Nokia fans – Vote for the Nokia Lumia 920 vs BlackBerry’s Z10. Smartphone Madness? This is NOKIA!

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This again is merely one group of fans vs another. If you follow our Facebook page for MNB Nokia fans, you’ll notice that we sometimes share these Nokia related polls asking you to share your vote.

[polldaddy poll=7015035]

Well, fans of other handset manufacturers are doing exactly the same and BB fans are doing precisely that in trying to get a win over Nokia fans. Many of you have been super passionate about this particular poll, making sure that we highlight this with the rest of the Nokia fans in our MNB community.


The voting is very close. BB fans are throwing insults on Nokia fans and I reckon you guys should show them what’s what, and who is who in this smartphone world. Looking at the comments on Crackberry, users there are encouraging others to vote on various devices and other scheming ways to rack up votes. We don’t want cheating to take place. We want to win by the strength of our Nokia fans individual votes. 🙂 A win here is a win for Nokia fans everywhere. And perhaps, in a small way, may go to influence potential consumers who might take interest in this Nokia Lumia that keeps winning all these polls. As Tesco’s slogan goes, every little helps! So let’s give Nokia thousands of little helpings :D.


Nokia fights their fight, and their fans can join along in showing who has the best fans.

Thanks everyone for tipping this in.


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  • Gerii

    Just voted for the Z10.

    • b4b4.4l1

      You’re in the wrong neighbourhood, dude.

    • Tomi


      • twig

        Die BB die !😝😝😝

    • chris wayne

      You came to the wrong neighborhood mother*****r!

    • Thomas F

      I will go for the BB the BB10 has a modern and new UI on good hardware. The L 920 has grate hardware e.g. Ois but wp is not good enough. Sorry Nokia.

  • allawi

    Vote for n9 instead z10

  • Pathetic

    MeeGo10 sorry z9 god Nberry, z10 all the way

    • torcida

      That’s what I wanted to say… There will be many “Nokia Fans” who will vote for BB in this poll!!

      • who knows

        But then again, you are not a Nokia fan but an operating system fan. That is fine but stop calling yourself Nokia fans and move on to those places that caters for your preferred operating system.

        Its two years past now, get a grip people….

        • GordonH

          then u better stop calling yourself a Nokia fan. Nokia now is a slave to MS and true Nokia fans should not be liking or supporting the idea.

          ps. a definition of a true Nokia fan is hard to define these days.

  • spacemodel

    The two biggest losers in the final, the two most desperate fanbase against each other; that’s madness at his best.

    • buzzonme

      i Couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

    • Ben

      The biggest troll after nn and incognito in mynokiablog is here. Well, at least they two talk intelligent, and you do nothing but spewing crap.

    • This is a NOKIA fan blog. If Nokia is a ‘loser’ for you, then please stop coming here as this blog does not cater for you. If all you wish is to spread negativity (as indicated even by several of your negatively-only Nokia related posts which we have highlighted) then so be it. Thanks for sharing.

      In this particular instance however, we’re calling on Pro-Nokia fans. This post isn’t for you. Stop ruining the fun. No one else really takes these polls seriously.

      We do this because we support Nokia. If you do not support Nokia, why are you on a Nokia blog? If you do not like what Nokia does, why are you on a Nokia blog? If you find nothing positive about Nokia anymore, why are you on a Nokia blog? I suggest you find better things to do with your time than spending it on a place where you trample on the fun of others.

      • Bloob

        How this supports Nokia is beyond my comprehension. If you want to support Nokia, go buy a phone, or convince your friends and relatives to buy one. This poll is unlikely to affect anyones buying decision.

        • Beyond your comprehension? I doubt it, you’re a very clever person.

          This is for fun. I find this might not support Nokia in the biggest way but it does show our support by voicing that a Nokia option is preferred.

          Many of the people that vote here are the same ones that buy Nokia Lumia and convince friends and relatives to buy one. Directly this poll may not affect someone’s buying decision, no. But it can contribute.

          The fans here voting can voice their love for Nokia more – get their friends/relatives to vote :p why? They can then reel of what the 920 does and possibly make a sale too! ha.

          In the end, it’s just a fan thing. We show our support of Nokia in various ways. Being in a community, sharing Nokia news, having Nokia discussions, promoting good Nokia things, making criticism so that they might improve as well as your suggestion of buying/influencing family/friends to buy Nokia :).

          • 2011 oli liian myöhään

            Some people seem to think that Z10 is more Nokia device compared to 920. The logic for that is pretty straight forward. It has some ideas copied from MeeGo, it has Qt compatibility and it can run Android applications.

            Wait? Nokia never released a phone running Android applications! Those old school Nokia fans think that since the support for Android applications could have been implemented for MeeGo, it was already a part of the MeeGo experience.

            Some people just think that software has no value because a feature could be implemented later on.

            Just ignore people praising a product like Z10 over 920. They are only announcing their ignorance.

            • Bloob

              Not sure if you are referring to me with your “old school Nokia fan” -remark, but I actually supported the move away from Symbian, and the move to WP ( although I would have liked to see 1 MeeGo -phone / year). I would say I am dissatisfied with Microsofts efforts though.

              All that aside, I just don’t see how this poll matters. If someone gains some personal pleasure from being part of the community that had more scripts voting for their platform, more power to them. Just don’t pretend like this affects Nokia sales in any meaningful way.

              It is also a reality, that WP and BB are among the bottom of the pack right now, so them winning polls like this, is more an indicator that the fans of other platforms are too busy actually using / enjoying their devices than voting.

              • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                Polls don’t really matter. Polls are just like the reviews of the tech sites. Fun to read but no real effect on sales.

                Polls telling how much people wanted to buy MeeGo phones matters next to nothing. Just like this poll.

                But they sure are fun to read and mobile should be also about fun.

              • Fan blog, Nokia blog, nokia fan blog. The poll doesn’t really matter. It’s just a fan thing. What’s the first sentence of the post say?

                It’s just nice to see those who still like Nokia right now showing their support for Nokia in this way (and there are many ways, many more effective than others).

            • Sammy

              It was very close to being rubber stamped at the time, but it was clearly ditched at the last minute because of the new strategy/focus. If it hadn’t been we most likely would’ve seen it at; the N9’s launch, with one of the major PR’s, or with the next Harmattan device*.

              But you wouldn’t know that, because you’ve never (truly) tried to appreciate the platform, & therefore see all info/leads that dripped into the maemo/meego community at the time.

              *best guesstimations had it arriving in Q1, or Q2 at the very latest, possibly with 1 more (& final) harmattan device.

          • JD!

            And that’s precisely the reason why I voted for BB. Nokia should listen to people first. We don’t want Windows on Mobile!

            But looks like it is too difficult for few people to understand.

            • 2011 oli liian myöhään

              People wanted to buy phones with iOS or Android.

              Most people don’t seem to currently want to buy Symbian, MeeGo, WP or BB phones. WP8 included while it’s clearly a superior OS compared to Symbian and MeeGo.

              Fortunately that may change and Nokia will probably get some nice traction for WP sales. If Nokia gets 100% growth YoY that will be a success for them.

              It won’t take too long before we will know how much WP sales Nokia had in Q1 2013.

              • John

                Clearly you say, clearly… When you’ve never heavily used at least one of the OS’s you claim is inferior, & when it’s not being heavily developed for 13mths now. Yeah, that’s an impartial statement if I ever read one…

                • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                  Do you think people will heavily use any of the operating systems they don’t buy? No.

                  People wanted to buy phones with iOS or Android. Not Symbian.

                  Symbian was just a blast from the past.

                  • John

                    And yet you think you can speak with authority & conclusiveness, that’s odd, & who said anything about Symbian, I didn’t.

                    • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                      People don’t heavily use operating systems they don’t buy phones with. That should be obvious even for you.

                      Are you seriously asking anbout who was talking about Symbian? I was speaking about Symbian. That should also be obvious for you.

                      Unfortunately Symbian was losing market share in every area in 2010. Symbian was also losing unit sales in high end and in mid range, back in 2010.

                      Elop saved Nokia by changing focus from Symbian and MeeGo to WP.

                    • John

                      Dead-shit, I wasn’t talking about Symbian, re-read my original response & “comprehend” the point being made, instead of trying to talk past it.

                    • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                      I was talking about Symbian.

                      The same thing can be said about MeeGo. It’s just inferior OS compared to WP.

                      Unfortunately people want to buy iOS and Android.

                      I guess this is something you can’t understand.

                    • John

                      Yes & I was addressing one point/claim in one of your posts that didn’t relate directly to Symbian, hard concept to understand obviously.

                      You wouldn’t have the 1st clue exactly how Harmattan compares to WP8, you’re completely biased in your analysis.
                      You’ve surmised exactly how it supposedly is in one sentence, without ever having used it heavily alongside WP8.

                      I have, they both have their strengths and weaknesses, there’s many reasons why I still (slightly) prefer Harmattan compared to WP, even today. But I wouldn’t say it’s “better” than WP8 overall (or vice-versa), far from it.

                      It depends entirely on the user & usage pattern, it makes zero sense saying one’s better than the other, or comparing carefully to come to such a “conclusion. Partly because Harmattan/MeeGo was dropped AGES ago*, but more significantly because it’s a dumb concept.

                      All you spew is propaganda, you’re one of the least impartial commentators I’ve ever seen on the net. I won’t be biting on any further flame-bait from you, you’re no more than a completely partisan wolf in sheep’s clothing.

                      *long before the remnants of official support stopped completely

                    • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                      I have a very easy question.

                      What is actually superior in Harmattan compared to WP8?

                      Apparently just multitasking.

                      Everything else is not that great or equal. Or even worse.

                      Harmattan has a different UI but it’s hardly an advantage. Someone may think it as one, but really, as long as it’s not popular, it’s not one.

                      Popular outside the tech blogs.

            • CJ

              I Want Windows Phone OS on my Mobile. Any problem.???

    • manu


    • Pathetic

      grande diego

  • incognito

    Sorry, I’m beyond the age of thirteen to engage in such pretty rivalry. Besides, in this particular case I’d vote for the Z10. That being said, I wouldn’t waste my money on either of them.

    • Etios

      you are a pathetic little troll incognito, why do you even hang around nokia websites if you didn’t care or hate Nokia? Oh yeah, you won’t be tolerated elsewhere and banned quickly, this is the reason behind you sticking here.

      • Bloob

        In this case, he is right.

        • arts

          Oh really? I think your in the wrong neighbourhood dude.

      • Heikki Niininen

        I think we shouldn’t call incognito a troll. He seems to have very much technical knowledge about different operating systems and I have understood that he/she is a programmer. He just doesn’t like WP and would have preferred Nokia to continue with Symbian+Meego. That’s it.

        • Viipottaja

          What I am not sure of is what brings him here though. One would think he would get more from say Tizen or BB, Sailfish forums?

          • 2011 oli liian myöhään

            He is probably trying to revenge the faith of Symbian and MeeGo.

            It’s sad to see people doing that.

            • GordonH

              You are protecting the faith of WP.

              It’s sad to see people doing that.

        • weeeeeeeeeee

          to be classified as a troll is independent of the troll’s qualifications.

    • Ben

      Time is more valuable than money, and you are wasting it by commenting here.

    • We have had this discussion before, incognito.

      We know this post isn’t for you. :p

  • DesR85

    Voted for the 920. 🙂

  • wpcyan

    biased on comments is this really a Nokia blog

    • yea

      no it is a “nokia” blog dedicated to Symbian/Meego users/fans in the comment sections.

      • yea

        btw, I see more innovation in the 920 than in the Z10… the 920 gets my vote.

        • Thanks! It needs all the votes as it’s slowly swinging to Z10 🙁

      • They have the longest history as Nokia fans here. Unfortunately, some can’t move on.

        I’m all for discussion, in some instances, this isn’t the case here. We’re just asking Nokia fans to support Nokia related things. If people aren’t Nokia fans anymore then this post isn’t for them.

        We have ALWAYS asked Nokia fans to support Nokia related things. It’s a shame no one’s here to point out the desperation when we asked people to vote for MeeGo, eh?

        • yea

          It’s all good Jay. I’ve learned to ignore the Nokia non-movers on this blog. Fortunately, people have to move on some time or another. -It’s only a matter of time before people realize that companies change their business model’s + products occasionally and capitalism in this market is alive and well.

          Anyway, I see innovative things coming from Nokia atm. I will continue to support Nokia until they either A) leave the market or B) stops the innovation.

        • Pathetic

          maybe you should close the blog , and make it private, give a username and password so that only users who are Windows (stupid) phone can enter, and you can make everything hunky-dory, and you will be the happiest in the world, and you can continue to fool yourself and others. if you do not like to critique your love for nokia.most people in the world agree on one thing: Nokia this day is a pile of sh*t, thanks to WP and ELOP, no matter how you want to fool yourself, Windows Phone, is not competition, BB10 system is better in all aspects and is more mature and thats a fact!!
          Nokia made a big mistake and they know it, but like all salvation bridges have been burned by Elop, the only way out is that divine intervention will make people start to want a Windows Phone. Microsoft obviously are doing a Windows Phone as similar to MeeGo. to see if the fans who fled, back but I do not think so.
          Now, you say that there to give support to nokia. I ask why? and all users (symbian/MeeGo/WP7) that Nokia does not support? Today Nokia is a piece of sh*it

          • 2011 oli liian myöhään

            You seem to be ignorant but I can try to teach you some basics.

            You didn’t seem to like critic when people were pointing out the flaws in Symbian and MeeGo. Some old school Nokia fans even wanted to ban people pointin out valid flaws in those operating systems and in Nokia’s strategy.

            WP and Elop didn’t crash Nokia. All this happened because Symbian was losing most of the mid and high end unit sales in 2010. Even in Q4 2010 Nokia sold only puny 5 million Symbian^3 phones. How miserable is that?

            Nokia gained low end unit sales in Q4 2010 but even then they were losing market share. At that time Nokia was losing mid and high end unit sales. It was a path to destruction.

            Nokia failed to ship MeeGo in 2010 and after that it was just too late. That’s why Nokia had to capitulate.

            • Pathetic

              agree with you on almost anything, Symbian 3 was a failure, but Elop hastened the fall of Nokia, and WP when it announced the deal with Microsoft was nothing, however had many critics, even to this days. Why Nokia allowed that? For me it was a stupid desicion, leave a burning platform to get on a platform burned? That was why Nokia is collapsed so precipitously, that did not Symbian, Symbian instead saved Nokia with its sales, until recently when Windows Phone surpassed Symbian. Imagine if sales of Symbian have stopped the day the deal was announced, with the lackluster sales of the first generation of Windows Phone Nokia would not exist right now, thus that you should be grateful to Symbian and all WP users.
              MeeGo is another story, MeeGo did not get a chance to test whether it was successful or not, but all reviews were positive and most of all, was highly anticipated by all Nokia user/fans, and I tell you, MeeGo is awesome. With MeeGo, Nokia could have achieved the migration 1-1 (Symbian to MeeGo) , that they wanted with Windows Phone; Now why not take the 2 systems (MeeGo/WP or MeeGo/Android)? If Nokia had adopted one of these two systems right now would be a strong contender in the industry, Never is too late to MeeGo, MeeGo is the revolution that the industry was expecting, you do not see that all things are gestures? I bet you anything that the next android and iOS updates will come with more gestures, Windows Phone 8 is fighting to have the features that are already obsolete features that other systems have for years and WP has not them. The industry is changing and when the time comes to the ” boom ” of gestures, do you think that WP has a chance?

              • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                There is no proof that Feb 11. accelerated the decline of Symbian. It was already happening and Nokia was already losing massive amounts of unit sales in mid range and high end.

                What makes you think that Feb 11. affected the sales?

                Symbian was selling well in the past, but then the world saw better products like iOS and Android and people started to buy those. In Q4 2010 Symbian had mostly low end sales left. In the high end the failed Symbian^3 sold a puny 5 million units.

                MeeGo got some good reviews, but so what? In the end of the day it was just an unproven OS with no real migration path from Symbian. The requirement of rewriting the applications from scratch is a joke. That’s not a migration path.

                MeeGo would have started the sales from zero just like Nokia had to start with WP. There is no proof that 1:1 migration from Symbian to MeeGo would have been possible.

                It’s even probable that MeeGo would have been selling less than WP has been selling.

                • Charles Choopkey

                  This thread is about speech of hate. WP tribe against rest of the world. That is not a madness and certainly that is not Sparta. That is Eloponez rather.

                  And I suppose BB10 customers don’t play in such a competitions, this is for lamers.

                • noki

                  WP got some good reviews, but so what? In the end of the day it was just an unproven OS with no real migration path from Symbian. The requirement of rewriting the applications from scratch is a joke. That’s not a migration path.

                  WP would have started the sales from zero just like Nokia had to start with Meego. There is no proof that 1:1 migration from Symbian to WP would have been possible.

                  It’s even probable that WP would have been selling less than Meego would have been selling.

                  There fixed it for you.

                  • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                    You are starting to understand this. Great!

                    The only difference between those two is the cost of the development. WP costs less.

                    Neither WP or MeeGo had a real migration path from Symbian and they both had to start from zero.

                    Fortunately WP costs less.

                    • noki

                      “The only difference between those two is the cost of the development. WP costs less.”

                      Licensing on the other end?
                      Strategical future solution?
                      Fortunately WP costs less? BS!

                    • GordonH

                      “Fortunately WP cost less”

                      How stupid must a person, CEO or BOD be to repeat that statement.

                    • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                      The cost for developing Nokia’s own operating systems could have been anything between 500 – 2000 million. WP just costs less than that.

                      Besides, Nokia had serious problems with in house OS development. They really didn’t know how what to do.

                    • GordonH

                      Fortunately Symbian revenues were covering it’s development cost and the stupid management cost and the stupid BOD directors cost.

                    • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                      Unfortunately Symbian was losing unit sales in high end and in mid range. It was also going to lose more and more unit sales on those areas.

                      That’s why Symbian was becoming unsustainable.

          • We welcome critique. But what many do is not critique, but just post hateful, unnecessary insults. Like YOU calling Windows Phone users Stupid.

            It is possible to critique in a civilised manner that contributes to a discussion, unfortunately some don’t do that.

            If you feel that Nokia is not worth your support, then that’s fine. But don’t try to put down others who still want to support Nokia.

            • noki

              Sure but I would really wish you would condemn that sort of behaviour from booth sides… You know? If you pick sides then you are no better.

              This contest are beyond stupid… iPhone lost to ASUS PAD??? there that should be enough to make you guys want to lose the contest not win it.

              • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                From both sides?

                What is the other side?

                It seems that usually only the old school Nokia fans are calling WP users stupid. Those same people seem to think that people using Android or iOS are also stupid because they don’t want to have features implemented to Symbian or MeeGo.

                What are the both sides?

                • noki

                  hey you are on neither side you just like calling everyone “what ever you like to call them” because you are an iPhone fan right? Or are you now a WP fan?

                  OOO I know what you are you are the “Symbian is the cause off all wrong in the planet” guy.

                  BTW I like your coments on this subject have not mentioned that your “preeeeecciousz” 😉 iphone lost to the massive fail asus pad phone.

                  • 2011 oli liian myöhään

                    I’m not iPhone fan. I like the product but that doesn’t make me a fan.

                    What exactly am I calling people?

                    Symbian is definitely not “the cause of all wrong in the planet” or something like that. However Symbian was no longer a competitive OS and it was already fading away. That can be seen from the market share it had in 2009-2011.

                    Why should I comment something about someone comparing Asus Pad and iPhone? I don’t see any real reason for something like that.

      • wpcyan

        people need to move on Nokia moved to windows phone if they are true fans they would adopt the new OS

        • weeeeeeeeeee

          they can be a fan of any goddman OS they want. if they keep it on topic and keep it civil. If its an article asking nokia fans to vote for something, and them being not a fan, can just keep quiet. NOT antagonize other people.

          • yea

            but we realize that this is not always the case on this blog, is it?

            I’ve been here ever since the 808 release…definitely have seen my fair share of obnoxious bash/fan comments on here. As I recall from other fan sites, this is not common to see this kind of jargon.

  • Imarius

    Z10 is an interesting phone reminds me so much of my my n9.
    have not seem many of them around , wonder what their sales
    figures will be like.

    but either way have to go for the 920 ,its an outstanding phone.
    The build and design, camera and nokia apps on it are just lovely, even come to enjoy WP 8 alot , its smooth and does the job and keeps

    to be fair i hope both these companies (nokia and blackberry)
    do well this year and in the future.

    But the only time will tell .


    funny that the 920 was up against the flagship phones like the iPhone 5, HTC 1, SG s4, Droid RAZR Maxx HD,
    while the BB Z10 was up against ‘crappy’ phones,

    or the 920 was in the flagship A league and the BB Z10 was in the crappy B league.

    voted 920 🙂

  • Weirdfisher

    Love the software on z10 and camera on 920

  • Etios

    This is Mynokiablog, I am a Nokia fan, voted for Nokia Lumia 920

    • arts

      That’s the spirit.

  • arts

    Vote for meego guys!
    I know I know, its not even out yet, but but we are Nokia fans right? Gogogo! /s

    Hypocritical facks.

    • Ben


  • Francis

    Nokia hardware 720 is better shape than 920, except optical image stabilizer. Z10 is not better than both in term of hardware. However, and unfortunately, IMO, Z10’s OS is better than WP OS at the moment.

    Lastly, without Xenon flash, Nokia claimed that 920’s camera superior (8.7Mpix !) over others is just marketing gimmick. Many test shown even N8 is better than 920 in overall camera performance.

    Many people not even understand what is so call “Pureview” as advertise by Nokia !

  • Fred

    MeeGo fan… but I move on, and appreciates all the Nokia-innovations.

    Voted for the 920!

    • torcida


      …but WP8 needs more (Symbian and MeeGo like) functionality!

      • GS65

        Have N9, 808 and 920. Use 920 daily, 808 only occasionally as camera, navigation and sportstracker. N9 has best UI, sleepscreen and podcasting, but time runs fast. It’s way too slow, too small screen and never got enough apps.

  • Chetan

    Voted for Lumia 920…
    Not because I own this phone…but for its awesomeness.

    As far as supporting Nokia is concerned…Nokia has proved once again that they can build an amazing device and take on any damn company in smartphone market.

    Infact they started this revolution of building a device different than iPhone and yet be successful, instead of copying iPhone, like Samsungs and other brands do…infact even the Z10 design looks to be inspired from other devices..

    Nokia represents a brand new attitude and its absolutely worth supporting..

  • SabbyJ

    I don’t know if it’s cheating, but I voted for the Lumia 920 5 times! 😀
    Using five different web browsers! 😀

  • torcida

    Just for your info – look what BB did to the developer of Wazapp/Open WhatsApp:


    • N9

      Lame bbrim

  • N9

    This votes are stupid, so I voted 10 Times on thel920.

  • john

    i would not buy z10 no skype video calling i would not buy 920 no real torrent app if i had to choose 920 cause windows has a better future .

  • i think is a west of time commenting on a Nokia bog if u are not a Nokia fan, some people don’t know how much we love Nokia, thats why we support them, coz we love the brand and their products, if u’re not a Nokia fan, i don’t know what are u doing here. Resuming: YOU ARE BEING STUPID westing ur time in something u don’t like!!!! ‘sorry my bad english 🙂

  • GordonH

    We Nokia fans said 2 years ago that WP7 wasn’t the right path. But all these stupid guys come around with stupid facts. And now after even MS dumped WP7 for WP8 these stupid guys have no more stupid facts but keep repeating a new mantra “Hey time to move on”… WTF
    Next we’ll be seeing Nokia carrying too much burden for WP and these guys will come out and tell us fans to only buy WP.
    Is there an intentional cycle of stupid MS supporters or employees commenting all around everywhere?

    • Viipottaja

      He said “stupid” five times.. keeewwwwl!

      • GordonH

        I have been saying stupid a lot more times recently. 😉

    • 2011 oli liian myöhään

      It’s quite likely that WP was not the road to success. But neither was MeeGo or Symbian. Symbian was already collapsing and MeeGo was just too little too late.

      Even choosing Android would not have guaranteed Nokia’s success. It’s possible that Nokia would have become one more Android manufacturer paying licence fees for Microsoft while not getting any reasonable sales.

      • N9

        Fud Nokia would not pay Microsoft nothing because Nokia had the largest IP portfolio in the market.
        lies after lies thats all you can do

        • KeiZka

          I take that you have the contract papers available for reading at your leisure then..?

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