LeakyLeak: New Nokia Asha 501

| May 8, 2013 | 28 Replies

nokia asha 501 rainbowFresh from @evleaks this is apparently going to be named the Nokia Asha 501. Asha in the 5xx range eh? They certainly look colourful.

Expect the official announcement tomorrow :).


This pretty much lines up with the previous leaks of the new Asha design language we saw before:

A Closer Look at the “New Asha Design language” Leak

Interestingly though if the device number is right “501″ that would mean that Ashas are getting closer to the Lumia range (the 505 is the lowest Lumia if I’m not mistaken).

Cheers Muerte for the tip!


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  1. Maybe says:

    look like Nokia still avoid 400 series

    • swain says:

      It’s not 400 series, it’s the number “4″ that Nokia never used.

      • marcopolo says:

        only in old Nokia 3410 :D

      • torcida says:

        Why they never used it?

        I think Asha 401 would be better to differentiate from the Lumia devices.

        • incognito says:

          In the past – because number 4 is considered unlucky in China (sounds almost like the word death), and China was a very important market for Nokia. Superstition, nothing else, like many buildings and especially hotels in the west don’t have 13th floor / room 13… Many people are, sadly, very irrational and marketing / sales people have to take that into the account.

  2. Mariano says:

    looks like a chinese calculator

  3. N9 Fanatic says:

    too thick for my liking

  4. Suraj says:

    Lol.. Colour Bricks hahahaha…

  5. Viipottaja says:

    Looks promising – thickness might be ok if its also fairly short and/or if they e.g. have exchangeable covers with wireless charging in some.

    I guess the numbering hints at 1) attempt to make them appear even more “smartphone like/lite” and 2) perhaps a somewhat higher price point that say 311.

    • jiipee says:

      based on tweets by the Asha product dreamers, I believe they have made proper market analysis.

      • jiipee says:

        Then this has to be Smarterphone based true smartphone device ;)

        • Luisito says:

          Still sceptical about what happened to Smarterphone OS, until see the real deal, I’m cautious… (Wishing inside me, Nokia develop something Super-Flexible that can go up and down into the devices range)

  6. sailfishos rocks says:

    still no skype and adhoc wifi

  7. Akki says:

    It look boaring.

  8. chandan says:

    Really boaring, I really. think Stephan is cycho , he really feared with android good future .He really need two merge two platform. Linux and windows. And make Third peaceful platform.

  9. adroano says:

    Looks like my yellow lumia will have a sparring partner soon 😊

  10. ms.nokia says:

    make lots and sell then cheap, please.

    not sure its a good idea to give it the same number series as Lumia 5xx,

  11. derek says:

    They look like toy phones… I like the colors though

  12. Janne says:

    I’m buying one of these bad boys! Just for fun!

    But which color? Decisions, decisions…

    May looking good: Catwalk/EOS, 501 and Jolla. Yep.

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