Rumour: Nokia joining Apple and dumping Samsung as supplier?

| February 14, 2013 | 76 Replies

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AppleInsider (who still seems to be bitter from Samsung’s alleged copying of Apple products) reckons that Nokia along with Apple are going to be reducing dependence on Samsung by dropping them as a supplier.


Apparently, by using Samsung as a supplier, you tend to get your products ripped off.

“The ‘firewall’ between component sales and smartphones [at Samsung],” individual familiar with Nokia’s component orders from Samsung states, is “about as sturdy as a pile of kimchi.”

The individual stated that Samsung has “a record of getting orders for next-gen components, then canceling the orders. And then they show up in a Samsung phone. When you see a Samsung ‘bendy’ OLED phone as you surely will, you are looking at something that was stolen from Nokia.

Now, who is this source and where will Nokia and Apple turn to instead of Samsung?

Cheers jiipee for the tip!


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  • Viipottaja

    “Dumping” is just the headline word. As the story says Nokia may well be (and probably should be) looking to reduce its dependency (although I am not of course really aware how high that dependency is) on Samsung over time, as fairly naturally does Apple too.

    Firewall or not, it would also seem fairly natural that Sammy’s phone division would have priority access to components – informally or formally. Having said that, __IF__ Sammy’s component division really was taking orders and then cancelling them (with presumably some penalties under the contract), it would be a very nasty, bad practice, just waiting for litigation to happen (but I am sure there are some clauses in the contracts under which Sammy would say they have the right to do so).

    • Vedhas Patkar

      What does Nokia take from Samsung anyway? That’s a serious question.

      • Viipottaja

        AFAIK, at least displays, but may well be many other parts as well (memory chips?).

        • swain

          Honestly I feel it’s not going to hurt samsung by any mean. Analysts are predicting a 100 million sales of Galaxy S4. So obviously the resources freed up by Apple or Nokia will be consumed.

          • swain

            on the other hand, it’s gonna be a headache for Apple and Nokia if Samsung utilizes all it’s resources and delay/cancel other orders.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Somebody should start a “Scumbag Samsung” meme.

      Guys I am all for generics and cheap copies as anyone else.

      The thing is the real Innovators need to be able to recoup what it took to Invent to make it worth their while (whether exclusivity for a period or whatever else) and then some, before the cheapo copies come along. Otherwise innovation will stagnate.


    samdung and google are the new monopolists destroying companies who spend lots of money on r&d,

    google stole IP from apple, nokia and ms, then gave away android for free.
    sumdung stole successful designs from apple and nokia.

    what a terrible world it would be if the innovators are destroyed by the copycats,
    where would the next innovation come from if only the copycats are left in business?

    nokia almost died trying to solely defend itself against the cheap android onslaught.

    give all the component orders to japanese companies, they have honour and wont bite the hand that feeds them.

    • Francis

      “give all the component orders to japanese companies, they have honour and wont bite the hand that feeds them.”

      True. Generally Japanese company is much better than Korean.

      • zlutor

        “Generally Japanese company is much better than Korean”

        Automotive industry, hmmm? πŸ˜‰

        They learnt it from American giants and now there are Toyota, Honda, etc. factories in the USA…

        So, if anybody wants to keep itself safe it should not let anybody else control its future…

        • dss

          The car industry thing between Japan and the US is way more complex than one might think, but to a certain extend.. yes, the Japanese “borrowed” a lot from the Germans, but if you are going to do it, you might as well learn from the best.

          • swain

            German cars are best for sure.
            But, which smartphones are best ???
            Finland–nah…not anymore
            US–I am skeptical about that
            S Korea–Majority of us wont accept

            • lovenokia

              I don’t think there was anything at the moment when the lumia 920 that had better pip, camera or anything. With this trend of high end phone Nokia will get the top spot in quality.

          • Marc Aurel

            The Japanese did copy stuff from American and Japanese companies, but in the late 1970’s they were already ahead in many ways. They implemented robots on manufacturing lines first, which increased concistency and lowered costs. European were relatively quick to follow, but US auto industry was not and suffered a major crisis. Pretty much it was saved only by the return of cheap gasoline in the second half of the 1980’s, which allowed the US companies to return to their gas guzzling ways and allowed them to finish the belated robotization.

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

      Picasso once said that “good artists copy but great artists steal”.

      Samsung is clearly copying. Google copied some parts but stole some.

      I guess most people don’t understand the difference and why Picasso said that.

  • Alvester
  • Alvester
    • Peter L

      You missed the tip section.

      • arts


      • Alvester

        Thanks for the heads up.

    • twig

      Al you missed the story that Microsoft plans are to grow product variety through its oems and you missed the headline that scared Google that Bluestack will now work on Windows Pro. ZDNet, who’s job is to trash all things Microsoft went into panic mode.

      • dss

        Well that is what happens when you choose to run java software as your main application development. Google was on a real hurry to release android because they knew hat something big is coming from Redmond, so they needed that head start.. it worked, but I am afraid it might come back and bite them in the butt.

        They can’t be happy to see projects like the one from Bluestack.. there are probably more coming from different companies as well.. Technically Windows 8 pro can run all X86 programs, all modern apps, and most android aps… talk about a powerful platform.

      • Alvester


        I think its called MyNokiaBlog for a reason.

        • GordonH


  • AN9r

    Android hater!

    • twig

      Its the one million malware, virus, and very, very bad things that is all things Android expected by the end of 2013. Is Google Orwell?

      • twig

        Ha, ha. Right now on Drudge. Again another MASSIVE security hole at Google Play lets millions and millions of users personal information get hacked. Bye, bye bank account.

        • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

          If Android is so crappy, why are people ranting about Nokia not choosing Android as the OS?

          In the end of 2010 it was a commonly known fact that Nokia fans considered Android as a piece of buggy crap.

          • Just Visiting

            Fandroids are ranting because they see the innovation that Nokia presents not to mention the very attractive aesthetic that Nokia brings to their devices, which is a far cry from the very drab, boring, and uninspiring designs of all Android oems.

            Fandroids are simply envious. They even envy the HTC 8x/8s because those phones look better than the Samsung/LG/Sony/HTC/Motorola android devices.

            Android is a hot mess!

          • Weirdfisher

            Android has everything: apps that fits different people, tons of handsets that fits different people, huge community support that helps different people(they even made sleeping screen/swipe gestures), and at the same time, such open source platform leads to security holes.

            It is up to customers to consider about the pros and cons. And ranting does not help raising lumia sales

          • cache

            Because Android means tons of free apps and extremly easy pirating paid apps.

            For example. If you buy app on Play Store, you can revert payment in 15 minutes. So, if you have an app for backuping apk (installation) files, you can “buy” anything, backup it and revert payment. Than you can install app from backuped apk and it works (no updates of course, but you can “buy” it again).
            And for total irony, you can find several backup apps on play store..

            That is one of major reasons, why users love Android and developers hate it. And Google is good with that, because users love Android and Android means money from ads and tons of user data..

            So, phone makers use Android because users want it (money for phone makers), and developers is coding apps because some of users actually pay for apps..

            But, developers are not dumb, so almost every new game is paid with “pay to win” system, because you need to buy packs (better car for example) to win.. So, maybe is end of Android domination not far..

            (sorry for bad english)

            • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

              Very true.

              In addition there are lots of privacy problems that doesn’t exist with iOS.

              That’s one major reason I’m not using an Android phone.

              I like to have all that better privacy.

  • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


    Anyone claiming that companies like Samsung didn’t copy the design from the iPad and iPhone must have some serious problems understanding how consumers electronics are designed.

    Samsung clearly copied their design from Apple.

    • dss

      That doesn’t matter.

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

        What really matters?

        I assume Samsung lost in the court?


        • swain

          Samsung didn’t loose from Apple. Millions of people loose the battle who were getting products way better than iphone but still priced less than half of it.

          • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

            Were getting but are no longer getting? Why are they not getting those products any longer?

            Half priced Android phones are hardly better than the iPhone. Of course there are some strong points for both and any single phone can’t be the best for everyone.

            What Samsung didn’t loose from Apple? I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand this.

            • swain

              Paying 1 billion is not a big deal for a giant like Samsung. Phones which were part of that verdict were already outdated. On the other hand, Apple lost the respect of many people. So it’s Apple who lost on moral grounds.

              • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

                That one billion was a clear message to Samsung. It was no longer copy the inventions made by Apple. They should steal, not just copy.

                I don’t quite understand why do you think Apple lost on moral ground. Did Nokia lose on moral grounds when they sued Apple and got some money from them? Nokia should have been losing regarding moral if that happened to Apple. After all, it’s just about the same.

                About the deal Apple and Nokia did. Today it was announced that the deal made in 2011 was not a permanent one as people have believed. As a matter of fact it will last only for a very limited period of time.

                I wonder why MNB was not making a story of this. Perhaps it’s not so interesting any longer.

                • swain

                  “inventions made by Apple” πŸ˜€

                  Please don’t repeat this line anytime anywhere in near future.

                  display of LG, processor and memory of Samsung, Camera of Sony, design is same ever since the inception.
                  Where is the invention ???

                  If you remember, there were only couple of devices from Samsung which looked like iPhone from front and from some distance. All the new devices are quite different.

                  Nokia sued Apple an the basis of valid and holding IP regarding various technologies which involves deep technical expertise and heavy R&D cost.
                  Now you think on what basis Apple sued Samsung and got that 1 billion ???
                  If you look at LED TVs, they all look similar. That doesn’t mean one company will sue other and ask for money. Instead one can certainly sue if any technologies used without paying royalty.
                  I hope you got the point.

                  • swain

                    *on the basis

                  • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

                    As I have said earlier it’s possible to say that neither Apple nor Nokia never invented anything. Nokia just improved phone, invented by someone else but not Nokia.

                    In my books Apple invented lots of UI elements back in the 80’s and IBM invented the smartphone in 1992. Nokia invented something else.

                    Yes, you can claim that something specific is not an invention but you are easily going to have double standards on that one.

                    That is, if you continue to say someone else made all those inventions.

                    Maybe you could mention some inventions made by Nokia?

                    • swain

                      May be you would like to click on the following link and read the article once:


                      I am sure all your misunderstanding will vanish forever.

                    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

                      I know that.

                      Maybe you could mention some innovations or inventions made by Nokia? Not just some links.

                      You know that Apple has patents on some inventions they made. Just like Nokia does.

                      Yes, you can say that something they have a patent on was not an invention.

                      Just like you can say that Nokia never really invented anything. 3G/LTE Technologies? You could say that Nokia never invented anything, they just improved something someone else invented.

                      I like to think that both Apple and Nokia invented something. That’s why it was no longer possible for Samsung to copy the inventions made by Apple.

                      Maybe now you understand now the point I had?

                    • GordonH

                      “I am sure all your misunderstanding will vanish forever.”
                      LOL that will never happen.

              • MF

                Perhaps morality to you means piracy is a good thing since it lowers the cost to you as a consumer. To me if Apple took the time and money to do research and investigate human behavior or preferences or UI interaction and turn it into a successful product then it deserves to earn some money for its efforts. The fact that someone stealing the idea would make it cheaper for consumers does not make it right. To me Apple did the right thing to protect its rights. I’m no Apple fan but I will defend the innovators right and design can be an innovation as much as technical inventions. Having said that, i think the lawsuit did send a strong message to Samsung and they actually started thinking about how to do their own design without copying starting with the galaxy s 3.

  • prashant

    can’t really conclude anything out of it.

  • sina88

    And Apple clearly copied LG with their iPhone… (next to many other things they keep copying, over and over, often risking going into a legal process. So what’s the problem?

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

      How did they copy LG?


      • chernov

        lg prada

        • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


          LG Electronics has claimed the iPhone’s design was copied from the LG Prada. Woo-Young Kwak, head of LG Mobile Handset R&D Center, said at a press conference, β€œWe consider that Apple copied the Prada phone after the design was unveiled when it was presented in the iF Design Award and won the prize in September 2006.”[8]

          LG later claimed that Apple stole both the ideas and concept of the Prada phone. A lawsuit by LG had been rumored prior to this announcement;[8] however, LG never followed through with it.

          Similar non-physical were revealed by Apple as part of the evidence in the 2012 Apple vs. Samsung court case, such as the prototype dubbed “Purple” which was dated August 2005, and the “Howarth” design from March 2006.

          • sina88

            Thank you I didn’t know about that. Still final products can’t be compared to concepts/prototypes. If the iPhone1 wasn’t inspired by LG’s Prada phone, then certainly the iPhone4 design.

            Apple copies around every, also from smaller companies. For example the iOS clock was copied from a patented train clock design. Apple ended up paying a big fine (should have been even bigger in my opinion). They not only copy, they steal.

            Most annoying are those Apple fanboys/girls who even think Apple invented “icons”, well already my black/white Nokia’s had menu icons! That’s ridiculous, same as the phrase “Samsung copies Apple” is. A copy is something to me, which is almost identical to the original product.

            Samsung phones and tablets look different to Apple’s stuff, work differently, etc. A squared device, whit a flat screen, icons and phone capacities aren’t all iPhone copies. It’s just how smartphone look like. Didn’t all the old mobile phones look very similar? Numeric keyboard, screen on top, icons… There was no such huge “copy” talk back than – especially because Apple wasn’t yet in the market (good old times, where mobile phone business was still in Europeans hands and not those criminal American companies).

            Instead of always feeling “copied” Apple should rather focus on making good software. As an ex iPhone3+4 user, and still Mac-computer user I have to say, that Apple isn’t anymore what they were. Since a teenager I used Mac computer, but the newest ones (OSX Lion / Mountain Lion) are a piece of slow, unreliable, dumb, uninovative crap, which don’t deserve the name Apple. Reason? Apple hires more lawyers than good programmers.

            In 5 years Apple won’t be anywhere close to success they’re nowadays, at least if they keep doing what they do now. Even the biggest former Apple fans are now complaining a lot!

            • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

              This phone looks quite different from iPhone 4.


              It would be very hard to think this was iPhone 4.

              Apple has been paying for using intellectual properties from other companies and that’s justice. They have been doing the same thing Nokia has been doing. It wasn’t that many years ago when Nokia had to pay Qualcomm $2.29 billion because they were using Qualcomm’s patents without a permission. This is very normal for any huge company. Apple hardly copies any more than Nokia does.

              A squared device with a flat screen is what a modern smartphone, invented by Apple, looks like. There are several ways of doing this. Nokia has been making a slightly different implementation. It’s possible to not to copy like Samsung did copy Apple.

              I don’t think people are claiming that Apple invented icons. Apple made them popular and brought them to the market. Apple bought the information required for making icons from Xerox. So, apparently it was Nokia who copied icons if someone copied. Apple bought them from Xerox. In fact Apple had a mobile device with icons long before Nokia. Remember Newton? It seems that it’s Nokia who is the real copycat what it comes to UI design.

              American companies are hardly any more criminal compared to the European companies. Yes, Apple paid Nokia for using FRAND patents and Nokia had to pay massive compensation for Apple. Somehow it seems that people seem to have double standards when it comes to Apple or Nokia. Or perhaps Samsung.

              The future has not happened yet so I don’t comment about that. Today and in this message.

              • swain

                “So, apparently it was Nokia who copied icons if someone copied.”

                Kid, since how many days you are exposed to something called cellphone ???
                Go and consult with a doctor.

                • Marc Aurel

                  Well, it was Microsoft and some smaller companies (Commodore and Digital Research) which copied them first, although both CBM and DRI claimed that they had gotten the idea directly from Xerox. Apple never bothered to sue them unlike MS, but that may have been only because they were small and not worth it.

                  In any case MS eventually won the case, because Windows was sufficiently different from Mac UI. This all of course happened years before Nokia had icons in phones.

                • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

                  Didn’t you know that Apple acquired icons from Xerox and were the first to make them a huge public commercial success?

                  That happened decades before the days of the iPhone.

                  So, if someone copied icons, it was Nokia.

                  • Marc Aurel

                    What Nokia did was copying the copiers, which hardly counts. It’s business as usual in any culture.

                    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

                      Of course.

                      But regarding the icons Apple really didn’t copy. They bought the icons. There is a difference.

                      That’s why it was Nokia who copied icons, if someone copied. I also had that if over there.

                      I know people here love Nokia the corporation, but there are some realities they should understand.

              • sina88

                @Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia: Timothy Cook is it you? πŸ˜› Or why do you write such things? While you write some good stuff (like the Xerox icon story), I have to ask: Have you ever used a mobile device before iPhones hit the market? Squared device with a flat screen came from Apple? Yeah sure… πŸ˜€ (actually no). Well I don’t deny that Apple made them popular, I also don’t deny that Apple is a genious when it comes to marketing, but otherwise you’re wrong. You actually sound like a typical Apple fanboy.

                Well you say that the Prada phone doesn’t look similar to the iPhone 4… really? Look again at them. Any Samsung phone looks far different to iPhones!

                We need to differentiate from copying and general development of technology. Or is every car we see nowadays on the street a copy of of Karl Benz’ early 1900 car? No it isn’t. Therefore I rather like to use the word inspired than copied. Unfortunately people who always come up with “copy.copy” are Apple people.

                As mentioned earlier, I’m not a Nokia or Android fan. From the amount of Apple products I own, I’m probably rather an Apple fan…
                Yet I can see how ridiculous and unjustified Apples patent wars are. Apple is only doing that because they know they’ll have a difficult future.

                The new iPhones barely bring any innovation anymore, iPads feel like simple toys compared to the newest Android tablet. Same for iOS… The once reliable, luxurious computer system isn’t anymore what it was. It’s a mess, and lost all it’s advantages it had over Windows (well I don’t talk about Windows8!). The once so free feeling system is nowadays more restricted than anything else on the market. People who don’t just use their MacBooks to watch movies and listen to music easily realize that. The iPod business will also get smaller and smaller – every smartphone has a convenient music player installed, the demand has been sinking. Despite having a very successful iTunes, some parts of it weren’t as successful as expected outside the US. Songs and Apps still are a gold-mine though.

                Apple is surfing on the success they were having the past years, but that huge wave won’t last forever. Since Apple has no big things coming up anymore, they’re only weapons are law suits, supported my a US law which often disadvantages its competitors.

                For Windows it would have been a good time now to jump in – for example with their Windows Phone. Unfortunately with their stubborn Metro UI which nobody likes except for themselves (PC user = mainly complaining, Xbox users = massively complaining, WP user = well they’re rare, which already says it all).

                2013/14 will be interesting therefore…especially seeing already quiet a lot of netbooks running Android in stores etc. But I think Android is only that successful, because nobody else fills in that gap and Apples & Microsoft are about to shoot themselves out of the competition.

                The question isn’t who copies who, but who can fill up the customers needs and wishes which has been increasing the past year.

                • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


                  Apple invented the modern smartphone with the iPhone. You can check that out from the picture on the top of this page.

                  I was not saying a squared device with a flat screen was invented by Apple. They apparently invented the iPhone Samsung copied. That’s what I’m saying. Just look at the picture at the top of the page.

                  The first claim was that Apple copied Prada with the original iPhone. When that claim folded, it was replaced by a claim that iPhone 4 copied Prada. I said about Prada that “It would be very hard to think this was iPhone 4.” Backside id very different. There are three buttons on the front side, the number and location of the buttons on the side is very different. Even the layout of the location where the camera is located is very different.

                  Just look at the picture on the top of the page. That Samsung phone looks much more like iPhone than Prada looks like iPhone 4.

                  Apple is protecting the patents they have just like Nokia is. There is no difference between them protecting their intellectual properties.

                  I’ve heard the same every time a new iPhone was released. There was never anything new according to those people who didn’t like the iPhone. So, that’s just the same old story over and over again.

                  For years people have been saying how Apple will fall in the next quarter, next year or soon anyway. Each time they failed to predict the future. Yes, it will happen at some point of time. But just now in 2013 and 2014? That remains to be seen.

                  And the iPad?

                  First the Android tablets were supposed to kill iPad. Then the second generation and now the current one.

                  About copying. It’s just an observation that if someone copied the UI, it was Nokia, not Apple. That’s just because they were the ones to acquire the first GUI and make it popular. Not Nokia who was using the UI invented by someone else.

            • MF

              It doesn’t really matter that Apple took cues from various sources to create a successful end product. Like they say, you can’t patent the square or circle. BUT, Samsung copied the looks of an existing competing and successful product in order to divert sales from that product. To me that’s theft. Copying the clock icon is totally in a different league. What Samdung did is closer to those backalley bootleggers selling fake LV bags.

  • dss

    Samsung is a supplier.. their handset division can sell at cost and still make profit. No other manufacturer can do so. They are in a very strong position… despite the fact that they are google’s bit*ch.

  • Shaun

    Dilger is about as believable and informed as Rob Enderle. Look away, nothing to see here.

  • swain

    In the age of touch devices and with a need to fit the largest screen possible in a frame, there is really very little left for designers to design the outer shell.
    Either it has to be sharp edged(like Sony) or rounded edged(like iPhone). Also there are little differences in the design language of HTC though they are reducing day by day. So we can’t really blame anyone if the products look little similar to each other.
    Personally I feel an iPhone inserted into a polycarbonate external shell when I see the fabula design of Nokia.
    The innovation must be inside and people must be educated about the innovations through TV, tech sites, blogs and internet ads.
    Really I don’t think it’s that bad if some company is able to provide the same look and feel for $500 what other charge $1000.

  • v.s.i

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Samsung has bigger plans than to remain Google-dependent: the Tizen operating system, developed in collaboration with Intel and under the auspice of the Linux Foundation! That’ll show Google who’s boss! :))

    • bpris

      lol tizen is a bloody joke. its a dead os with nigh on no interest. even maemo seems to have more interest that tizen with its fake html5 apps.

      • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

        Tomi Ahonen was claiming that Tizen will be the 2nd or 3rd ecosystem by 2015.

        People praising HTML5 and hating the Dalvik VM applications on Android seem to be quite confused. HTML5 has way more overhead compared to Dalvik VM.

        I never understood the logic in that.

      • anonymous

        Of course it is, I was just kidding. Even if Samsung did release a Tizen phone with the same specs as GS4, and it had the ability to run Android apps, the GS4 would still sell boatloads more than it.

        Sooner or later, this charade of a collaboration will also be dropped, and Intel will have to choose a mobile OS to affiliate to. Predictably Android, but some WP love wouldn’t hurt either I think?

        Firefox OS is also HTML5-based, and I’m really curious how it will turn out. I read they’ll be marketing both ARMv6 and v7 phones as well, so it will probably be another lagfest unless something miraculous happens. But in the low-end, people may buy it just because they don’t care what it runs, since the market in that segment is pretty large. Again, the comparison to Android remains.

  • tomwhat

    For me it sounds more like the “NAILED-DOWN” systems have an oponent together … Google/Samsung …

    I’m not a Samsung friend at all and Android doesn’t interest me at all … still I foind all of Elop’s ANTI-Android arguments silly and childish … the good old mole I would say πŸ˜‰

  • JGrove303

    RAM os integrated into the SoC on the Qualcomm S4 series, so Nokia isn’t getting that from them. I would think it is just the AMOLEDs, then Nokia adds the CBD, dogitizers and glass.

    with the quality of color reproduction of Nokia’s latest PureMotion HD+ displays, Nokia doesn’t need volitile AMOLED anymore. Sony make OLEDs too. I support a move away from Samspunk.

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  • correct

    I fully agree with this. Samsung and Google are pure evil, and it’s time their dominance came to an end.

    I do believe this source. Why? It’s simple. Look at the components in the latest Lumias. They’re not using as many Samsung parts as people think, nor is Apple of course.

    In terms of where Nokia will get parts from if it’s not Samsung? That’s an easy answer. Nokia already is getting lots of memory chips from Japanese companies like Toshiba and Elpida. The main SOC chips are of course coming from Qualcomm, things like RF chips and amplifiers are coming from Renesas, another Japanese company. Samsung doesn’t make RF equipment and antennas anyways.

    As for displays, Nokia might be getting still OLED displays from Samsung, but I believe that’s the only major component they still get from Samsung. Memory, they barely get from Samsung anymore.

    Now on the Lumia 920, it doesn’t use OLED, it uses IPS LCD. The word is that the 920’s display is either from LG, or one of the Japanese companies like Sharp.

    Now furthermore, many Japanese component makers have formed an alliance with Taiwanese component makers to take on Samsung. This alliance allows them to grow their economies of scale. In addition, another Japanese alliance was formed called Japan Display Inc. There Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba partnered together to form a display alliance along with another Japanese company called INCJ. With this alliance these companies are combining their funding and R&D expertise together to develop new displays, as well as manufacturing LCD and OLED displays.

    So in the future, Nokia will likely be getting OLED displays from Sony or Japan Display Inc. Apple already is getting their displays from several companies like Sharp, LG, and AU Optronics. They’ve almost completely moved away from Samsung displays.

    Interestingly, even Microsoft with the Surface is using primarily non-Korean components, and almost no Samsung components at all. It’s using mostly components from companies like Micron, and Marvell.

    So Apple, Microsoft, and Nokia, together with the Japanese and Taiwanese companies are all working co-operatively to stop relying on Samsung for components. This is a very mighty team and set of alliances that will overcome Samsung’s evil.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    No comments about the new Asha competitor, Rex?

    • correct

      That’s a sad and pathetic attempt from Samsung. There is nothing “new” about them. They’re simply rebranded and repackaged low end Samsung phones like the Galaxy Y and Galaxy Pocket.

      Asha phones also still come with far more free games and apps then these Samsung ones, not to mention better designs.

      Plus with MWC coming up soon, Nokia is likely to show off some new Asha models.

      • sina88

        Wished we could see Nokia devices running the low-end Meltemi. Why did it had to be killed? Very idiotic. Series 40 is getting outdated, even with updated layouts & freebies – that opened doors for Samsung. I also wished the Asha deviced were a bit more organized. There are so many of, but none of them feel really complete, despite being feature phones.

        My uncle still walks around with an older Nokia mobile phone and he was looking into the newer Asha touchscreen devices, because he wanted something better without all the functionalities of a smartphone. But Asha never really convinced him and he almost bought a Samsung, because the sales person said that with Samsung he gets a much better system than the old Series 40. So again Nokia, why did you kill Meltemi?!

        • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

          Meltemi was too little too late. It’s possible that it would not have been ready even now. At best it would have been ready by the end of Q4 so Nokia would have just released the first Meltemi phones.

          Without applications it would have been a vary hard task to compete with Meltemi phones.

          Android is also hitting the lowest price point of those Meltemi phones. Today you can buy a very nice Android phone for 100€ and that can run the applications quite nicely. If you don’t need all those features, it’s possible to find even considerably cheaper Android phones.

          So, why would someone choose Meltemi phone instead of Android phone? If there was Meltemi phones today.

          • correct

            Sorry, but at 100 Android phones are NOT “very nice”. At that price Android phones are actually quite a terrible experience, and that is why Ashas are so competitive. They are a much better user experience than any Androids at that price.