Some Nokia Shareholders Still Unhappy; Once Again Asking to “Switch Roads”

| May 8, 2013 | 86 Replies

DSC02029I honestly didn’t want to post this since usually this sort of “news” is overblown and exaggerated, but oh well… In the annual shareholders meeting in Helsinki the usual issue of Nokia’s low stock price and marketshare came-up, and as ever year since 2011 “some” stock holders have asked Elop to reconsider the strategy and find another path (besides WP).

“Are you aware that results are what matter? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Please switch to another road,”


The way I see it, if enough shareholders actually shared the opinion that Nokia should go the Android way, then they would have already, Elop isn’t a “supreme owner” he can’t do whatever he wants, Nokia is a publicly traded company, and publicly owned if an actual majority of the stockholders believed that Nokia is going “to hell” they would’ve changed something by now. Instead once again as usual Elop has strengthened his support and dedication to the WP platform (plus conquering the low end with some new Ashas).

Personally I don’t see what the fuss is about, if these shareholders sat through 2 years of literal hell during the transition period, why are they giving up now when things are finally starting to straighten out, the 521 & 520 are sure to surge Nokia’s sales and market share; plus the Verizon hero phone on the way? Personally I’d have to call it a single shareholder with an Android fetish.




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  • Mariano
    • akash

      i guess nokia will come up with different OS on new asha

  • Muerte

    Sorry, but those loudest critics were some old farts reading a rant from a paper… A bit embarrasing moments for most of the crowd, to be honest.

    • arts

      i take it you were physically present?

    • Mark

      Yeah, it’s kind of funny. Nokia’s stock is up 35% over the last 6 months. Apple’s is down 13%.

      I wonder whose recent investors are happier? 🙂

      Just sounds like the usual Apple friendly hacks doing some mud slinging and obfuscation.

  • Ali Abdulla

    they want yet another 2 years of literal hell, but different OS

    i didnt mind the switch from day one, altho i felt a bit betrayed(N8,liked symbian).

    but it made sense, apart form the trojan horse crap.

    but what i really despise, is the VERY slow speed of WP development. esp considering how vital it is for microsoft(they are making the same nokia mistake in 2007, with the iphone etc. .. ).. microsoft should focus mobile as much as they do with Windows, if not more.. before its too late ..

    but the messaging hub , people hub, even the relatively new rooms.. all lack new developments, and are plagued by bugs(messages are not reliable).. so much potential wasted.. its sad

    if Nokia were in charge of those 3 apps, for example, pff, i bet they would have had plenty new features and UI changes by now, PLENTY!… and thats Nokia, a mobile company, not a software super giant..

    Microsoft IS trying with 3erd party apps.. but please, focus ALOT more on core apps and features… thats why im choosing ur product, remember? .. actually its more thanks to Nokia’s hardware(and personal luv history), but well..

    • Maybe

      Imagine having Belle and MeeGo in Lumia 520/620/720/820/920 shoes… How well do they perform?

      • Ali Abdulla

        belle? fast, but full of bugs(and those will never go away, not easily atleast)

        i think Nokia dropped the ball by not going Maemo 6,7,8 etc etc

        • RogBrazil

          I think the same: drop the N9/Meego ball was a HUGE mistake.

          But, maybe, it´s time to bring back the project.

          I can bet that the N9 UI is better than everything on market today

          • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

            Going MeeGo was a huge mistake.

            Nokia should have developed Maemo and started to do that already in 2007 with full resources.

          • poopshoot

            Wasn’t Meego bought by Samsung for Tizen?

          • Joe

            It doesn’t matter. Nokia was completely unable to create an ecosystem with either OS. Developers completely ignored both platforms, and neither were very good compared to the competition.

            “I can bet that the N9 UI is better than everything on market today”

            LOL! It’s an Android and iPhone copy, only with round icons. It’s doesn’t touch WP8’s UI. Not to mention it wasn’t a competitive smart phone OS.

            • noki

              Sir. you have no idea what you rea talking about so stop propagating FUD.

              BTW if there is one platform developers are ignoring is WP OK!!!

            • RogBrazil

              “LOL! It’s an Android and iPhone copy, only with round icons.”

              Yes, it´s an android copy.
              It even has NAVIGATIONAL BUTTONS, and a navigational three panels schemma that do just EVERYTHING, like the others, no ?

              The N9/Meego is the only brand new approach in years.
              And not only me is saying this, take a look in the initial “final words”, here:

              • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

                Sure, N9 was perhaps something new but also something not good enough.

      • RogBrazil

        I think the same: drop the N9/Meego ball was a HUGE mistake.

        But, maybe, it´s time to bring back the project.

        I can bet that the N9 UI is better than everything on market today

        • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

          N9 was a horrible disappointment when I tested it the first time. It was not as nice to use as iPhone was but it was definitely better than Symbian.

          • noki

            says the person that cant imagine a system without a button 😀

            • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

              Sure I can.

              N9 was just a bad experience.

              I’m honest about that.

      • Mark


        • Luisito

          Maybe with more focus and the right managment, Symbian would be in better shape that anything else, just looking how well is doing Accenture, and boy Accenture isn’t full commiteng to Symbian… Or at least it will be an alternative to the wonder OS that threat me like a child (No, you can no do that, it’s dangerous, woo, woo)…

    • Henry

      So true. I was almost in tears.

  • Maybe

    Multiple platforms

  • sailfishos rocks

    investors, you deserve it

  • burningBit

    Kinda pointless. They already lost the trust of the Symbian users with the WP switch, if they make another switch again Nokia would most probably collapse. Since Nokia had already decided on WP, might as well just make the best of it. No point making their situation any worse than it is.

  • dss

    Another strategy switch will bring the company down very quickly. Its too late for that.. at this point its WP or nothing.

    • noki

      +1 as i said yesterday “its the blind leading the blond”

    • milojko

      so nothing

  • Akki

    If nokia join android when they joined wp. They are in success and sell more than 10 million phones.

  • tim

    Hmm i thin now turn to android would be way too late because the effort in wp and here and music and other things….Like Money….

    But a second OS maybe would be good. LIKE SAILFISH. They Can make your own ui design and the systems works with all good android apps. They could work together really well in finnland and they know each other.
    The costs to develop the os and ecosystem is by jolla so nokia would just need al little money for buy the os to lease it from then and make Here apps etc.
    Touch only devices would be amazing!

    • noki

      sorry guys NOKIA cant make anything their money is gone they can’t hire more people to do that, its just hope for the best now the path as been set..

      • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

        Nokia has lots of money and the bleeding has almost stopped.

        • noki

          No its does not have “Lots of money”. And you know that…

          • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

            What’s lots of money?

  • keist

    It’s not hard to grasp the reality that people now only like either iPhone or Android. You are either #TeamApple or #TeamGoogle. Microsoft is now irrelevant. Even Windows desktop OS is now irrelevant. When will you blind Nokia fanboys realize this?

    • SLAYER

      “Windows desktop OS is now irrelevant”

      your post is now irrelevant.

      • keist

        Smartphones and tablets are now taking over PCs. Samsung alone sells 90 million Galaxies and Tabs per quarter. Apple also sells 50 million iPhones and iPads per quarter. Microsoft can’t even sell 50 million cheap licenses of Windows 8 in one quarter. Windows 8 adoption rate is so much lower than Windows 7. More and more businesses are now switching to iPads and Tabs from PCs. Soon PCs will be obsolete.

        • Victor

          Keep repeating that to yourself and maybe one day you’ll understand you know nothing.

    • Capedonut

      Windows desktop is hardly irrelevant, although it might not be considered as “cool” as osx or chrome os

      • keist

        Windows is slowly going down the route to irrelevancy. It will completely be irrelevant when Android becomes as powerful enough to replace a desktop PC which is not too far from now. Smartphones are now outpowering computers at a very fast rate.

        • Deaconclgi

          What smartphones are “outpowering” computers? I would honestly like to know.

          • noki

            None, he as a point but he does not not know how to make his point… Desktop OS’s are in a pivotal place right now, corporations will still use Windows for long and good years but home use is going to start to plunge, You will no longer need one PC per user and a shared pc for the house is more than fine as people do most of the content consuming in other devices…
            in corporative space Microsoft makes most of the money in the office area and a lot of companies are starting to try free alternatives, but it will take along time for that change to be significant…

            Google might one fine day decide to do a real bet with chrome os and ship a kinda nexus device into the desktop area, the time for that is now but I think they are not interested all much in the dealing desktop area…

            Desktop is not going away its here to stay, but it will share the space with allot of other products.

            • Luisito

              Sir you have your mouth full of thru… PC aren’t going anywere, there will be always one near you to do heavy task/heavy documents…

              • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

                Apple is migrating Mac and iPad. If they succeed in that, everyone will copy them just like they did with the iPad.

                And then it’s going to be all different.

                • Luisito

                  Sir I still maintaind my word, every decade someome rey to kill PC’s and he/she/it faill, PC’s sales decline has just happened for a lots of reasons no only because the iPad & pals

                • Capedonut

                  Although win8 is far from perfect, I am quite sure they will get it right eventually

                  • noki

                    eventually, yes, but there used to be a time were a Microsoft fsckup only ment more sales of the previous system, now a days people are expose to a lot more systems so they might try something else to do a similar joob…

    • Mark

      Trolling or retarded?

      Honestly not sure.

  • yemko

    weeping…. I can’t believe I hardly touch my n8 which makes it battery life decreasing so fast since I gat Gingerbread tecno.

    Nokia deserves die

    • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

      Hey, you might remember how Nokia almost said in 2010 that Android was irrelevant crap?

      And where are they now?


    hey i’m a shareholder and i think it would be suicide for Nokia to try anything different now, maybe in 5 years time when its dominate again, but not now.

    • Pathetic

      hahahahahaha poor you, going to lose some money i told you so!, The only way that Nokia can go is down, everything is f*cked (by Elop) , (Elop) burnt all paths to salvation, soon new CEO at Nokia, do you want to bet?

      • IkeVasel

        $1000 or you want more?

  • Sh

    “Personally I don’t see what the fuss is about, if these shareholders sat through 2 years of literal hell during the transition period, why are they giving up now when things are finally starting to straighten out, the 521 & 520 are sure to surge Nokia’s sales and market share; plus the Verizon hero phone on the way? Personally I’d have to call it a single shareholder with an Android fetish.”

    You personaly can call best windows phone and best strategy and best ceo and everything about nokia best. But today i see more angry investors and they need to change the ceo because the windows phone will never beat other os -es

    You personay are a windows fan but when elop started with windows 2011 and today nokia is a smaller company than huawei zte bla bla some company that come from china are better than nokia.
    Nokia was a brand aa best smartphone seller and investors want this position again.
    Change the ceo go for sailfish not for android because consumers want a real multitasking and they not want a quad octa core phone that blocks every minute.

    • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

      Consumers want iOS and Android. At the moment.

  • derek

    If Nokia wants to sell more phones then they should go back to doing what it did years ago with selling unlocked phones directly to the public. Selling only through carrier subsidy hurts sells. Example: I bought the Lumia 822 but now want the 928 but I can’t upgrade for 24 months through my carrier. If Nokia made gsm/lte and cdma/lte phones unlocked and sold to the public I can guarantee increase in sales.

    But I would love for Nokia to make a OS switch. I really do miss my 808/n9. Symbian wasn’t that bad of an OS if it had the right hardware. Meego was beautiful, too bad they announced and killed it all in the same sentence.

  • nokiaaa

    if nokia choose android along wp they could have some profit.. they dont have to ditch wp but make at least 1 phone so they can see is it possible to go in to that territory. is it that hard to make their one home screen put pureview and exclusive apps in it and TRY AT LEAST!

    i dont like android much but in you want best for company you have follow some new trends.. i think in few years nokia would again be nokia or today’s samsung with their galaxy.
    but hey thats my view.. maybe i’m wrong 😀

    • Pathetic

      this is the approach that Nokia should have followed, this is the same approach Samsung followed with Android now that Samsung is in a strong position, Samsung is push hard his system Tizen. Nokia now should stick with Android and at the same time with MeeGo, and low-end windows phone

  • Sefriol

    This was a really small part of the owner meeting. Of course every news organization took this part and made it a story.
    Many thanked Nokia for their current products, but questioned if the leadership was good enough to proceed the strategy.

  • Banderpop

    Maybe the shareholders finally realised that Nokia’s phones are now all running console OSs (WP, S40) and they have completely killed off the computer OSs (Symbian, Maemo).

  • noki

    Problem is that the time for that was 1-1.5 years ago Nokia breath room is gone software people are gone OS people are gone, installed based is gone, nokia does not have enough marketing money left for an new product push, its all or nothing in the cold WP water, Nokia only hope is that by some miracle the low end sales on WP will push the high end ones… There is nothing Nokia can do at this moment 🙂

    The next bit will be interesting because it will call into Microsoft to save the wp+Nokia combo (probably the best thing nokia achieved to do over this process, gluing wp and lumia as one entity) its obvious to every one here that if Nokia goes bell up so does wp, and I don’t believe Microsoft is in a position to allow that.

    • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

      What installed base?

      Nokia killed the Symbian installed base in 2010 when they made it impossible to upgrade the old Symbian phones to Symbian 3.

      In the end of 2010 the relevant installed base of Symbian phones was 5 million. That’s not too much.

      • noki

        yeah yeah its all symbians fault … nokia was selling 30M a quarter on 5 million users installed based, yeah yaeh…
        The worse part is that you know what exactly what I’m talking about is consumers that have some degree of fidelity to a brand in a way the thing that made symbina last as long as it did…But still preferr to go into the detail that most end consumers have no idea about around simbian 3. consumers were buying just a NOKIA that’s what they knew was good and what a brand they trusted…

        • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?

          Of course it was Nokia’s fault. The relevant installed base of Symbian devices was just puny 5 million in the end of 2010.

          Nokia killed Symbian already before 2011. Really. Only 5 million relevant Symbian phones in the end of 2010?

  • swain

    It’s bit surprising but more realistic that the shareholders are now asking to switch roads. They finally understood that they were being fooled for 2 years just to help MS get some market share in Smartphone OS market. May be some or all of them believed Elop in the beginning. But now after 2 years of desperate attempt, it’s more clear that the strategy was just a hoax. By no mean Nokia is going to get a respectable market share in next 5 years unless they change their path. I am not suggesting to take Android path as that may be futile now. But anything other than WP will be better.

    • noki

      C’mon 🙂 you know they cant do anything now were is the budget to hire the new people to do that ???
      they will now just keep on pushing slightly different version of the same old lumias with better cameras, and thats it…Hoping for a miracle.

      • j

        the people are at jolla. they will have to come back and use n9 ui.

        • noki

          I have serious doubts jolla people will want to be remerged into Nokia.

          • swain

            Actually it may help Nokia to regain some market share if they takeover Jolla or resume the MeeGo project. Let the management and HR department decide how to bring back those people. But certainly it’s not impossible.

    • Sefriol

      Minorities are loud. Most of the speakers were actually thanking Nokia for good products, but were sceptical about the leadership of the company.
      This was a brilliant article from Reuters, since they proved the point: if you talk about idea which is easy to represent and it’s as absurd as it is: you get a lot of views.

      • swain

        If the products are good then where is the sales ?
        I agree. They are now giving better hardware but the software is yet to catch up with old Symbian.

  • Pathetic

    Ali, are you insane? or let me guess, you ill with Elop venereal disease? this disease has spread in this blog
    Symptoms: stupidity, syndrome of not seeing reality, distorted reality, hives on bikini area, madness, excess saliva , and excessive love to its zero guest (Elop)

    • chris sampton

      Ali and Jay are the biggest WP lovers here. Anything they write about Elop, Symbian and MeeGo are irrelevant.
      It’s funny, because before Feb’11, they LOVED Symbian. After that, Symbian started getting bad, old and full of bugs.

      • Sorry to disappoint you but I wasn’t even on the blog in early 2011 🙂

  • Hypnopottamus

    The most pathetic part is that these shareholders are STILL around. What they are are just idiots. If they really value their money, then do what ANY other shareholder or investor does with any share they own….SELL IT and invest in something they think is more worthwile!!! Why are they sticking around if they think everything is going to hell? To me, especially now that we’re 2 years into the whole WP “project”, there is no excuse for them to still be around if they aren’t happy. They’re just a bunch of bitch ass whiners. END OF STORY.

  • robert hyde

    it seems that Microsoft are in the middle of some major changes to windows 8 / blue.

    confidance in the windows eco system will take a hit.

    there could be more pressure on Nokia to move to a multi platform strategy but they can’t.

    not without changing the board.

    cannot see that happening any time soon.

    i can see this draging out for another 12 months at least.

    • viipottaja

      Hehe, making improvements to W8 is of course a negative…

  • Ali_flop_bali

    Ugh Ali offcourse u did not want that post this
    u only wanna post lala BS about Flopia
    and your personal opinion does not matter
    what u need to do is take Elop dick outta ur mouth the one u are gaggin on.

  • Doffen

    Any company that make them selves dependent on MS deserves to go down in flames. Nokia is getting what they deserve!

  • ghidorah

    I totally get how Win was high risk but high reward whereas Android was low risk low rewards (being lost in a sea of Android phones) but at this point would it hurt to make a few Android or even Symbian phones? Even low end ones as to not compete w/ the Lumias?

    • viipottaja

      Nokia has on its plate s30, s40, wp7.8, wp8, nsn, Here/navteq, Nokia Music, IP management, R&D related all of these and more (e.g. possible tablets) and probably a few other things. Right now is the time, IMO, add even more to the mix.