Video: Lumia 920 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

| March 15, 2013 | 193 Replies

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

As much as it annoys me, Samsung is the big dog right now; which means that a new device like the Galaxy S4 is what most people will be talking about for the next few days (or weeks).

Thankfully I was asleep when it was announced  but a quick run through of the specs does show some interesting features, mainly the ability to record from both the front and rear facing cameras at once (although it’s mostly a gimmick it would be cool to get yourself and your expressions into those videos), and I’ll be honest that super thin bezel is might fine looking (although I find the overall design repulsive).

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Nokia Lumia 920

Here’s a quick video comparison between the two by WPC (follow the source link for more images):

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  1. GordonH says:

    S4, HTC one and Sony Z are the hot phones of the season.

    • manu says:

      but s4`s one month sale >> htc one + xperia z life time sale

      • swain says:

        ha..haa… :D
        The sales equation can be more appropriate like this:

        Galaxy S4(one month) > HTC One(life time) + Xperia Z(life time)+ Entire Lumia range(next 1 year)

      • cloud says:

        you know what….nokia should shine because its the leader company in introducing new technologies but windows phone is a horrible os….i hate elop nokia should continued making meego supporting android apps just like sailfish os….then poor low quality companies like samsung could not say a word…damn window phone….

    • says:

      the s4 will be released late april, around the same time the 928 comes out.

      • cloud says:

        stop talking about lumia series they are all the same…same shape same os…doesnt matter what hardware its got!
        windows phone is a limited and restricted os with limited set of apps and games and limited customizable options….
        i really prefer symbian belle fp2 over windows phone…the only reason that nokia failed in the smartphone market is that its os does not have as many apps and games as android and ios…
        belle fp2 is way better than ios but as it doesnt have much apps it died….no matter what os nokia choose they must fill by apps….and the best option to do that was a new version of meego which supports android apps…(like nokia AIR clip we saw)

        • twig says:

          Without the crashes, malware,Trojans,complete lack of privacy Android users love.

          • Maybe says:

            But still people buy it more than anything else. WP is just to limited, restricted and inconvenient. Especially in WP8 where it is much more unstable than Belle and MeeGo. That’s really huge downgrade in every aspects.

          • Luisito says:

            You know that particular argument will never stop people buying Droid over WP, I mean if people were so worried about their security, they would never ever buy a Windows PC, instead people could be using some ramdon obscure Linux distro

            • noki says:

              and they are sure WP is not far far worse because??? yeah they don’t know they just like to spread FUD.
              Thye don’t know anything that wp is doing under the hood they can’t be.

          • Rich says:

            Never had my Android phones crash on me. Symbian did, a LOT.

            I use AVG anti-virus which automatically scans downloaded software *before* it installs it.

            You can give or deny permission to anything, including location. The OS is very upfront about it, to the point of telling me that Emoji keyboard will be able to read all my keystroke entries, and let me choose to deny it. So you lose as much privacy as you want to.

            Plus, there probably is a lot to be said for ‘those with nothing to hide…’ because in all honesty, Google Now is just mind-blowing, and the trivial data i have to give it far exceeds any concerns i have. Oh Google will know where i am? Ha! Not like people check in on Facebook or geo-tag their tweets, or use Google Maps for searching. Gimme a break. In today’s age, you have 2 options: either don’t use tech, or say ‘no, i don’t want to give that permission’. It’s pretty easy, and in no way does an Android device force you into a lack of privacy.

            • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista says:

              Symbian guys almost never admit that Symbian was extremely unstable.

              By 808 has been freezing even when I was using only the camera and nothing else.

        • Bloob says:

          Developer tools are part of a platform. Symbian developer tools always sucked compared to others.

    • twig says:

      One mention of an Android phone and here they come ,all lined up as usual. When are you guys going to realize your Android is like going to the past compared to any Nokia Win8 phone. Even this new Sammie is trying to play catchup.

      • Rich says:

        Well, I left the S2 for the Lumia 800, I had the 920 for a month from Nokia Connects to do a review, and I upgraded to the Samsung Note 2, and it is better in many ways. So no, it isn’t like going to the past.

        • arts says:

          The s pen =( i want a nokia version =( =(

          • Rich says:

            That was the main thing that pulled me over. I would look at the Note 2 in shops and laugh at how stupidly big it was, but the pen was so alluring. And then when you get it you realise how you can never go back to a smaller screen! It’s amazing. Being able to put two apps next to each other is really special, and only works properly on a big screen.

            • manu says:

              thumbs up on that i too hated the note II design ,but since i got a good deal i bought one,its awesome device :D

              • Rich says:

                It really is! Google Now has changed my life. I was out last week, sitting in a waiting room, and my phone buzzed – it was google now telling me how long it would take to get home, i hadn’t even used navigation to get there!

                I installed Nova Launcher and that has made it even better. A few things i miss from WP/Nokia, but not much. Gained much more.

                • manu says:

                  yes,but ill buy a lumia 520 soon.

                  • arts says:

                    Im torn between a note 2 and a note 8. or the new note 3. arghhhh.

                    Microsoft or nokia, or samsung is really missing out. A s-pen with onenote is a match made in heaven!

                    • Rich says:

                      Any capacitive stylus will do for note taking. The S-Pen does SO much more, OneNote is irrelevant.

                    • arts says:

                      Errr, maybe for you. One note is absolutely essential to me.

                      And just to clarify, the one note in mobile is pretty dumbed down.

                      The windows 8′ one notes are far superior.

                  • Rich says:

                    I used One Note. Moved onto Evernote. Cross-platform is much more functional.

            • MOOking says:

              N900 much ?

  2. ndeep4318 says:

    i’m either buying 620 or the s3 both are bit cheaper now

  3. Ekeluo says:

    It’s smaller than the lumia 920?

  4. stylinred says:

    Is Nokia going to port or create a Nokia Wellness Centre app over to their lumias?

    Looking at the New Galaxy just now and I notice a Wellness Centre clone included with the S4

    and Im thinking Nokia dropped the ball again

    and the S4 has an IR blaster…. wow flashbacks of the N95 wish Nokia had included this with the N8/808

    • stylinred says:

      wellness diary that is

      • Luisito says:

        wellness diary has dead a long ago… usefull app it really help backtrace my habits and control my weight and excersices…

    • arg0 says:

      Any way the red autofocus light on N8 (and probably 808) can be used as ir blaster?

      • v.s.i says:

        How could a fixed-wavelength ‘blaster’ that blasts red wavelength light blast infrared wavelength light if its wavelength is fixed?

        You didn’t really like your Physics classes eh? ;)

    • Hypnopottamus says:

      There are other fitness/wellness apps. Try “Calorie Counter”. It is on both Android and iOS. Not only does it keep track of your caloric intake, it can also track your workouts. It’s by FatSecret. I use it and it’s pretty fantastic.

      • Hypnopottamus says:

        I should have said that Calorie Counter is ALSO on Android and iOS. WP has it also, which is what I was getting at :)

  5. Chris W says:

    The hand waving thing over the screen seems a little unnecessary when you consider you never operate the phone more than a couple of feet away from yourself. It is not exactly out of reach.
    I heard the SGS4 also has super sensitive screen, so will it also work with gloves on? That is a much more useful feature.

    • Ali Abdulla says:

      its absolutely useless, can’t c myself waving my hands over a mobile that is in my other hand, lol…

      some other applications might work for sensor tho, for example, sometimes u want to check notifications while ur mobile is few feet away(especially if its charging, vertical wireless charging ?)

      or if ur mobile is wired to ur PC, hdmi etc, and u wanna send some quick pause/play commands…

      I haven’t seen the announcement, I only saw this video,.. I hope they included such stuff, else.. lol..

    • Rogene Esparcia says:

      Yes! Unfortunately.. they copied that feature from lumia920.. gakaxy s4 can now be used with gloves on.

    • Toni says:

      I think that the main problem with hand-waving interface is that it requires your hands to be in certain angle (and distance) from the front-facing camera to work. Moreover, one can ask how much battery life is consumed by a feature that has to keep front-facing camera running all the time to ensure that it will track all meaningful interaction with the phone.

      Even though one could argue in favour of a less tactile interface for a mobile device, I don’t think that what is advocated here by Samsung is actually the way forward as it does not provide us with any greater liberty from staring the poking the mobile phone, it simply allows us to do it from somewhat greater distance from the screen.

      • Rich says:

        “Moreover, one can ask how much battery life is consumed by a feature that has to keep front-facing camera running all the time to ensure that it will track all meaningful interaction with the phone.”

        Minimal. Plus you can turn it off in the settings i’m sure, because you can already turn off other S features in the S3 and Note 2.

        RE the benefit of not touching, it’s actually useful. Here are 2 scenarios:

        1) You are driving. Phone is in a dock on the windscreen, a call comes in, and you can just wave. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road to hit a specific point of the screen, thus it’s safer.

        2) You’re cooking, or doing something where you have dirty/messy/greasy hands. You don’t have to contaminate or make your phone dirty by pushing the screen, instead you wave over it.

        I tell you, there are MANY times i have had to miss calls because my hands needed washing, or i was washing up so they were soapy and wet, etc.

    • anon2 says:

      about as useful as many of the other features on android e.g live wallpaper, widgets, google now, google documents, G+, photosphere, transitions etc…

      • Hypnopottamus says:

        widgets are useful. Google Now is pretty awesome. Everything else you mentioned I will agree. But the fact that they have those features is a plus.

    • Francis says:

      It is a really cool feature, and you will enjoy playing with your smartphone gadget. It will reduce stain too. For example, when you are reading some ebook while eating with both hand oily, you will really appreciate this cool feature.

  6. says:

    The s4 looks cheap/fragile, and runs android.

    • swain says:

      Still there are millions of idiots who will buy it and the S4 will sell much more than premium looking, WP running entire lumia range.

      • v.s.i says:

        Still, you can buy as many as you like and enjoy their features and design, and let us Nokia fans amuse themselves when comparing the tank with the cheap Android plastic toy.

        Of course, after the 4 months between the S4′s time to market and September 5th, we’ll also be interested in the comparison between the S4 and the 1080p quad-core 41MP (and also 4K video-playing) Lumia. There will be interesting times ahead, that’s for sure.

        P.S. If HTC had used a normal camera and had changed the front design on One so that it didn’t bear the resemblance to a CRT TV (thanks to Harangue for pointing it out), the S4 would have been a lot harder to Desire (see what I did there?) However, HTC seems to be taking a leaf out of OPK’s corporation-managing book with their decisions lately, and are frankly quite dumb.

        • Luisito says:

          Thinking… Why on the earth do you think (well a lot of people here) there will be in the short time a 4K recording mobile device??? it’s expensive, very battery hungry, still there are lots of powerfull devices that take mediocre to good 1080p vids… first walk, then you can run…

          • v.s.i says:

            Will you be singing the same tune when Samsung or Apple add support for 4K playback?

            Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

            • Luisito says:

              Yeah, I will be singing that song, until 4K TV becomes common… Still we’re strugling with 1080p broadcast, Why on the earth are you looking for 4K??? Just to say mine is bigger than yours???

              • noki says:

                yeah :) 1080p on mobiles a great example of that :)

                still some can pull it off others??? not so much…

                “mine is bigger than yours” sells :)

            • Luisito says:

              Notification… I dislike WP, but this isn’t something againts Nokia or the “WP can’t do that”… This more on the what will be usefull and what not, 1080p vids is useless in something smaller that 32′ off course right now 1080p TV is becoming more common, so it’s good our mobile devices can record 1080p vids, but 4K vids, to show where??? on a tiny screen???… even worst something inside Me tell me that the first try will be embarrasing or at least subpar…

    • noki says:

      Could be worse it could look cheap/fragile, and run wp….

      I’m sure most consumers agree with what I just wrote.

      I agree its not much better but you know consumers tend to be hallways right!
      Not that nokia cares about any of that.

      • twig says:

        Actually you are wrong again. Surveys say Windows customer satisfaction is highest with Android and IOS behind. Keep trying Android troll.

        • Luisito says:

          Surveys says Rotmmey should be president of the states, it point out to that we all must be driving a BMW serie 3 variant, and other lots of things… When WP reach a critical mass (let’s say 100 MM devices a year) then that surveys will count, because right now (look like) the only ones buying WP are WP fans, and fans never talk bad things about their idols

          • who knows says:

            “because right now (look like) the only ones buying WP are WP fans”

            I think a more accurate description would be that people looking for an alternative experience in a smartphone buys a WP device.

            I don’t know exactly which survey you are referring to about Romney but it could be that opinions change during an election-campaign. :) A survey measures peoples opinion before an election is not a prediction of the elections outcome but how people would vote at that particular time.

            Look. Lumias sell very well in Finland and if the operating system would be as distasteful/bad/inferior as you imply the adoption rate would not be this successful in Finland. Because Nokia now manufacture WPs Finns give windows phone a try but if the experience would be bad the sales would decline quickly. It has not.

            • GordonH says:

              Well the Finns are not buying WP because WP is a great OS. The Finns are buying a Nokia with WP.
              No other smartphone platform choice from Nokia as planned by the CEO, but still WP is not selling too well.

              • who knows says:

                Of course. My point is not about why Finns give windows phone a try but that it shows it is a viable system for large marketshare. If the experience would be bad the sales would decline after the initial spike, regardless if Nokia makes the phones or not.

                The problem with Windows phone isn’t the core experience, it’s getting people to try it out in the first place.

                • GordonH says:

                  “Regardless if Nokia makes the phones or not.”

                  That’s exactly the opposite of my point. ahhh If Nokia was not making the “WP OS only” smartphone, then MS knows that WP shares will keep falling.
                  That’s the reason MS has to keep Nokia under control.

                  • who knows says:

                    What exactly is your beef here? Are you annoyed that WP is kept alive thanks to Nokia? Yes, someone actually has to manufacture the phones and then sell them in order for the system to exist. That goes for any system mind you.

                    If you think that going android would lead to an instant success think again. The huge lead Samsung has in sales does not come from superior phones but an insane marketing budget. According to Asymco Samsung outspends Apple, Microsoft, HP, DELL and Coca Cola combined in marketing (2012). So Nokia would compete directly against Samsung without any real differentiation in their offerings and Nokia would just drown in all the noise. Plus you could kiss goodbye of the 8 billion $ investment in Navteq in choosing android (Google maps).

                    The point I’m making is that the operating system has the potential to get a big market share due to high customer satisfaction (and no, it is not only fanboys that buys the product). My involvement in this discussion started with me disagreeing with the validity of surveys (generally speaking). You don’t need an enormous sample to get accurate results in a survey and I wanted to highlight that. Of course without knowing all the details in this particular survey I can’t say anything concrete. I have a degree in statistics so when someone blatantly says that surveys in general are inaccurate, well it rubs me the wrong way. ;)

                    • noki says:

                      ” due to high customer satisfaction” SO how come sooooooo few are buying it?????
                      Your are living in a self infused reality very similar to symbian, with the key difference that symbian sold and was in fact #1 WP so far never did get any significant market share and is still not growing..

                    • who knows says:

                      Noki: I couldn’t press reply on your message so I’m just replying to my own message and hopes it’s in the right ‘space’.

                      “Your are living in a self infused reality ”

                      I have no clue what you are on about, what reality is that exactly? That WP has the potential to become a viable operating system? Yes, I am so delusional that I think WP can grab some market shares. I know, I’m craaaazy…..

                      You seem to think there is some causality between high customer satisfaction and sales. So in your world android is the most appreciated system out there because it sells the best (not anything to do with prize, availability and marketing). If you can’t understand that a system both can have high customer satisfaction and poor sales, I can’t help you.

                    • noki says:

                      @who knows, in the world nokia should live, hthe world were sales count poor sales is the only thing nokia needs to care about. period, potential sales are potential as in not real. My question is after 2 years how munch longer does nokia have to keep investing into wp to realise it does not sale???

                      meego had potential sales and huge positive user feedback.
                      as does bada, bb10, tizen, jolla, firefox etc etc etc they all have huge potential, none of that maters if they don’t sale….

                      Wp experiment as been going for what 3 years now? 2 under Nokia and sales are still “punting it mildly” pathetic.

                    • who knows says:


                      Apparently Nokia themselves are starting to see a positive trajectory since the WP 8 launch. So I don’t think they are about to change course (which of course would be a very good thing since that would mean the strategy is starting to pay off)

                      The problem with meego was that it wasn’t ready when Nokia needed it to be. If it had been ready when Nokia still was top dog it could very well have been a smashing hit. To make a comparison, Samsung has done what Nokia couldn’t; launch their OS (Tizen) when they still are nr 1. Nokia wasn’t the undisputed king when they were able to finish meego and the consumers had already started to turn away from Nokia. Building an ecosystem alone takes a lot of resources and you have to have the right momentum. It’s all about timing and unfortunately Nokia didn’t have it.

                      So when joining forces with Microsoft they got a partner that could back them up with coding, advertisement, financial support and business opportunity. It’s no coincidence that Apple took a licensing deal with Nokia after they had decided to go with Microsoft and not android. There are many positive things with this deal, you just don’t recognise them.

                      You are right about lacking good sales but there is no guarantee that it would have been any different with another OS.

                    • noki says:

                      But what a bot a crazy idea, do what samsung does, place the eggs in several baskets??? no???
                      WP does not sell?? maybe android will, maybe meego? maybe meltemi, maybe symbian??? you know not go “all in” to the OS that dos not sell.

                      The scenario you paint sounds very rosy and makes it look like nokia won from the microsoft deal, wen in fact the one wining is microsoft…Microsoft got some time for wp, it would have been dead without nokia full commitment, got acesse all the vast IP portfolio in nokia, got the maping solution of Nokia. etc etc etc what did nokia got? a deal were they got free licences that they will never use….

                      This is my problem with all of this, ITS CRAZY, so crazy it seams like something else is going on, and its crazy with the company that has a long lasting tradition to kill all of its partners.

        • noki says:

          If there is on troll here that would maybe be you, I don’t particularly like android/goggle, if I was to be a troll of anything it would be of meego, you know the OS that Nokia made.

          I Find it stupid that nokia is speeding all this effort on WP, the platform that does not sell… So if nokia is going to ship phones with a non in house OS i ask how come not android, cant sell as bad as Lumias did so far???

        • incognito says:

          Present somebody with a questionnaire clipboard, and they lie. A friend of mine once had a job preparing a questionnaire for people to fill in on the Web. He said the information they got back was enormously heartening about the state of the world. For instance, did you know that almost 90 percent of the population are CEOs of their own companies and earn over a million dollars a year?

          - Douglas Adams, on internet surveys

  7. arg0 says:

    Personally, I don’t like the design of the S4. However, what strikes me is that it is narrower than the 920, while packing a 0.5in bigger display.

    • Ali Abdulla says:

      I don’t mind thick phones, I think its stupid how thin some are, I can barely grab my 920 properly…

      HOWEVER, why does my relatively thick 920 carry a tiny battery ?

      i seriously feel Nokia has always been cheap towards battery.. CPU and rams.. especially rams.. I know u need to sacrifice to bring an overall cheaper devices(like 620 and 820 and so on)..

      but the 920 isn’t that cheap….


  8. nn says:

    Well, it’s clear Google forbids Android makers from doing such SW customization or using fancy new HW as is possible for Nokia with MS. So again it proves how well thought out is the strategy of dismissing all other solution, be them Nokia’s own or not.

  9. dsmobile says:

    I can say that putting the galaxy s4 near to eos is ridiculous, but because it running on wp i consider it as not useful…

  10. Great comparison but its sure that samsung galaxy s4 will be the best option to choose. Eagerly waiting for the device to be in the market and as samsung has been the topmost brand for the android market..

  11. GordonH says:

    Android doesn’t allow for differentiation. I remember some of these stupid words from a rotten executive.

    • Mark says:

      It doesn’t. That’s why virtually all of the Android OEMs other than Samsung are losing profits, making losses or bouncing between small profits and big losses. :)

      • Luisito says:

        Err… Like Nokia with Windows Phone???

        More back news… Sony says their new Xperia lineup is very successfull in Japan (A thougther marker)…

        • Mark says:

          I’m sorry… did Nokia make a profit last quarter?

          Yes or no? :)

          • viipottaja says:

            Not the smartphone division. It’s negative margin did drop significantly though (from iirc -58 to -18% or so) so it seems to be on track to profit soonish).

            • noki says:

              want to bet? i see that dificul now that nokia started to pay for minumum licency fees and all, and with a ever more cheep line, only hope is that is start to sell 3x-6x times more

      • GordonH says:

        Back to my point… Some rotten CEO said “Android doesn’t allow for differentiation.”
        Some guys here are not stupid in pretending to forget that the rotten CEO lied.

  12. sbw44 says:

    I just hope nokia’s catwalk and eos will blow people’s mind!

    Also stuff like 4k videos will def help Nokia.

    Also I’m curious where is Nokia with there bendable phone? Seeing that many said samsung was ahead of Nokia in that department, but now stating bendable phone’s is a long time away.

    • dsmobile says:

      it would but wp8 will blow it down. with N9 swipe UI it would have more screen and less bezel and would look even better.

  13. dsmobile says:

    windows phone will fail in big screen phones as their stupid design with the hardware buttons will make the phone bigger than android phones with same size screen.

    S4 is so much better in design what comes to screen and bezel than Nokia 920. Sadly if I had to choose between those S4 wins.

    Nokia N9 did show the future of UI design and windows phone design push Nokia back in old times with useless buttons all over the place.

    Nokia still have no plan or glue how to make that company make any money or phones that people would actually buy.

    Nokia maps aka here seem to get worse after every update in Finland. Old 5800 has better drive guide than Lumia 920 if you take both and drive around Finland.

    • Luisito says:

      You know… The big masterplan is to become the Smartphones into toys that rely 101% on the internet conection…

    • sbw44 says:

      Do you have any idea if Nokia is working on another homegrown OS?

      Iv’e heard rumors that they have been working on it for 3 years now?

      • noki says:

        There is nothing only thing they been working on is html5/webkit. but everyone is doing that sooo…

        • sbw44 says:

          Where does the smarterphone acquisition come in to?

          • noki says:

            my guess that has gone into making some improvements on s40, and that’s it, I would be vastly surprised if Nokia was making a real OS somware. It takes people and people have life they have to move, they update their linkedin status etc, this things get out.
            AFIK nokia as close to Zero modern OS Creators in house today. (they used to but now they don’t)

      • GordonH says:

        Dude let me confirm … a big “NO”.
        All work at Nokia that competes against MS products have been killed or strangled(live on).

    • Francis says:

      This controversial metro UI of WP already been proof that it is not popular, and the sale is no good. Only Nokia’s hardcore friends are still in daydreaming that Nokia WP is in good position.

      Nokia’s advance in Camera will not be held long, and other players are quickly catching up. Sony and HTC is an good example.

      As I been using Note II as my primary phone for few months, it’s really good and very useable. I also appreciate my secondary phone 808 which is very fluid, stable and feature rich (Symbian !). Missing my N9 swipe UI so much too !

      For those thinking Android having privacy issue, it is same for WP too as they do collecting your data silently, e.g. Skydrive. At least Andriod do let you know they are harvesting your data ! Frankly speaking anything transmitting through unsecured internet/operator is no privacy at all. They keep complete copy of your sms, voice call, etc. Same apply to the popular whatsapp too.

      I till in the opinion that Nokia should release flagship phone with similar to 808 41mpix camera spec + XENON flash but in Meego OS, and that will be a real HIT !! It will be extremely beautiful phone !!

      • Rich says:

        “Nokia’s advance in Camera will not be held long, and other players are quickly catching up. Sony and HTC is an good example.”


        • noki says:

          heee since the cameras is not made by nokia but its partners and given that nokia is not sealing not that well its only a mater of time you will see Nokia cameras in other phones.
          Sony is much larger than nokia is in that segment any way.

          • Rich says:

            Sorry, that post made absolutely no sense.

            Just because other manufacturers have cameras that take decent photos doesn’t mean they’re catching up to Nokia’s level.

            • noki says:

              dude Nokia does not make the cameras, nor the lenses, nor the sensor. Its all outsourced to several partners, some might have exclusive deals but… I’m guessing that it wont old for ever

              • Rich says:

                That’s the weakest argument ever and shows a real ignorance of the situation

                • noki says:

                  so what is “the situation”? please no references to the suburbs of NY. ;)

                  • Rich says:

                    The R&D that took place in Nokia’s labs is Nokia’s, and patented. In no way is either HTC or Sony “catching up” to Nokia’s imaging capabilities, the N8 is still better than offerings from both, let alone the 808.

      • incognito says:

        Astroturfing and small but fanatical devotee group trying to overturn the tides, which puts the ye olde Religion of Apple to shame. Sony was the first to challenge the fanaticism of the so called `iFans`, but Microsoft and Nokia are serious contenders to overtake that infamous throne since then – so much that the ADF (Apple Distortion Field) nowadays seems like small puff from the ancient history.

        If you want to see what people are really interested in, check how well the devices actually sell. Or at least check some mobile-oriented sites that track view counts for particular devices. A couple of thousand devotees and paid shills can easily over-vote people not generally interested in petty internet rivalry – same goes for voting in democracies which is why we get idiotic politicians ruining countries – but that shows only one thing: how much fanatical devotees with a lot of free time a certain fan group has (or how well someone pays them), not the actual desirability of any given product.

        Case in point, if you look at the GSM Arena’s Stats you’ll see that something is terribly wrong with the picture. First of all, the Nokia Lumia 920 (and the others don’t fare that bad either) has the most votes out of all phones (bar Sony as of late) out there and that includes all the Galaxies and all the iPhones – one would think that given the far, far larger user base, general internet buzz and the rest, those devices that actually end up in user hands would at least have a comparable number of votes. Second, all the voting scores are seriously wrong – or are you saying that the Sony Xperia Z is so much better than everything else out there as the rating would seem to imply both in the number of votes and the actual score? If you are devoted enough you could probably redefine the score board within one evening, so I really don’t see any relevancy in that.

        However, if you look at the second column, you’ll see how many people actually were interested in the said devices – that, unlike voting by a couple of people with a lot of free time on their hands, cannot be faked that easily. So, where is any of those top-voted devices in that list? Nowhere to be found, of course. That second column shows you how much people are actually interested in any of the devices presented and it shows far better measure of what people actually think. Sure, the odd ball might be the Nokia N8 at the top of that list but keep in mind that there was a lot of buzz generated around it and it was released when Nokia was still the king of mobile, and GSM Arena is a global site so you won’t see the iPhone at the top of the list – and after all, Galaxies will overtake it pretty soon.

        So, how do WP-based devices fare in the department of general peoples’ interest? The furthest one went was the Nokia Lumia 800 with its 9,672,390 total hits which is quite a bit less than the aging, totally customer unfriendly and not marketed at all Nokia N900 (11,137,144 hits). The SGSIII released half a year later has already accumulated 24,086,599 hits. And it’s not some bias against the `new Nokia` – even the DOA and EOLed Nokia 808 PureView, released more than half a year later, managed to accumulate 8,437,866 views, while the Nokia N9 released a month earlier (and looking ‘as attractively’ as the Lumia 800) managed to grab 16,683,046 hits so far, and still generates more interest than all but the latest Lumias. And the same goes for pretty much all top-dog devices from all manufacturers running all other OSes in the same period of time. Heck, even the Blackberry Z10 announced just a month earlier than the Lumia 720 has generated 5+ times more interest.

        So, if we see that new, exciting hardware generates interest and that people are not biased against small players (which Nokia is atm.) – all things being equal-ish, it’s the OS that repulses people. And no amount of astroturfing or, hm, enthusiastic shameless promotion will change that – the best it can get is some free marketing (unless the shills are paid for what they do) for the WP, but when people take out their wallets they won’t buy a device just because it has been deemed ‘the best’ by some random site on the internet. They’d rather buy something they find interesting and suitable for their needs, something that their friends have or something they’ve had good experience with before – and this is where all that astroturfing falls flat. In fact, I’d argue that it even repulses a good portion of people who would otherwise give it a honest try/look.

        tl;dr: Because of what Douglas Adams said about internet surveys.

    • Jiipee says:

      Regarding maps: would the 5800 beat also N9 and later Symbians? N9 sometimes make odd extra loops to the routing.

  14. linkin says:

    when would this talk about windows being a restricted OS stop? did andriod get its 700k in a day?

  15. Mark says:

    Galaxy S4?


    It’ll sell loads but it looks a bit boring.

    Although not as boring as the same old butthurt N9 fanboys we see in these topics! :)

    • Hypnopottamus says:

      Right? I love how people talk about “evil” MS (which they are), and then turn around and praise Android while ignoring “evil” Google. Then they talk shit about WP’s sorry numbers in comparison to Android/iOS (which they would be correct), but then say how Symbian and MeeGo should have been the focus as if either of these options would do any better against the Google and Apple giants.

      What it comes down to is that these people just hate WP and will use any opportunity to bash it. Obviously it is their right to dislike WP, but the arguments made by these people aren’t consistent or principled. If they want to criticize WP, I have no problem with that. There is much to criticize and if there are shortcoming they should be called out on them. But the problem is these haters don’t apply the same arguments across the board (for all mobile OS’s). Instead, anyone that uses WP and happens to like it is all of a sudden a MS shill or fanboy.

      • arts says:

        at the end of the day, the mods and bloggers of MNB should ask themselves,

        is this the type of community they want?

        do they want to support a community whom i notice, Solely post negative tips or news and cheer at every mention of nokia’s supposedly imminent demise; and at every positive nokia news, come out of the bridge to fill it up with bitterness and hate?

        time to think, time to act.

        P.s i love the openness of it all, but not being “open” was not the reason why mobile review forum died.

        its the trolls.

        • sbw44 says:

          Should you be considered a troll if you honestly just don’t like a certain OS?

          What do you call these people who accuse people who honestly is disappointed or unhappy about something trolls?

          Everyone has a right to give their opinion!

          • arts says:

            Please do read what I did write.

            • sbw44 says:

              I did read what said but that’s why I replied to you, because every time when you say something about Symbian/MeeGo or when you feel Symbian/MeeGo was in some way better than WP you are considered a troll here.

              But in the same matter those of us who are being accused of being trolls just want the best for Nokia.

              • arts says:

                Tehn you would have noticed I have made NO mention of any operating system. YOU did. I did not want to bring a class divide nonsense into this converstation. YOU did.

                Again. Read what I said. Not what you want to see.

        • DesR85 says:

          I think what this site need is better policing. As examples, ban user accounts from the same e-mail or IP address, warn those who spam, flame and troll and if they continue to do so, ban them. Not to mention removing those type of posts.

        • noki says:

          what about banning people here that like to call others “swines” no?

        • Bassman says:

          I’ve just been reading through the articles and comments on the front page of the site and noticed that almost of the comment pages have been hi-jacked. The influx of negativity is astounding.

          Well reasoned criticism and discussion is fine but it’s full of the usual tripe which get repeated over and over and over etc..

      • GordonH says:

        I know right “these” people have rightfully be questioning the rotten MS-NOk deal since 2 years.
        MS fans were calling “these” people wrong but now it seems like “these” people have been correct then MS fans change the tone and call them trolls.

        • arts says:

          Once again, read what i wrote.

          Its your god given right,to solely post negative tips or news and cheer at every mention of nokia’s supposedly imminent demise; and at every positive nokia news, come out of the bridge to fill it up with bitterness and hate.

          the question is, MNB devs and bloggers, IS this the community you want to be supporting?

    • DesR85 says:

      “It’ll sell loads but it looks a bit boring.”

      No surprise there, even after reading an article on Phone Arena mentioning Samsung spending $11 billion in marketing (link: I know I sound like a broken record by now, but I bet that the South Korean government is footing the majority of that bill.

      I wonder how Samsung will cope without any financial help from the latter. :p

  16. MistyFog says:

    SGS4 shows that you can still sell a product despite a lousy launch. I’d take Jo anyday over Shin ;)

    • Rich says:

      I didn’t see Shin, but i can’t imagine taking Jo over anyone. At all. I would seriously rather watch a puddle launch a phone than Jo.

  17. Francis says:

    Anyway, with Samsung announced that high end Tizen Smartphone will be commercially released in August or September this year, it will be very interesting now whether still hope for WP to gain the place for third smartphone ecosystem.

  18. allawi says:

    Nokia n9 is the best.

    • noki says:

      it was it was! :(

      • says:

        wp8 is populer with consumers and lumia is always selling out.

        wp is growing, it has passed blackberry and is the 3rd choice ecosystem,
        the transition is working, and nokia is at the dominate player in the wp ecosystem.

        please don’t compare sales of lumia or wp8 to android/symbian/ios,
        because the 3rd ecosystem battle truly started when nokia joined ms and started shipping wp8 devices, which was very recently,

        android/ios have had several years head start and no competition, and symbian lost sales to 100′s of millions of cheap androids.

    • Marc says:

      I still can’t believe how Nokia could forget about such a wonderfull UI.

      Apple would kill for it.

  19. belle and jolla beat lumia 920 says:


    jolla phone is the best with wazapp

    • Bassman says:

      Oooh more original trolling…. You must be so proud….

      • GordonH says:

        Bassman let the guys speak. Many here don’t want to speak only about the goodness of MS.

        • Bassman says:

          Oh look, it’s GordonH defending the rights of people to troll….there’s a shocker!

          Having read the comment by ‘Bellend beats of over Jolla’ it’s nonsensical and is just there to antagonise people. Does it enrich the thread? No.

          In your bitter and twisted little world, anyone who questions such comments is a MS fanboy/shill or whatever variation of that title?

          So by your logic anyone who questions Nokia’s new direction is a whining bitter Symbian/meego/linux fanboy?

          I’d suggest that’s not entirely true in either case, but is probably in your over simplistic world.

          • noki says:

            hummm I detect straw man logic, is that you oli?

            “In your bitter and twisted little world, anyone who questions such comments is a MS fanboy/shill or whatever variation of that title”

            he made no such claim

            “So by your logic anyone who questions Nokia’s new direction is a whining bitter Symbian/meego/linux fanboy?”

            since he did not said that it must be you saying it? no?

            the interesting bit…..

            “I’d suggest that’s not entirely true in either case”

            so you disagree with yourself???

            but condemn other for it:)

            ” but is probably in your over simplistic world”

  20. S4 Review says:

    This is the best made smartphone ever.

  21. I’ve been exploring for a little for any high quality articles or weblog posts on this kind of house . Exploring in Yahoo I eventually stumbled upon this website. Studying this info So i am satisfied to express that I’ve an incredibly good uncanny feeling I came upon just what I needed. I so much indisputably will make sure to do not disregard this site and give it a glance on a continuing basis.

  22. john says:

    i think people hate windows when compared to meego and belle cause they look so much better looking ,that being said comparing windows to android you will have more to do more options, i mean windows is smoother with less specs which is very good but android just does way more.i which windows the best and really hope they catch up in terms of custimization and apps.

    • Bassman says:

      What people find visually appealing is subjective, yet you talk in absolutes.

      I don’t think that most people ‘hate’ windows phone and certainly it seems to perform well in customer satisfaction surveys.

      I think you are confusing real life with what you read on internet forums. There are certainly some people vocally opposed to MS, however a lot of it seems to be ideological more than anything else. These forums represent a small minority of people and are generally not representative of real life.

      Most people buy their mobile phones because of what they perceive to ‘cool’ or because of brand loyalty, as being perfectly honest, most smartphones do the same things, save for some niche abilities. Most people use their phones to make calls, browse the web and take the odd photograph. Most consumers aren’t tech savvy enough to appreciate all the nuances. That’s my opinion.

      • noki says:

        the best survey is people wallets, they say “the truth”… “numbers are out” (actually they are out every quarter for the past 2 years) “and result is crystal clear people don’t like wp…”

        • Bassman says:

          We both know that’s an oversimplification, there are many more factors at play.

          • noki says:

            not as far as nokia cares (or should care IMO). Its the bottom line it sells or it does not. that simple.

            • Bassman says:

              You’re absolutely right, it doesn’t matter how much people may like or dislike something (WP), if people don’t buy it then Nokia is in trouble.

              • noki says:

                so far people are not buying it… so how long should Nokia keep on trying?

                And that brings me to a tradition of MNB, Lumias sales expectations for this quarter???

                My prediction is as absolute minimum 6 Million Lumias with a 50$ less ASP from last quarter… maximum is 8 Million.
                Still with a drop in ASP

                As usual i keep my promise to go away from MNB the minute it reaches the 10 Million Lumias sold in a quarter.. Its how many terminals now? 12? on average 500000 terminals per quarter world wide…

  23. Grendell says:

    After all is said done, how much more proof do people need that Samsung is copying Apple than the fact that it’s newest product is indistinguishable from its predecessor. Just an observation…

  24. john says:

    thats funny you think sammy juss copying iphone samsung copies everyone . at this point im not on ther side but who cares if they can make it work for the best than thats good for them .iphone is not shy of copying other brands this point who cares who copies who let the companies deal with patents.i hope all phones copy off each other while innovating to create a highbreed of flagships were u dont have to trade one feature for another.

    • Grendell says:

      That was an small attempt at humor, John. Given the long standing battle between the two giants. Trolls sure do make some people jumpy. My household has Sammy, Apple and Nokia and I do appreciate instances where one brand could benefit from copying the virtues of another.

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