Lumia 920 Shows Up in Last Night’s Community Episode

| February 15, 2013 | 14 Replies

XLLETI6While watching last night’s Halloween episode of Community (great show; but you can sense the change after Dan Harmon was fired) I thought I spotted a Lumia 920. Confirmed by Reddit/r/WindowsPhone that one of the characters what using a Black Lumia 920 on screen (two scenes). The phone didn’t seem to be a payed placement seeing how it was never fully in focus; nor did it ever show the screen, so perhaps it’s just catching on?



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    was Troy holding a pink/red lumia 920 at the start of the episode? and I tried to zoom in on the jeff scene and the UI looked android-ish for some reason.

    • I actually thought that might have been an HTC 8X in the California red.

  • twig

    Nokia Facebook changed that picture of the red coffee mug and 820 today. Can anyone tell me what chord they have even seen says “connect me first” on it? Also the white lumia has all camera apps on it as a clue and the 3310 is there. This is all Nokia speak. What does the chord connect to? Why is the 3310 sitting next to the lumia with all camera apps on it?? What is Nokia speak for 3310? And what is the creature in the red mug picture that has a 820 showing half screen of games? 2 weeks to go.

  • Mendax

    This is a good post to end the trading week.

    I reckon this will be a quiet news weekend, with lots of rumours and leaks come early next week.

  • jeebus

    In the series “arrow” ep 11 or 12 the Mom and sis are riding a limo and mom gets a phonecal… she has a L920 and when she puts the phone to her ear its magically transformed into an iphone with ugly covers.

    • Haha. Nokia phones transformed a lot in the movies. I remember that episode and did capture that scene as well. It is here on mynokiablog too.

    • I remember that one; unforuntately I don’t think anyone noticed besides us 😛 In the last episode Laurel uses a 920 in a 5 year old flashback.. Where’s the continuity for the love of god!

      • Irishmarius

        flux capacitor app

  • M

    I noticed it was in the season premiere of Southland at the 19:45 mark.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    I have no idea what’s going on here, but it looks like he’s whacking it.

    So let me get this straight.

    Lumia 920 appears in super popular song by globally popular trashy pop singer music video that is mildly controversial: Not OK.

    Lumia 920 appears in mildly amusing us tv show in a screenshot where he looks like he’s jacking it in San Diego: OK

    Makes no sense.

  • Nathan

    A white 920 appeared 2 episodes ago (the Troy and Abed switching bodies episode) on the deans desk where he picks it up, does something quick and puts it down.
    somebody must like the phone to keep putting it in new episodes.

    • I thought so, but I think it was actually one of the xperias, (the S I think?) The camera was only a circle, no metal strip

      • Nathan

        Oh lame. Paused the scene and did a comparison with an image of an Xperia S. It’s definitely that. They looked exceptionally similar.

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