still think in overall day to day usage, BB10 is not really convenient enough to use….. For example their contact card, is not really as advanced as WP People Hub. And, People Hub really make me do not want to open Twitter app or FB app because it’s sufficient enough and very aesthetic…. =D

      • Great point, but what thing that really pisses me off is that there is no option to fill out your own personal contact info (complete with Facebook and Twitter profiles linked) and share that; for example the other day I was at the Lumia Launch in Jordan and I was sharing my details with the Nokia guys using tap to send/NFC; they got my number/name/address/birthday/and email but not my twitter or facebook; which really sucks.

    • Thanks, I think the serious issue right now is the fact that if people gave BB10 a chance (end users I mean) they’d actually really like it. Just as the case with WP is; where it’s really great but alot of people don’t bother giving it the time of day.

      My only fear is that Windows Phone will still settle for the Hub they have and add nothing new, UI or feature wise.

    • Vineet

      Genuine question: How are the People/Me hubs better than Android (Jelly Bean specifically). The design is a lot nicer and classier looking but in terms of functionality, what pushes it ahead?

      I’m asking because I find the Twitter/FB experience via the People Hub to be gimped (as it shall always be) and so it is much easier to always just go to the dedicated apps which offer full rich functionality.

      This is part of where the hubs tend to breakdown, they’ll never really be quite as good as the dedicated apps and not everyone likes everything mashed together.

      Android’s People Hub does show some info like last status etc but excels in other areas such as being able to filter contacts (show contacts with phone numbers only) whereas WP just filters by service (FB/Outlook/GMail). WP also doesn’t seem to have the ability to sync contacts across services. I can pull in Outlook Contacts and Gmail Contacts but then I can’t have them cross-sync. When I create a new contact, I have to choose a service type and it sync’s with that only (Linking is a half step in the right direction, but quite clumsy). The people app’s history options can also be improved

      Basically WP People Hub’s social integration is good for updating status but little else, for anything truly engaging, the apps are a better bet. I wonder if it’s not worth it to go in the other direction then and just make them cleaner “apps”.

      Is there some killer People app functionality that I’m just not utilising well?

      • Hypnopottamus

        You have to keep in mind, that the Hubs aren’t meant to replace the apps totally, just serve as a one stop quick place to do things quickly. The Hub integration IS better than Androids because you not only can you see latest statuses (like on Android), but you can directly like or comment from the contacts app(People Hub as it is called in WP). In addition, the integration of Facebook chat directly in the SMS/MMS app is really good. No need to open a seperate app if you want to continue a conversation when someone is offline.

        That being said, There are definitely shortcomings to the People Hub as Ali pointed out. It’s not fully functional as the official app is, but it does the basics and it does them well and fluidly.

        • Hypnopottamus

          I should add that I had an Android after leaving Symbian and before moving to WP. The device I had was using Gingerbread. I thought it was pretty good. I LOVED the customisability of the platform. In the end, I was using a UI skin that mimmicked WP. The thing that drove me nuts about Android was when I wanted to communicate with someone. You literally had to use a seperate app for Email, facebook, twitter and Linkedin. Also didn’t like having to use different apps for my media (videos/music). Although I realize that there is a plethora of 3rd party apps that could combine different features, the quality of those left much to be desired.

          I’m a big fan of Hubs. They have given me a quick, fluid, unified experience. Very little searching around for an app. They are far from perfect, but for the way I use my device I can’t see going back to Android or Symbian (or even iPhone). BB seems to me a very intriguing alternative. I’ll keep an eye out on how the OS progresses. Hopefully MS gets their act together and improves upon how they do notifications and expands on the People/Me Hubs.

          • Vineet

            This is a very interesting point. I am guess your workflow is (1. Open App 2. Initiate communication). Hubs save you the cognitive decision of which app you need so you don’t have to jump around in apps.

            The other workflow would be to jump into contacts and hit Call/SMS/FB Message/’Compose button for whichever service’ which then catapults them right into the compose window of the relevant app (this people-centric rather than service-centric approach is less conducive to hubs).

            I guess its a similar difference to when you decide to Call/SMS someone and you can either decide which one and then goto either Phone or Messaging and then search for contact within them or decide which person first, open Contacts and then hit either Call or SMS under his/her name.

            Overall, I’m coaxing myself into the second workflow (I was always inconsistent before) so that I can easily switch OSes and also because it has less redundancy and you’re always in the ‘app’ which has the maximum functionality for your chosen method of communication.

            Conceptually, I waited to see what MS would do with hubs but I’m not entirely sold on it. Instead of duplicating functionality in a broken way, I’d much rather have them deep link into the actual apps such that when you click on a status to like or comment, you automatically get taken to the exact post in the FB app and once you’re done, ‘back’ takes you back to where you were.

            • Hypnopottamus

              Excellent point! As I said, I only had Gingerbread to deal with. My wife has the latest Jellybean, but in tablet form so how contacts are handled are probably different. If the Contacts app operates like you said, where you can click on a service and it will take you to the relevant app and when you exit it takes you back to the contacts app, that would be awesome. However, the shortcoming is still that there is no place within the app to totally view Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn posts. As far as I can tell, the Android Contacts app will only show you part of the post. It is still not really a one-stop-shop for interaction with a contact. It really isn’t that great of a place to view statuses/tweets.

              I do acknowledge that there are areas that Android whips WP, but I’m only talking about the People Hub and how it is a better social network integration than how Android does it. Of course, this is only my opinion and it reflects how I prefer to use my device 🙂

      • tony

        I couldn’t aggree more with you, by putting ppl hub may be WP8 is withholding dedicated social,networking apps, but guess what my 920 doesn’t allow me to send a picture in Faceboook chat!!! How lame is that? Neither does d dedicated app! No option in messaging for sending pics via fb chat, wth.
        also i cannot post a picture to my friends wall through the gallery share, android the share button takes Yu to the dedicated app n that brings the full potential and options which is what users want when they buy flagship phones like 920

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  • rwtertwret

    Nokia should buy license for OS from BlackBerry.

  • Simo

    Once again, the entire start screen in WP is a freaking notification hub! That’s what makes it better than iOS and Android. Another centralized notification hub is fine for those crying for it, but just a bonus as far as I’m concerned… one would have to be blind to miss a notification on WP. Either that or too lazy to pin the app to their start screen.

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

      Perhaps it’s better for those wanting to have all the information there. I prefer having extremely little information on the home screen.

      It’s a security risk to have everything possible visible on the home screen. If that doesn’t matter and you like to have all there, I guess it’s very useful.

      • tony

        Yes, u r right, it is a security concern n little shd b visible on home screeen coz phones r open to public viewing with our improved viewing angles n IPS displays n ol that LOL

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