LeakyLeak: Nokia Lumia 928 renders – with Xenon Flash, coming to Verizon.

| April 6, 2013 | 138 Replies

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A render of the much rumored handsets has just been leaked by @evleaks - here’s the Nokia Lumia 928 renders.

  • Xenon Flash
  • Polycarbonate body
  • PureView Camera
  • Verizon branding
  • Fabula design (as with 920)
  • 4G LTE
  • Also has LED

Contrary to what most rumors have been saying about Verizon’s handset it does NOT have an aluminum/metal casing (which I know some of you were hoping for); however it does make up for it with the a Xenon flash. The first Lumia in fact to carry such a flash, which should come to a relief to many of you out there; especially since some have gone as far as stating that a Pureview without Xenon flash, is not worthy of the Pureview title at all.

What do you reckon?

Source: evleaks

Cheers Glenn for the tip!

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  1. Truong says:

    Not too special :(

    • dss says:

      Why ? Its alright.. what were you expecting ? Nokia are maxing out the platform at this point..

      • Truong says:

        It’s OK, but I need more careative on the Lumias, 928 is almost the same as 920 :D

        • Muerte says:

          As it was always supposed to be.

        • Siliconsub says:

          Verizon wanted the 920, the 920 went to AT&T, so Nokia made them a special 928 so people can choose carrier, not really the device, they are very similar devices

        • chris wayne says:

          Catwalk and EOS are the upcoming flagships, the 928 Laser is just what the 822 is to the 820…

        • Janne says:

          Cross posting because there seems to be a lot of confusion on this…

          There are THREE Lumias coming out soon(ish). And people seem to mix all their leaks and rumours all the time. That’s why people are confused, even big blogs like The Verge.

          Here is my view:

          In April we’ll see the Laser. This is the Lumia 920 variant, probably 928, for Verizon. It is a slight polycarbonate redesign of the 920, with the flat sides shown in the FCC leak. Laser-cut sides if you will. ;) The big differentiator is the xenon flash, likely because second general update to WP8 will add support for it.

          Later (May 15th?) we are expecting to see the EOS and maybe Catwalk. EOS is the 41 Mpix ballpark monster camera. Like “EOS” suggests. It will not be small. I think we probably haven’t see the final design anywhere?

          Catwalk on the other hand is all about design like its moniker suggest. I will be a slim, maybe aluminum phone. Maybe it will move the camera to corner to get there or ditch wireless charging to a 720-like snap-on cover… Maybe this was the white phone seen in the twisted mirror leak?

          Expect all of these to have roughly the same specs as Lumia 920. I wouldn’t expect new processor cores or resolutions until fall, but of course that is just my guess.

          • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

            rumor has it that the Catwalk will be only 8.4mm thin!

          • correct says:

            Sorry, that whole idea that “support needs to be added” to WP for things like Xenon or the 41MP camera unit is rubbish.

            HTC had Xenon flash on a Windows Phone 7 device almost 2 years ago!

            All that really needs to be done is for Nokia’s software and algorithms to be added in to WP, that’s it.

            Same thing for the 41MP Pureview module; most of the work is done by the custom Toshiba DSP chip anyways. All Nokia has to do is add in its software and algorithms into WP for it to work optimally and that’s it.

            There is no “software limitation” on Windows Phone that prevents innovative or custom hardware to be used. This is a big fat myth that delusional trolls here have spread and many people here sadly believe this. All that’s needed are drivers for new hardware units, and Nokia’s software algorithms.

            • Janne says:

              Of course there isn’t any inherent software limitation, that is and always was bullcrap.

              However, since WP8 isn’t WP7, it can miss support for certain hardware features due to time constraints or whatnot – even if those were in WP7.

              Case in point: FM radio. Works great on WP7, software support on WP8 is still missing.

              My sense is that this may be the case for Xenon flash as well. Or not. Who knows.

    • Eugene Fitzherbert says:

      The Xenon flash alone is something 920 owners would envy. It’s all right. It’s okay. I think Elop can explainnn..

      • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis says:

        it also reportedly has an OLED screen instead of LCD

      • Pathetic says:

        I do not understand you Windows Phone users, thousands of videos (stupid) saying lumia take pictures without flash, why would you want the xenon flash? this stuff is stupid

        • Ron says:

          Sounds stupid for stupid people ;)

        • chris wayne says:

          The 920 sensor can compensate a lot but unfortunately is not ‘super-certain’, with a xenon flash you get natural colors in close objects at night pictures, please don’t show your ignorance here at mynokiablog…

        • torcida says:

          …flash you are using for short distance (max. a few meters). Otherwise you need good optics, big aperture or long exposure (+OIS) and huge sensor to get the best out of your pictures for night/low light e.g. landscape/long distance shots – in this case the flash doesn’t helps you at all.

  2. dss says:

    I was wrong.. it took less time that I thought to make the xenon flash work on NT. I was expecting this by the end of the year..

    Now, it depends on how powerful the capacitor for the xenon is, unless they are using some new fancy stuff we don’t know about.

    For example the N8 flash is weaker than the one the 808 by quite a bit.. 1 capacitor vs 2 in the 808.

    Also, if you look at them: http://i.imgur.com/C8iwwiy.jpg

    They take a lot of room…

    here is the one from the N8: http://i.imgur.com/B9DqF03.jpg

    • SLAYER says:

      I’ll take it if it has the same flash as the N8.

    • wuh says:

      “xenon flash to work on NT???” -you do know that CE (WP7) was capable of xenon as well? -HTC Mozart

      …once again you people assume that WP is a primitive OS. It is not that hard to write drivers for xenon flash on any OS.

      • vlad0 says:

        He dont know what he is talking about. ;) at all.

        dss says:
        September 4, 2012 at 9:37 pm

        It will take a while until Microsoft figures out a way to incorporate xenon.. obviously they are not there yet. There isn’t a single phone running on windows out there that has a xenon flash…

        dss says:
        March 3, 2013 at 3:13 pm

        Relax.. I am sure they will figure it out eventually, but right now, there isn’t a single device out in the world that runs Windows NT and has a Xenon flash for its camera.

        Until that happens.. it doesn’t support one, when they make it work, then it will.


        • vlad0 says:

          funny how nokia managed to develop a phone with xenon flash in less than one month huh?

          another fyi, htc mozart was launched in october 2010. Another sign that dss is an bumbling village idiot.

          • Janne says:

            Well in honesty those are WP7/CE devices, not NT. CE, I believe, has some RTOS hodgepodge in it that NT doesn’t.

            That said, it was always bollocks Nokia couldn’t support xenon or oversampling or whatever on WP. Sure, some things take development time and some hooks from Microsoft, but then Symbian too took a LOT of development time…

            These things will roll out as Nokia gets their drivers and customizations out in the open. It was hard to move into the moving WP train two years ago, but now we are finally seeing the results of their work. It just took a while.

            It was never impossible, much of it wasn’t probably all that hard either. It just took time.

            • vlad0 says:

              The date was 29 Oct 2012.

              The time was 2.20pm

              The important event? Microsoft releases hardware requirements for windows phone 8.

              Just as it’s done in the past, Microsoft has offered up a list of hardware requirements for each phone to run Windows Phone 8. The list includes:

              Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor
              Minimum 512MB RAM for WVGA phones; minimum 1GB RAM for 720p / WXGA
              Minimum 4GB flash memory
              GPS and A-GNSS; GLONASS is supported if OEMs decide to include it
              Support for micro-USB 2.0
              3.5mm stereo headphone jack with three-button detection support
              Rear-facing AF camera with LED or Xenon flash, optional front-facing camera (both need to be VGA or better) and dedicated camera button
              Accelerometer, proximity and ambient light sensors, as well as vibration motor (magnetometer and gyroscope are optional)
              802.11b/g and Bluetooth (802.11n is optional)
              DirectX graphics hardware support with hardware acceleration for Direct3D using programmable GPU
              Multi-touch capacitive touch screen with minimum of four simultaneous points

            • vlad0 says:

              ANYBODY who did their research will find this list.

              Again. Dss is a bumbling village idiot. ;)

              • correct says:

                Of course he is, like so many of the sad pathetic delusional trolls here, who make a mockery of not only Nokia, but a big fat mockery of Finland. Such people need to be shamed and mocked in the real world for being such idiots.

            • dss says:

              I don’t think anyone said that it won’t happen, its just that as of now, there is no evidence to support a theory that Windows Phone 8 can support the camera system from the 808..

              And of course, with time.. they will get it to work, but the whole point of switching to this new platform was to not have to wait for the software to catch up..

              And yes, windows CE and NT are two different kernels.

              A device with a Xenon flash running on Windows NT does not exist.. the 928 will be the first one, and it took Nokia over two years to develop.

              • Janne says:

                With that logic it was fast! PureView on Symbian took Nokia five years! ;)

                I’ll let you figure out the logical fallacy yourself.

                It was never about getting some features faster, the switch, it was about getting to a competitive product faster.

                I think Nokia is in a better place, product-wise, that no Symbian device could probably have matched in the same two years. Symbian products now would have been worse user-experience-wise.

                MeeGo could have worked of course. Or been ever more late.

                • dss says:

                  Phase 1 is already in mass production, they don’t have to.. invent it all over again like the first time around.

                  Or.. are you saying that Nokia had the PV hardware ready 5 years ago, and it took Symbian all that time to catch up ?

                  • AreOut says:

                    to be sincere lumia 920 doesn’t even support stereo recording but if you didn’t forget it took Symbian more than 5 years to implement stereo recording so they have another 3-4 years to implement it on WP8 :D

                    astroturfing logic

                    • vlad0 says:

                      and look! its two bumbling village idiots. HAHAHHAHAHAH

                      note this people, this two people LOVE to pull off the argumentum ad ignorantiam.

                      both you idiots makes me ever more determined to expose you everytime, anytime you fools turn up here.

                    • vlad0 says:

                      you are just so stupid its so funny!


                    • AreOut says:

                      since when is lumia 920 = HTC 8X ;) have you listened to the “stereo” recordings of 8X on youtube? I’ll spare your time, they are junk…so even if there is a stereo support it’s probably not implemented properly.

                    • vlad0 says:

                      You are retarded arent you. ok. so focus on the bolded part alright? dont be ashamed of your inability to keep up! ;)

                      AreOut says:
                      April 7, 2013 at 10:27 am

                      to be sincere lumia 920 doesn’t even support stereo recording but if you didn’t forget it took Symbian more than 5 years to implement stereo recording so they have another 3-4 years to implement it on WP8 :D

                    • vlad0 says:

                      What a 180 degree change from “3-4 years to implement it on WP8″ to “there is a stereo support it’s probably not implemented properly.”

                      ROFL! what a funny little idiot.

                    • AreOut says:

                      that was obviously a joke ;) I mean obviously for anyone with IQ >20

                    • vlad0 says:

                      sure. people who correct you factual errors are astroturfing or stupid right? ;)

                    • AreOut says:

                      I even put the smiley there…ya know when people are smiling they are usually not that serious ;)

                    • 2011 oli liian myöhään says:

                      People can mean what they say even while they are smiling.

                    • vlad0 says:

                      not to him apparently. still pretty pathetic.

                  • vlad0 says:

                    so your evidence for no wp808 device is because there is a lack of support for 808 camera.

                    So. where is your proof for the theory of the lack of support of a 808 module? ;)

                    • AreOut says:

                      d’oh, then even my landline old phone can support 808 module, prove it can’t ;)

                    • vlad0 says:

                      Im not the one making claims about what your landline can do.

                      the burden of proof is on you.

                    • yo says:

                      It’s alright Vlad0, we will SOON be seeing “I was wrong.. it took less time that I thought to make the 808 camera on NT” comments by AREOUT and DSS in the coming weeks.

                      Ad duplex has already picked up another high end phone for AT&T in the testing. I definitely believe it is this fabled EOS -808 like phone we’ve been hearing about.

                      These two gents obviously are not Nokia engineers so I don’t really expect to listen to this hogwash from them.

                      In the meantime vlad, keep your eyes peeled for another leak. Should be coming soon…

                    • vlad0 says:

                      it just so sad, people dont get that when you make a claim, you got to back it up.

                      I mean, its basic education from where im from.

                    • vlad0 says:

                      yo, i hope you know something *wink wink*

                    • BlackRavenYum says:

                      Agreeing with Vlad0 and Yo.

                      Just wait…look for a Nokia announcement soon.

                      Cheers from Kirkland, WA

                    • AreOut says:

                      @vlad but you claim what WP8 can do…if I claim that I can go in space by foot do I have to prove that or you? ;) so, opposite will be proved when they finally start producing the damn device

                    • vlad0 says:

                      wow, what a way to put words in my mouth. and what precisely did i claim wp8 can do now WITHOUT EVIDENCE ?

                      Once again, if you want to claim you can put your foot in space, yeah prove it ;)

                      NOTE: your inability to provide simple evidence that your landline can attach/use/wtv a 808 module have been NOTED.

              • Viipottaja says:

                What is supporting the theory it can’t?

              • wuh again says:

                you do know that OEM’s don’t like to use xenon because A) xenon diodes are 5x’s more expensive than LED’s and B) xenon diodes are 5x’s harder to manufacture (as the diodes are much bigger compared to LED’s)?

                This is exactly the reason why xenon is so rare. The development process of xenon on the OS level is already there…it was there when MS released their hardware requirements in 2012…it was there with the CE kernel.

        • Luisito says:

          I think he is just making fun of WP, a xenon flash don’t need a rtos, or something special, it just need a good capacitor and a mecanical shutter (as much as I know, if someone else has more acurate info, feel free to correct me)

    • correct says:

      You were always wrong … there was never any time needed to “make it work”. HTC had Xenon flash on the Windows Phone 7 software with the Windows CE kernel.

  3. et3rnal says:

    Xenon only, the other one looks like focus pointer “the read light” ?

    Also there is another hole at the top “back side”, noise cancellation or for video rec.?

    Bigger speaker at the back

    some thing under the WIN logo?

    Same stupid extra big edges :\ (hope they used the down once 4 something! useful)

    • dss says:

      Let’s hope its an LED.. Nokia are using the same set up on the 808 at it works.

      Hopefully they can enable stereo recording, and.. of course I hope this has HAAC mics.

      As far the edges.. at least this time around the screen appears to be in the center of the phone.

      • correct says:

        I hope idiots like you die out from the evolutionary chain. If you’re Finnish, shame on you for making Finnish people look so bad. If you’re not Finnish, shame on you anyways for being allowed to voice your stupid opinion.

        In my home country, idiots like you are not allowed to run their mouth, because otherwise they are publicly shamed or beat up. Idiots in my home country know to keep quiet.

        • vlad0 says:

          just so he dont cry about wp fans hurting his feelings,

          Im hunting you because of your ignorance and you open your mouth anyway; not because of difference in opinions ;)

          once again, to answer another of his frequently spread lies:
          does wp8 support stereo sound recording? absolutely yes!


          p.s you might need to read the pdf, which i hope is something dss here can do.

          • AreOut says:

            then why lumia 920 with two HAAC mics supports only mono? I fully expect it in some of next updates to come, but the fact it’s still not there >half a year after coming on the market is horrifying.

            • vlad0 says:

              you are asking me? Im not the one who came up with the conclusion that wp8 dont support stereo recording.

              Since these two idiots claim that the reason why lumia 920 only records mono is BECAUSE wp8 do not support stereo recording, and in the light of recent evidence, why not you ask the two village idiots how they came to that conclusion? What proof they have? how did they infer that wp8 do not support stereo recording? are they malicious little facks?

              • AreOut says:

                OK let’s try like this, it doesn’t support it (yet!) while retaining satisfying quality of recording, is it OK now? Or do you find Nokia engineers (who already implemented Rich Recording technology in 808) incompetent to include it in WP8? How about HTC engineers who publicly claimed(just google it) that their Zoe feature is impossible on WP8 because of kernel limitations? How about the copy of Zoe app arrived on Symbian just a few days after HTC One is presented ;)

                • vlad0 says:

                  1. Once again, i would like to ask, how do you conclude it is a technical reason? and how, do you RULE OUT all other factors?

                  that part, it seems, both you village idiots are just SO ignorant about.

                  2. oh please, the burst camera app? wow, aint that streching it. for the interested, this is the app in question, http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/flow/item/17064_Burst_Camera_gives_basic_HTC_Z.php.

                  In fact, Burst Camera takes a short 1080p video and then deconstructs this into the burst photos needed.

                  that is NOT zoe.

                  what a dumbass.

                  • AreOut says:

                    1. what other factors could be there if not technical? Religious reasons maybe? :D

                    2. lol, well that is what Zoe does basically, I never said that all features are supported, but the main one is :)

                    • 2011 oli liian myöhään says:

                      Nokia’s engineers sure seem to be incompetent making thinner phones while it would be possible.

                    • vlad0 says:

                      1. you are the one making the claim. So from your answer:

                      what other factors could be there if not technical? Religious reasons maybe? :D

                      Am i to understand to did not any prior investigations, and basically GUESSED technical reasons to be the issue?
                      Also, you did not consider any other possible factors because YOU GUESSED that technical reasons to be the only issue?

                      Good science right here ladies and gentlemen.

                    • vlad0 says:

                      2. ;) another lie, busted.

    • Bloob says:

      It seems narrower than the 920, but higher.

  4. swain says:

    Looks fake. Nokia can’t make a flagship device by coping HTC design.

  5. Imarius says:

    not to start a rant , but really what is wrong with america
    there phone companies seem to be out of control, it seems like its
    a big bloody monopoly

    why would anybody need carrier exclusive phones.
    should they not get that when you have to rebrand and repackage (and also slap some ugly ass logos on it) that maybe the carriers have too much power.

  6. kank says:

    The Verizon logo and any other operator logo just ruin the phone.

  7. AlOnE says:

    Is that a micro usb port under window’s logo?
    That’s a weird allocation isn’t it?

    This render looks fake, including the xenon flash

  8. Chris says:

    I guessed it that the Lumia 928 was going to be an operator variant of the 920. Even a famous Finnish businessman/talkshow host was duped by the hype to thinking its the next best thing. Funny that I never got any other impression of the L928.

    The best is yet to come, I think! 8)

    • Chris says:

      *…famous Finnish businesman/talkshow host was duped by the hype into demanding Elop let him know when the L928 was coming out. What do we care over here about American operator exclusives!

  9. Peter L says:

    That phone does not have the same Fabula design as Lumia 920, I have no idea why it says so in this post. It clearly looks more like 820.

    No round edges, no flat bottom&top = not Fabula 800/900/920.

  10. Derrek says:

    It looks too ugly to be real

  11. amrut mhatre says:

    xenon flash looks fake too me….
    looks like photoshopped lumia 810,920 n 8x….
    also the plate behind the camera reads “Pureview” I doubt why does’nt 920 has this!

    Many people wont like this branding to 928 rather than 920!

    Lets wait a few days and know whats cooking ;)

    The reason behind 920s weight is the polycarbonate housing + OIS + the material used ( what other OEMs use is cheap n non durable)

  12. chris wayne says:

    The Xenon looks very tiny, i think it will be more a gimmick than anything else…

    • dss says:

      Well, its a render.. so it might be bigger on the real thing. Its likely that its the one from the N8.

      Also.. that means that the phone has a mechanical shutter, unless they found a way around that. This is very important since it allows for those already small pixles, to remain their full 1.4 microns.. electronic shutters take away a bit of photosite space.

      • Viipottaja says:

        You really think they would,use the exact same flash module from several years ago? :)

        • SLAYER says:

          why wouldn’t they? do you have information on new breakthroughs in Xenon flashtubes and capacitors available today?

          if they wanted the same power as the N8′s flash, and the phone’s design allowed/needed it, there is a good chance they might use the same module.

          • dss says:

            There is this:


            But, they don’t expect the tech until 2014.. maybe Nokia has early access ?

          • correct says:

            Why wouldn’t they? If they’ve come up with new innovations, then why would they? Nokia doesn’t stand still. They’re always innovating in the labs.

            Unless you’re a Nokia employee, how do you know that they haven’t innovated with an improved Xenon flash? Before the 808 came out, none of us here had any idea the innovations it brought, and same thing with the 920.

            Until the 928 actually comes out, fact is we don’t know what secret innovations it may hold.

            • SLAYER says:

              Nokia doesn’t work on making capacitors smaller in their labs.

              I didn’t claim to be a nokia employee, and I can use your same argument to say there aren’t any xenon “innovations” until we see them in a product.

              and please read my post again, there are many if-statements before reusing the exact same module, and I didn’t claim it as a fact that they are using it.

              unless capacitors get smaller there is nothing to innovate in xenon flashes, and they have been almost the same for a very long time now.

  13. ms.nokia says:

    i don’t think the render shows the flat sides from the FCC leaks


    • Janne says:

      But then again it doesn’t show anything that dismisses flat corners either. With a xenon flash and behind the screen camera that looks like the 920 one, it does look thick and flat corners would not show in a render like this…

      I believe this leak and that FCC matches this. Also, no sane leak ever suggested Verizon getting an aluminum Catwalk. Some lazy blogger mixed the Laser and Catwalk up, but that was just lazy reporting. I believed Verizon getting a polycarbonate phone all along.

      This is NOT Catwalk. This is Laser.

      And incidentally, this is not the leaked twisted mirror phone either. Maybe that IS Catwalk?

      • Janne says:

        (I’m not saying Verizon can’t get Catwalk ever, just that the rumoured spring Verizon exclusive is not Catwalk.)

      • ms.nokia says:

        yes my mistake, the flat side wont show up on front-on shots,
        i just thought it had rounded edges because the front and back have that fabula style.

  14. Cod3rror says:

    Where is the Android 41MP PureView phone, Nokia?

    How many more billions are you going to lose before you realize you need an Android PureView phone?

  15. weeeeeeeeee says:


    Update: The Verge can confirm that the image is in fact genuine. We understand that Nokia will not be using an aluminum frame for this particular device as originally reported. Instead, the company is said to be using a thinner polycarbonate on the Lumia 928, reserving its aluminum frames for future Lumia devices including the EOS and Catwalk. The Lumia 928 will also feature a slightly curved back. Microsoft and Verizon are said to be in the final stages of testing the Lumia 928, which includes the second General Distribution Release (GDR2) Windows Phone 8 update.

    • AreOut says:

      thinner polycarbonate? Why the hell lumia 920 doesn’t have thinner polycarbonate then?

      • 2011 oli liian myöhään says:

        Good question.

        Just like why didn’t Nokia make 808 thinner while it would have been possible?

        Maybe they just don’t care because they don’t have the talent for that.

        • AreOut says:

          your father could also make you a little bit smarter but he obviously didn’t have talent for that

          • 2011 oli liian myöhään says:

            Maybe Nokia was just too arrogant to design a thinner phone.

            Symbian really is a product of the past. On the other day I was using my 808 and someone asked me that where did I get a retro phone like that and if it actually works.

            While those retro products may seem to be funny for a while, people don’t usually want to use them all the time.

      • Muerte says:

        You know, it may take some time to master the manufacturing process and to be able to optimise everything. It is a bit different job than cleaning the tables in a restaurant.

        • Bloob says:

          It’s also about the internal design, the better you can pack and secure the stuff inside, the less support you need from the shell.

          Also, it’s not like solid construct has been any sort of competitive edge, it’s certainly not the reason Apple or Samsung have done well.

          • dss says:

            I bet that its not going to be the same exact system you find on the 808..

          • dss says:

            Good point.

            The above post was supposed to reply to yours a bit further up

          • correct says:

            Just because something is popular doesn’t always mean it’s good. In the iphone’s case, yes it’s good. In the case of Androids, most of them are shit. iPhones sell because people demand them from carriers, it’s a genuine customer demand. Androids (with a few exceptions) sell mostly because carriers shove them down people’s throats, whether people even like the phones or not. Carriers love Android, but carriers hate the iPhone. That’s a BIG difference.

            Just because Ford or General Motors sell a ton of cars, does not mean they’re better than a Porsche or a Lexus. Far from it.

            Nokia is for people who value the small details, for people who value quality and durability, innovation and originality.

            • 2011 oli liian myöhään says:

              “quality and durability, innovation and originality”

              And how exactly was Nokia promoting those features back in the days when they didn’t have WP phones?

              • correct says:

                They weren’t. It was mainly word of mouth, but that was effective enough. They did fail at marketing that is true.

                • 2011 oli liian myöhään says:

                  Or maybe those features didn’t matter. Especially because quality, innovation and originality are something Nokia rarely had in smartphones.

                  When I abandoned Symbian and bought iPhone back in 2009, I no longer had to suffer from massive amounts of dropped calls, freezes and cost driven designs crippling Nokia phones.

                  • ULTIMATEANTITROLL says:

                    Screw off troll. You don’t belong here. You’re not a Nokia fan.

                    MNB staff, how do you allow this SCUM to post here?

                    Listen to me you scumbag troll, how do you sleep at night, making a MOCKERY of the Finnish people and of Finland?

                    • 2011 oli liian myöhään says:

                      I guess the modern Nokia “fans” are full of hate. They hate WP and they want all the world to know about it.

                      Just get over it.

                      Symbian was no longer a viable platform.

                      WP is the future for Nokia. While it could be a better OS, it’s still so much better than Symbian ever was.

                      I live in Finland. Symbian was a disgrace to Finland and most people living in Finland seem to be happy about Nokia dumping Symbian.

                      People living in Finland have been proud of Nokia and they should be. They have been ashamed of Symbian and that has happened for a reason.

                      People living in Finland are and they can be proud about Nokia shipping all those nice WP phones.

                      Do you live in Finland?

                    • ULTIMATEANTITROLL says:

                      You’re making ZERO sense. Finnish authorities should have locked you up in a mental asylum already.

                      What the hell are you blabbering on about with Symbian and your iPhone?

                      Screw off troll like I said. You ARE a disgrace to Finnish people and to Finland.

                      I don’t care about Symbian, but you just keep TROLLING. Nobody CARES about how much you like your iPhone, so screw off.

                      Nobody believes your delusional statements such as …”Especially because quality, innovation and originality are something Nokia rarely had in smartphones.” …

                      This has nothing to do with Symbian, we’re talking purely hardware and innovation Nokia is KNOWN FOR worldwide. To troll and disagree with this makes you a DISGRACE to Finland.

                      Live in shame troll, Finland has no place for trolls like you.

                    • 2011 oli liian myöhään says:

                      Unfortunately it’s true that quite many people living in Finland are ashamed of Symbian.

                      They know that Nokia’s arrogance made Symbian to become obsoleted.

      • correct says:

        We don’t have confirmation of this thinner polycarbonate first of all, and secondly Nokia may be mastering the production process for the polycarbonate. Thirdly, maybe Nokia wanted the 920 to have extra durability.

  16. weeeeeeeeee says:

    Flashback to a previous article, http://mynokiablog.com/2013/03/18/possibly-sighting-of-a-nokia-lumia-928-is-that-the-xenon-flash/

    I think it is pretty safe to say that the prior images of the lumia 928 were either a proto with a very different design OR just a lumia 920.

    • Janne says:

      Or that one is the Catwalk with the camera moved into a corner for slimness.

      The leaked phone we are commenting is Laser, nit Catwalk.

  17. Rat Kutti says:

    LeakyLeak… lol :D

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