Nokia Not Seeing Much Demand for QWERTY Devices?

| February 14, 2013 | 77 Replies

According to an Interview WMPU had with a product manager in Germany; when asked about QWERTY devices (the last QWERTY smartphones were the E7 & E6 iirc) he replied:

 Nokia concentrates on the consumers’ demand and QWERTY models are not being requested that much. It is no secret that touch only devices are actually the most wanted devices, and Nokia wants to focus on the customers’ desires.

Of course I know a lot of you are personally huge fans of QWERTY devices, especially if they looked anything like the beauty above; so hopefully we will see one soon.

*Note: there seems to be a common misconception on every post we write with QWERTY devices tht Windows Phone doesn’t support them; so once again yes it does (google Dell Venue pro)


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  1. Nokia’s QWERTY slides were so good.

  2. Mike says:

    Well, they aren’t seeing much demand for devices running on Windows either…

    Personally I know several people who would buy the “Lauta” device running MeeGo.

    • Mark says:

      Yes, but the Linux fan club doesn’t count because it’s a biased sample! :)

      • Mike says:

        Actually not all them are Linux users, so it’s not a biased sample, however maybe small.

      • Mike says:

        But it would be better for Nokia to sell devices where there is demand and keep current users/add users, get revenue. Than to offer something without demand (Windows Phone) and loose users.

    • noki says:

      ++++1 “Well, they aren’t seeing much demand for devices running on Windows either…” and they keep on making them

    • GordonH says:

      Best comment

    • ***** says:

      You know how small qwerty demand is? According to windows phone central, back in 2010, when at&t offered 3 windows phones. There were three models, the Samsung Focus (aka, galaxy s with windows phone), HTC surround (phone with big speaker), and LG quantum (slide out qwerty).

      of the three, the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround took 92% of the sales, LG quantum took the last 8%.

      remember, the three phones where exactly the same specced

  3. Stuart says:

    If they don’t do a qwerty windows phone there will be no reason for me to buy a windows phone. Why can’t they at least offer it so people can have a choice? Qwerty is essential for some people, much more so than color choice.

    • Harangue says:

      What about the cost involved in making such a device, setting up a production line, instructing people to fix broken units, get carriers to pick it up, create promo material and the list goes on. It’s a simple cost vs. return thing.

      (Yes, WP cost more than what it’ll ever return, yadayada, not the point here)

      • Viipottaja says:

        Stop being so rational! ;)

      • nn says:

        How that’s not the point? WP is giant blackhole and it’s evident Elop isn’t concerned by costs and revenues in any way, otherwise he would kill the whole thing year ago. In US they are even creating special devices for carriers and still generating absurdly pathetic sales. If there is any logic in this it’s that they are trying to gain market share at any and all costs.

    • xxx says:

      Having no choice is essential part of the WP ecosystem. Nokia good job. Keep working like that.

      • Viipottaja says:

        Yup, like how MS stopped Dell from making the Dell Pro and then lent them $2 billion to boot.. :P

      • Mark says:

        I know. It’s great having no choice but to use a great keyboard, excellent browser and functional email.

        Oh yeah, then there’s the 100,000+ apps too.

        LOL at you, hater! :)

  4. arorak says:

    (google Dell Venue pro). Haven’t heard of Bing?

  5. Not sure why they think this really, apart from blackberry no other major manufacturer has a high end phone with a qwerty keyboard. Not everyone likes touchscreen keyboards trust me, you can tell that just by looking at posts here, speaking to friends etc. There’s a big gap in the market now and Nokia need to bring out another qwerty device.

    • Viipottaja says:

      Not sure about big, but yeah, there might be a little niche – more importantly, they could try to squeeze BB out of that niche. I.e. it would be more of tactical move than necessarily profit or market share seeking move.

  6. lumiass says:

    Today I wrote 4 pages at university on my lumia 800. Who needs querty? :D

  7. dansus says:

    HTC do WP7 qwerty slider, but i havent seen a powerful WP8 qwerty yet.

    Maybe if Nokia made a decent qwerty slider, they might actually sell some.

  8. Peter says:

    …or for WP devices in general.

  9. Patata says:

    They just repeat what Elop previously said about qwerty devices.
    No surprise since a meaningless product manager of a single country can’t do anything else but repeating what his own CEO said ;)

  10. Johny says:

    Unless they develop something better than QWERTY, saying that there is no market sound just silly…

  11. Lola says:

    This might be the way, the leaders think at Nokia.
    But then it will be quite simple.
    My next smart phone will have a QWERT manual, but iot will not be a Nokia.
    If they will not built it, I will find some other manufacturer.

    • Viipottaja says:

      I guess you will (pretty much have to) go with BB then.

      • Sefriol says:

        Imo Nokia could release one high L700 series phone with qwerty.
        They already have the design (Lauta). With okey internals I could see some potential. 3,7″ screen (or 3,9 if qwerty would allow removal of the windows buttons.) 480 x 800 pixels, 16 GB storage, dual core 1,4Ghz, 8mpix camera.
        But it would require a few software improvement (landscape mode) from Microsoft.
        They already have L600 series for cheap WP phones, L700 could be something special. They don’t need 2 low end stages.

  12. shallow ocean shoal says:

    Sorry guys, the Nokia qwerty keyboards sucked compared to cheapo blackberries. I’m looking forward to new innovation without a qwerty keyboard, that means neither physical nor touchscreen.

    • Viipottaja says:

      I have to say though Nokia was onto something with the off center placement of the space key in the N97 etc. Damn I hate how many ,s I keep typing with my 920 – at least now I am not changing the language every time like I did on the 900. :D

  13. arg0 says:

    They have one point, though: “special” characters. QWERTY keyboards have a different layout in each European country, even countries with the same language have different layouts: QWERTY actually is QWERTZ in Germany, AZERTY in France, etc. So producing _one_ device with hardware QWERTY actually means producing one different device _per_each_country_, implying increased production and logistic costs and less flexibility in case of market misjudgment.
    I would say this is one more reasons why QWERTY are not at the top of Nokia’s priority list.
    Personally, I’d love a WP8 device with the E7, N950, or Lauta form factor, but only if shipped with English International layout with dead keys, so that it would be possible to write in most Western European languages.

    • noki says:

      You know its just the plastic keys that have to be replaced, you are talking about just a few cents. And making production batches country dependent is something that is done right now… And it not like this is not something that as not have been done before, back in a time wen for example Nokia was making a profit on the smartphone division.

  14. Pathetic says:

    “Nokia concentrates on the consumers’ demand”.
    then why do they keep making phones with WP?
    consumers have made it clear that they dont want phones with Windows Phone. Nokia doesnt care what consumers want. That is the reason why Nokia is in BANKRUPTCY

    • Bassman says:

      Nokia’s bankrupt!? When did that happen….?

      • Mark says:

        It didn’t but let’s not ruin pathetic’s hate parade. It’s the only pleasure he has! :)

        • noki says:

          If Nokia depended on WP/Lumia sales for surviving 6 foot under would not cut it … WP as been nothing else than a massive money drain for Nokia. If nokia is not bankrupt right now it as to do with everything else other than Wp doing better than expected like NSN starting to make a profit..
          WP is a massive disaster.

          • Mark says:

            Are Nokia bankrupt? Yes or no?

            Never mind: The answer is no! LOL! :)

            Oh yeah, the Lumia 620 appears to be getting voted as the best budget smartphone available by the reviewers. So much for a disaster!

            But haters gotta hate! :)

            • MOOking says:

              um reviews always kiss ass with american stuff it’s typical and ANNOYING AS HELL

            • Pathetic says:

              nokia is dead even if it hurts you. please dont cry, everything is safe in the hands of Elop. only have to sell a few more properties and everything will be fine. then, can sell his ass and you can help.
              “Lumia 620 appears to be getting voted as the best budget smartphone available by the reviewers”
              where i heard that story before? oh yeah , like when ” lumia 920 surpasses the iphone ” as when ” 10 million sold lumias ” also when ” doubled the amount of lumias sold ” . and all sorts of fairy tales. You should write a book. Keep dreaming

  15. john says:

    i have to agree i dont like windows phones and they listen to consumers meego would have still been going they would have adopted android while also windows putting out two phone per os but i have love for nokia but will not touch windows phones hope they open ther ears to wat ppl r saying 2013 with all the new mobile os coing out hope nokia adopt jolla sailfish bring some challange to tje market

  16. FireDragon says:

    Phonearena ran a Poll recently to know how many of their readers want hardware QWERTY/keyboards and result says there are A LOT of people wanting one.—people-want-their-physical-QWERTY-phones_id39677

    So, it is safe to say Nokia is clearly making mistake by not releasing a slider keyboard for smartphone users. I am one of those who are looking forward to have a good all rounder with the keyboard, something like 950.

    • Peter L says:

      Thanks for the laughs.

      The sample size of 1200, taken from a population of… BlackBerry fans.

      In the world of statistics, this kind of survey is worth exactly squat with the predicting power of it for the whole population being somewhere around a magic eight ball or a fortune cookie.

      It’s safe to say that Nokia is clearly making a mistake? Are you kidding me?

      It’s absolutely amazing how people can comfortably throw away the findings Nokia has got from their customer surveys (that actually have a proper experimental design) and choose to trust their own incredibly narrow view on the matter.

      • nn says:

        Well, given the fact there is about five times more BB users than WP users, maybe looking outside the WP cult wouldn’t be that bad thing.

        On the other hand, because WP fans are really special breed of creatures, and because Elop chained Nokia to WP fanbase, it’s entirely possible that the rabid love for tiles is somehow associated with hate for keyboards, thus making it true that their brand new customers really don’t demand QWERTY, although rest of the world does.

      • FireDragon says:

        Tell me a simple thing, What is so wrong about giving an extra handset with the slider QWERTY? Is anyone or me saying in my comment up there that Nokia should DITCH non-hardware keyboard completely out of their range? I am not seeing it anywhere, there are good options in touch-screens in Nokia portfolio and it is a good thing, how about giving the damn hardware keyboard too? And a Good one. Not with the Asha one, a full functional proper smartphone. Is it too much to ask? Is it too much to give?

        I have N8, we have 701 at home as well. Soon there is another of Nokia come in my use hopefully Asha 310. I have tablet, I have no problem with all touch screen but yes I DO WANT A DAMN HARDWARE keyboard handset, becaues all my texting, writing stuff I do it on Sony Ericsson P1i. Only because it has a damn good keyboard and that was a masterpiece of its time and it is still suitable for my typing work. I can type without looking at the screen or keyboard. That’s what I want to do it with some new technology too. And guess what, I have no fraking option to do it.

    • MOOking says:

      THEY CAN’T CAUSE OF THE OS….do you guys not understand……WP was never made to be in lanscape….why do you think nokia is making a BS tablet to get the keyboard crap….but no one is buying those surface tablets LOL and they have the lowest repair rating ….just like their fail xBox 360 with a 57% fail rate

      • FireDragon says:

        They could do one PROPER set with Symbian alongside 808, or 701. Those specs were not bad, just put those into E7′s or 950 frame and throw it on our faces. Set a portrait with 3 inch portrait screen and throw it on our faces. They could do something like that.

        When someone wants to find excuses, it is very easy. Talk about solution and things start getting solved.

      • Bassman says:

        What you drivelling on about you irrational prick!? There has already been a slider WP so that kind of rains on your hate filled parade. Plus the metro design works on landscape,….windows 8 anyone?

        Are you the backward love child of Deep Space Bar?

  17. Stuart says:

    How can there be demand for qwerty Windows Phone when they have not released one. They took a poll earlier and determined that the qwerty was desired. and

    Not doing qwerty is like not doing dual-sim windows phone. They give up a whole sector without giving it a chance. When someone else makes it successful then they will react instead of leading. Samsung’s galaxy note is unique and successful. Nokia needs to try something novel.

  18. says:

    there will be qwerty devices in the future, i have no evidence, i just know electronics and trends ALWAYS change,

    a qwerty for a phablet/mini-tab will be the best place to start.

  19. incognito says:

    Nokia concentrates on the consumers’ demand and WP models are not being requested that much. It is no secret that iOS and Android devices are actually the most wanted devices, and Nokia wants to focus on the customers’ desires.

    There, I fixed it for them…

    I’d bet that in 2012 there were more full QWERTY devices sold than those sporting the WP, not to mention the previous years, so if they’re into what the market demands they’d be much wiser to release QWERTY devices on whatever OS than to release touch-only WP devices.

    As for WP vs hardware QWERTY keyboards, while the Dell Venue Pro proves it can work, I think that most people when talking about hardware QWERTY keyboards they mean – landscape QWERTY, in which case the WP is not really a joyful solution as it’s almost exclusively a portrait-only OS. And given the glaring omissions of far greater urgency, I don’t think Microsoft would be quick to develop landscape mode for the WP in the foreseeable future.

  20. richard says:

    i like the phone above…

  21. James says:

    I love my E7…. developed with WP8.x – who cares about charging it twice a day

  22. noki says:

    “Nokia concentrates on the consumers’ demand and QWERTY models are not being requested that much” so the obvious question then is… how come is Nokia concentrating so much on windows phone???

  23. MOOking says:

    this is what you get for using shit os that can’t landscape,ummmm…..just like iOS…that’s what you get for following another company’s BS

  24. just visiting again says:

    I don’t get it. Apparently Nokia spends a fortune on their consumer surveys. Howcome they still always miss the trends?

    • MOOking says:

      cause trends die….

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia says:


      If they asked in 2006 what kind of phones people wanted, only very few people would have said that they want capacitive touch screen phones. When that trend really started to get some traction it was too late for Nokia to react because Symbian was too hard to code with.

      Nokia released 5800 in panic. That was clearly an inferior product. Then they released the N97 and spoiled Symbian’s reputation for good.

      Even N8 was too little and too late. While had some hardware problems, the main issue was Symbian OS that was really an inferior product compared to iOS and Android.

      All that happened because they asked what people think they want from future devices. They should have been inventing the future devices like Apple did. Or at least copy Apple like Google and Samsung did.

    • FireDragon says:

      Plus, I never come across any such survey officially set from Nokia. I haven’t come across any such survey conduct by any company. And I spent most of my time running in circles over those sites and pages.

  25. john says:

    me if i was head of nokia i now for a fact market share would grow i would make 3 smartphones per os a pureview a midrange and low end and i would make sure i look into upcoming mobile os what all pureview model need for success 2 mp front rear 28mp floating lens 2 gigs rams 2 ghz quad core bluetooth nfc wireless charging sencitive screen flash capabilty qwerty keyboard with sensor keys capable of also push down keyboard water proof that in a body of the n950 devolpers unit body and its a rap for the competition

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