Gallery: Me and my Yellow Nokia Purity Pros :D and Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 – Unboxing Dilemma (pics by 920)

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So, I’ve just spent a Valentine’s evening dinning with Nokia and Nokia Connects, that would be eventful enough that I should call it a day, resign myself to my hotel bed for the early start tomorrow (well it’s already Friday).

But how can I sleep knowing there’s a box in my bag that contains something I’ve been anticipating more in the past few months more than anything? Could you? I told myself not to touch it. I told myself I’ll do the unboxing when I get home. I’ll have my equipment, my lighting, white surfaces, my DSLR, my tripod, my video editing stuff.

I said to myself, I’ll take a picture with the box. That’ll be fine, right?

One eye and the Purity box πŸ™‚

[BTW, I (Jay Montano) have never really shown a picture of myself on this blog. Only recently did I change my profile pic where my face is actually visible. Kinda. I have COVETED the Nokia Purity Pros so much, I have lusted for them for so long that I will come out and show you me and my Yellow Nokia Purity Pros, some with the 920, all taken by the 920. (These have been processed/compressed for watermarks). ]



Just to have some closure with the evidence that this box of Purity Pros, is not in anyone’s hands. It’s in mine πŸ˜€


What if….I just peek into the hinge-flap? I’ve still not opened it, right? It’ll still be fresh? Look, I’m almost touching them to my ear πŸ˜€ (#desperatetoplaywiththem)

MNBWP_20130214_074Yup, I Can restrain myself from opening it without filming an unboxing.

MNBWP_20130214_080I’ve got willpower!

MNBWP_20130214_083OK. That’s the box done. We’re not going to open it further. I’m going to bed.

Oh, but wait. There’s a box inside a box. I can slide the other one out and I’ll still only be looking at the box right?

But, I’ll have to take the security sticker off that seals it? Seeing that on an unboxing is nice. No one will notice.

MNBWP_20130214_084Hang on a minute. This has a flap too! I can open that without taking the Purity Pros out of the box!
MNBWP_20130214_085It’s sooo pretty!


We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious!

MNBWP_20130214_087I was too far gone. I’m already here, I might as well take it out.

I give it a tug. It might be friction keeping it stuck somewhere.

Tug again. Hmm. It’s not budging.

What’s going on? Oooh. There’s some plastic ties attaching it.

I don’t have scissors. I can’t cut it. I’ll have to wrap it back up…unless…

…aha! You can untwist these plastic wraps from the back and free the Nokia Purity Pros!


I’ve kept the plastic on. I swear I won’t take that off. πŸ™‚

Whenever I see headphones, I like knowing what they’d look like on someone’s head. So here they are on mine.



I am soooo happy with these.


MNBWP_20130214_138 MNBWP_20130214_145Side view

MNBWP_20130214_111Close up/blurry back view?

MNBWP_20130214_114Engraved NFC

MNBWP_20130214_117BTW they’re really comfy. Light, but good grip on your head!

It doesn’t squish my hair too much.




They look good around your neck too πŸ™‚




Now just messing around

MNBWP_20130214_125 MNBWP_20130214_126

I can’t get enough of how these look! I love these Purity Pros!MNBWP_20130214_128The DJ one cup one ear pose.

MNBWP_20130214_152OK what the hell am I doing. It’s now it’s time for bed.

920 has been crying for the charger for a while anyway.

MNBWP_20130214_163I didn’t come to visit Nokia just for this. I actually didn’t know the Purity Pros would be there (though I prayed they would!). I’m here to film some SwitchtoLumia videos. πŸ™‚ Got to sleep in the next hour!

I hope you guys liked the pictures of the Purity Pros, and I hope the ones who want one will be able to get theirs ordered/delivered soon!

I’ve repackaged the NPPs in the box. NightNight πŸ™‚



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  • stylinred

    I feel like im looking at personals ad Jay lol

    • Hahaha, I love the purity pros (lol) i feel so elated to have them I will take pics of/with them 24/7.
      I told Ali if he managed to get one at MWC, I’d do it. Ha.

      • You promised a video! πŸ˜›

      • stylinred

        lol i see

  • Viipottaja

    Pull up your pants, kiddo! πŸ˜‰

    [just jealous of your hair]

    • I forgot I didn’t do the belt up properly. I was rushing for the exam this morning and never got around to it (and throughout the day it never occurred to me why I kept having to pull my jeans up).

      Nokia Purity Pros…they look amazing no? hahaha (I’m still so chuffed that they’re in the same room as I am :/ *techgeekweirdo*

      • Viipottaja

        πŸ˜€ yes, they do. I’ll try them on when they come to the stores. the convenience of them connecting when you open them sounds great.

        looking forward to your review!

        • It was pretty cool to hear the sound cancellation automatically turn on and off as they went close to my ear. I haven’t heard what these sound like yet. If I turn them on I actually wouldn’t go to bed (which isn’t that different to where I’m at now…I always get insomnia before a gathering with Nokians)

          I look forward to testing them out for you πŸ™‚

          • Viipottaja

            Btw, some Bose sets five me this uncomfortable feeling of pressure on the ear drums when the noise cancellation is on. Hope these don’t.

            • I use them on the train yesterday (I said I’d wait to open them again in the house but couldn’t). I found them so incredibly comfy compared to my beats. I didn’t get any weird pressure feeling from the noise cancellation. I managed to sleep on the train with them on too and no ear ache afterwards.

  • aboodesta

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so happy with anything they’ve got like this haha. Congratz. They look awesome.

    • Thanks! I think I’m so happy because

      1) They’re so awesome
      2) I’ve wanted these for so long and to unexpectedly have them on my head, ahahaha. It’s like winning the lotto. Well, almost. Which reminds me, I’m gonna play my numbers, see if I’m lucky there too :p

  • I’m not a fan of headphones but these look really good and goes well with your Lumia 920.

    • Headphones in general? I wasn’t either, I preferred the discreet in ears. Not sure what changed. I think I started liking the outrageous sizes of them :p These are nice and big and bright and loud πŸ˜€

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Bro, medium size shirt next time

    • These were actually labelled LARGE. Ordered them from Scotland, turns out they were from China where Large is not Large UK.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Haha ok, you are forgiven THIS TIME

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  • Mariano

    Dont you were a fat guy?

    • Keto?

      • Just Visiting

        I was just about to ask what your weight loss secret was; I didn’t think that you were fat, but you ARE really thin now!

        Is that 7-Keto?

        • I wouldn’t say thin, but hopefully getting there by about May/June? Fat, yup, I’d defo agree to that. Put on extra weight in summer which would have categorised me ‘obese’ (from overweight). Decided I didn’t want that anymore. My BMI is in the normal range now.

          What’s 7-keto? I’m on what I think is ‘keto’ which is cutting down carbs. I started calorie counting in mid October but that was boring. Keto is hard sometimes cos I don’t eat pasta/rice and rarely eat cake, but I get to eat a lot of tasty BACON, sausages, stake, cheese, along with salads (which I don’t mind).

          I also try and work out everyday (bit of cardio bit of weights). Not for very long. Less than an hour if you ignore all the rest time. Yesterday was the first time in a few months i haven’t been able to actually. Feeling kinda guilty. And today possibly if I don’t get back home in time, haha.

          • Definitely looking VERY good πŸ™‚ (you’re gonna steal my admirers πŸ˜› ) – I think Keto means ketogenic diet? It’s something my brother and our friend did for six months; where you get around 700 Cal for two days, 1400 for another two days, one day normal intake (all while going to the gym daily); then on the weekend you have to eat 10,000 carries or something crazy (I think the goal was 700 gm of protien)- either way i would only join them on the weekends when they were trying to get all the calories in; best diet ever (for me)

            • Ahaha, got jealous of “AliFan”. I want my own groupies. hahaha. Long way to go yet so must stay disciplined. No bread and rice and pasta until MAY. Definitely no sweets no chocolate.

              My keto is just low/no carbs, but I am allowed meats and fats (right now just eating chicken). Veg is allowed, as is some fruits (though the sweet ones are mostly carbs. I can’t not eat oranges though, they’re amazing)
              I also combined it with eating one meal a day (evening meal) but it’s now turned into 2.

              I think the 700 cal thing might be different. It sounds like intermittent fasting.

              I think the thing with diets is that it doesn’t really matter what you go on, you just have to find one you can stick to.

          • Just Visiting

            Wow! Congrats. Your efforts are definitely paying off with visibly great results.

            7-Keto is just DHEA metabolite – it helps speed up/regulate metabolism. But it seems you are doing a ketogenic diet…I tried Atkin’s diet a few years ago, lost a little weight, but was bored with after 7 days πŸ™‚ I just could eat all of that meat, cheese, and eggs (although those foods are very good).

            Congrats on your weight loss and your great looking gadgets!

            • These certainly are awesome looking gadgets. Yellow 920 and yellow Purity pros…wow, dream combination!

              Yup, I subscribe to r/keto on reddit (as well as r/loseit /fitness /progresspics and several others) to keep motivated. It’s daunting how much food is carbs but also interesting how you can jazz up non carb/low-carb diets. These work best if you can have a calorie deficit but I rarely always do so the weightloss is a bit slower.

              • Fellow redditor…

                Go cash in some

              • krait

                Fellow redditor…

                please proceed to r/ladyboner for some extra karma.

                • Haha, my cake day was quite recent πŸ˜€ But I’ve actually never commented. Too scared.

                  Lol, thanks, that comment made me smile, probably one of the nicest things that can be said on reddit to a guy, haha.

  • I love how after like the 50th photo, you’re finally like “Okay NOW I’m just messing around.” Lol and people think I’m conceited…
    Anyways they look really good, but then again so does the owner =D

    • They do look and feel amazing. When you get the chance have a play around with one.

  • Hypnopottamus

    I’ve gotta say. I’m really starting to love all the Lumia accessories Nokia has been putting out lately. I’ve only got a Lumia 900 at the moment, but have picked up a Play 360 and Nokia Monster Purity in-ear wired headphones. I considered one of their cool Luna bluetooth headset, but decided on something else. The “coolness” factor of Nokia has really taken off with me!

    • You hit the nail on the head there. The Original Accessories department are pulling out one cool accessory after another, cool in looks, features and performance. I love my Play 360. Just borrowed another one so i can finally test out stereo (I almost got another PlayUp but they don’t do stereo like the 360 unfortunately)

  • mushfiq

    Hey , bro , u look awesome man , and btw purity pros are awesome too , wish i cud hav them.

    • Thanks, Purity Pros are awesome indeed! I hope Nokia gets to release them soon!

  • JGrove303

    Ya, Jay. You…your are damn good looking guy. Do you get a train of gals following you through clinic.

    *Ahem* back to the Purity Pros.

    WANT!!! In red. Then I can play Jet Grind Radio!


    • Erm, cheers, haha. All the girls at the clinic seem to not be single :/ (hmm…)

      Dude, a pair of red Purity Pros would look sick with your red 920, absolutely stunning combination!


    hey jay
    are u indonesian?

    • B. Jay

      You look like an Asian man!

      Well, I wanna know about the sound quality of Nokia Purity HD and Purity Pro. I can’t find a review anywhere on the internet.
      Are they any better than Sennheiser Closed back headphones at the same price? Or are they just like Beats, overpriced and a lot of boomy bass and unnatural tones?

    • Filipino, though my Indonesian and Malaysian friends all think we look alike πŸ™‚

      • Frankie Bloise

        I thought you were half latino like me πŸ™‚

        • Nah, I think only flilipino. But there’s Spanish blood in there somewhere. Cool, what’s your mix?

      • red

        so are you a filipino? or im not just reading the thread correctly?

  • dansus

    Frack me, save your vanity shots for Facebook.. please.

    • Facebook can’t appreciate the Purity Pros πŸ˜€

    • Frankie Bloise

      Don’t need to be such a hater.

  • Tej Parker 4.0

    COngrats Jay ! the headset looks awesome ! how’s the quality?

  • Mendax

    Lookin’ good, Jay!

    • It’s the hottest accessory from Nokia to date πŸ˜€

  • wally

    Wow you’re cute Jay sorry had to say it just wish you were g a y and lived in the states lol but can’t wait to get mine hope they have them in cyan color to match my Lumia 920 πŸ˜ƒ

    • Thanks. I hope they come out in Cyan to match your 920. The original Purity’s look pretty badass in cyan and these would look even better.


    hey jay
    if i buy the purity pro will i also look as good as you ? if so i’ll buy 10 of them πŸ™‚

    congratulations, you got me thinking of buying a pair, damn i’m so impressionable


      Hahaha, the Nokia Purity Pros are irresistibly beautiful. I’ve been banging on about them since I heard about them. I really love the look of them. According to that audio technician that reviewed it, they sound pretty good too (haven’t tried, I managed to stop myself :p)

  • Frankie Bloise

    Hi Jay, few questions:

    1) How Big are they compared to the Wired Purity HD. I do have the purity hd, love them but want to know how big are these, how comfy is to wear them, are they heavier…

    2) How good is the sound quality via wireless? I mean compared to a wired connection.

    3) and in a few days let me know how good is the battery life. As I travel a lot, a long battery life would be amazing in a 12 hrs flight.

    • I tried them out at the Lumia launch here (I don’t have hair half as amazing as Jay so no pics πŸ˜› so I might be able to answer some questions:

      Size weight they’re slightly heavier than the Purity HD, and the ear cups are actually “around” the ear; not over; meaning that the cups are more Oval in shape (also they seem to be made out of a different material; my Purity HDs ripped at the seams of the cushions).

      Sound quality is impressive; especially with the active noise cancelling; I streamed a couple songs from my 920 (NFC for the win!) and it felt like there was a subwoofer in my ear.

      No idea about noise cancelling.



    • Sorry to hear that. Is it possible to have it shipped from abroad?

    • DesR85

      In my country, Malaysia, only one Nokia agent in my hometown (not Kuala Lumpur) stock both white and black 920s, same goes for the 820 and 620. One other retailer stock the red one along with the former two colours. Yellow is nowhere to be seen in either of them. The Nokia store in Kuala Lumpur, on the other hand, did mention that all four colours are available, but both yellow and red are out of stock when I was there last December.

  • Nice pictures ! Here is me and my lovely Lumia : πŸ˜‰

  • Parekoy

    Jay you’re guapo! And that yellow monster looks great. Will buy one someday. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! Have fun with your Purity Pros when you get one πŸ™‚

  • twig

    Now this is the best unboxing ever!!! A new standard in unboxing!! The draw, the passion for our Nokia, the excitement and finally….we just look good in Nokia !!! Jay, the yellow look great. This unboxing must go viral!!!

    • It was one of the unboxings I enjoyed making the most πŸ™‚ Yellow is a fantastic colour for headphones if you just want to stand out. Not white, not black, not silver. Yellow. I guess Red might have a similar effect.

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  • Indra Kusuma

    Lol..So much photos just for this occasion.

    Now you can change your profile picture with this complete yellow pikachu couple edition :p

    First time seen your face clearly here, haha ;D

    • DesR85

      “First time seen your face clearly here, haha ;D”

      Same here. When I first saw the current avatar of him holding the yellow 920, I thought that was Adam Lambert. :p

      • lol, is that Peter? He’s commented something about Adam before. haha

    • Yes! I’m going to need to update it with BOTH pikachu pals πŸ˜€

      So much photos for the most exciting nokia accessory ever for me πŸ™‚

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