Nokia 808 PureView gets some great new homescreen Widgets!

| April 24, 2013 | 35 Replies

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It appears that there’s another update is available for the Nokia 808 PureView, this time including some new widgets:

  • WebView – a window into any live website. You can have more than one webview widget over multiple pages, refreshing each time you view a homescreen. There’s a livetile app like this but I think it’s paid. Nice to have a free one as it’s useful for things like checking scores.
  • Mirror – to check your face. One of the few uses of the front camera.
  • Toggle flagh light (LED as a torch)
  • Stop watch
  • Contacts communication – one quick tap to phone or message a contact. Tapping the thumbnail brings up contact record

Source: AAS

Cheers Samar for the tip!



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  • Janne

    Great stuff. Kudos to Nokia and their sub-contractors for the continued support!

    • Rick

      Support is certainly looking infinitely more solid than it ever was for Harmattan. Not that that’s the kind of support you’d want to compare against, in order to say; “it has good support”.

  • Sue

    That homescreen looks stunning. . .

  • Piunch

    Mirror widget doesn´t appear to me… O.o

    • aw6789

      Mirror widget will come only if your phone has a front camera…so not for Nokia 700

  • Sue

    Hey, where is the announcement of the new device. . . I’ve been searching the web for it and i can’t find anything. . .

  • arg0

    Don’t own a 808, but my personal view on those widgets:
    – WebView: is that the same version that was in betalabs, with no refresh rate setting and with fixed size rectangle? pretty much useless, in that case.
    – Mirror: yeah, ok, might want to check my face every now and then. From the home screen above it looks more like an app than a widget, though.
    – Toggle flash light: why a widget? isn’t the LED flash light already activated by holding the slider pressed?
    – Stop watch: yes, ok, but again a widget may not be the best choice. Not sure I want a stop watch to permanently waste real estate on my home screen
    – Contacts communicaition: that one is actually nice.

    All in all, it’s nice to see the 808 is getting some updates, but as the display is not that big, I’d rather have more compact widgets, like the Anna email notification widgets that were scrapped with Belle.

    Also, is it just me or the “mini contacts” widget (1×1 size) distorts the picture ratio? How did they not notice this before releasing it?

    • Deaconclgi

      -Webview: I don’t really like it. It seemed slow and didn’t remember where I had the square. Seemed like my battery drained faster so after a day of using it, I removed it from my homescreen. Probably will never use it again.

      -Mirror: Needed it yesterday…was providing face to face tech support and had to check myself. Great that I didn’t have to download and try a bunch of apps. It’s a shame that the resolution is QVGA when the camera is a VGA camera. What’s up with that?

      -Toggle flash light: IFINITELY better than holding the slider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why? It turns the LED off and on INSTANTLY and I do mean INSTANTLY. It is so impressive, I have never seen a flashlight app turn the LED off and on so fast on any OS. It is like having a real flash light. That will forever be on my homescreen just because it is instant. It makes holding the slider seem like an archaic chore.

      -Stop wach: Using it right now at work. I have to time the latency of opening applications locally VS opening them virtually. Example, MS Word opens approximately 0.1s locally and 0.8s virtually. Thanks Accenture!

      -Contacts Communication: Nice and useful but I’m not going to use it, only because it blocked a wonderful wallpaper that I made from a PureVeiw photo. :p

      Great update and definately unxepected. I now have 4 homescreens, added one just for 3 of the 4 widgets.

      • reptile

        Agree about the flashlight toggle. You have to hold the lock switch down for about three seconds, then feel it vibrate three times, THEN the flash light comes on. Same with turning it off. It’s great to be able to turn it on and off so easily.

        I also don’t get why the ffc is so low res. It’s impossible to use as a mirror — it blurs everything I want to check out :@

        • Punda

          Yeah. Now I can’t see my blackheads and acne because of the lowres ffc! Ugh! Bummer

  • aliqudsi

    Webview was q beta app that’s trial ended a while ago

    interesting to see a use for the front facing camera finally. Don’t think a single app on the 808 supported it, and you couldn’t view it through the camera.

    • Rob

      There are actually few apps for the 808 that support the front facing camera – CameraPro (though requires an app restart to switch from back to front), some basic ‘mirror’ apps and the more useful one ‘Front Camera’ which toggles front camera/fron camera mirrored image/front video and also has a capture button for each mode.

      No apps indeed! ;0p

    • f.pokrandt

      The wonderful app SymDVR (russian car dashboard camera) supports video recording with the front camera @ VGA & 30 fps

  • cache

    Nothing to update on my not branded 701 with FP2..

  • D Harries

    I would like countdown timer widget. Much more useful. Essential in the kitchen for pasta!

  • Samar

    thanks for releasing my tip from AAS… i echo others’ thoughts – keep them coming Accenture!… i wish i could work with them 🙁 … anyways about the widgets – i found Stop watch and Contacts communication useful


  • Acotie

    jay, AGAIN, there are other devices, the 808 isn’t the only Symbian device since you started loving WP. This widgets update was also released for other Belle FP1/2 devices, such as the Nokia 603, 700 and 701. Get your facts straight before posting something you don’t care (Symbian).

    • cache

      Still nothing on my 701/FP2… 🙁

  • hari


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  • arttu

    offtopic: is anyone else frustrated with this device or am i just “holding it wrong”?
    i mean, social app doesnt work, not even after reinstalling, spotify playback lags like old scratched cd (even when music is playing in offline mode) when using simultaneously with endomondo, device gets stuck and reboots once a day or maybe once in 2 days and lots of other things.

    i do like the camera but every other aspect is crap in it.. i had high hopes but inhave had enough. i ordered lumia 720 and will receive it hopefully in couple of weeks..

    • arttu

      and with this device i mean 808 ofc

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  • zymesh

    I dont like the new Contact widget. Image looks low res even if i use a decent image. buttons for messaging and calling is way too small as well.

    I prefer using OneContact which is free an can change the contact image into a higher res one or change it completely.

    I just wish the developer update and fix a few minor issues on my n8. for my 808 its fin. lag can make a message into a draft when the keyboard shows up and lags on my n8.

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  • JLy

    The toggle silent widget has been changed at some point.

    I used it mainly to go to normal profile by double tapping it (when I had some other profile selected). Now it goes back to the same profile that was previously active and not to the normal profile. Hmm, don’t know if I like that change or not, but maybe I was using it the wrong way anyway. I would need a toggle normal profile widget 😉

  • Bassem

    Is this widgets available for Nokia 701 ?
    I can’t find this update at all.

  • Amit Rox

    havent got this update till now, am in india.