Weekend Watch: Nokia Lumia 620 vs ZTE Blade 3

| February 16, 2013 | 24 Replies

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3.8″ screen vs 3.7″ on the ZTE, plus apparently better outdoors and better viewing angles for the Nokia. There’s Dual Core on a Windows Phone vs Single Core on an Android. Not that number of cores matters that much for WP but we know a lag free droid requires the moon or other unearthly combination of power (:p jk jk).


Android is apparently more complicated with WP UI being simpler. But Android has a lot of apps.

Nokia Lumia 620 has a much better camera with the ZTE having a horrible camera lag.

Remember Engadget’s conclusion? Entry level smartphones that don’t compromise on experience makes the 620 precisely what an entry level smartphone should be. The ease of use makes it brilliant for those new to smartphones too.

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  • larryg968

    U kno whats hilarious. Nokia gave up the low end to compete in the high end and failed miserably. Now nokia is back compete in the low end

    So the only difference now is they r using WP to do it.

    Thats a horrible comparison. There r many cheap android phones with dual core. For example:

    Additionally, the blade 3 phone is around 2/3 to 3/4 of the price of the lumia 620

    I can’t imagine Elop being CEO after the AGM in may. WP is an absolute failure. I never expected it to do this badly at all

    • Compare a Nokia low end smartphone before Elop took over with what they have on offer now. S60v3 then, Asha and WP7.8/8 now.
      Also under Elop the company has been streamlined. I remember the E7 being announced and then taking something like 7 months to go on sale.
      You can look at current market share and say he has done a poor job, or take a more considered approach and see the things he has done well.

      • dss

        They could have brought down the price of the second gen sym 3 devices further down.. just where the 620 is or lower. The 701 is still a better smartphone, and its selling for $300 unlocked. The 700 is selling for about $150 – 200.

        But yes, we live in a spec war, so Nokia has no way to compete at the higher end with WP. If you put the 920 next to any of these:

        it just doesn’t belong.. I know that specs don’t matter, but most people don’t.

        So.. I think that the 620 is the best WP to date, they finally figured out the way to do this.

        • correct

          How convenient of you to troll like that. Those phones are several months newer than the 920. The 920 also possesses some specs those phones do not. Enough of this trolling already.

          Plus MWC will have some cutting edge new Lumias.

          • dss

            Even when the 920 came out it was already behind spec wise.. Things are moving rather quickly now days, and its perfectly fine. I am just pointing out the obvious.

            And if you think you will see a 5 inch, quad core, 1080p Lumia at the Congress, you are fooling yourself.

            • swain

              I will be surprised if I wont see a 5″,1080p,Quad core Lumia at the MWC. Nokia don’t have that luxury anymore. They don’t deliver, they die.

            • correct

              Ah so Super Sensitive Touch, PureMotion, HAAC microphones and optical image stabilization are not considered specs to you? I guess it’s all relative to you when you’re trolling, only specs that are convenient to you seem to apply.

              Ignoring reality must be nice, yes?

              The world’s best selling smartphones, the iPhone 5 and S3 have inferior specs to the 920 in many ways. As far the brand new Androids just coming out, who cares? Only internet trolls like you and tech nerds care so much about the spec race.

              Apple and Nokia care about usability and user experience. Samsung just loves to flood the market with their devices.

              All other competitors are obsessed with the spec race because they can’t compete in any other way. All those “cutting edge specced” Androids are all generic designs that come in either black, white or grey, and are your typical generic slab shapes.

      • nn

        Yes, people compared Symbian and WP and we know the results from quarterly reports.

        But at least Elop learned to announce new phones only after they are really finished. Great success here, no doubt, it was totally worth it to destroy whole company to achieve that level of competence.

    • *****

      Have you even tried a low end android? My local carrier is offering a Samsung galaxy q. Worst piece of shit anyone needs to endure. For the same price as a 610, you get an android 2.2 device with no CPU, no ram, and lags like shit.

      my old LG quantum was too much better its not even a fair comparison. Windows phone can easily dominate the low end

      • arts

        no….cpu? @.@

      • nn

        Sure, it easily could. Yet somehow, it doesn’t. And it’s not even close. I guess it’s because Elop and Ballmer just don’t want it now, otherwise as you said it could dominate low end, and easily.

        Certainly it’s not because Elop has no idea what actual people want, or that the bizarre attempt to replicate Apple on Android scale is flawed from the start to finish.

    • v.s.i

      Troll harder, please. Mediatek’s CPUs stand no chance against Qualcomm. Also, how come the 920 is a failure? It could only be called one if it were a bad product, but as far as I can see the WP8 Nokias are greatly appreciated on the interwebz, much more so than any post-2008 Symbian phone (apart from N8 & 808). If you don’t like it, then it’s not for you, simple as that.

      • spacemodel

        ‘If you don’t like it, then it’s not for you, simple as that’.

        It’s not liked by 98% of the mobile world and only that number counts, simple as that.

    • NokiaPureView

      Lumia 620 looks good and better than blade

  • dss

    lol… “5 Mpix is considerable size, that is why we have to wait there” my 808 can process a 38Mpix image in 1/2 the time.

    • Viipottaja

      A bit more muscle power under the hood, don’t you think?

      • swain

        dual core krait, Adreno 305 for what ???

  • twig

    Well, the reviewer seemed to like the more premium 620 over the bad Android.

  • swain

    Well, since we are now comparing a Nokia with a much smaller brand droid, I would like to bring 2 much cheaper droids into notice:

    620 is too good and well built. This is just to mention that ZTE blade3 is not the best phone to compare. What’s ur views guys ???

  • Grendell

    Im not a big fan of the Lumia range but I find myself supporting the L620. It’s great value for the price. If only Nokia could have taken the best aspects of Symbian along with WP8. There’s still time though. I might just get a 620 for myself just tofind out what all the hubbub is about.

  • BlazinEmperor

    Benchmarks on the Galaxy S2 Plus has shown that the Broadcom VideoCore 4 GPU used in Belle Fp2 phones is a true beast, it easily competes & bests the iPhone4s GPU, Adreno 225 in WP8 Lumias & comes close to the over-clocked Mali 400MP4 GPU in a Galaxy S3.. That’s why games like Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD that runs at about 20fps on Pre-Belle phones & most Droids manages to run pretty fast on a Nokia 701 without any lag even with the sound effects on, sometimes I find it hard to control the vehicle because the game is much faster on my 701 than my Xperia S.

  • D Harries

    I’m glad of WP and BB10. The next stage of touch screen evolution is reduce the clutter and fuss that is Android/Apple and intuitively get more done in less steps. Certainly there is scope for maturity with WP. Swipe to the left?

    • D Harries


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