MNB RG: Nokia Lumia 920 vs SGS4 night shootout.

| March 29, 2013 | 70 Replies

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Eugen Diskin aka @jenjaman shares some more comparisons of his Nokia Lumia 920, now against the yet to be available Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Hi guys! I’ve been given Galaxy S4 for a ride. So I decided to make my usual test and see how it compares with Lumia 920. I’ve made 100% crops for you to witness the difference.

Please bear in mind that most of the photos were made in almost zero light.Also I’ve made crops from my previous shooutout with HTC One.

I think many will be amazed to see how Lumia 920 stands against new rivals. Cheers!

Eugen Diskin aka @jenjamanSGS4 vs 920

Lumia 920 vs HTC One


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  • imcoolerthanjay

    Holy cow!! Forget about the light, notice how much bigger depth of field the Lumia 920 captures!! Also the sharpness and colors produced are way waaay better.
    Not really surprised here. It’s Nokia after all 😀

    • imcoolerthanjay in this image, if you look at the branches, they’re clearly sharper on the L920 than the GS4. Even though the S4 has 60% more pixel count! What the hell Samsung? What do you use your MP count for? Just for marketing bulls**t?

      • its Samsung,,, so what to expect? oh and not just for Samsung but for the whole android world…

        more cores, more ram, higher screen resolution.. unnecessary but needed for marketing gimmicks..

        no wonder, they succeed… because lot of gullible users buy their products due to those gimmicks.

        its all about sale after all… money… sale… money…

    • dss
  • Frankie

    Nokia rocks!

    • manu

      only in camera

      • Viipottaja


        • manu

          yep 😀

          • JGrove303

            Nope. Own it in audio and video and build quality and accessories and device support and..should I keep going?

            SG4 has…a larger screen with res being utilized by zero applications. And its objective, but it also looks like uninspired shit.

            • Diazene

              and more games, and a far more open OS (seriously, no swype on WP8) whose fate is unknown

              I do like WP, but you have to admit, android is currently better

              • guerrahp

                Yes please Swype please…ive been Swyping since my 5800 days… Typing on Wp is very inefficient un nokia-like experience for me.

              • JGrove303

                WP8 JUST came out in late October and the SDK a month before. Of course Android, ANDROID, has more apps. Its been around for over 5 years.

                However, Havok, marmalade and Unity signing on to deliver their engines this early, plus being able to develop in C++ and C#, XBox Live integration, one may argue that WP8 is going to be THE mobile platform for gaming.
                But OSs was not the argument. We were talking Devices.

                So stay on topic, dangit!!

      • cloud



    half a year latter and the new competition cant match nokia.

    • imcoolerthanjay

      If you’re referring to the camera tech then you must be wrong because it’s been ~3 years since anybody came close to Nokia’s n8 and they’re barely catching up with the older n95.
      The 808 and L920 are out of the discussion.

      • W(e)ired Dream

        I agree. Especially when 920 is to be about 8Mpix? Even called pure view it is not the same IMHO.

      • Symbianista tuli uskonto joka söi Maemon

        Yes and no.

        Nokia did some phones with nice cameras, but they were flawed by being too thick with or without the hump. Someone even said that N95 was one huge hump.

        At least 920 doesn’t have a hump and it’s not way too thick.

        That makes is competitive product as far as the physical size is considered.

  • Duey

    Never been envious of Galaxy. It runs Droid. Nuf said

    • Joker

      The Samsung garbage is a piece of shit, if I have to be honest. Some of reviewers close their eyes and call the s4 a beast. A beast of what? all they can say is: 2g ram, how many cores, and hd display, and more gimmicks. what the 2g ram do for you? nothing. fact is if they don’t 2g ram, their apps won’t even run. Look at their 1g phones, laggy as hell. Lumia 620 browser performance beats sg3. Is that a joke?

      If Samsung has to put 2G ram to compete with Nokia, then competition is over. I just can’t see how Samsung’s engineers are smarter that they can put 2G ram in a phone and Nokia cannot.

      • W(e)ired Dream

        Such haters as you should not walk freely, your hating can be a dangerous infections I suppose.

        • torcida

          I think you’re the hater here.. All he’s saying is true.

      • bwah6996

        You are deluding.
        Android has MANY flaws but the browser performance is clearly NOT one of them. Especially not on the Galaxy line. And also, calling Jelly Bean laggy..
        It’s funny how WP fanboys always applaud the super speedy WP interface but all of the sudden forget about those CRAP apps. Apps on S2(see games especially) are way speedier than on these new gen WP8 devices.

      • swain

        Isn’t it the same we were saying about dual core processors when Nokia was using only single cores.
        May be now quad or octa core cpu, 2 GB RAM, FHD display looks no better. But after 2-3 years when Nokia will start using such configuration, it will certainly look good. Is not it ?

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  • Gasbond

    It is nice to see how the Lumia 920 still can beat a great device like the Galaxy S4, a device that came out 6 months after it, with a bigger camera sensor, YET I’m not surprised because we all know that it is close to impossible to beat the 920 in low-light conditions even after a long time, and the device that will beat the 920 is it’s successor

  • spacemodel

    ‘All these modes sound fun, but is the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera good? The short answer is yes, yes it is. Samsung have done a great job at keeping image quality good while increasing the resolution and making the phone thinner’.

    • aboodesta

      Can you really take gsmarena seriously anymore when all they do is make excuses for samsung and showing the biggest fanboyism I’ve ever read in a review? Not to mention the joke of a “low light comparison” between the S4 and the HTC, where it wasn’t even low light. hah.

      • spacemodel

        The truth is hard to accept, I understand.

        • imcoolerthanjay

          Irony detected…

          • Witcher of open spells

            brainwashing detected: when gsmarena said something not as expeted then loose reputation and becomes not reliable? They should close themselves for this lack of loyalty 😉 😀

      • sbw44

        As much as I hate the GS4 getting great reviews in the Camera department, GsmArena was always the one website who gave fair, honest reviews! Just look at the reviews they gave the N9 and 808.

        If you want fanboyism go check out PhoneArena! I’ve been tipping all the time here to check how one guy there blatantly hates and bashes Nokia all the time!

        • spacemodel

          Absolutely, GSM Arena is by far the best tech site, their reviews are not only unbiased but also extensive and well documented.

          Of course, for Nokia fans it’s not party time when we read the review of the SIV but be honest, it has a couple of flaws but overall it’s the best smartphone (almost) available on the market.

      • burningBit

        If you can’t take gsmarena seriously, then I doubt you’ll ever find anything you can take seriously. Out of all the mobile review sites I’ve seen, it’s the only one where there are such consistent tests and detailed reviews.

        • Symbianista tuli uskonto joka söi Maemon

          They can be taken seriously, but that doesn’t make everything they say true.

          • burningBit

            Anything you say boss!

            • Symbianista tuli uskonto joka söi Maemon

              You really didn’t take my previous comments that well.

              Just get over it.

              • burningBit

                Pardon? I just agreed with your comment that not everything they say is the truth. Why you feel so butthurt?

                • Symbianista tuli uskonto joka söi Maemon

                  That’s just your assumption.

                  Just get over it.

                  • burningBit


                    • Symbianista tuli uskonto joka söi Maemon

                      Just get over it.

                    • burningBit

                      Hahahahaha so it’s really true! You must always get the last say no matter what the response is. And I’m pretty sure you’ll still admit to this behaviour by replying. But it’s ok, I don’t have such abnormal issues. I’ll let you have the last say 🙂

                    • Symbianista tuli uskonto joka söi Maemon

                      You are not the first or second one to use that trick.

                      But even that doesn’t make their opinions true if they are not.

                    • burningBit

                      Woah woah woah… I had really wanted to let you have your way, but if many people have done this to you then you really have a serious problem mate! I think you need a doc. Not only do you need to have the last say, you’re delusional too.

                    • Symbianista tuli uskonto joka söi Maemon

                      Did I day that people have been using that trick on me?

                      About that issue with doctor. I see. What kind of medical degree do you have?

                      Let’s see what kind of other assumptions you are going to make.

                      Some people really want to be able to tell how some blog or tech site praised or hated some product. I find that bit strange because then it’s not really talking about the product but those people commenting on it.

        • but

          naw, I find that pocketnow does a much better job than gsmarena in the review area.

          • burningBit

            Yea pocketnow is great too! It’s just that I prefer gsmarena for their sunlight, battery and photo comparison tools.

    • Francis

      It is a matter of time Samsung will catching up Nokia in term of Camera performance. Only small group of Hardcore Nokia’s fan still daydreaming that Nokia’s Camera still mile ahead of others. S4’s 13MP definitely better than 920’s 9MP !

      920 is only good in low light but average in normal daytime capture. HTC One after firmware upgrade is comparable with 920, but HTC One is better spec in other hardware especially Screen (full HD).

      Nokia need to deliver better spec flagship phone, and not just bluffing us using commercial spec such like ‘pureview’ (only 808 can really called ‘Pureview’ (combination of lossless zoom and Xenon flash) and definitely NOT 920 !!). 920’s low light is nothing special and can be easily achieved via proper setting in 808, but 920’s OIS – Hardware Optical Image Stabilizer is a real deal.

      • Bloob

        I could agree on getting quad -core on WP, like One and S4, and better GPU, but I still see no reason for 1080p. Maybe some hawkeye can see a difference, but for me, WVGA is good enough on 4″ and under, and 720p on 5″-4″. I’d rather use the power ( be it floating point calculations or wattage ) on something else than pixels I can’t see.

  • Francis

    Nite capture 920 won over S4 no surprise as 920 is specially designed for low light shot.

    Any comparison for daytime ?

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  • Doug

    It’s sad that the only thing going for Nokia is its camera.

    • Viipottaja

      Nope (it’s not the only thing).

      • Witcher of open spells

        Indeed, one of two. Second is the whole mobile.

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  • bro

    Well, I question the authenticity of these pictures.
    `I’ve been given Galaxy S4 for a ride` – for sure!

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  • sbw44

    Looks like Sony is gearing up to make a direct competitor to the 808!

    I hope Nokia And Microsoft gets their act together and release a camera monster at Nokia World!

    Plus can someone tell me if Nokia has an exclusive deal with Carl Zeiss?

    • Cod3rror

      I hope it’s not as big as the Galaxy Camera and looks like a phone, like 808.

      Still, Nokia should be scared! A Sony camera AND Android.

    • torcida

      Yes, Nokia has an exclusive deal with CarlZeiss (for phone cameras). But sony and other camera manufacturers are also using CarlZeiss lenses for their (dedicated) cameras.

  • sdfssfd
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