Press Release: Foxtons feels at home with Nokia Lumia

| February 19, 2013 | 20 Replies

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London, England and Espoo, Finland – Foxtons, London’s leading estate agent, has chosen the Nokia Lumia 820 as its business smartphone and has so far deployed around 900 to its employees.

With 35 offices throughout London and two in Surrey, Foxtons let and sell around 1,400 properties every month. In such a fast-paced, competitive environment, the need for Foxtons agents to receive, update and share information quickly while on the road is critical to its success.

An important reason for Foxtons’ switch to Nokia Lumia was its tight integration with the company’s existing Microsoft infrastructure. Foxtons uses Microsoft Outlook to ensure that employees are armed with complete property information for each calendar appointment, so that at the touch of a button they have all the material they need to close a deal. And easy synchronisation means that any appointments made at Foxtons head office can be quickly transferred to the agents’ smartphones.

Between viewings, agents can check emails, make targeted calls and prepare for their next appointment, maximising their time out of the office and keeping them one step ahead of the competition. The built-in Microsoft Office applications on Windows Phone 8 mean that they can also work on Excel spreadsheets and edit Word documents whilst away from their office PCs.


This competitive edge is vital for Foxtons, whose in-house development team was already familiar with developing applications in the Microsoft Windows environment and has now begun deploying its own apps for the Nokia Lumia 820.

As Dan Rafferty, IT Director of Foxtons, explains: “In a fast moving business with many staff movements across departments and locations, keeping an accurate, up-to-date contact list is a challenge for us. We’ve developed an app integrating our personnel system with our active directory and phone system so all the information is accurate and can be accessed directly from our agents’ Nokia Lumia 820s. It’s a great timesaver and asset for the team. The Nokia Lumia 820 aligns with our entire device strategy and allows us to fully integrate our current Microsoft systems throughout the company.”

With agents covering large areas, the mobile navigation features of the Nokia Lumia 820 were also an important factor in the switch to Lumia. Nokia Drive offers free turn-by-turn navigation with live traffic updates and offline maps, removing the need for separate satnavs or an A-Z. When showing prospective clients around a property, agents can use Nokia City Lens to show live information on the local area, showcasing points of interest and amenities including leisure centres, cinemas, restaurants and shops. Foxtons agents can now have everything they need to know about the area in the palm of their hand.

Adrian Williams, director of Business Sales UK at Nokia, said: “Foxtons is a great example of how a company can empower its workforce to work effectively on the move, with their smartphones integrated with its existing Microsoft infrastructure. We are delighted that Nokia applications such as Nokia Drive and Nokia City Lens are making a real difference for Foxtons employees in the competitive real estate market.”



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  • stylinred

    820 oO neat

  • dkm1101

    Good for Nokia, but hope the phone doesnt freeze and need a reset too often. Its the reputation for Nokia on the line.

    • Muerte

      There are two WP8s in my family, and neither of those have frozen or needed to be reseted. These are SIM-free phones. I’m starting to wonder, if the reported freezings are because of carrier crap on board?

      BTW, my 808 just froze yesterday, and I’m not at all mad about it 🙂

      • KeiZka

        It has something to do with software, of that I’m sure. Just yesterday 920 froze twice on my. It’s a rather annoyingly regular occurrence these days.

      • Viipottaja

        Same here, have not had freezing problems. I too gather its mostly due to some apps or a combination impact of several apps trying to access say location at the same time etc. (or the APIs they use in which case it could be an OS problem).

      • DesR85

        I have a 920 and based on my usage, I have yet to encounter any freezing, but Skulls of the Shogun did freeze the phone once by displaying a black screen and tapping any buttons didn’t work. Turns out that plugging it into the charger woke the phone up again as it was already low battery by then. Another bug is that Nokia Maps does seem prone to crashing back to the start screen sometimes. Non-issues if you ask me, though I would love Maps to be fixed.

    • correct

      This is not Symbian or Android we’re talking about. WP devices almost never freeze, and rarely need resets.

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    “”An important reason for Foxtons’ switch to Nokia Lumia was its tight integration with the company’s existing Microsoft infrastructure.””

    this has to be the main reason why i believe wp8 will be a huge success.

    • Viipottaja

      Yup, but MS has to hurry up getting all the corporate requirements addressed. They do have a solid basis to build on a fairly good offering but more is needed.

      • correct

        Indeed. VPN support needs to be coming very soon.

        • arts

          AND for the love of GOD a godamn Proper PDF reader.

          seriously Microsoft. Wat the fack are they thinking when they launched wp8 with a pdf reader that sucks so much??

  • dymaxion

    Nice choice! I used to work for Dan and his team 10 years ago when we developed the IT s/w – and he’s a smart cookie as are the rest of the team. I hope WP8/Lumia becomes a growing trend for many other businesses. If any guys on the team see this – Hi from Spencer!

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  • Shaun

    I suppose it makes spotting Estate agents easier.

    Now come on Nokia – add investment bankers and tabloid journalists and we should be able to target all the idiots with one mind controlling app.

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  • rustyknight17

    Yeahh IT MAKES SEnse for Foxton given their apparently very heavy investment in Windows .Question is , how many other companies r as heavily invested in Windows as they r ?
    Thing is , several other OS es have software that integrates well with Windows also . Great example here is BB10 , and many enterprise consumers r excited about seems like , and for good reasons ! Haven`t seen quite so many excited about WP …Just saying !

    • correct

      Lol what? BB10 integrates quite poorly with Windows. The only way BB10 integrates with Windows is through Blackberry Link, and that program does a poor job of syncing the Z10 with Windows. Huge amounts of complaints and posts about all the problems the Link program has.

      • rustyknight17

        Hmm , guess I`ve been lucky then as Ive had no problems connecting my Blackberry to windows

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